Colonization Circular, 3032. number

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G.E. Eyre and W. Spottiswoode, 1871

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Page 17 - Real and personal property of every description may be taken, acquired, held, and disposed of by an alien in the same manner in all respects as by a natural-born British subject ; and a title to real and personal property of every description" may be derived through, from, or in succession to an alien in the same manner in all respects as through, from, or in succession to a natural-born British subject...
Page 115 - ... that he is a citizen of the United States, or has declared his intention to become such...
Page 62 - ... constructed and maintained in a serviceable and cleanly Condition throughout the Voyage, and shall not be taken down until the Expiration of Forty-eight Hours after the Arrival of the Ship at the...
Page 54 - ... he has behaved as a man of good moral character, attached to the principles of the Constitution of the United States, and well disposed to the good order and happiness of the same.
Page 23 - II The consul, after having assured himself of the solvency and respectability of the applicant, and having examined and approved the copies of the rules and contracts, shall communicate them to the Chinese authorities, and shall request them to issue the license necessary for opening an emigration agency. The license, together with the rules and contracts as approved by the Chinese authorities, will be registered at the consulate. ARTICLE III...
Page 57 - ... be berthed in the fore part of the ship, in a compartment divided off from the space appropriated to the other passengers by a substantial and well-secured bulkhead, without opening into, or communication with, any adjoining passenger berth, or in separate rooms if the ship be fitted with enclosed berths : not more than one passenger, unless husband and wife, or females or children under twelve years of age, shall be placed in or occupy the same berth.
Page 35 - Pounds, and in default of Payment, to Imprisonment, with or without Hard Labour, for a Period not exceeding Three...
Page 130 - ... of the climate is shown by the absence of those diseases which yearly sweep off so many of the inhabitants of England, it is yet equally favourable to the growth of fruits and vegetables of colder countries.
Page 58 - Act unless (a) he is authorised by law to practise as a legally qualified medical practitioner in some part of Her Majesty's dominions, or, in the case of a foreign ship, in the country to -which that ship belongs : and (b) his name has been notified to the emigration officer at the port of clearance, and has not been objected to by him: and (c) he is provided with proper surgical instruments to the satisfaction of that officer.
Page 45 - An Act to regulate the Qualifications of Practitioners in Medicine and Surgery.

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