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MARZIALS, Frank Thomas; Accountant. sina,' 'Ikoniya, the Mother of the Vezier,' | MOSCA, Gaetano; Professor of Constitutional
General of the Army since 1898; entered War etc., 'Constantine the last Emperor of the Law, Turin, Italy.

(G. Mo.)
Office during Criinean war; author of 'Lives of Greeks, : ' Ancestors of the House of Orange.'
Dickens and Victor Hugo,' collaborating also

(C. MI.) MOSCHINI, V.; Mayor of Padua. (V. Mo.) in the 'Life of Thackeray,' 'Life of Gambetta,' etc.

(F. T. M.)

MILL, Hugh Robert, D.Sc. (Edin.), LL.D.(St MOTT, Frederick Walker, M.D., B.S.
Andrews), F.R.S.G.S., F.R.G.S., F.R.Met.Soc.;

Lond., F.R.C.P., F.R.S.; Physician to Out-
MASRELYNE, J. Nevil; of the Egyptian Director of British Rainfall Organization, and

Patients, Charing Cross Hospital; Patho. Hall, London ; author of 'Sharps and editor of 'Symons' Meteorological Magazine'

logist to the London County Asylums ; Flats. (J. N. M.) since 1901 ; Hon. Corresponding Member of the

Croonian Lecturer, Royal College of Physicians,

MASON, Otis Tufton, A.M., Ph.D.; Curator
Geographical Societies of Paris, Berlin, Amster-

(F. W. Mo.) Ethnology, U.S. Nat. Museum, Washington ;

dam, Budapest, Brisbane, and Philadelphia ; | MUIR,, John, A.M., LL.D.; U.S. Explorer author of The Hupa Indians,' . 'Woman's

Recorder of Section E, British Association, and Naturalist; discoverer of the Muir glacier, Share in Primitive Culture, Cradles of the

1893-99; President, Section E, 1901; Britislı Alaska; author of The Mountains of Cali. North Ainerican Indians,' The Antiquities of

Delegate to International Conference on the fornia' and of numerous articles on the natural Guadeloupe,' etc.

(O. T. M.)

Exploration of the Sea, at Christiania, 1901 ; history of the Pacific Coast, Alaska, etc.;

author of 'Rainband,' 'Rain-gauge,' Thermo- Editor ' Picturesque California. (J. Mo*.) MATHEWS, George Ballard,

meter,' Whirlpool,' in Ninth Edition of Ency. F.R.S.; laté Professor of Mathematics, Uni. Brit., Realm of Nature, The Clyde Sea MUIR,, Robert, M.A., M.D., C.M.; Professor versity Coll. of Wales; formerly Fellow of St Area,' 'The English Lakes,' 'Hints on the

of Pathology, University of Glasgow; Examiner John's Coll., Cambridge ; author of ' A Treatise Choice of Geographical Books,' 'New Lands,'

in Pathology, Oxford ; senior assistant to the Bessel Functions' (part), “Theory of "The International Geography, etc. (H. R. M.)

Prof. of Pathology, Edinburgh, and Pathologist Numbers,' etc. (G. B. M.)

to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, 1892 ; Lecturer MILLINGEN, Alexander Van,. M.A.; on Pathological Bacteriology, Edinburgh, 1894 ; MATTHEWS, Brander, LL.B.,, D.C.L., Robert College, Constantinople; author of Professor of Pathology, St Andrews, 1898-99 ;

A.M.; Professor of English, Columbia Uni. * Byzantine Constantinople,' etc. (A. VAN M.) author of 'Manual of Bacteriology' (with Dr versity ; author of 'French Dramatists of the

J. Ritchie), 'Scientific Papers,' etc. (R. Mo*.) Nineteenth Century,''Introduction to the Study MILMAN, Sir Archibald John Scott, of American Literature,' . Aspects of Fiction and

K.C.B., thé late; Clerk of the House of Com- MUNRO, Wilfred H.; A.M., Professor Other Ventures in Criticism, etc. (B. M.)

mons 1900, retired 1902; entered service of of European History, Brown University, House of Commons in 1857 ; promoted


(W. H. Mu.) MATTHEWS, George Edward,, A.B.; editor of The Buffalo Express,' Buffalo,

Second Clerk Assistant, 1870; Clerk Assist

MURPHY, Shirley Forster, M.D., ant, 1886-1900.

(A. J. S. M.)
(G. E. M)

M.R.C.S.; Medical Officer of Health, Adminis
MILNE, John, F.R.S., F.G.S.; twenty years trative County of London; Corresp. Mem. Soc.
MAURICE, Maj.-Gen. Sir John Fred.

employed by Japanese Govt. as geologist and Sweden, and of Roy. Soc. Hygiene, Italy ; erick, K.C.B.; commanded Woolwich District,

mining engineer; established the Seismic Sur. author of Infectious Disease and its Preven.' 1895-1901; Ashanti Campaign, 1873-74; South vey of Japan; designer of seismographs and tion,' editor of Our Homes and How to make Africa, 1879; Zulu Campaign, 1880 ; Egyptian instruments to record vibrations on railways, them Healthy,' etc.

(S. F. M.) Expedition, 1982; Intelligence Dept. War Office; etc.; author of Earthquakes,' 'Seismology, Sudan, 1894; A.Q.M.G.; Nile, 1885; Professor


(J. M.)

MURRAY, Sir George Herbert, K.C.B. ; of Military History, Staff College, Aldershot,

Secretary to the Post Office since 1899; entered 1892-93; commanding R.A., Colchester, 1893- | MILTON, James Tayler, M.I.C.E.; Chief Foreign Ofice, 1873 ; transferred to Treasury, 95; Maj. Gen., Dec. 1895; author of War,'

Engineer Surveyor, Lloyd's Register of Ship- 1880; private secretary to Mr Gladstone in Ninth Edition of Ency. Brit.,' 'Life of

ping; Member of Inst. of Naval Architects and Earl of Rosebery when Prime Minister; Frederick Denison Maurice,' Hostilities without

and of the Iron and Steel Inst., etc. (J. T. Mi.) Chairman Board of Inland Revenue, 1897Declaration of War,' Balance of Military MINCHIN, E. A., M.A., T.Z.S.; Jodrell


(G. H. M.) Power in Europe,' War,' National De

Professor of Zoology and Comparative Ana- MUTHER, Dr Richard, Professor of Art fences.'

(J. F. M*.)

tomy, Univ. Coll., London; late Fellow of History, University of Breslau; author of The MAUS, Octave; editor of 'L'Art Moderne,' Merton Coll., Oxford ; late Lecturer Comp. History of Modern Painting,' 'The Oldest Brussels.

(O. M*.) Anatomy, Oxford ; late Lecturer in Biology, German Picture Bibles,' 'Gothic and Early

Guy's Hospital ; author of Sponges, Renaissance Illustrations of German Books,' MAXWELL, William H., A.M.I.C.E.; etc.

(E. A M.) 'A Century of French Painting,' etc. (R. MR.) Borough and Waterworks Engineer, Tunbridge Wells Corporation; author of "The Removal MITCHELL, Hugh; of Gibraltar; Barrister: MYRES, J. L.; Student and tutor of Christ and Disposal of Town Refuse,' 'Destructors at-Law, Inner Temple.

