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and to afford the best prospect of yielding a rich and speedy harvest of immortal souls to reward their loils. The claims of Dacca, however, are very urgent, and brother Robinson will be greatly distressed at brother Sale not joining him.

“I baptized two converted Jews at Bow Bazar last sabbath day.”


We have great pleasure in adding the further information conveyed to us in a letter from our benevolent friend William Jones, Esq., the owner of the “William Carey,” together with the expression of his hope and trust that we will send out more than two missionaries of the same stamp as Mr. and Mrs. Sale by the “William Carey" on her next voyage. We have one well fitted and prepared to go, but where are the funds for his support ? May He whose are the silver and the gold, influence some who acknowledge themselves His stewards, to provide them, so that the generous wish of our excellent friend may be fulfilled, and stations now destitute be supplied.

“ The William Carey arrived out at Calcutta on the 18th of May, after a fine and prosperous passage of 105 days. The chief mate died on the passage. Captain Emment says he was confined five weeks, and that “Mrs. Sale was very kind to him, and paid him every attention that lay in her power.” He further says, “Mr. and Mrs. Sale are very well, and stand the climate better than they expected. They were very agreeable on the passage. Mr. Sale performed divine service on the poop whenever the weather was favourable.” This is satisfactory. And now I beg to observe, that if all is right, the “William Carey ” will sail again for Calcutta about the same time (if not a little sooner) next year as she did this year; and I hope and trust you will be able to send more than two missionaries next time of the same stamp as Mr. and Mrs. Sale."

MONGHIR. A letter has been received from Mr. Parsons, comprising his journal from December 1, 1848, to February 23rd, 1849, containing a detail of many hopeful appearances, but at the same time announcing the death of a fellow labourer, where it is to be lamented that while the harvest is plenteous the labourers are few. We have pleasure in inserting the following extracts. Hope indulged.

used to maintain the excellency of that sect,

and object to certain points which seemed to Our dear native brethren, Nainsukh and oppose its tenets. At the last interview NainSoodeen, were this year present at the great sukh had with him, previously to what I am mela at Hajeepore, where the word has been going to relate, he even invited our brother to annually made known to many hundreds for take some refreshment, which he assented to, so many years. On the way thither they but before it was ready the poor man, in the witnessed a scene of much interest at the vil-course of conversation, stumbled on “ that lage of Bar. A Hindoo there (the son of a stumbling-stone,” and said something disreSoobadar who died in Monghir, and used, spectful of the Saviour, which induced Nainduring his life time, frequently to hear the sukh to decline partaking of his refreshment, gospel with interest) was accustomed when saying it was not right for him to eat and ever any preachers of the gospel passed drink where the Redeemer's name was reviled, through, or preached in the village, to invite and, after some further conversation, he took them to sit in his shop, and show them polite his leave. On their way to the mela our attentions. He used, in the general, to ap- brethren, on their arrival at Bar, proceeded prove of the Christian doctrine, but being a immediately to his shop, but were informed disciple of a Gooroo, named Durreea-das, he that he was dangerously ill, not expected to

