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The fragrant flowers which follow the Christian's The increase of principal(ple).-TERRA COTTA. path through life, perfuming the highway for other What a good man will use benevolently.-A passengers.-CALLER HERRIN'.

wand, whose magical power attracts all within its The works of nature testifying that the hand that reach.-A golden key to place and position. made them is divine.-ELLIE.

FORGET-MR-Nor. The support of faith; the testimony of witnesses 1. The homage industry pays to capital. upon which the judge forms his decision.

2. The key that unlocks the miser's money-chest.

LILY H. 3. Curiosity without inquisitiveness.-ZANONI. The tell-tale rivulet that betrays the hidden The shortest cut to promotion.-KATE SYDNAS. spring.- HEATHERBELL.

The mainspring of affection.-ST. CLAIR. The herald of proof.— TERRA COTTA.

'Tis that which I take in the " Family Friend," Testimony in a court of justice (1); which we ΑΙ the work of those F. F. C.'s who send value when in our favour, but dislike when not (2); The instructive, beautiful, and sublime, what a prisoner longs for yed dreads to hear (3).

To its pages, monthly, in prose and rhym.. FORGET-ME-NOT.

IAGO. The wings that lift theory to the standard of fact;

A passport to enter the pearl gates. a light that shows truth wherever its beams fall;

ANNA GREY. the sword, suspended but by a hair, that hangs over the guilty; a lamp which holds the oil of truth; very greatly concerns me (8)."

Sympathy awake (1); A spur to zeal (2); "It truth's standard-bearer.-ZANONI.

Emma BUTTERWOKTI. Rumour solidified; a picture of facts.-GIPSY.

A young lady superintending the making of her The net that entangles the criminal's feet. wedding-dress. A little girl watching the twelfth

FLORIAN. cake cut up.-M. A. Oxon. A good heart gives birth to good actions. Thus, high and noble acts are evidence of a noble dispo- spreading

the circulation of the “ Family


What each subscriber ought to take in the sition.-- CAROLINE.

J. J. GORTON The blush on the criminal's cheek which speaks

Ten pounds given for the loan of fifteen pounds too plainly of his guilt.-EMMA S. P.

for one week.- What the bill-discounter clutches at. The increased circulation of this or any other —The merchant's wheel of fortune.-JUSTITIA. work is proved by the addition of new subscribers.


Piling up the agony uncommon.-FLORIAS. A light by which we read the history of facts. How many persons act from entirely selfish

KATRINE. motives, not even hesitating to sacrifice the happiWhat Miss Blanche Alsington gave against ness of their best friends, if, by so doing, they can Edward W. H.--SAM.

advance their own interests; and how few, on the What a lawyer seeks, a jury hears, a witness contrary, take any loring, kindly interest in the

welfare of others -CAROLINE. gives, and perhaps nobody receives.--GORGONIA.

An instrument in the hands of Oinniscience to 1. A thing well understood by bankers. convict the criminal.-KATE SYDNAS.

2. Often the cause of a successful candidate's Evidence or proof is showni,

good fortune.

3. England's concern for the wounded Danes. E'en as a tree by its fruit is known.

IMOGEN. IMOGEN. A certification.-ADELA.

The aim of the selfish and sordid mind.--ADELA. Seeing is believing; proof makes plain; the Ten per cent.-What servant-girls feel in a loveguide in a court of law.-BLACK DWARF.

tale, and old ladies in murders. - BLACK DWARF. Sometimes it causes freedom, sometimes slavery; What the usurer takes care to secure for his gold circumstantial evidence has too oft proved fatal. and to many ruin.-A kind feeling that should ever

Without convincing proof should never be given, attend our pursuits, and assist us to complete #batfreely express your opinion when you are armed by ever we may undertake.-SPECTATOR. truth and justice.-SPECTATOR. What a witness is called forward for; by which miser is always wishing for; and that which is the

What the man of business strives for; what the many dark deeds have been brought to light.


world's chief study.-HATTIE. That which too often has sent the innocent to the

What everybody takes in everyone else's business.

EMMA S.P. gallows; a proof of the pudding is in the eating.


Concern for the well-being of our friends.-A

beneficial result of true friendship. Appearance leads to doubt, but evidence is proof.

