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" Who giveth Songs in the Night."-JOB xxxv: 10.



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SUFFICE it to.say of this Publication, that the AUTHOR of it is a very obscure young woman, and quite destitute of the advantages of education, as well as under great bodily affliction. Her father dying when she was young, and leaving a large family unprovided for, she went out to service at sixteen years of age; in which station she continued till August, 1772; when disorders seized her, which ever since have bafiled the power of medicine and the skill of physicians ~But GOD, who is rich in mercy, was pleased, in love to her soul, at the beginning of the afiiction, marvellously to manifest himself unto her; and has been instructing her from that time in the things pertaining to his kingdom and the righteousness thereof, as the following poetic performances, which are printed from the Author's own hand writing (who, by the way, LEARNT HER write), do in some measure witness. But, such is her modesty, they would never have appeared to the world in her life-time, if it had not been that some months ago she thought she was actually in dying circumstances;

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she therefore committed them to the care of the Editor, charging him to let none see them till after her decease. -Bat as she appears now much more likely to live, than at the beginning of her affliction (though without any, prospect of ever being able to earn her bread), he could not be easy to let them lay by any longer, “ hid

up in a napkin;" thinking, that the talent was given her to profit withal, and that they might, under the blessing of the most High, be of some use to others, more especially to the sons and daughters of a fiction,

The Reader may depend upon it, if there should be any profit arise from the sale thereof, it will be faithfully applied to the Author's use.

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That the blessing of him“ who giveth Songs in the

Night” may make it profitable to those who are training up in the school of affliction on earth, for. singing the song of Moses and the Lamb in Heaven, is the fervent prayer of


Ipswich, Fan. 6. 1780.



Recommendation to the Second Edition.


HESE little sonnets, called “ Songs in “ the Night,” now pass under a second edition:sufficient is said in the Preface to the first, as to the situation and affecting circumstances of the Composer of them; the truth of which account I have thoroughly informed myself of; and do assure the public, she has no certainty of a tolerable support under her ill state of health, but from the donations of her friends, and the advantage she may reap from this further publication : -so that her case is truly deserving all charitable regard; and, as such, I sincerely recommend it.

And, besides this, without fearing censure, I think these little productions deserve to be recommended to the candid, and even curious, Reader, as a pleasing entertainment for such to observe what may be the efforts of uncultivated genius, connected with a true spirit of sensible there may be several occasional escapes, as to her language, grammar, and ather, ornaments of exact writing, as well as some

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