Nature, 14. köide

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Sir Norman Lockyer
Macmillan Journals Limited, 1876

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Page 328 - Volume XV. of The International Scientific Series. VYNER (Lady Mary). Every day a Portion. Adapted from the Bible and the Prayer Book, for the Private...
Page 250 - In April, Come he will In May, He sings all day. In June, He alters his tune. In July, He prepares to fly. In August, Go he must.
Page 236 - According to the hypothesis of pangenesis, " every unit or cell of the body throws off gemmules or undeveloped atoms, which are transmitted to the offspring of both sexes and are multiplied by self-division. They may remain undeveloped during the early years of life or during successive generations; their development into units or cells, like those from which they were derived, depending on their affinity for, and union with, other units or cells previously developed in the due order of growth.
Page 236 - The units and the aggregate must act and re-act on each other. The forces exercised by each unit on the aggregate and by the aggregate on each unit, must ever tend towards a balance. If nothing prevents, the units will mould the aggregate into a form in equilibrium with their pre-existing polarities. If, contrariwise, the aggregate is made by incident actions to take a new form, its forces must tend to re-mould the units into harmony with this new form. And to say that the physiological units are...
Page 185 - Arranged to meet the requirements of the Syllabus of the Science and Art Department of the Committee of Council on Education, South Kensington.
Page 120 - Park, which contains 2991 acres. The extent to which this is valued by the citizens may be inferred from the fact that during the year 1875, the Park was visited by over eleven million persons. The most powerful influence of all, however, is the absence of that overcrowding of the population, which is the most fruitful source of sickness and death in many quarters of. nearly all other large cities. This will be more clearly comprehended when it is remembered that the 817,488 inhabitants of Philadelphia...
Page 236 - Or, bringing the question to its ultimate and simplest form, we may say that as, on the one hand, physiological units will, because of their special polarities, build themselves into an organism of a special structure; so, on the other hand, if the structure of this organism is modified by modified function, it will impress some corresponding modification on the structures and polarities of its units. The units and the aggregate must act and re-act on each other.
Page 2 - In 1740 he was appointed director of a new observatory, where he pioneered in the measurement of stars' brightness by photometric devices. In 1742, Celsius described the thermometric scale used universally by scientists today. In it the temperature interval between the freezing and boiling points of water is divided into a hundred degrees. This "centigrade> scale...
Page 124 - On some Cranial and Dental Characters of the existing Species of Rhinoceroses.
Page 57 - Andrews' discovery of the continuity between the gaseous and liquid states was worked out by many years of laborious and minute measurement of phenomena scarcely sensible to the naked eye.

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