Taoism and Chinese Religion

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Quirin Press, 2014 - 734 pages
Taoism and Chinese Religion by Henri Maspero Translated by Frank A. Kierman, Jr. Revised Edition - Quirin Pinyin Updated Editions (QPUE) This book is a translation of Le Taoisme et les Religions Chinoises, which was posthumously published in France in 1971. It is the first English translation of most of the seminal works on Chinese religion of the great sinologist Henri Maspero. First released by The University of Massachusetts Press in 1981, this Quirin Press Revised Edition brings back into print this classic of Western sinology and offers the full original text with the following features: - Older Wade-Giles transliteration fully updated and revised to Pinyin. - Fully re-typeset and proofed for typographical errors and inconsistencies. - Expanded index including Chinese characters. "It is largely thanks to [Maspero's] pioneer work in the fields of Chinese religion, anthropology, linguistics and history that China's contribution to the achievement of man could first be reviewed on terms of parity with those of other civilizations. "To the question whether his discoveries, opinions and interpretations have been outdated by the subsequent thirty years' research, it may be answered that leading scholars still rely with the utmost confidence on his writings as a framework whose validity has outdated their most recent findings, and whose detail has in many cases not been bettered." -Michael Loewe, University of Cambridge (from the sleeve-note to the original 1981 edition) Maspero (1883-1945) was the first Western scholar to study the vast and recondite compendium of Daoist writing, the Daozang, and explore its historic meaning. The first part of the book closely examines Chinese society, religion, and folk-myth; the second part specifically focuses on the practice and form of Daoism and includes an extensive investigation of yoga-like procedures of nutrition, breathing exercises, and sexual techniques-all designed to ensure personal immortality in ancient Daoism. The titles of the nine "books" comprising this study give an indication of its breadth and variety: Chinese Religion in Its Historical Development; The Mythology of Modern China; The Society and Religion of the Ancient Chinese and of the Modern Tai; How Was Buddhism Introduced into China?; Daoism in Chinese Religious Beliefs of the Six Dynasties Period; The Poet Xi Kang and the Club of Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove; An Essay on Daoism in the First Centuries CE; How to Communicate with the Daoist Gods; Methods of "Nourishing the Vital Principle" in the Ancient Daoist Religion. Keywords: Daoism China - China Religion For further information and extracts visit www.quirinpress.com Follow us on Twitter @QuirinPress

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