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there not much analogy between the others; for we never stand alone in our baptism of Christ in the Jordan, and conduct. Others may be influenced by the baptism of any disciple, if his soul us for good or evil, and we have, as after some years of faith perceives that Christians, to recommend our fellowhe has been ignorant in this matter, sinners—those who have as yet not and has not understood the doctrine of turned “from darkness to light, and Christian baptism? When we add to from the power of Satan unto God”this the reason which Christ assigned to believe, and to be baptized, as a why he was baptized, we see that his profession of that faith. Now, if we authority directly recommends, sanc- were ourselves unbaptized, they would tions, and (as I think) commands, that naturally evade the command of Christ, those who find out that they are unbap- and say, “You do not submit to this tized, because only sprinkled in infancy, publicity, you do not acknowledge this should, like Jesus, be afterwards bap- ordinance, you have escaped this pain, tized. He said when John remonstrat- and therefore why should not we?” ed with him, as superior to himself and they would be disposed to evade and not needing to be baptized by him, a command of Christ under the sanc“Suffer it to be so now, for thus it tion of our example. And this is becometh us to fulfil all righteousness." especially true of ministers, whose He did not mean that there was any business it is to preach Christ to the thing especially righteous, especially unconverted, and to preach baptism to great, especially devoted, in being bap- those who may turn to him in truth. tized; but that it was comparatively a But how can a minister urge his fellowtrivial thing, as it seems to me, that it sinners to be baptized, if he is himself was a light duty compared with many, an unbaptized person? Besides, it -as compared with faith and devoted- being a minister's duty to administer ness. It was but the external profes- this ordinance to those who are presion. Nevertheless, he says, “It be- pared for it and desire it, a scruple and cometh us to fulfil the least command doubt might arise in the minds of as well as the greatest !”. When, many, perhaps perplexing them with therefore, our Lord assigned this as a many troubles in long years, if they reason, why he, not needing it, should should be baptized by an unbaptized yet be baptized, he said in effect to all minister. It seemed to me, therefore, his followers, “ You may think that necessary for others, no less than exhaving made a profession in other ways, pedient for myself, that I should fulfil you need it not,—that you have con- this command of Christ. fessed Christ at the table of the Lord, There is one other argument, to or in your intercourse with the world; which I have already alluded, which nevertheless, it becomes us to fulfill all has had weight with me, and I doubt righteousness,' to keep all the commands not with others of my brethren and of Christ, to honour every ordinance sisters now about to be baptized. In that God has given; and if you need it common with almost all other churches not for yourselves, at least in respect to of Christ, there are those baptist his authority be baptized, that you may churches who are of strict communion, express your willingness to be obedient and who believe, in common with the to him in all things."

great majority of Christians, that they In looking, too, at the example of must not receive to the Lord's Supper our Saviour, I have seen that he re- those who are in their view unbaptized. garded the influence of his act on I believe this to be an error, but since it is shared by them in common with in heaven, because thou hast promised almost all churches, it is only to be all this to those who come to thee, as I respected as an opinion, and not to be now do, through Christ. In dependence condemned as a fault. Consequently, on the merit of thy Son Jesus Christeach Christian ought to desire to be in upon the aid of thy Spirit, and on thy full communion with those churches. truth, I look to thee for the eternal They are not more narrow in their salvation of my body and of my soul ; minds than other Christians, because and I humbly accept thee as my chief almost all Christians are of the same guide to all eternity. O God, the Son, opinion; and consequently we ought my Redeemer, who didst expiate my not to shrink from their communion, sins by thy death, thou wast made sin but seek it. Let me add to this, that I for me, that I might be made the rightbelieve, amongst the multitude of those eousness of God in thee; thou hast who, as ministers of Christ, have seen redeemed me from the curse of the law, it right to renounce the doctrine of being made a curse for me, and having infant baptism, as an abuse in the rescued me from eternal death by thy church, which has no sanction in scrip- death, thou dost now live to bring me ture, there are very few, if any, who have to eternal life. Believing in thy power not also felt it their duty to be baptized. and love, I trust to thy merit and interOn these grounds, it has seemed to cession to secure for me the favour of me to be my duty not to shrink from God, to impart to me thy Holy Spirit, a public acknowledgment of Christ's to enrich me with all the blessings of authority; but with my brethren around the new covenant, and to prepare me to be baptized, to acknowledge that he for heaven ; and thus I accept thee as has a right to our subjection.

my only and all-sufficient Saviour. The meaning of the rite is, however, Though Christ I likewise thankfully far more important. My dear friend, receive thee, O God the Spirit, to be the minister in this chapel, has just my sanctifier. For his sake thou dost brought some of its prominent features dwell with those who believe in him; before our minds. Let me add to and believing on him, I look to thee to what he has said, by referring to a teach me all needful truth, to incline paper which I have drawn up, expres- my heart to what is just and right, to sive of my own feelings—the feelings, set my affections on God and on I doubt not, of those about to be bap- spiritual things, to direct and control tized, and which, I trust, may be your my will, form my character, to feelings too.