recover. However, they requested their brother Hurtur in a tour on the hills, and left names to be announced to him, upon which Bhagulpore with him on the 8th, and after an he readily invited them in, and though ex-interesting season of labour returned with him tremely weak, scarcely able to articulate, he again to his newly built house in Bhagulpore made signs to Nainsukh to sit by him on his on the 9th of the present month, at which cot, and for a seat to be set for Soodeen. time, chiefly, as I supposed, through fatigue, Nainsukh then said a few sentences to him, he was feverish and unwell. I returned not very much, for he knew he was well thence to Monghir on Monday, the 12th inst, acquainted with the gospel. He heard atten- on Saturday last received intelligence that be tively, fixing his eyes on Nainsukh, but had since become dangerously ill, and yesterseemed unable to speak. After a while, day evening received letters from which we however, he stretched out his weak arms, and learn that on the very day of our receiving taking the Testament out of Nainsukh's the above intelligence, our dear brother ex. hands, placed it on his head. This was a changed a world of toil and sorrow for the significant action, which is well understood blissful presence of his glorious Redeemer. here, for in the idiom of the Hindee, to ac- He has been permitted by a wise and gracious, knowledge any one's authority is expressed by but to us, for the present, inscrutable Proviwords signifying, literally, to lift up his words dence, to fall a victim to the deadly malaria on one's head. Shortly after this the dying of the hills, of which dear brothers Leslie man became much distressed, and wept so and Nainsukh felt so long the pernicious effects. much, that Nainsukh began even fear the Thus a zealous, and self-denying labourer consequences to him, in his weak state, of so has been removed from a sphere in which it much excitement. When his mother came appears very unlikely he will have a successor to him in his distress, to console him, he de- who can devote the amount of time and attenclined her consolations, repeatedly pushing tion which he did to the poor benighted hill her away, and making signs to her to leave tribes. A native brother, who was with us as the room. Nainsukh, however, continued by cook, was attacked before brother Hurtur his side, doing and saying what he could to with fever and spleen ; indeed his sickness calm him, and when he became tranquil, induced us to return home earlier than we said, “ If you heartily believe in Christ, then otherwise should have done, but I rejoice to let me offer prayer with you in his name.” say that, so far as my latest information goes, He, by signs, expressed his consent, and he is better than he was. But, oh, dear during the prayer continued in a devout pos- brother, what should be my gratitude! My ture of supplication, after which he took beloved brother has been struck by my very Nainsukh's hand with tears, and said, “ Do side with the arrow of death in the high not consider me separate from yourselves" places of the field, and yet unworthy I, who the only words he had strength to utter during breathed the same tainted air, have been the interview. Our brethren then soon left spared to return to my beloved family, and him, comforted and encouraged by the hope circle, and work, not only not sick and enthat the many attempts which have been feebled, but even feeling specially well. 0 made, from time to time, to enlighten and may my life, while spared, be more entirely convince this poor idolater, may not have than ever consecrated to the service and glory been in vain, but he may have been accepted of my heavenly Father, and when summoned as a sincere though weak believer in the to his presence, may I be found as well preblessed Redeemer. And we cannot but en- pared as I believe my deceased dear brother tertain the further hope, that there may be io have been ! many, here and there, who will be manifested On the day that, supported by the kind at the last day as the fruits of missionary providence of our gracious Father, I arrived labour, though, like the seven thousand in at home, dear brother Lawrence had started Israel who never bowed to Baal, the influence for Serampore in a boat, accompanied by his of the predominant wickedness around may son John, and also Isaac Beddy, both of whom have deterred them from openly avowing he is about to take to the college for educatheir convictions, or uniting themselves with tion; and may our gracious Lord so bless the the disciples of Jesus. On their return from instructions they may there receive, that not the mela',our brethren were informed that the only by the acquisition of secular, but more poor man had been dead ten days.

especially by the reception of spiritual know

ledge, they may be fitted for useful stations Death of an assistant missionary. in after life. No care, perhaps, presses more

heavily on the minds of missionaries in the Feb. 20, 1849. I now sit down to the con- peculiar circumstances of this land, than that tinuation of my letter, under circumstances of the education of their children, and those which are, on the one hand, peculiarly solemn Christian friends at home who feel a lively and affecting, and, on the other, a reason for and prayerful interest in missions, amidst the the most fervent gratitude and thanksgiving many topics of prayer which suggest themon my part. On the 5th of last month I selves at the throne of grace, cannot lay the started from Monghir to accompany our dear missionaries who have families under greater obligations than by pleading for a blessing on the first hill village on the 19th January, their offspring.

having been delayed a day to dry our tent, Missionary tour.

which had been washed down the previous

night during a heavy thunder storm, comYou will, I apprehend, look for some pelling us to take refuge at midnight in a account of the tour from which I have now house built for the goddess Kalee. It was returned. When my late dear brother and indeed providential that such a shelter was myself, having with us a native brother as rear, for the soil was of such a nature that cook, and two hill people, one who serves me when moistened by the rain, it afforded no as bearer, and one a young man from the hold to our small tent-pins, and it was also government school at Bhagulpore, started, it agreeable to us to find in the morning that was our intention to go direct to the hills, but the villagers, who are Bengalee blacksmiths when we arrived on the second evening at a that have formed a little colony here, and are village about twenty-six miles from Bhagul- engaged in smelting the iron ore they find in pore, we heard that a mela would be held the neighbouring hills, so far from being two days afterwards at the village of Bounsee, offended by our intrusion on their goddess's about fifteen miles distant. To that, there- abode, rather regretted we had taken the fore, we decided to go, and thence to proceed trouble to put up our tent at all. Our reception on our way to the hills. We reached it on was, on the whole, very friendly. We were, January 11th, and over Lord's day the at first, in villages where resided relatives of 14th, during which time we had many grati- the young man who had accompanied us from fying opportunities of declaring the word of the government school, and this circumstance life under interesting circumstances, and had led to our being accommodated with a house for the most part attentive hearers, though to put up in during our stay in the village. our discourses were frequently intermingled We preached the gospel in twenty-five with discussions with the brahmans, who villages, but to small numbers generally; compose a large proportion of the attendants being in some places grieved by their levity at the mela. It was specially interesting to and indifference, in others gratified by their declare the glorious gospel in such a locality, attention, but in most treated with respect. and we carried the glad news into the very In one of our halting places the two head courts of Parasnaut's temple, which probably men of the village-Manjies as they are never echoed to the name of Christ before. called-proffered their services for some days