(E. M*.) Church, Oxford'; author of 'A Catalogue of and Steam Production,' etc. (W. EL MA.) MITCHELL, Peter Chalmers, D.Sc.,

the Cyprus Museum.'

(J. L. M.) MAYO-SMITH, Richmond, Ph.D., the

M.A., F.Z.S. ; Lecturer on Biology at the Lon. late; Professor of Political Economy, Columbia

don Hospital Medical College ; University
University, New York; au of Emigration

Demonstrator in Comparative Anatomy, and
and Immigration,' 'Sociology and Statistics,'
assistant to Linacre Professor at Oxford, 1888-


(R. M.-S.) 91; Lecturer on Biology at Charing Cross MEAD, Hon. Elwood: in charge of Irriga.

Hospital, 1892-94; at London Hospital...1894: NAIRNE Rev. Alexander, M.4Pro

examiner in Biology ; fessor of Hebrew and Old Testainent Exegesis tion' Investigations, U.S. Department of

anthor of 'Outlines of Biology,' "The Biologi- in King's Coll., Lond. ; Fellow of Jesus Coll., Agriculture.

(E. M*.)

cal Problem of To-day' (translated), Thomas Cambridge, 1887-93 ; Vice-Principal of Clergy MEAKIN, Budgett, author of 'The

Henry Huxley,' etc.
(P. C. M.) Training School, 1887-89.

(A. N*) Moorish Empire,' etc.

(B. M*.) MONCKTON, Lionel; composer, and musical NANSEN, Fridtjof, D.Sc., LL.D., D.C.L., MEISSAS, Gaston; meinb. Société de

critic to the Daily Telegraph.' (L. M.) Ph.D.; went to Greenland Sea, 1882; curator Géographie; author of 'Marseilles,' and (part) | MONKHOUSE, William Cosmo, the

in Natural History Museum, Bergen; went of Paris,' in the Ninth Edition of the 'Ency. late Assistant Sécretary (Finance) Board of

across Greenland, 1888-89; curator Museum of Brit.,' 'Grands Voyageurs de notre siècle,' Trade; served on several Departmental Com

Comparative Anatomy, Christiania University; etc.

(G. ME.)
mittees and Comunittee on the Mercantile Marine

made his North Pole Expedition, in which he MERCATELLI, Luigi, late

reached the highest latitudo until then attained corte

Fund, 1894-96; author of The Christ upon spondent in Abyssinia of La Tribuna.' (L. ME.) the Hill,' 'A Question of Honour,'. The

(86 deg. 175 m.), 1893-96; Prof. of Zoology,

Across Earlier English Water-Colour Painters,' 'The

Christiania University; author of MERRIFIELD, Webster, LL.D.; Presi. Italian Pre-Raphaelites,' * British Contem- Greenland,' 'Eskimo Life,' 'Farthest North, dent and Professor of Political Economy, State porary Artists,' etc.

(C. Mo.)

The Norwegian North Polar Expedition, University of North Dakota. (W. Ms.)

Scientific Results,' etc.

(F. N.) MONTAGU, Sir Samuel;. head of the MERRILL, Hon. Frederick James

banking firm of Samuel Montagu and Co., NASH, James Okey, M.A., of the Community Hamilton, Ph.D.; Director of N.Y. State London; member of Gold and Silver Com

of the Resurrection.

(J. O. N.) Museum, Albany, N.Y., N.Y. State Geologist;

mission, 1887-90; author of magazine articles NATHAN, Major F. L., R.A. ; SuperintendFellow Am. Ass. Adv. Science and Geol. Soc.

on Finance, Decimal Currency, Weights and ent of the Royal Gunpowder Factory, Waltham of America; Member Am. Inst. Mining En. Measures, etc.

(S. M.) Abbey.

(F. L. N.) gineers, Am. Soc. of Naturalists, Nat. Geol. Soc., etc.

(F. J. H. M.)

MOORE, Hon. John Bassett, LL.D.; NATHAN, Major Matthew, C.M.G., R.E.;
Professor International Law and Diplomacy,

Governor of Gold Coast; served in Nile Ex-
MIDDLETON, R. E., M.I.C.E., M.I.M.E.; Columbia University, New York ; author 'Ex- pedition, 1885; Lushai Expedition, 1889; Sec.
Fellow of the Sanitary Inst., Fellow of Sur. tradition and Inter-Stato Rendition,': 'Inter-

Col. Defence Com. 1895 - 1900; administered veyors’ Inst., etc.; late Engineer-in-Charge of national Arbitrations,' etc.

(J. B. M*.) Government Sierra Leone, 1899. (M. N.) Surveying of Forth Bridge ; Instructor in Sur. vəying, Central Tech. Coll., S. Kensington ; MORENO, Dr Francesco P.; donor and

NELSON, William Rockhill, Editor-inLecturer on Waterworks, Engineering and Sew. director of the La Plata Museum, Buenos Aires;

Chief of the Kansas City Star,' Kansas City, repr. in Great Britain of the Argentine in conage, Univ. Coll., London ; part author of 'A


(W.R. N.) Treatise on Surveying,' etc.

nexion with Chilian Argentine Boundary Dis(R. E. M.)

pute; author of 'La Plata,' etc. (F. P. M.) NEWCOMB, Prof. Simon, Ph.D., LL.D., MIJATOVICH, Chedomille; Senator of MORFILL, William Richard, M.A.; Pro

D.Sc., D. Nat. Phil.; Superintendent U.S. the kingdom of Servia since 1875; Envoy Exfessor of Russian and the other Slavonic lan.

Nautical Almanac; Foreign Mem. Royal Society, traordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary of

London; Assoc. Institute of France, etc.; the King of Servia to the Court of St James, guages, Oxford ; Curator of the Taylor Institu

author of 'Moon' in Ninth Edition of 'Ency. tion, Oxford ; anthor of 'Russia' (History 1895-1900; transferred to Constantinople, 1900 ;

Brit.,' 'Popular Astronomy,' etc. editor of

; Minister of Finance and Cominerce of Servia,

and Literature) in Ninth Edition of 'Ency: American Journal of Mathematics. (S. N.)

Brit.' 1873; Minister of Foreign Affairs and Finance,

(W. R. M.) 1880; Servian Minister to the Court of St MORSE, John Torrey, Jr.; sometime Lec- NEWELL, Frederick Haynes; HydroJames, 1884; Servian Plenipotentiary for the


on History, Harvard University ; author grapher of the U.S. Geol. Survey; author of conclusion of peace with Bulgaria, 1886;

of biographies of Alexander Hamilton, Abraham ' Agriculture by Irrigation,' 'Hydrography of Lincoln, John Quincy Adams, Thomas Jeffer

the United States,' etc. Member of Royal Servian Academy of Science;

(F. H. N.) corresponding member of South Slavonić son, etc., and of The Life and Letters of Oliver NEWSOM, George Ernest, M.A.; ViceAcademy; hon. member of Royal Hist. Soc.

Wende Iolmes.'

(J. T. Mo.)