sanctify me wholly, to preserve me “O Lord God Almighty, I accept through all temptations, and to bring with humble gratitude-as a sinner me into the presence of my Redeemer who has deserved eternal death, and in glory. Thus, I heartily accept thee, who cannot cease to deserve it—the O God, the Father, the Son, and the rich, free, and eternal salvation which Spirit, as my shield and my exceeding thou in thy goodness hast provided for great reward ; and I humbly trust, me. I look to thee, O God, the Father according to thy promises, to be made of our Lord Jesus Christ, to save me happy by thee for both worlds. On from the punishment of sin and its the other hand, being so blessed and power; from the curse which thy law favoured, I, as a redeemed and pardoned has justly pronounced upon me; from transgressor, desire to make a public my own faults; from all temptations ; profession of faith in thee, and publicly and to bring me to a life of holy bliss to dedicate myself to thy service, ac


cording to Christ's appointment, by Thou didst not give my faculties to be immersion. First, I renounce all sin wasted in aimless inactivity, but, resfor ever. By my sins I have displeased cued from active corruption, to be and dishonoured thee; they have checked employed in all that is useful and my efforts to improve my character, ennobling. Henceforth, my opinion they have hindered me from doing good, and judgment of things being formed they have injured my peace and useful- by a supreme regard to thy will, I ness, they have been my disgrace, and desire to cherish every right principle, but for thy mercy, they would have to pursue every honourable and useful been my ruin. I have been unreason- end, to do what is just and true, what is able, corrupt, and ungrateful in disobey- humane and benevolent, to set my ing thee, and am brought by nature affections on all that is the most worthy and by practice to such a condition, to engage them, to love all that is good, that nothing but the blood of Jesus to seek holiness and heaven, to live for Christ could blot out my guilt. Thou eternity, and look to thee to be directed hast so hated sin, that thou hast sen- in all things by thy word, to be contenced sinners to eternal death, and formed to the example of Christ, and to unless Jesus Christ had suffered for it, aim at being perfect, as my Father in they could not have been saved. It is heaven is perfect. As Christ Reunnatural, depraved, and rebellious, ex- deemer is in heaven, I will set my posing them to thy just wrath and affections there; as he is holy, just, and curse ; it has occasioned the death of good there, I will endeavour to be so Christ, it has made the world hate here; as he glorifies thee there, I will him, it opposes his dominion; he came seek to glorify thee here; as he loves to rescue us from its power, and he believers, I will love them; and as he feels an irreconcilable hatred to it. is head over all things to the church, I It is contrary to the nature of the will live to serve the church; and thus, influence of the Holy Spirit, by whom by thy help, I will rise with Christ to a it is progressively destroyed in each new life. Further, as I am about to be believer; and by whom it must ulti- baptized into the name of the Father, mately be eradicated from the world. the Son, and the Spirit—that is, to proThy word condemns it. It is worse in fess, by immersion, that I am thy • thy children than in others, because worshipper and servant, I now consethey must sin against clearer light and crate myself to thy service for ever. I repeated promises, after experiencing give myself unreservedly to thee, O the aids of grace, and after tasting the God, the Father of our Lord Jesus pleasure of obedience. I therefore de Christ. Relying on thy mercy to accept sire to forsake it for ever, and thence- me through Christ, and on the aid of forth to do, say, and think nothing thy Spirit to enable me to adhere to my which is contrary to thy will. As resolution, thy will, O God, shall be Christ died for my sins, and was buried mine : I mean to please thee in all in the grave, so shall I be buried in the things : I count thy enemies my enewater, in token that I die with him to mies, thy friends my friends. Lord, the sins which caused his death, that I what wilt thou have ine to do ? Only may never again serve sin. At the make me know thy will, and by thy help same time, I mean, by thy help to lead I will do it ; thou art my owner, and a new life. As Christ rose from the to please and serve thee shall be my grave, so shall I rise from the water to highest end. I give myself also unrea nobler and better life than before. servedly to thee, my gracious and loving

