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Page 114 - and follows: Age Months When a pupil is permanently discharged to work, to remain at home, or because of death, permanent illness, or commitment to an institution, this card is to be returned to the principal's office and a full statement of the cause of the pupil's discharge is to be made in the blank space
Page 89 - inscrutable Providence, but rather thru the law of cause and effect. This led to an extension of the scope of medical inspection to include the physical examination of school children, with the aim of discovering whether or .not they were suffering from such defects as would handicap their educational progress and prevent them from receiving the
Page 32 - instead of wide ones. Of similar import is an address on "The Spirit of Learning" delivered in June, 1909, by President Wilson of Princeton. He says: The field is clear for all these little activities, as it is clear for athletics. Athletics has no serious competitor except these amusements and petty engrossments; they have no serious competitor except athletics. The scholar is not in the game.
Page 116 - 4. Average attendance.—The average daily attendance during the school year (which is the average number of pupils actually present each day the schools were in session) may be computed as follows:
Page 114 - Health h Conduct 1 Scholarship (over) 1 I. Last name 2. First name and initial 3. Place of birth 4. Date of Birth 5. Vaccinated 6. Name of parent or guardian 7. Occupation of parent or guardian 8. RESIDENCE. (Use one column at a time. Give new residence when pupil is transferred.)
Page 117 - 4. Legal services 5. Operation and maintenance of office building 6. Offices in charge of buildings and supplies 7. Office of superintendent of schools ... 8. Enforcement of compulsory education and truancy laws .... 9. Other expenses of general control Total Salaries Other Objects
Page 76 - If the brethren in the 1 Report of the Committee of the National Education Association on the Place of Industries in Public Education, 1910, p. 105. 'Articulation of High School and College-—High School Teachers Association of New York City, 1910, p. 20.
Page 120 - REVENUE RECEIPTS 62. Subventions and grants from state $. 63. Subventions and grants from county 64. Subventions and grants from other civil divisions 65. Appropriations from city treasury 66. General property taxes 67. Business taxes (licenses, excise taxes, taxes on corporations, taxes on occupations, etc.) : 68. Poll taxes 69. Fines and penalties 70. Rents and interest 71. All other revenue ^ 72. TOTAL REVENUE RECEIPTS NON-REVENUE
Page 171 - TM BALLIET, New York University, New York City. HH SEERLEY, President, State Teachers College, Cedar Falls, la. MELVIL DEWEY, Lake Placid Club, NY WM. H. MAXWELL, Superintendent of Schools, New York City. SUPPLEMENTARY LIST OF ACTIVE MEMBERS ENROLLED SINCE THE PUBLICATION OF THE YEARBOOK FOR
Page 89 - transformed during the past decade from a merely negative movement having as an object the avoidance of disease to a splendidly positive movement having as its aim the development of vitality. THE SECOND REFORMER—THE BACKWARD CHILD Th2

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