Principal of King's College, London. (G. E. N.) London; author of several publications in MORTON, Hon. Julius Sterling (the NEWTON, Henry G., M.A., LL.B.; Referee Servian on Political Economy, Finances, His. late); sometime U.S. Secretary of Agriculture tory of Commerce, and History of Servia in

(A. G. N.) and President of Nebraska State Historical

in Bankruptcy, New Haven, Conn. Fifteenth Century; novels - 'Rayko of Ras. Society.

(J. S. M*.) | NISBET, C.

(C. N.)

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NORTON, Charles Eliot, LL.D.; Professor Expedition ; British Commissioner under Anglo- | POLLEN, John Hungerford, M.A.; Ex.

of the History of Art, Harvard ; Dante scholar Chinese Convention of 1890; Deputy Commis- aminer for Art, South Kensington; Fellow of and translator ; author of 'Church Buildings sioner of Darjeeling.

(A. W. P.) Merton Coll., Oxford ; Professor of Fine Arts in in the Middle Ages';, editor of Letters of PEACH, Capt, E., Indian Staff Corps; author

Catholic University of Dublin; Cantor Lecturer, James Russell Lowell,' 'Correspondence of

of 'Tactics-Savage Warfare,' etc. Carlyle and Emerson, Writings of George

Society of Arts, 1885; author of 'Carving,'' Fili(E. P.)

gree,' Furniture,' in Ninth Edition of Ency. William Curtis,' etc.

(C. E. N.) PEARSON, Karl, M.A., LL.B., F.R.S. ; Pro- Brit.,' 'Ancient and Modern Furniture and NORTON, Professor Richard N.; Ameri.

fessor of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, Woodwork,' • Ancient and Modern Gold. and can School of Archäology, Rome. (R. N. N.)

University College, London ; Gresham Professor Silver-smiths' Work, "The Trojan Column,' of Geometry, 1892-94 ; Darwin Medal Royal etc.

(J. H. P.) NOTTER, Col. J. Lane, M.A., M.D., Society, 1898 ; author of Grammar of Science,' POLLOCK, Sir Frederick, Bt., LL.D., R.A.M.C., F.C.S.; late Prof. of Military 'Enlarged Grammar of Science,' 'The Chances

D.C.L.; Corpus Professor of Jurisprudence, Hygiene, Netley; author of "The Theory and of Death, and other Studies in Evolution,' Practice of Hygiene,' etc. (J. L. N.)

Oxford; editor of the Law Reports from 1895; The Ethic of Freethought,' 'Die Fronica,

Fellow Trin. Coll., Camb. 1868 ; Corresponding a History of the Mediaval Portraits of

member Institute of France, 1894; Professor of Christ,' etc.

(K. P.)

Jurisprudence, University Coll., London, 18820

PELSENUR, PAUL, D.Sc. (Brussels); cor. 83; Professor of Common Law in the Inns of member of the Royal Belgian Academy of

Court, 1884-90; member Royal Labour ComO'DONOGHUE, Freeman M., F.S.A. ;

Science; member of the Belgian Committee of mission, 1891-94 ; author of Sword,' Tort'in Assistant Keeper of Prints, British Museum; Mariculture; Professor in the Normal School,

Ninth Edition of 'Ency. Brit.,' 'Principles of author of Catalogue of the Collection of Playing

Ghent; lecturer, Brussels University ; author Contract,' 'The Law of Torts,' 'Digest of the Cards bequeathed to the British Museum by

of Introduction à l'Étude des Mollusques,' Law of Partnership, The Land Laws,'' His. Lady Charlotte Schneber,' 'A Descriptive and

Report on the Pteropoda,' "The Anatony of tory of English Law,' 'Spinoza, Lise and Philo. Classified Catalogue of the Portraits of Queen

the Deep-Sea Mollusca, etc.

(P. P.) sophy,' 'A First Book of Jurisprudence,' The Elizabeth,' etc. (F. M. O'D.) | PEMBREY,

Etchingham Letters,' 1899 (with E. Fuller Marcus Seymour, M.A., Maitland).

(F. Po.) O'NEILL, Æneas; Assistant Correspondent M.D.; Lecturer in Physiology, Guy's Hospital of "The times," Vienua.

(Ě. O'N.)
Medical School.

(M. S. P.) POORE, George Vivian, M.D. ; Professor of

Medicine and Clinical Medicine, University ORDE-BROWNE, Capt. C., the late;

PENDEREL - BRODHURST, James College, London; medical attendant to late author of Armour' and its Attack by Artillery, George Joseph; editor of Land,' 1881-83,

Prince Leopold, Duke of Albany, 1870-71 ; and Short Notes on Field Batteries,' 'Ammunition assistant editor of 'St James's Gazette,' 1888

Prince of Wales, 1872; received Dannebrog for for Rifled Ordnance,' etc. (O. O.-B.) 93, editor of 'St James's Budget, 1889-98;

professional services to the Princess Thyra,

author of 'The Life and Times of King Edward OWEN, Capt. C. R. B., R.A. ; late Pro

Duchess of Cumberland, 1872; Physician Unifessor of Artillery, Ordnance College; Assist. VII.,' part author of "The Royal River and

versity Coll. Hospital, 1876 ; Secretary-General Abbeys and Churches of England and Superintendent, Roy. Carriage Dept., Woolwich Wales.'

of Sanitary Congress, 1891, etc. ; author of

(J. G. J. P.-B.) Arsenal, (C. R. B. O.)

Essays on Rural Hygiene,' 'A Treatise on

Medical Jurisprudence.' OWEN,

(G. V. P.) PENNELL, Joseph, artist; anthor of 'A Can. Edmund, M.B. Lond., F.R.C.S.; Senior Surgeon to $t Mary's Hospital, London,

terbury Pilgrimage,' 'An Italian Pilgrimage, | PORTER, W. Haldane, B.A.; Barrister, and Consulting Surgeon to the Children's Hos.

Two Pilgrims' Progress,'. 'Our Sentimental Middle Temple; Chancellor's English Essay, pital, Great Ormond Street; Member of the Journey through France and Italy,' Pen Draw.

Oxford, 1893.

(W. H. Po.) Council, and late Member of the Court of Ex

ing and Pen Draughtsmen,' 'Our Journey to amniners of Royal College of Surgeons ; Examiner

the Hebrides,' 'The Stream of Pleasure, The POST, George B. ; Architect; Member of the

Jew at Home,'. Play in Provence, Modern Am. Society of Civil Engineers. (G. B. P.) in Surgery at the Universities of Cambridge

Illustration, The Illustration of Books, The POTTER, Rt. Rev. Henry Codman, D.D., and of London; Knight of Grace of the Order of St John of Jerusalem ; Corresponding

Work of Charles Keene,' 'Lithography and

Lithographers.' Member of the Imperial Medical Military

LL.D.; Bishop of the Diocese of New York; (J. P*.)

author of "The Church and Her Children, Academy of St Petersburg, of the Canadian PERSHING, James H., A.B.; Lecturer on

The Scholar and the State,' etc. (H. C. P.) Medical Association, and of the Association of International Law in the University of Denver, American Orthopædic Surgeons; Hon. Surgeon and Professor of Medical Jurisprudence in

POULTON, Edward Bagnall, M.A., D.Sc.;

Hon. LL.D. Princeton, F.R.S. ; Hope Professor to the Royal Society of Musicians; late Presi. Gross Medical College, Denver, (J. E PE) dent of the Medical Society of London ; author

of Zoology, Oxford ; Fellow of Jesus Coll., of 'A Manual of Anatomy for Senior Students'

PETERSON, Frederick, Ph.D., M.D. ; Presi. Oxford ; Member of Council of Royal Society, “The Surgical Diseases of Children.' (E. O*) dent New York Neurological Society and Presi.

