Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Courts of Exchequer & Exchequer Chamber: From Hilary Term, 6 Will. IV. to [Easter Term, 10 Vict.] Both Inclusive; with Tables of the Cases and Principal Matters. [1836-1847], 7. köide

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S. Sweet, 1841
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Page 133 - And when the estate or interest claimed shall have been an estate or interest in reversion or remainder or other future estate or interest and no person shall have obtained the possession or receipt of the profits of such land or the receipt of such rent in respect of such estate or interest then such right shall be deemed to have first accrued at the time at which such estate or interest became an estate or interest in possession.
Page 612 - ... imperfectly stated or omitted, and without which it is not to be presumed that either the Judge would direct the jury to give, or the jury would have given, the verdict, such defect, imperfection, or omission, is cured by the verdict by the common laW.
Page 324 - ... granted, bargained, sold, assigned, transferred and set over, and by these presents...
Page 381 - First. I direct that all my just debts and funeral expenses be fully paid and satisfied, as soon as conveniently may be after my decease.
Page 132 - ... when the person claiming such land or rent, or some person through whom he claims, shall, in respect of the estate or interest claimed, have been in possession or in receipt of the profits of such land, or in the receipt of such rent...
Page 377 - Majesty's Courts of Record, shall not be revocable by any Party to such Reference, without the Leave of the Court by which such Rule or Order shall be made, or which shall be mentioned in such Submission, or by Leave of a Judge...
Page 476 - But 2d, when a day is appointed for the payment of money, &c., and the day is to happen after the thing which is the consideration of the money, &c. is to be performed, no action can be maintained for the money, &c. before performance.
Page 399 - ... that the action was really brought to try a right besides the mere right to recover damages for the trespass or grievance 'or which the action shall have been brought, or that the trespass or grievance in respect of which the action was brought, was wilful and malicious.
Page 232 - ... person through whom he claims, to make an entry or distress, or to bring an action to recover such land or rent, shall be deemed to have first accrued at the determination of the first of such years or other periods, or at the last time when any rent payable in respect of such tenancy shall have been received (which shall last happen).
Page 247 - the trial of such action it shall only be necessary to prove that the " defendant, at the time of making such respective calls, was a pro" prietor of a share in the said undertaking...

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