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Saviour, who art one in nature, design, filthy rags, and each day I must need and feeling with thy Father. As thou thy forgiveness. Now, therefore, I dehast lived and died for me, I wish to sire, by being baptized in the name of live for thee; as thou wilt give me glory Christ, to express my dependence on his in heaven, I desire to give thee glory merit and mediation, to assume by faith on earth. Before long I hope to see the robe of his righteousness, and to be thee in thy kingdom ; meanwhile, may one of those of whom the apostle Paul I love, serve, trust, and delight in thee, has said, ' As many of you as have been as my ever-present Redeemer. To obey baptized into Christ, have put on Christ.' thy commands, to copy thy example, to Look on me as one who depends on Him promote thy cause, to help thy servants, alone ; let his righteousness be imputed to honour thee, in the use of all my to me; let it hide from thee all my guilt. faculties, possessions, and time; all this Thus engaged in thy ennobling service, is my fixed intention, by the aid of thy with a happy assurance that I am thy Spirit. Thou hast bought me by thy adopted child, may I have that joy and blood, I am thine. Further, I give peace in believing which in the case of myself to thee, O Holy Spirit of God. others has followed this open confession It is my desire and purpose to be led by of Christ. As on the day of Pentecost, thy teaching and to be conformed to three thousand who were baptized were thy will. May thy holy influence sur filled with gladness--as the jailer and round me wherever I may be ! May I his family rejoiced believing in thee, on never grieve thee by neglect or sin, by the night of their baptism-and as the hardness or unbelief, but may I be Ethiopian treasurer, after receiving immersed in a flood of light and love, baptism, went on his way rejoicing-80 as the three disciples were immersed in may I, in thus putting on the uniform the bright cloud on the Mount of of Christ as his soldier, experience such Transfiguration. May I be baptized in joy and peace in believing, as all the thee! Pervade all my faculties; conse- trials of life shall not be able to destroy. crate my whole being to thyself. Since In this profession may I, through thy I have thus been enabled to believe, o grace, be stedfast to the end of my life, Lord God, and am about to profess my and only grow stronger in faith as nafaith by immersion into thy name, Iture decays. Finally, as I am about to look to thee to fulfil the promises which be received into the communion of thou hast made to me in thy word. saints, as a member of a Christian Jesus, when on earth, said, 'He that church, assist me to live answerably to believeth and is baptized shall be saved;' this privilege. Make me to love my receive me, therefore, now, and own me brethren, and to be loved by them in at the last day, as one of thy pardoned return. Never may I sow discord and accepted children. Thy apostle among those whom divine grace has once said to an anxious multitude, united; but, on the contrary, be a peaceRepent, and be baptized for the remis- maker among those whom human sion of sins, and ye shall receive the infirmity separates. Never may I envy gift of the Holy Ghost;' repenting of the gifts and the graces of my comall my sins, and being about to be bap- panions, but feel humble gratitude to tized in token of that repentance, may thee for every manifestation of thy I have the assurance that my sins are goodness to them or to myself. Make removed, and be sealed with the Holy me according to my ability to promote Spirit of promise to the end. My the happiness of the church of which I righteousness must ever continue like shall form a part, cheerfully sharing in every evangelical labour, contributing really converted, will feel the necessity to every work of benevolence, and unit- of making essentially this profession ing my prayers with the prayers of thy before God. Let us all be united in that, people, for a copious effusion of thy and if there are any here who have Spirit upon us all. Finally, may the been only attracted by a spectacle, and memory of this solemn baptism refresh only came out of curiosity, may they me during all my future course. If listen to what my dear friend has alever I am tempted to backslide, may ready said. It is too solemn a thing to these solemn vows occasion deep contri- trifle about, this salvation of the soul; tion, and recal me to fidelity; and when and if you see others that are in earnest I reflect that I have thus heartily con- about it, go to your homes this evening, secrated myself to thy service, may I and put up a prayer to God, that you feel disposed to renew this act of conse- may be earnest too. Whether you think cration with more entire devotedness, us right or wrong in this particular act, and with more triumphant faith. Now you know that it is right to care for the unto thee, who art able to keep me from soul; you know that it is right to serve falling, and so present me faultless be- God; you know that it is right to seek fore the presence of thy glory with eternity. Go and do that you know to exceeding joy; to thee, the only wise be right. Go and ask God for grace to God our Saviour, be glory and majesty, live for him; and then, whether after dominion and power, both now and ever. examination you come to the conviction Amen."

that it is your duty to be baptized, or Now, my beloved brethren, all inay not, we may meet in glory, owned as not see it to be their duty to make this the disciples of Jesus Christ, and may profession, or enter into this covenant hold familiar fellowship and brotherhood of God by baptism; but I am sure every with one another while we are fellow person taught of God, living for eternity, soldiers and fellow pilgrims on the earth.



BY MR. JOIN FREEMAN. In the ancient Jewish feasts of pass-, lord of clean beasts, at the annual sérover, pentecost, and tabernacles, we vice on the first of Tisri, we behold behold the time of future events most Immanuel with the constituent parts of minutely predicted, as shown by the his nature in intimate union before he writer in the Baptist Magazine for became Christ in paradise and Christ April, June, and October, 1848. In in the tomb; while in two bullocks at connexion, however, with the gospel the monthly service on the first of Tisri, dispensation, we find nothing to warrant and at every other monthly service, we the conclusion that the ancient Jewish behold Jesus, after death had rent the festivals on the first day of every month corporeal part of his nature from what prefigured events happening at twelve was spiritual and divine, and had thus or thirteen beginnings of months. In proclaimed him two, not only to the those festivals, indeed, time was pre-existing generation of mankind, but to dicted; but the variations of that time all subsequent generations. were only two. For, in one bullock, or As the feast of passover, like the

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