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Bankers, Messrs. Barnett, Hoare, and Co., 62, Lombard Street. Collector, Mr. C. T. HOWSHALL, 34, Margaret Street, Hackney Road.

Missionaries employed
Visits during the year
Copies of scriptures distributed
Tracts distributed

Office, 20, Red Lion Square.

214 952,802

2,611 1,151,817

British and Foreign Anti-Slabery Society.

Formed 1839. OBJECTS :—“The universal extinction of slavery and the slave-trade, and the protection of the rights and interests of the enfranchised population in the British possessions, and of all persons captured as slaves,” INCOME, year ending May 1, 1848


1306 94 BALANCE due to the Treasurer

229 0 11 Treasurer, GEORGE WILLIAM ALEXANDER, Lombard Street. Secretary, John SCOBLE.

Collector, Thomas BOULTON.
Office, 27, New Broad Street, London.

British Anti-State Church Association.

Formed 1844.
OBJECT :-" The liberation of religion from all state interference."
INCOME, year ending May 1, 1848

£1,485 10 10 EXPENDITURE

1,431 0 2 BALANCE in hand


115 11
Treasurer, Dr. THOMAS PRICE.
Office, 4, Crescent, Bridge Street, Blackfriars.

Ragged School Union.

Formed 1844. OBJECTS :-" To encourage and assist those who teach in Ragged Schools ; to help such by small grants of money, where advisable ; to collect and diffuse information respecting schools now in existence, and promote the formation of new ones ; to suggest plans for the more efficient management of such schools, and for the instruction of the children of the poor in general ; to visit the various schools occasionally, and observe their progress; to encourage teachers' meetings and bible classes ; and to assist the old, as well as the young, in the study of the word of God." INCOME, from June, 1847, to May 1, 1848


729 13 3 BALANCE in hand

132 0 10 Treasurer, R. C. L. BEVAN, Esq., Lombard Street. Bankers, Messrs. BARCLAY, Bevan, TRITTOx, and Co., Lombard Street.

Honorary Secretary, Mr. W. LOCKE, 127, Regent Street. Assistant Secretary, Mr. J. G. GENT, 64, Union Street, Clarendon Square.

5 K


Aged Ministers' Society.

Formed 1818. OBJECT :-“The relief of aged and infirm protestant dissenting ministers of the presbyterian, independent, and baptist denominations, in England and Wales, accepted and approved in their respective denominations; who, having been settled pastors of congregations, have resigned their office in consequence of incapacity by age or other infirmities.” INCOME


580 80 CAPITAL, stock yielding about £447 per annom.

Cases relieved last year, 53.
Treasurer, Thomas PIPER, Esq., Denmark Hill, Camberwell.
Trustees, JAMES ESDAILE, Esq., Thomas PIPER, Esq., Henry WEYMOUTH, Esq.

Secretary, Rev. G. ROGERS, 70, Albany Road, Old Kent Road.


Tai idows' fund.

Formed 1733. OBJECT :-“The relief of the necessitous widows and children of protestant dissenting ministers." Income, year ending April 1, 1849

£2,731 15 9 EXPENDITURE

2,634 1 4 BALANCE in hand

869 13 9 FUNDED PROPERTY producing an annual income of £2,300.

Treasurer, STEPHEN OLDING, Esq., Clement's Lane.
Secretary, Mr. H. K. SMITHERS, 3, Brabant Court, Philpot Lane.

Collector, Mr. I. HAILES, 27, Francis Street, Walworth.
From whom Forms of Petitions and every other information relative to this charity may be had.

Exhibitions during the year to 108 Widows in England at £11 each.

51 Widows in England at £12 each.

43 Widows in Wales at £8 each. Exhibitions

26 Widows in Wales at £9 each. Occasional donations to 17 widows amounting to £95. Of the 163 English Widows, 83 were of the baptist, 60 of the independent, and 9 of the

presbyterian denominations. The denominations of the Welsh widows are not specified.

Protestant Union.

Founded 1799. OBJECT :-“The benefit of the widows and children of protestant ministers of all denominations who subscribe in conformity with its rules.” INCOME, year ending April 30, 1848

£2,505 17 10 EXPENDITURE

1,078 8 10 STOCK purchased during the year

1,071 2 6 BALANCE in hand

356 6 6 CAPITAL, Stock yielding per annum

757 15 9 Annuitants

26 Number of members

16 Treasurer, W. ALERS HANKEY, Esq., Fenchurch Street.

Secretary, Rev. Join Hunt, Briston Rise, Surrey.

Orphan Working School.

Founded 1760. OBJECT :-"To provide food, clothes, lodging, and education for orphans and such other necessitous children as shall be elected by the subscribers."

Number of children in the institution, 146. INCOME for the year ending Dec. 31, 1848


6,968 0 8 BALANCE in hand

20 2 Strock and estates yielding annually about

2,000 0 President, John REMINGTON MILLS, Esq.

Treasurer, Thomas MERRIMAN Coombs, Esq.
Secretary, Mr. JOSEPH Soul, 9, Boxworth Grove, Richmond Grove, Islington.
Collector, Mr. J. HARRISON, 21, Doris Street, Kennington Cross.

Matron, Mrs. BAIRD.
Principal Master, Mr. W. F. TARLTON.
Principal Mistress, Miss SALIER.

Office, 19, Gresham Street,

New Asylum for Enfant Orphans.