STANTONVILLE. DE LA SAUx. Proof. Thus we have evidence that our little in apparenz friendship. The prevailing sentiment

The cement by which many are bound together “Friend" is a welcome guest wherever he visits.

of a miser.-KATRINE. AXELIA,

Rate per cent.-Sax.

What people take in a book, and out of a bank. INTEREST.

GORGOXIA. Apathy's spirit reviver.--MIGNONETTE.

Friendship’s cement, and life's sunshine. Love's postillion.-HEATHERBELL.


1. Participatory benefit.
2. “There is that scattereth and yet increaseth." ENIGMAS, CHARADES, &c.
3. "Peace (piece) and plenty."
Being honest through mere policy.—Bosk.

108. Heart linked to heart, and soul with soul,

I am a word of four letters; read me backwards In close communion flows;

or forwards I am still the same, yet I am a troop; Each feels the other's joys his own, His woes-his own heart's throes.

transpose and curtail me, and I am an animal.


109. A tribute the borrower pays to the lender.-The

I am a word signifying to divide. Behead me, I yield of use. The life and soul of all enterprises. go away; curtail me, I am meat; now transpose --Oil for the wheels of industry.- A piquant relish

me, I wash,

HATTIR. for otherwise dry and unpalatable duties. --The

110. prop that supports the student's

excelsior banner.à cure for melancholy.-LILY H.

A preposition is my first

(How this will test your knowledge!), The union of will with power.-AMELIA.

My next's three-quarters of the time

That young men spend at college;

My third is that which artists seek

'When on a sketching tour;

My whole may be a joyous thing. 1. Counsel to Jury: "I trust, gentlemen, you Or painful to endure.

GORGONIA. will set little ralue on the evidence of the lastnamed witness, seeing he is an interested party."

111. 2. We estimate the professions of regard from

My first is a prop, my second is a prop, and my others, according to the proofs we receive of their whole is nothing else than a prop. concern for our welfare.


112. It is astonishing how the evidence of interest dis

An interval, a hint, a small insect, to dart :

these ur words form played in our welfare by one we love urges us on to

square; read down and across the same.

NOTROY-LBUMAS. greater exertions, and what we only thought of small value before becomes of great magnitude

113. after.- FORGET-ME-Not.

My first, a name to memory dear,

When love destroyed my peace, The surest evidence of the interest a father can Consold me, dried the trickling tear, take in his son's future well-doing is in teachiog

And bade my sorrow cease; him the value of truth from his earliest years.

Like music from a heavenly sphere,

Its whispers fell upon mine ear.
We should all calue highly the love of our friends.
It is an evidence that we try to deserve the kindly

But, ah! what anguish wrung my breast interest they take in us.-- BLACK DWARF.

When on a mournful day, Talue derives its source and is felt in various

My first, at fate's unkind behest,

From England sail'd away, ways; a faithful friend of good and kind moral

I watched my second out of sight, riebes is value, but a bane to the gamester. What fearful evidence we frequently have of its direful

And fancy follow'd in its flight. eflect, evidences of ruin to once happy homes, But though the fates have prov'd unkind young wives made widows, infant children father

My whole shall ne'er depart, less, all are gone? Now the kind and good feel the It is a feeling of the mind, talue of their riches; their hearts are warmed with

Not solely of the heart; interest towards the distressed; they extend with Love, passion-led, may fickle prove, generous hand their benevolence, and by their B.t this is stronger far than love! influential means and interest in the hearts of

E. R. V.S. many that value them for their worth, having had

114. frequent evidence of their truth and honour, that My first is a river in Europe; my second a very whatever interest may be required in any case will useful article; my third a bird; and my whole, be sure to meet with success.--SPECTATOR. hope, not any of my fellow-councillors are. From a natural love of approbation we generally

YOUNG SILURIAN. set a high value upon the interest which our friends

115. evidence in our pursuits whether they be in learn

Eutire I am a sudden movement; curtailed I am ing or pastime.KATRINE.

what a poet has termed "an angel's torget-meThe interest is the evidence of the value of the not;" now hehead me and I make my appearance, capital.-GORGONIA.

who reversed becomes a noisome animal, which The rough unpolished weights in the diamond me in my original form, and decapitate me, when

transposed is the result of civilisation ; now place scales of justice ; changeable as quicksilver, and the most schoolboys will be found partial to me. ebamelion in its form and hue, and requiring

REBECCA. wisdom and experience rightly to estimate its true

116. worth.-LIZA.