On the last day of our stay at Bounsee we in succession to conduct us to the neighbourwere favoured to see what occasioned us to ing villages, in all of which they called the rejoice, though, as in all such cases, with people together to listen, and seemed themtrembling.

selves never tired of hearing the word. Oh, Secret inquirers.

that they may retain it in their memories, and

receive it by faith to their hearts ! A pundit, who had repeatedly argued with

Cordiality of reception. us, but bad subsequently heard our discourse very quietly, came warily to our tent, careful Towards the close of our tour we came to that no one should notice him, and, sitting several villages which dear brother Hurtur down, gave us a long explanation of his dis- had visited four years before, in company belief of Hindoo worship and shastras, and, as with Soodeen, and to us it was pleasing to see a proof, showed us that, though professedly a the cordiality with which in two of the villages follower of Vishnu, he had not the customary the head men received the messenger of frontal mark, for that he had no heart to Christ, though to you it would have been attend daily to ceremonies which he knew to amusing also to have seen one of them, who be worthless. He said he had an earnest stepped out of his house with only enough of desire to become well acquainted with Chris- clothes on to prevent his being entirely naked, tian doctrine, and proposed to accompany us run up to us, take brother Hurtur's hand, to the hills. As this was, however, imprac- kiss it, and place it on bis forehead, and then ticable, brother Hurtur gave him a note to the embrace us, pressing breast to breast, first on address of Mrs. Hurtur, that he might thus one side, then on the other. be introduced to good brother Bundhoo. It February 23rd. Whilst I was absent on my was a sad disappointment to us, on our return, hill-tour, our native brethren visited many of to find that he had not availed himself of the the villages around Monghir, being absent opportunity, but I still think that, whatever during the week days, and one or both coming may have deterred him from so doing, his in to assist dear brother Lawrence in the mind is actually and sincerely convinced of Lord's day services. They were highly gratithe falseness and futility of Hindooism. May fied, and even astonished, at the reception he yet be conducted to the true Saviour ! they met, it being quite unusual for them to Shelter in a heathen temple.

find the villagers around Monghir so attentive

to the word as to come out to the bretbren's From Bounsee we proceeded direct to the tent, so that conversation and preaching should hills, by a cross-country road, and reached be continued nearly the whole day at the tent. We have been the whole morning at a | We had congregations to hear the word from mela on the opposite side of the river, con about seven o'clock this morning until one vened on account of an eclipse of the sun. I P.M., when, as the eclipse terminated early in was surprised to find so many people, and the morning, the great majority of the assem. from such great distances, assembled together.' bly had set off to return to their villages.

A letter has been received from Mr. LAWRENCE, dated the 29th of May, from which we have pleasure in extracting his account of the state of the college at Serampore, and the educational advantages afforded to youth at that place by Mr. Denham. Our friends will find also an interesting account of the baptism of three Europeans of whose piety he had for some months entertained hopes. Serampore College.

been much more than a year under serious From Mr. and Mrs. Denham, under whose impressions, and had applied for baptism, but care I have placed my son for a short time, was kept back on account of her youth and as well as from Mr. and Mrs. Marshman, I inexperience. She is one of the tender lambs received much kindness. Mr. Denham ap- of Christ's flock. The third is the sister of pears to be particularly well adapted for the the dear Christian brother who came from care and instruction of youth. It was very Benares. She appears to have received benefit gratifying to witness the success which had from the ministry of the word since she has already attended his laudable efforts. Not been in this station, for which we desire to only was the college put into admirable order praise the Lord. Her views of baptism having by the liberality of Mr. Marshman, but a undergone an entire change as well as her large and prosperous school was in daily heart, she made known her wishes to be bapattendance at the college, under the superin. tized by immersion. The ordinance of baptendence of Mr. Denham, who also had tism was accordingly administered to these gathered about him a class of intelligent and three believers on the 30th May, in the prepromising young men, some of whom may sence of a goodly number of the Christian become efficient missionaries. Mr. Marshman inhabitants of the station, as well as a large and Mr. Denham have exerted themselves crowd of natives, all of whom appeared to nobly, and I hope they will meet with the be deeply interested in the service. It was encouragement they deserve from the friends a season to be remembered with thankfulness. of education in general. Mr. Denham's duties We felt encouraged to hope that the Lord are now very numerous and arduous, and would cause his word more abundantly to under the debilitating climate of India, his prosper amongst us. health and strength will be severely tried. There is also something cheering in our May he long be preserved, and meet with native Christian community. As many as much encouragement in his important sphere seven or eight have appeared under some of labour,

concern about their eternal interests, among

whom there are three or four encouraging Baptism of three converts.