1897-99; Member of Hebdomadal Council of dent of the Board of Managers of Craig Colony

Oxford; Demonstrator in Anatomical Departfor Epileptics, Chief of Clinic, Department of

ment of University Museum, 1877-79; Lecturer Neurology, Columbia University. (F. P*) in Natural Science, and tutor of Keble College, P

Oxford, 1880-89 : Lecturer in Natural Science, PETRIE, William Matthew Flinders, Jesus College, Oxford, 1880-88; author of The D.C.L., Litt.D., LL.D., Ph.D.; Edwards Pro

Colours of Animals,' 'Charles Darwin and the PAGET, Sir John R., Bart., LL.B., K.C.; fessor of Egyptology, University Coll. London ; Gilbart Lecturer on Banking. (J. R. P*)

Theory of Natural Selection,' many memoirs on

surveying British remains, 1875-80; excavating Zoological Subjects in the Proceedings and PAGET, Stephen, F.R.C.S.; Surgeon to West in Egypt, 1880-1901 ; author of 'Pyramid, Transactions of the Royal, Linnæan, 200London Hospital ; Surgeon to Throat and Ear

Weights and Measures,' in Ninth Edition of

logical, Entomological, and other learned Department, Middlesex Hospital ; author of 'Ency. Brit.,' 'Stonelience,' 'Pyramids and Societies.

(E. B. P.) * The Surgery of the Chest, John Hunter,' Temples of Gizeh,'. 'Season in Egypt,' 'Racial *Ambroise Paré and his Times,' Esperiments Portraits,' "Historical Scarabs, Ten Years' POWELL, F. York, M.A.; Regius Professor on Animals,' Memoirs and Letters of Sir James Digging,' History of Egypt,' 'Tel el Amarna,' of Modern History, Oxford; Student of Ch. Ch., Paget.' (S. P.) 'Egyptian Tales, Decorative Art,' 'Six Tem.

Oxford ; author of Icelandic Language,' etc.,

ples at Thebes,'. 'Religion and Conscienco in in Ninth Edition of 'Ency. Brit.,'. Alfred the PALGRAVE, Robert Harry Inglis, Ancient Egypt,' 'Syria and Egypt, 'Royal

Great and William the Conqueror,' 'History of F.R.S. ; editor of Economist,' 1877-83; author Tombs of the First Dynasty,' 'Royal Tombs of England to 1509.

(F. Y. P.) of The Local Taxation of Great Britain and

the Earliest Dynasties,' etc. Ireland,' 'Notes on Banking in Great Britain

(W. M. F. P.) POYNTING, John Henry, D.Sc., F.R.S.; and Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, and Hamburg, PFEIL, Count Joachim Von, one of the

late Fellow of Trin, Coll., Camb.; Professor of "An Analysis of the Transactions of the Bank founders of German East Africa; sometime resi- Physics and Dean of the Faculty of Science, of England for the years 1844-72,'' Bank Rate dent in Bismarck Archipelago; author of 'The Birmingham University; author of the Adams in England, France, and Germany, 1844. Founding of the Boer States, Studies and Ob. Prize Essay (1891) on the Mean Density of 1878'; editor of 'Dictionary of Political servations in the South Seas,' etc. (J. von P.)

the Earth, A Text-Book of Physics' (with Economy.' (R. H. I. P.) PHELAN, Hon. James Duval; Mayor of

Professor J. J. Thomson), and various physical papers.

(J. & P.) PAPILLON, Rev. Thomas Leslie, M.A.; San Francisco, 1896-1901.

(J. D. P.) late Fellow of Merton Coll, and of New Coll.,

PRINCE, Hon. L. Bradford, LL.D.; Presi. Oxford ; author of A Manual of Comparative PHILLIMORE, George Grenville, M.A.,

dent of the Bureau of Immigration of the terriB.C.L.; Philology'; editor Dean Bradley's Aids to

Barrister-at-Law of the Middle tory of New Mexico, Santa Fe, New Mexico; Writing Latin Prose,' etc.

(T. L. P.)

(G. G. P*.) ex-Governor of the State of New Mexico;


PHILLIMORE, Walter George PARKIN, George Robert, LL.D., C.M.G. ;

President of the New Mex. Hist. Soc. ; author Principal of Upper Canada College, Toronto, Frank, Bt., D.C.L., LL.D.; Judge of the

of 'New Mexico' in Ninth Edition of Ency.

King's Bench Div. ; author of Book of Church
Canada; author of 'Imperial Federation,

(L. B. PR.) Round the Empire,'. 'The Great Dominion,

Law,' 2nd ed. of Phillimore's Ecclesiastical PROCTER, Hon. John Robert, President Life and Letters of Edward Thring.' (G. R. P.)

Law, 3rd ed. of vol. iv. of Phillimore's Inter- U.S. Civil Service Commission, Washington, national Law.'

(W. G. F. P.) D.C.; Geologist State of Kentucky, 1880-1893; PARSONS, William Barclay : Chief Engineer of the Underground Railway, New York PHILLIPS, R. W., M.A., D.Sc., F.L.S.; Pro

author of Kentucky' in Ninth Edition of

‘Ency. Brit.' City.

(J. R. P.) fessor of Botany in the University Coll. of North (W. B. P.)

author of 'Memoirs on the Physi. PROUT, Major Henry Gosler, editor of PASCO, Hon. Samuel; Member of the Nicara. ology of Plants,' 'Morphology of the Algae,' The Railroad Gazette, New York; sometime gua Canal Commission, United States Senator etc.

(R. W. P.) Governor of the Provinces of the Equator, from the State of Florida, 1887-99. (S. PA.) PHILLPOTTS, Col. A. H. C., R.A.

Africa, and Colonel of Engineers, Army of the

Khedive. PATON,

(A. H. C. P.)

(8. G. P.) Diarmid Noel, M.D., B.Sc., F.R.C.P. Ed.; Superintendent of Research

PINCHOT, Gifford, B.A. ; Forester of the PROWSE, Daniel Wodley, K.C., LL.D., Laboratory of Royal College of Physicians, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Special Lec.

D.C.L. ; retired Judge Central District Court of Edinburgh, 1889; Lecturer on Physiology, turer in the Forest School, Yale Univ. ; author

Newfoundland ; appointed Judge Central DisSchool of Medicine of Royal Colleges, Edin

of The White Pine.'

(G. P.)

trict Court, 1869; Commissioner for the Con. burgh, 1886; Biological Fellow of Edinburgh

solidation of Colonial laws ; Chairman Board University, 1884; Meinber of the Royal Com. PITMAN, Charles Murray; stroke of the of Health, 1893-96 ; anthor of History of mission on Salinon Fisheries ; author of many Oxford Eight, 1893-95. Author of articles on Newfoundland, 'Manual for Magistrates in papers on Physiological subjects. (D. N. P.) Rowing.