My first is an article, my second a liquor, my To obtain evidence we should use all the interest third a narrow street, and my whole a village in that is of value to the cause.- De LA SAUX.





125. If you find your razor my first is not,

A word of four letters, on the land, It may quickly be my second ;

Never without did a brick-house stand; If to feel my whole should be your lot,

Curtail and then reverse, and left will be A cure at the butcher's may be got,

That which protects our life and property. And a “perfect cure" 'tis reckoned !


126. 118.

My second once saw my first placed on my An article indefinite

third, by another being my whole. Will serve my first to name;

My second, too, in every way,

Is just the very same;
My third is a conjunction,

In the Bois de Boulogne Monsieur Victor Vean.

And my whole will bring to mind
A name, perteining to a fruit

First set eyes on the charming Annette de la
Of most delicious kind.



He met her next night at a ball, and most luckily 119,

Pound her there undefended by her gros papa.
Of my first each counsellor has

She looked so sweet, and she smiled so readily,
One or more I reckou,

And she waltz'd with Veaudoré so lightly and
I hope my friends do not suffer

steadily, With my whole or second.

That he twirl'd his moustache with a satisfied air, J. J. GORTON. As he thought that a conquest he'd made of the 120.

My second to make,
Twice my whole it will take;

But a rival he had in one Captain Sangfeu;
And to do it justice,

Poor Victor Veandoré !
A moiety my first is.


And says he," Polisson! retires vous,

Or else with my Arst I'll run you through, 121.

With my carte, oh! tierce, oh! thrust, ob ! and I journey so fleetly o'er land and o'er sea,

pierce, oh 1 " That the wind in its flight is a tortoise to me;

So away went Victor Veaudoré.
I exist in all things above and around,
And nothing without me has ever been found;

So he rode and he rode on the diligence top
Yet all things will farle 'neath my fatal breath,

Until my second he saw, And sink under my gaze to destruction and death.

And he said, “Morbleu! a visit I'll pay Without fingers I write, without ears I can hear,

To perfide Albion's shore." For the faintest whisper I can bear From southern climes, where the palm-trees grow, He has pack'd his portmanteau, he stands on the To the desolate lands of perpetual snow. My power as an alchymist next I'll unfold, But the sight of the waves made him feel rather For I change every metal to silver and gold;

queer; I cannot be touched or seized by the hand,

"Let those who prefer it," he said, “ go to sea; Though in a corked bottle I often am crammed :

But I think terra firma is better for me. 'Tis thy task, kind reader, to send me from thence, I'll get back to Paris as fast as I can, And expose me to view if you've courage or sense.

And there I'll remain like a sensible man;

Though to ramble at will with my whole I am 122.

My second in my first may find

There's no place so charming as Paris to me."
A resting place, or habitation;

My whole, if properly combined,

128. Denote a threat by proclamation.

a. A distinguished English historian. IAGO

b. Daughter of Aer and Tellus, who pined away 123.

for love of Narcissus. A lady sat in an ancient hallShe was my first, and she was tall;

c. A celebrated Latin poet. And on her cheeks, which were fair I ween,

d. A French astronomer.

e. A musical composer. No trace of my second could now be seen.

1. To form a camp. Yet they came as a knight, who entered now, The initials make the Christian name, and the First to the lady making his bow,

finals the surname, of one who encourages literaSaid, “Fair maid, accept I pray,


STANTONEILLE. This bunch of my whole, which I placked by the way." DAPHNE.

129. 124.

Adam had my first, 'tis true,

So had Mother Eve;
a. A species of fuel.
b. A musical performance.

If you have a good one, too,
c. A playful domestic animal.

Prithee do not grieve; d. A portion of time.

For a smaller quantity e. A species of grass.

You may in my second see. The initials and finals give the names of two If you were my whole, I doubt necessary articles of household furniture, seldom If you e'er could find me out.

LAGO, far apart from each other. HEATHERBELL.

the pier,


135 My first is but a little word,

My Arst is very sweet and low, Composed of letters three;

Soft as the summer breezes blower. And if that little word's reversed,

My second loud, and full in sound, A vessel there will be.