We dare not be sanguine, but there On my return home I was delighted to find does appear to be a little refreshing shower of three Europeans waiting to come forward and grace descending upon us, after a long season make known what the Lord had done for of drought. Oh, that we may all be revived, their souls. We had entertained hopes and stirred up to greater diligence in serving respecting them for some months; and at the Lord ! length the work of grace in their hearts appeared I am thankful to say that our dear friends so evident and satisfactory, that they were Mr. and Mrs. Parsuns, as well as my own unanimously and joyfully received by the family, continue to be favoured with the church. One of them is the wife of a dear ordinary measure of health. The weather brother, a member of the church. She had has been unusually warm and oppressive; but long sat under the sound of the gospel with cholera and other epidemic diseases, which out experiencing any saving benefit; but it usually prevail at this season, have hitherto pleased the Lord somewhat more than a year been mercifully restrained. Peace has also ago to awaken her mind to a serious concern been restored to the land, which is a great about the one thing needful, and after much mercy. May the gospel of peace speedily hesitation she was enabled to decide on fol- find its way, and prevail in that unhappy lowing the Lord. One of the three is the country, where the implements of war have daughter of another dear brother. She had recently made such fearful havoc !


BENARES. A letter which has been received from Mr. Heinig, dated the 25th of May, contains an account of his own labours, and also of the state of the schools at Benares, which appears to be highly satisfactory.

My labours are, as usual, confined for the ments, viz., the English, the Persian, and the most part to preaching to the natives, in Hindi. In the English department the first which I find great delight, and in catechising class boys read the New Testament, catethe children in our school at the Sadar Bazar. chism, geography, grammar, and learn arithOn the Lord's days in the morning we preach metic and writing; and the other classes study alternately to our native Christian congrega- the Reader No. III., catechism, and gramtion, when, generally, most of the children mar, and the younger boys learn spelling, and and teachers of our bazar schools attend. To others again their a, b, c. In the Persian our Christian congregation are from time to department the boys likewise read the New time added those that make a profession of Testament, geography, and catechism, besides faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and of whom their own books, which are the Gulistán we have hope that they will remain steadfast Bostán, and others which contain the first in the faith. In the evenings of the sabbaths principles of the Persian language ; and in Mr. Small preaches in English in our nice the Hindi department are also taught the commodious school room at the Sadar Bazar, gospel, catechism, geography, arithmetic, and the congregation at which is very encouraging. writing. We have had lately an examination, The school house has recently been built, in which the scholars acquitted themselves which cost about 550 rupees. There is still very well. There are other schools besides a debt of £20 remaining. If a few friends that of which I have been speaking, which could collect this sum for us we should feel are also in a flourishing condition. I believe very thankful for it. The average number of Mr. Small has already given you a minute boys that attend the school is 200, and they account of them; the repetition of it I think are making good progress in their various quite unnecessary, because I suppose you studies. They are divided into three depart- I have seen our Report of last year.

DELHI. The following extract from the journal of Mr. THOMPSON's missionary tour to Hurdwar fair in April last is interesting, as showing a prevailing conviction that idolatry is a daring affront to God, vain and foolish, and also the baneful influence of that portion of the education in the country from which Christianity is excluded. Convictions of the Heathen.

native Christians was adverted to with respect, Hurdwar, 31st March, 1849. Again per- if not admiration, and the inconsistency of one mitted to leave home for Hurdwar, 1 passed individual, known to the parties, who had the following day, the sabbath, at Murádna- declined froin the faith and purity of the gur, usefully engaged through the greater gospel, was mentioned in terms of reprobation, part of the day with three parties of Muham- as an unwise act. A pandit, who had come madans and Hindus (chiefly of the latter), for books, seeing the fixed attention of the about fifty in number, reading the gospels people to the hearing of unpalatable truths, and tracts to thein, calling their attention to and their eagerness for our books, stood for a particular points, and pressing upon them long time as if struck with what he saw, and belief, in the expectation that the Lord Jesus, would neither advance to take a tract, though the Saviour of the world, will, in the brief twice offered him, nor speak, or sit; but at the period of their lives, or at death, call them to end, when people were going away, he acaccount for refusing to believe in and accept cepted of what was offered him. of him as their Saviour. Nearly all who heard At this place there is a number of brahmans seemed to be impressed with a conviction who do not officiate as priests, but have secular that Christ alone is the Saviour, and that modes of subsistence, and are zamindars, idolatry is a daring affront to God, as it is vain sellers of betel-leaf, grain, baniyás by trade, and foolish. All who could read, eagerly chaukidárs and policeman ; thus serving to asked for the precise gospel or tract read, the obliterate the distinguishing exclusiveness of particular points in which had interested the class, and merging down into the common them. In the evening we had singing and mass of the people. No civil enactment or prayer. My hearers of this day were the government interference with their long estamost untiring I have met with in all my visits blished customs, has done this, but the necesto, and ministrations at this place, and I con- sity of finding subsistence, when the faith or fess I left them with regret. Here also, for devotion of the people had declined, has led the first time, the profession of our faith by the once privileged order to devise the above

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