(O. M. P.) Newfoundland,' numerous pamphlets and news. paper articles.

(D. W. P.) PAUL, Alfred Wallis, C.I.E., B.A.; late PITT, Walter, M.I.C.E., M.I.M.E.; Member of

Scholar of Wadham College, Oxforel; Indian the Committee of International Maritime Con: PULLAN, Rev. Leighton, Fellow of St Civil Service (retired): Political Officer Sikkim ference (London), etc.

(W. P*.) John's Coll., Oxford ; author of 'History of

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Early Christianity,' 'Lectures on Religion,' Britischen Reiches,' "Vasco da Gama's First | RICHARDSON, Charles Francis, A.M., etc.

(L. P.) Voyage,' 'Map, Equatorial Africa,''Systematic Ph.D.; Professor of English, Dartmouth

PURSER, F., M.A., M.R.I.A.; Fellow of

(E. G. R.) College, N.H.; author of History of Ameri. Trinity Coll., Dublin, and Professor of Natural

can Literature,' 'The Choice of Books,' etc., RAYLEIGH, Lord, 3rd Baron, D.C.L.

etc. Philosophy, University of Dublin. (F. Pu.) (Hon. Oxon.), LL.D., D.Sc. (Camb. and Dublin),

(C. F. R.) È.R.S.; PURSER, J., M.A., D.Sc., LL.D., M.R.I.A. ;

Professor of Natural Philosophy, RICHARDSON, Professor Rufus B.;
emeritus Professor of Mathematics, Queen's
Royal Institution; Scientific Adviser to Trinity director of American School of Classical Studies,

Coll., Belfast.

House; Cavendish Professor of Experimental
(J. Pu.)

(R. B. R.) Physics, Cambridge, 1879-84; Secretary of PUTNAM, George Haven, A.M., Litt.D.; Royal Society, 1887-96 ; author of Optics,'

RICHMOND, Sir William Blake, R.A., Head of the publishing House of G. P. Putnam's

M.A., K.C.B.; Slade Professor at Oxford, 1878"Wave Theory,' in Ninth Edition of Ency. Sons, N.Y.; led in reorganizing, 1887, the Brit.,' 'Theory of Sound,' numerous scientitic

83; President of Society of Miniature Painters,

1899. American Copyright League, and was its secre

(W. B. Ri.) papers.

(R.) tary during the inovement for International

RICKETTS, Charles, English printer, artist, Copyright which resulted in the Copyright Bill REDWOOD, Boverton, F.R.S.Ed.,

and wood-engraver; one of the founders of the of 1891; Received Cross of the Legion of Honour A.M.I.C.E., M.I.M.E.; Fellow of Inst. of

Vale Press; decorated 'Early Poems of John
from France, 1891 ; author of 'Question of
Chein.; V.P. and Mem. of Council and Pub.

Milton,' "The Poems of Keats,' etc. (C. Ri.)
Copyright,' 'Books and their Makers in the lication Com., Soc. Chem. Ind. ; Fellow of
Middle Ages,' etc.

(G. H. P*.)

Chem. Geol, and R. Geog. Soc. ; D.Sc. Ohio RILEY, John Athelstan Laurie, M.A.;

Normal University; Mein. of Am. Chem. Soc., travelled in Persia, 1881; Turkey in Europe, PUTNAM,_Hon. Herbert, Librarian of and Am. Philosophical Soc. (honorary); Hon.

1883 ; Persia and Kurdistan, 1884, 1886, 1888; Congress, Washington, D.C.

(E P.) Corres. Mein. Imperial Russian Technical Soc. ; member of the Aouse of Laymen of the

Chevalier of the Order of Leopold; Consulting Province of Canterbury; member London School PYLE, Joseph Gupin; editor of the 'Post

Intelligencer,' Seattle, Washington; author of Chemist, with special experience in the tech- Board, 1891-97; author of 'Athos, or the Mountain • Minnesota in Ninth Edition of Ency.

nology of petroleum; Adviser on Petroleum to of the Monks,' various pamphlets and articles, Brit.'

(J. G. P.) the Home Office; Consulting Adviser to the subjects connected with education, Eastern

Corporation of London under the Petroleum Christians, and foreign travel. (J. A. L. R.)
Acts; Chemical Adviser to the Oil Trade
Section of the London Chamber of Commerce;

RIPON, Bishop of, Rt. Rev. William
member of several juries at International In-

Boyd Carpenter, Hon. D.D. Glasgow,

Hon. ventions and Health Exhibitions, president of

D.C.L. Oxon.; Knight of_the Order of the

Royal Crown, Prussia; Hulsean Lecturer,
QUILLER - COUCH, Arthur Thomas, International Jury for lighting appliances and
B.A.; Lecturer Classics Trin. Coll., Oxford, materials at Brussels Exhibition, 1897, and

Cambridge, 1878; Bampton Lecturer, Oxford, 1886-87; author of 'Dead Man's Rock,' Troy

1887; Pastoral Lecturer on Theology, Cambridge, member of Jury, Paris Exhibition, 1900; author Town,' The Splendid Spur, Noughts and

1895; Canon of Windsor, 1882-1884; Hon. of Cantor Lectures on Petroleum and its Pro. Crosses,' 'The Delectable Duchy,' 'Adventures ducts,' 'Petroleum: its Production and Use,'

Chaplain to the Queen, 1879-83; Chaplain-inin Criticisin,' 'The Oxford Book of English

Ordinary, 1883 - 84 ; author of 'Commentary on "Report (with Sir Frederick Abel) on Accidents

Witness of Heart to Christ'

Laird's Luck,' finished R. with Mineral Oil Lamps,' 'Report (with Sir
L. Stevenson's uncompleted novel 'St Ives,' Frederick Abel) on the Transport of Petroleum

(Huslean Lectures), 'Permanent Elements of
(A. T. Q.-O.) through the Suez Canal,' 'The Transport of

Religion' (Bampton Lectures), 'Lectures

Preaching, Christian Reunion,' 'The Great
Petroleum in Bulk,' articles on the Petroleum
Industry, and Lamps in Chemical Technology,

Charter of Christ,' 'A Popular History of the
Church of England.'

(W. B. R.) R

A Treatise on Petroleum,' 'The Detection

and Estimation of Inflammable Gases and RISTORI, E.J., Assoc. M. Inst.C.E. (E. J. R.) RADAU, R.; Membre de l'Académie des Sciences

Vapours in the Air' (with Professor Clowes),
'Handbook on Petroleum' (with Capt. J. H.

ROBERTS, W.; author of 'Christies',' Tho et du Bureau des Longitudes, Paris ; writer on


(B. R.)
Book-hunter in London,' etc.