My schole in drawing-rooms is found.

CAROLIXE. You'll find my next, fair reader,

136. I'm sure upon your head;

A quadruped's my first, They may be golden, black, or brown,

Domestic, too, and quiet;. Perchance they may be red.

My next, if you're athirst, Now readers all, to find my whole

I'd beg you only try it, You need not make two guesses;

To see if you would not find good, Though they are made of wood and stone,

So positive I am you would.
Yet they are but tresses.

My whole is taken at one's dinnery
'T'is fit for either saint or sinner.

SAXOS 131. Four characters find, and they'll show me entire :

137. Number 1 holds a prominent place in a choir;

More fragrant than the damask rose, Number 2 may be heard where there's much to

More fickle than the wind that blows; admire;

What Nelson feared in time of war, Number 3 is in Bedlam-position most dire!

What strikes with dread the honest tar,
Number 4 is in jail-you may call and inquire.

What's colder than the frigid zone,
I am sold like a slave-none
my services hires
What married ladies call their own.

And afterwards used very rough by the buyer.
Now pray don't look black, lady fair or esquire,


138. If in this elaborate search you should tire!


20 R * 1800!! BR! 0# -! w!vvt *A? 132.

RW*40 02x!, Nz! owla!- AlTQ!A *BAR!Sk!R

x@R!A?-1! *PÅ ? f*T Write a letter on sense,

TERRA COTTA. And then you will see

139. What this simple riddle

Dzok qzt kzj 7mj bpc jbhhop, n!m dzok qat Most assuredly will be.


kzj 7mj bpc jmhdcrmk; zcą zj pd qhsp cdzh mb

mkd objd bx dlh 8b!hcdt mkd jbhhop qdohdajdj 138.

Zcq mkd jmhacrmk 7 cohdzjdj. ST. CLAIR. I am one of a useful band, Dispersed in numbers throughout the land,

140.-A BUNCH OF KEYS. Known by my common bịrth,

1. What key is suggestive of festivity?. And yet if you look on my embrowned face

2. What key possesses the gift of mimicry? Samne signs of nobility there you may trace,

3. What key unlocks the gates of temptation ? Though little you value my worth.

4. What key is simply used to aim at a post? Though poor, not unlettered, and really can boast

5. What key is the most difficult to turn? (1 grand, rich relations, a numberless host

6. What key is supposed to be “here, there, and Too exclusive to mix with me;

everywhere"? My cata, I crnicis, very often are torn,

7. What key is only required by“ fashionable : And many a livery new I have wornI am changeable, therefore, you see.

8. What key is useful in punishing esime?

CARACTACUS, I search after knowledge of different kinds

141.-CAPITAL EXCHANGES And proudly I say it, that man daily finds He can learn many things by my aid ;

I am what laundresses often use; change my I'm often in company, not much alone,

head, and I am a large hole; change again, and I And many a grasp of the hand I have known am a fluid; change again, and I am what we do From master, and mistress, and maid.

most days.


142,--CONUNDRUMS I travel about, and am always third class,

1. In what respect ought street-music to resemble Through many a town and village I pass,

an article sold on credit ? And often am much knocked about;

2. What is the difference between a post-borse But l'm young and I'm strong, though my anceg- and a dupe? tors old

3. What is the difference between a passionate Surpassed me in size, if the truth must be told. man and a glutton? And all this is true, do not doubt..

4. What is the difference between arranging a A. DR YOUNGE.

thing, and simply "putting two and two toge134.

ther"? By the aid of my first,

5. Why is a stylish bonnet like a chureh elock? My second will try

6. Why can a Highlander never go ahead”? Your power to espy

7. Why is a drunkard a paradox ? My whole (if it durst),

8. Why is a provoked dupe a paradox? MIGNONETTE.




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143.- REBUS.

74. Hammock.—75. Alone, lone, one.—76. Nobody. Complete a plant or fish I may,

-77. Bonnet. -78. Fix-II; 1.-79. Matlock. Aright for you define:

80. Turnspit. Behead me, and I'm found upon

The “ fretful porcupine;"

Once more behead, and then I will,

E R M | NE
If I mistake not, make you ill.



ANGELS 1. What lock frequently represents union with

D A INTY out unity? 2. What lock is most in request among physi

R 0 M A cians ?