Founded 1844. OBJECT :-"To board, clothe, nurse, and educate the infant orphan under eight years of age; and until he shall be eligible to enjoy the aid of those institutions which provide for the fatherless above that age." " It being the design of this charity to receive and bless the fatherless infant, without distinction of sex, place, or religious connexion, it shall be a rule absolute, beyond the control of any future general meeting, or any act of incorporation, that, while the education of the infant family shall be strictly religious and scriptural, no denominational catechism whatever shall be introduced, and that no particular forms whatever shall be imposed on any child, contrary to the religious convictions of the surviving parent or guardian of such child." INCOME, year ending May 31, 1849

£1,691 17 6 EXPENDITURE

1,666 11 11 BALANCE in hand

148 18 1 Stock, 34 per cent, stock

1,30000 Number of orphans

Treasurer, Baron L. DE ROTHSCHILD, M.P.

Sub-Treasurer, ANDREW REED, D.D.
Honorary Secretaries, David D. WIRE, Esq., Rev. T. AVELING.

JOSEPH Tritton, Esq.

John Wilks, Esq.

Bankers, Messrs. BARCLAY, BEVAN, TRITTON, and Co.
Sub-Secretary and Collector, WILLIAM STRUDWICKE.

Office, 32, Poultry, London,

London Society Protestant Schools.

Instituted 1782.
OBJECT :-“Educating and annually clothing one hundred poor children.”
INCOME, year ending Dec. 31, 1849


218 4 11 BALANCE in hand

106 9 10 DIVIDENDS and Rent annually

104 92

To which is united,
The Female Orphan Institution.

Founded 1830.
OBJECT :-“ Maintaining and educating the daughters of gospel ministers."
INCOME, year ending Dec. 31, 1848


191 7 0 Balance in hand

52 18 DIVIDENDS annually

154 12 6 Number of female orphans, 9.

Treasurer, Thomas CHALLIS, Esq., Alderman.
Secretary, EBENEZER Taylor, Esq., 23, Bartlett's Buildings, Holborn.

Apprenticeship Society.

Formed 1829. OBJECT :-" That this society shall be designated the Society for Assisting to Apprentice the Children of Dissenting Ministers of Evangelical Sentiments.'” INCOME, year ending Dec. 31, 1848

£190 13 10 EXPENDITURE

175 7 1 BALANCE in band

39 10 8 Treasurer, T. CHALLIS, Esq., Alderman. Secretaries, C. J. Metcalfe, Esq., Roxton House, St. Neots, Huntingdonshire.

Rev. J. Spong, Mortimer House, Mortimer Road, Kingsland.

In the year, 8 premiums have been granted, amounting to £130.
A Donation of Ten Guineas, or Annual Subscription of One Guinea, gives 16 votes.
A Donation of Five Guineas, or Annual Subscription of Half a Guinea, gives 8 votes.
An Annual Subscription of Five Shillings gives 4 votes.

The Elections are half-yearly.

Amalthamstow GirlsSchool.

Established 1808. OBJECT :-“The education of the daughters of missionaries." u That there be provided a comfortable residence, education, board, washing, ordinary medicines, and books; and that the total charge to the parents or guardians shall not exceed £12 per annum for each child under ten years old, and £15 for all above that age ; if clothing be included, £5 per annum extra. The education to be liberal and respectable ; attention to domestic affairs to be taught at a suitable age. The whole to be conducted with a strict regard to utility, habits of economy, and comfort." INCOME, year ending April, 1847

£1489 5 10 EXPENDITURE

1517 18 11 Balance due to the Treasurer'

99 19 1 Treasurer, JOSEPI TRUEMAN, jun., Esq. Secretaries, Mrs. E. Carey; Mrs. FOULGER, Walthamstow.

Collector, Mr. IIine, 22, Montpellier Square, Brompton.

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London Missionary Society. INCOME, 1848-49, including £12,129 18s. Id. from the stations

£64,508 3 8 EXPENDITURE

67,238 129 BALANCE in hand

314 10 11 Srock possessed for general and special purposes, about .

24,20970 Treasurer, Sir CULLING EardleY EARDLEY, Bart. Secretaries, Rev. Árthur TIDMAN; Rev. JOSEPH JOHN FREEMAN.

Mission House, Blomfield Street, Finsbury. European missionaries

. 171 Native agents


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Wesleyan Missionary Society. BALANCE against the Society from the year 1847

£5,993 6 5 Income, for the year ending Dec. 31, 1848

104,126 19 7 EXPENDITURE

111,492 93 BALANCE due to the treasurers

13,358 16 1 The Treasurers are also under acceptances amounting to

9,843 11 6 Treasurers, Thomas Farmer, Esq., and the Rev. Joan Scott. Secretaries, Rev. Dr. BUNTING, Rev. Dr. BEECHAM, Rev. Dr. ALDER, and

Wesleyan Mission House, Bishopsgate Street Within.
Central or principal stations called circuits

290 Chapels and other preaching places

2,302 Missionaries and assistant missionaries

393 Catechists, interpreters, day school teachers, &c.

743 Full and accredited church members

100,231 Scholars


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Church Missionary Society.
INCOME for the year ending March 31, 1849.
BALANCE, in Stock, at the bankers', and in the office

£94,533 7 4

96,85) 8 4 110,276 12 11

President, the Right Hon. the Earl of CHICHESTER.

Treasurer, John THORNTON, Esq.
Secretaries, Rev. Henry Venn, B.D., Rev. Joan TUCKER, B.D., and

Acting Secretary, Rev. Joseph RIDGEWAY, M.A.

Mission House, Salisbury Square.

104 European English clergy

118 European Lutheran clergy

7 East-Indian and country-born ordained missionaries

7 European laymen


12 European Female Teachers East Indian and country-born clergymen East-Indian and country-born laymen

21 Native clergy

u Native lay-teachers

1,140 Cominunicants


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