(W. R*.)
Astronomy, etc., part author of 'Géologie
d'Ethiopie,' etc.
(R. RĂ.) REEVES, Hon. William Pember, Agent-



General for New Zealand ; Member of Senate Chandler, K.C.B., D.C.L. (Durham), F.R.S.; RAIKES, His Honour Judge Francis

Chevalier de la Légion d'Honneur; chemist and William, LL.D., K.C. ; Judge of County

of University of London ; edited the Canter

bury Times,' and the 'Lyttelton Times'; Mem- assayer to Royal Mint since 1870; Professor Court (Hull); three years in Merchant Service, ber of N.Z. Parliament, 1887-96 ; Minister of

of Metallurgy, Royal School of Mines since then passed into Royal Navy first; called to Education, Labour, and Justice, 1891-96; re

1880; President of Iron and Steel Institute ; the Bar, 1873; author of The New Practice signed position to become Agent-General for

anthor of 'Gold,' etc., in Ninth Edition of (with Mr Justice Kennedy); “Jurisdiction and Practice of County Courts in Admiralty' (with colony; author of "The Long White Cloud, a

'Ency. Brit.,'. 'An Introduction to the Study History of New Zealand,' 'An Introduction to

of Metallurgy.'

(W. C. R.-A.) Mr Kilburn), ‘Both to Blame,' paper read at Brussels International Law Conference, 1895 ;

the History of Communism and Socialism,' also

ROBERTSON, Sir George Scott, K.C.S.I.,

volume of New Zealand verse. and various papers on Maritime Law,' trans

(W. P. R.) D.C.L.; entered Indian Medical Service, 1878; lations and editions of the Maritime Codes of REICH, Emil, Dr. Juris, F.R. Hist.S. ;

British Agent in Gilgit; conducted a political Europe,' etc. (F. W. RA.) author of 'History of Hungarian Literature,'

mission to Chitral, 1893 ; besieged in Chitral,

History of
RAMBAUT, Arthur Alcock, M.A. (Dub.

Civilization,' Graco - Roman

during March and April 1995; installed the

present ruler of Chitral, September 1895 and Oxon.); D.Sc., F.R.S., F.R.A.S.; Radcliffe Institutions,'. 'Historical Atlas of English

author of The Kafirs of the Hindu Kush,' Observer, Oxford; Assistant Astronomer Trinity

History,' "Historical Atlas of Modern His-
College, Dublin, at Dunsink, 1892-92; Andrews tory,' etc.

Chitral: The Story of a Minor Siege.' (G. S. R.)

(E. RE*.) Professor of Astronomy in the University of REID, Clement, F.R.S., F.L.S., F.G.S.; geo

ROBERTSON, James W.; Commissioner Dublin and Royal Astronomer of Ireland,

of Agriculture logist on survey of England and Wales;

Dairying, Ottawa, 1892-97 ; author of various memoirs and papers


(J. W. R.)
formerly secretary and recorder to the Geo-
on Astronomical subjects.

(A. Å R*.)
logical Section of British Association; author ROBERTSON, John

Lecturer on
RAMSAY, William Mitchell, D.C.L., LL.D.

of Pliocene Deposits of Britain,' 'Origin of the English Language, University of Stras. St And, and Glasgow, Litt.D. Cainb. ; Professor the British Flora,' many contributions to burg.

(J. G. R.) of Humanity, Aberdeen Univ. ; Fellow of geological journals.

(C. R.) ROBINSON, A. Mary F.(Mme. Duclaux; Exeter Coll.; Oxford, 1882; Lincoln Coll.,

REID, Sir George, LL.D., ; President Royal formerly Mme. Darmesteter), author
Oxford, 1885; Professor of Classical Art in
Scottish Academy; author of 'Lithography,'

of 'Emily Brontë,' 'The End of the Middle Oxford University, 1885; Levering Lecturer

Painting,' 'Turner,' in Ninth Edition of Ages,' 'Margaret of Angoulême, Queen of in Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, 1894 ;

'Ency. Brit. Foreign Member of Austrian Imperial and Royal

(G. RE.)

Navarre,' 'Retrospect, and other Poeins,' 'Life

of Renan,' 'Collected Poems,' 'Marguerites du Archæological Institute, 1900 ; author of REID, Hon. Whitelaw, A.M., LL.D. ; editor

Temps Passé,' 'Froissart,' "Grands Ecrivains Hermes, Illyria,', Jupiter,' Mysteries, of the New York Tribune; Ex-U.S. Minister to d'outre Manche,' etc.

(A. M. F. D.) Oracle,"Phrygia, Scio," Sicyon,"Smyrna,' France ;'author of Greeley,' 'Newspapers,' in in Ninth Edition of 'Ency. Brit.,' The His- Ninth Edition of 'Ency. Brit.' (W.R.) ROBINSON, Rev. Charles Henry, M.A.; torical Geography of Asia Minor, The Church

Hon. Canon of Ripon; Lecturer in Hausa in in the Roman Empire,' «The Cities and Bishop; RENTON, A. Wood, LL.B.; Puisne Judge, the University of Cambridge, 1896; travelled in rics of Phrygia,' St Paul the Traveller and Mauritius author of Thurlow' in Ninth Armenia in order to report to Archbishop of the Roman Citizen,'' Was Christ born as Beth- Edition of Ency. Brit.'

(A. W. R.) Canterbury on the condition of Armenian lehem ? • Historical Commentary on Gala

Church, 1892; conducted pioneer expedition to tians.'

(W. M. RA.) RENWICK, I. P. A., M.A., LL.B.; Kano, 1893-95 ; author of 'Hausaland, or

assistant editor of the statesman's Ycar Fifteen Hundred Miles through the Central RASH DALL, Rev. Hastings, M.A., Book.'

(I. P. A. R.) Soudan,' 'Specimens of Hausa Literature,' D.C.L. ; Fellow and Tutor of New College,

Grammar of the Hausa Language,'' Dictionary
Oxford ; Lecturer in St David's College, Lam-
REYNOLDS, Osborne, M.A., LL.D. Glas-

of the Hausa Language,'. "Studies in the peter, 1883 ; Tutor in the Univ. of Durham, gow, F.R.S., M.I.C.E., Hon. Fellow Queens'

Character of Christ,' 'Nigeria, Our Latest
1884-88; Fellow and Lecturer of Hertford Coll.,
Coll., Cambridge; Professor of Engineering,

Protectorate,' 'Human Nature à Revelation of
Oxford, 1888 - 95; Chaplain and Theological
Owens College, Victoria University, Man.

the Divine.'
chester; Fellow of Queens' College, Cambridge,

(C. H. R.) Tutor of Balliol Coll., 1894-95; author of The Universities of Europe in the Middle Ages,'

1877; President, Section G, British Associa- ROBINSON, Gerald Philip; President of Doctrine and Developinent' (with R. S. Rait),

tion, 1887; author of upwards of sixty papers the Society of Mezzotint Engravers ; late MezzoNew College.'

(H. RL.) on original researches in Mechanics and tint Engraver to Queen Victoria, and appointed Physics,' in the Philosophical Transactions and same to the King, 1901.

(G. P. R.) RATH, Dr Zoltau; Professor at the Royal Proceedings of the Royal Society, etc. (O. R.) Academy of Law, Kassa, Hungary; late of

ROBINSON, Rev. Joseph Armitage, the Royal Hungarian Statistical Bureau; RHODES, Hon. Bradford ; editor of "The D.D., Ph.D.'; Canon of Westiniuster; Norrisian

: author of 'Evitzedünk egyenesadó-reform- Banker's Magazine,' New York. (B. R*.) Professor of Divinity, Cambridge University, jairól.' (Z. R.)