M A R 3. What lock do some tourists travel a long way

0 to see!

A M 0 R 4. What lock was, a few years ago, “in every- 83. Bacon, acon.-84. Charwoman.-85. Latent, body's mouth"?

a tent, talent. -86. a. When he has a beam in 5. What lock must be looked for out of doors bis eye; b. When he's an aching side (Akenside). and on the ground?

-87. Mermaid.-88. Wardrobe.-89. Lamp-port. 6. What lock is in a double sense a staple -90. Postman.—91. Handsome.-92. Agate.-93. article?

Oleander.-94. Leamington.-95. Outshine.-96. 7. What lock is one of a set of four ?

Banjo.-97. Workmanship.- 98. Jackanapes.8. What lock can be opened without a key? 99. Senic, AglaiA, LanceT, Ipswich, Sable,

9. What lock often caused an explosion, and is Behead, UsurpeR, RussiA, Yawl-Salisbury Canow itself "exploded"?

thedral.-100. Glass, lass, ass, as, 9.-101, Notable. 10. What lock is generally lost in the decline of -102. a. Redruth ; 'b. Oakhand.-103. a Maggie life?

CARACTACUS. Symington ; b. Mignonette ; c. Rosalie; d. Lucinda 145.-CLASSICAL REBUS.

B.; e. Caractacus; f. Gipsy; &. Katrine; k. Daisy a. A king of Lydia who ate his owu wife.

H.; 1. Emma Butterworth; j. Ivanhoe ; k, Terra 6. The Erythræan Sibyl.

Cotta; I. Anna Grey; m. Stantonville; n. Blanche 6. One who killed his three daughters for the good

Alsington ; 0. Isabel ; p. Estella ; q. A de Younge ; Athens.

r. Adeline A.-104. a. Holywell; b. Conway; d. The residence of the Centaurs.

C. Holyhead.–105. Witless. 106. Unanswered. e. The goddess of Weeding.

107. Unanswered.
f. The mistress of Hercules.
g. The priest of Hercules.
The initials will form the name of a daughter of

Niobe slain by Apollo and Diana for boasting. When looking upwards to the sky,
Geo. MATTHEWSON. And downward to what's passing by,

I see, as here and there I roam,

Flags of all kinds, from silk to stone;

All vessels, too, wherev'r they be,

Bear flags of nationality; A royal hunt is taking place near Paris during From “Union Jacks" to stripes and stars, the beautiful but capricious month of April. See Each tells the name its country bears; how richly the pobles are dressed. Look at their The sailor's pride, as brave to the last jewels gleaming in the sun, and observe the gay He, sinking, nails it to the mast; trappings of their steeds. They seem to laugh at On Alma, too, where our army stood, the possibility of gloom and rain. Who is it rides 'Twas smeared and bespattered over with blood; among them, eclipsing all by his superior height, Flags, too, on gala daye, you know, commanding looks, and witha! so mean an attire ? Make in the public streets a show; Evidently he is the chief of the party, for it is he Beneath your feet the flagstones lie, they obey at the slightest glance. The korn sounds, Keeping the path more firm and dry; and away they course o'er hill and plain; but, Flagstones the graves of loved ones guardah! what is it stops their sport, changing their We weep as we gaze on those tablets hard; merriment into discontent? Look at the blackness They form a seat where old age can view of the heavens, the lightning flashes; the thunder The sunset's bright or fading

rolls, the rain falls pitilessly on the jewelled silken Along the banks where the river gushes
mantles and gay plumes. They turn to their com- Flags mingle with the tall green rushes;
mander, and implore him to return; but he, There Moses in faith by his mother laid
dressed in thick robes of fur, laughs alike at their His infant cradle amongst them had.
distress and the inclemency of the weather.

Flags float aloft from the castle walls,
HEARTSEASE. They decorate ancestral halla;

Bishops and priests bless them ere they go

O'er the battle-field to meet the foe.

Then let us hope that there may stand
(On pp. 249–252.)

Unfurl'd in every Christian land, 65. Rising, ising, isin.—66. Smithfield.-67. A Waving on high o'er earth and sea, fag.-68. Hereafter-69. Islington.-70. Cornet. The highly-prized flag of liberty. -71. A gold ring.–72. Lammas.-73. Wonder.


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