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RECOMMENDATION. instances of her county phraseology; which, however, it has been judged proper to let stand, as coming from NER pen, rather than attempt corrections in those particulars. Nevertheless, I am free to own, that I have been greatly pleased with her uniformity of sentiment, the propriety with which she useth words less common and the general smoothness of her versification. And, as to the pious Reader, I flatter myself such will be entertained profitably and pleasantly, without any thing more being said, than that the whole seems to breathe a true spirit of sublime devotion, and the subject matter is highly evangelical —A fit companion for the closet to those whose circumstances in life do not admit of much reading besides the Bible.

Her modesty also has been so remarkable, that the Editor of the first edition with great difficulty gained her consent to their seeing the light, without giving her name, which he could not obtain: but, as it is an indulgence to the curiosity of some Readers to know who is the writer, in this second edition she has gratified her friends by drawing up the following Acrostic :

SHALL I presume to tell the world my name?
Up to this hour I glory in my shame:
So great my weakness, that I boast of might;
A fool in knowledge, yet in wisdom right;
No life, and yet I live; I'm sick, and well;
Not far from Heav'n, though on the brink of hell,



How strange! I'm deaf, and dumb, and lame and blind,
A nd hear, and see, and walk, and talk, you

Robb’d by my dearest friend I'm truly poor,
Riches immense I always have in store ;
I'm fed by mortals; but, let mortals know,
Such is my food, no mortal can bestow :
Oh! how I long to die, and wish to live!
Now, if you can, explain th' account I give.

Upon the whole, as I am persuaded her chief desire, by this Publication, is to assist the plain christian in in maintaining and making progress in the divine life; so I sincerely pray, that the blessing of “ The God of " all grace" may eminently succeed her well meant endeavor!

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The Reader will perceive by the preceding Preface and Recommendation, that this work was twice printed during the life of the Author, for her benefit. After her decease, a Supplement and an interesting description of a remarkable Scene in her Life, were added: since which EIGHT or NINE editions have been published in England; and the present is the second American.


All glory belongs to Jesus alone

Page 65 50 79

Am I indeed born from above?
Arise, my soul, to Jesus fly,
Attend, my soul, and trembling hear,
Awake, my heart! my soul, arise !
Away my doubts, begone my fear,

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Begone my worldly cares, away!
Behold, he coines, the Saviour comes,
Be merciful, O God, to me,
Bring all the brutish and unwise
By holiness and watchful care,

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Chasten'd I am from day to day,
Christian, wouldst thou in grace excel,
Come, each desponding, drooping soul,
Come, O my doubting soul, attend,
Come, view the field of love divine,
Condemn me not, most gracious God,

103 47 59 57 11 26

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Deceivers will affect t'appear


'Gainst thee, thou Holy, Just, and Wise,
God and his law are my delight,
God of iny days, God of my nights,
Good news these blessed words impart
Grace will to every duty bind,

116 24

4 14 47 6 92 21 34 18 132


Haste that delightful, awful day
Hear this, ye fav'rites of the Lord,
High in the Heavens doth God reside,
How are my powers all tun'd 10 mourn
How oft doth beauty lead to sin,
How should the morning of my days
How suitable this word to me,

127 39

89 - 120

3 96

23 73 118

I fear the God of Heaven and earth, .
I languish for a sight
1, Jesus, am ascended high,
In this extreme distress of soul,
Is this thy will, and must I be,
Is this unpleasant cup now given
Is Jesus evermore the same?
I think my table richly spread,

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Jesus exalts his fav’rites high,
Jesus, I now address my throne,
Jesus, my Advocate and King,
Jesus, my Hiding-place thou art,
Jesus my mourning soul doth lead,
Jesus, the great, the mighty God,
Jesus, thou God of nations, bend
Jesus, thy love is still my theme,
Jesus, when I can see thy face,

113 -- 125.


95 - 105

18 .. 123

75 102


Let all my anxious cares be gone,
Let all the heavenly hosts rejoice,
Let me adore his boundless grace,
Let me lie prostrate on the ground,
Let not the learned and the wise
Let others, wrapt in self-conceit, praise employ my heart and tongue:
Like Enoch I would seek to be,


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