1893-99; author of A Collation of the Athos RHODES, James Ford, LL.D.; author of Codex of the Shepherd of Hermas,' 'Appendix RAVENSTEIN, Ernest George; War 'History of the United States from the ComOffice, Topographical (now Intelligonce) De

to The Apology of Aristides,' The Passion of promise to 1850.

(J. F. R.) partment, 1855-75; Council Royal Statistical

St Perpetua, The Philocalia of Origen,

Euthaliana,''Unity in Christ.'
RICHARDS, Robert Hallowell, Sc.B.;

(J. A. R.) Society, 1877-92; President, Section E, Brit. Assoc., 1891 ; Professor of Geography, Bedford Professor of Mining, Engineering, and Metal ROCKHILL, Hon. William Woodville; Coll., 1882-83; author of 'The Russians on lurgy, Massachusetts Institute of Techno- Head of the Bureau of American Republics; the Amur,' 'Geographie und Statistik des


(R. H. R.) sometime First Assistant Secretary of State;



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U.S. Commissioner to China, etc. ; author of Atlantic Squadron, battle of Santiago; late SCOTT, Hon.. Sir John, M.A., DC.L, Land of the Llamas.'

(W. W. R.) Commandant U.S. Navy Yard, Boston, Mass.; K.C.M.G. ; Deputy Judge- Advocate-General

Member of International Prine Meridian and ROCKWELL, General Alfred P., author

to His Majesty's Forces ; Judge, aftervards Time Conference; U.S. Delegate to Interof Fire,' Fire Extinction,' in Ninth Edition

Vice-President, International Court of Appeal national Maritime Conference ; Chief of U.S. of Ency. Brit.' (A P. R.)

in Egypt, 1874-82 ; . Judge of High Court,

Bureau of Ordnance, 1893-97. (W. T. S.) Boinbay, 1882-90 ; Judicial Adviser to the ROGERS, Henry Wade, LL.D.; Lecturer at

Khedive of Egypt, 1890-98; Vice-Presilent SAUNDERS, George, B.A.; Berlin CorreYale University; sometime President of North

International Law Association ; Grand Cordon spondent of The Times'; lato Berlin CorreWestern University, Evanston, Ills. ; Chairman

spondent of the Morning Post,' etc. of the World's Congress on Jurisprudence and

(G. Su.)

of the Medjidieh; Grand Cordon of the Osmanieh.

(JNO.S.) Law Reform, World's Columbian Exposition; SAYCE, Rev. Archibald Henry, M.A., author of 'Expert Testimony, etc. (H. W. R.) LL.D., D.D.; Fellow of Queen's College, Oxford;

SCOTT, Leslie Frederic; Barrister-at-Law, Professor of Assyriology, Oxford ; _Meinber of

Inner Temple.

(L. F. 8.) ROLLS, Hon, C, S.; pioneer in motor-car travelling.

(C. S. R.)

O.T. Revision Company, 1874-84; Deputy Pro- SCOTT, W. W.; foreign sub-editor of The fessor of Comparative Philology, Oxford, 1876- Times.

(W. W. 8*.) ROSCOE, Sir Henry Enfield, Ph.D., 90 ; Hibbert Lect., 1887; Gifford Lect., 1900-1; LL.D., D.C.L., M.D., F.R.S. ; Vice-Chancellor, author of Babylonia,''Cyrus,''Darius,' Gram

SCOTT-MONCRIEPF, Sir Colin CampUniversity of London; Emeritus Professor, mar, Humboldt, Inscriptions' (Cuneiforin

bell, K.C.M.G., C.S.I., LL.D.; Under-ScOwens College, Victoria University ; Member and Seinitic), 'Lydia,' in Ninth Edition of

retary for Scotland ; Irrigation Depart. N.W. of Royal Coinmissions on Noxious Vapours, ‘Ency. Brit.,' 'Assyrian Graminar for Coin

Provinces ; Chief Engineer, Burmah; Undir. Technical Instruction, Scottish Universities, parative Purposes,' Translations in Records

Secretary of State Public Works, Memsly, Secondary Education, and Exhibition of 1851; of the Past, ist series ; 'Lectures on the

Cairo, 1883-92; author of 'Irrigation in Southern President of the British Association (Man. Assyrian Language and Syllabary,' 'Baby


(C. S. N) chester, 1887); President Society of Chemical lonian Literature," Introduction to the Science SCRUTTON, T. E., M.A., K.C.; Barriste, Industry, 1881 ; President Chemical Society, of Language,' 'The Monuments of the Hittites,' Inner Temple; author of 'Law of Copyright 1882; anthor of 'Lessons in Eleinentary Fresh Light from the Monuments,' 'The etc.

(T. E.S) Chemistry,' Treatise on Chemistry,' 'Primer Ancient Empires of the East,' 'Hibbert of Chemistry,'. 'John Dalton,' 'New View of Lectures on Babylonian Religion,' The SCUDDER, Horace Elisha, Litt.D., the the Genesis of the Atomic Theory of Chemistry' Hittites,' The Races of the Old Testament,'

late; editor of The Atlantic Monthly,' 1890-98; (with Dr Harden). (H E. R.) "The Higher Criticism and the Verdict of the

author of History of the United States,''Book

Monuments, ROSEWATER, Victor, A.M., Ph.D.;

The Egypt of the Hebrews

of Fables,' The Life of James Russell Lowell

etc. and Herodotus,' 'Early History of the

(H. E. S*) managing editor of the Omaha Bee, Omaha,

Hebrews.' Nebraska; Meinber Omaha Public Library Bd.,

(A. H. S.) SECCOMBE, Thomas, M.A.; assistant editol, Am, Economic Assn., Am. Library Assn., Neb. SCHIDROWITZ, Philip, Ph.D. Berne;

Dictionary of National Biography'; author & Historical Society; author of Special Assess. F.C.S. (Great Britain anl Germany); Member

"The Age of Johnson,' etc, etc. (T. SE) ments: a Study in Municipal Finance.' (V. R.) of Societies of Chemical Industry and of Public SEDGWICK, Adam, M.A., F.R.S.; Fellon ROSS, H. M., B.A.; formerly exhibitioner of

Analysts ; author (joint) of various papers on and Tutor of Trin. Coll. Cambridge, Reader of Lincoln Coll., Oxford ; writer on engineering

Acids, Wine, Analyses, etc.

(P. S.) Animal Morphology in the University. (A. SE*) and scientific subjects; associate editor of SCHILLER, F. c. S., M.A.; Fellow and SETON-KARR, Henry, M.A., M.P.; the volumes of the Encyclopaedia Tutor of C.O.C. Oxford.

(F. C. S. S.) travelled and shot big game in Western America, Britannica.'

(H. M. R.)
SCHINDLER, Gen. Sir A. Houtum-,

British Columbia, and Norway; writer on sport ROSSETTI, William Michael; Professional C.I.E. ; general in the Persian army, has

and allied subjects.

(H. S.-K.) Assistant to Board of Inland Rev. for Estate resided, as Persian official, and travelled for SEWARD, Albert Charles, M.A., F.R.S. duty on Pictures and Drawings; author of many years in Persia; author of 'Eastern

F.L.S., F.R.G.S.; University Lecturer ir Canova, Correggio,' Fiesole, Ghirlandajo, Persian Irak,' etc.

(A. H.-S.) Botany, Cambridge ; Late Fellow of St John's 'Lippi,' Murillo, Perugino,' Reni,' Rosa,

College; Fellow and Tutor in Natural Science 'Shelley,' Titian,' 'Veronese, etc., in Ninth

SCHLICH, William, Ph.D., C.I.E., T.R.S.;
Professor of Forestry, Cooper's Hill Coll.;

at Emmanuel College, Cambridge; author of Edition of Ency. Brit.'; 'Fine Art, chiefly appointed to the Indian Forest Department,

Fossil Plants as Tests of Climate,''The Wealcontemporary,' 'Lives of Famous Poets,' 'Life 1866; Conservator of Forests, 1871; Inspector.

den Flora,'' Fossil Plants for Students of Botany of Keats,' Dante G. Rossetti as Designer and General of Forests to the Government of India,

and Geology,' 'The Jurassic Flora,' also various Writer,' Memoir of Dante G. Rossetti'; editor

Botanical 1881; organized the first School of Forestry in

papers contributed to scientific of The Germ,' 1850, of 'Shelley's Poems,' of

journals. England at Cooper's Hill, 1985; author of A

(A. C. SE.) Wm. Blake's Poems,' of 'Poems by Dante and

Manual of Forestry.' Christina Rossetti,' of 'Ruskin,' 'Rossetti,'

(W. Sca.) | SHADWELL, A., M.D.; author of TallerPræraphaelitism,' of 'Præraphaelite Diaries SCHLOSS, David, M.A. ; author of works on

man Treatment by Superheated Dry Air,'. The and Letters,' etc.

(W. M. R.)
labour questions.

(D. SCH.)
London Water Supply,' etc.

(A. SL) ROWLAND, Henry Augustus, Ph.D., SCHOULER, James, LL.D.; Professor School

SHADWELL, L. L., M.A.; Barrister-at-Law, LL.D., F.R.S., the late; Professor of Physics, of Law, Boston University, and Lecturer at

Lincoln's Inn; revising barrister, Middlesex, Johns Hopkins University ; recipient of Rum- Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore; author


(L. L. S.) ford, Draper, and Matteucci medals for scientific of 'History of the United States under the

SHARP, David, M.A., M.B., C.M., F.R.S. ; discoveries; Hon. Member Inst. of France, etc.; Constitution' and numerous works on Juris. Past President of Entomological Society of author of Screw' in Ninth Edition of Ency. prudence.

(J. Sch.) London; author of 'Aquatic Carnivorous ColeBrit.

(H. A. R.)
SCHRADER, Franz; Prix Gay de l'Académie optera, 'Insects.'

(D. S*.) RUFFINI, Arthur; Royal Naval Academy, des Sciences; editor 'of L'Année Cartogra- SHARP, Robert Farquharson, B.A.; Leghorn.

(A. R*.) phique,''Le Tour du Monde'; anthor of Aperçu Assistant Librarian, British Museum; edited

de la Structure Géologique des Pyrénées, RUGE, Dr Sophus; Professor of Geography,

Lytton's Plays, author of 'Dictionary of etc. University of Dresden; author of Map in

(F. Sch.) English Authors,' Wagner's draina, "Der Ring Ninth Edition of 'Ency. Brit.,''Geschichte des SCHURMAN, Jacob Gould, D.Sc., LL.D.;

des Nibelungen, Translation of Victor Hugo's Zeitalters der Entdeckungen,' 'Abhandlungen President and sometime Professor of Philo.


," Makers of Music,''Architects of und Vorträge zur Geschichte der Erdkunde,' sophy, Cornell University ; Chairman of the

English Literature.'

(R. P. S.) Christopher Columbus,' etc.

(S. R.) U.S. Philippine Commission, 1899; author of SHAW, Albert, Ph.D. ; editor of the American Bertrand Arthur

Kantian Ethics,' 'Ethics of Evolution,' 'Ag. RUSSELL, Hon.

Monthly Review of Reviews'; author of Local William, M.A.; Fellow of Trinity College,

nosticism and Religion,' etc. (J. G. S*.) Government in Illinois,' 'Municipal GovernCambridge'; author of Social Democ- SCHURZ, Hon. Cari, LL.D.; retary of

ment in Great Britain,'Municipal Government racy,' 'Essay on the Foundations of Geometry,' the Interior under President Hayes ; author of

in Continental Europe,' etc.

(A. S.) Philosophy of Leibnitz.' (B. A. W. R.) Life of Henry Clay,' Abraham Lincoln, SHAW, Flora L. (Miss); special correspon; RUSSELL, George William Erskine,


(C. S.) dent for 'The Times' to South Africa and LL.D.; Parliamentary Secretary to the Local SCOTT, Austin,, Ph.D., LL.D.; President

Australia, Canada and Klondike; anthor of Government Board, 1883-85; Under-Secretary Rutgers College and Rutgers Scientific School,

articles on British colonial questions. (F.L S.) of State for India, 1892-94; for tho Home

New Jersey.

(A. Sc.) SHAW, Herbert, B.A.; Secretary of the Departinent, 1894-95; author of 'A Monograph

Tyneside Geographical Society.
SCOTT, Dukinfield Henry, M.A., Ph.D.,

(& Sn.) on the Rt. Hon. W. E. Gladstone,''Letters of Matthew Arnold,' Collections and Recollec- F.R.S.; Honorary Keeper Jodrell Laboratory, SHAW, Hon. Leslie Mortier, LL.D.; tions, 1898.

(G. W. E. R.)

Royal Gardens, Kew ; Assistant Professor of Secretary of the U.S. Treasury; forinerly
Botany, Univ. Coll., London, 1882-85; Royal Governor of the State of Iowa. (L. M S.)
Coll, of Science, London, 1885-92; a General
Secretary of the British Association; co.

SHAYLOR, J.; manager to Simpkin, Marshall,
and Co.

(J. SH*.) s

operated with the late Professor W. C. William

son in his 'Researches on Fossil Plants'; one of SHEARMAN, Montague; past President SACHS, Edwin O., A.M.I.C.E.; Chairman of the editors of the 'Annals of Botany'; author O.U.A.C.: joint-author of Football: Its

British Fire Prevention Cominittee; Fellow of of 'An Introduction to Structural Botany,' History for Five Centuries, 'author of 'Athletics the Royal Statistical Society; Associate of the Studies in Fossil Botany'; author and joint- and Football.'

(M. S.) Institution of Naval Architects, etc. ; in 1898 author of many botanical papers. (D. H. S.) he applied electrical power to the working of

SHEARMAN, Thomas Gaskell, the late: SCOTT, Harold Spencer ; Barrister-at-Law, joint-author of 'Shearinan and Redtield the stage at Drury Lane; in 1899 he was

Lincoln's Inn.

(A S. S.) Negligence'; author of 'Natural Taxation, appointed technical adviser to the Royal Opera, Covent Garden; founded in 1997 the SCOTT, Sir James George, G.C.I.E.; War

Crooked Taxation,' 'Distribution of Wealth,
The Single Tax,' etc.

(T. G. S.) British Fire Prevention Comunittee, and in Correspondent in Perak, 1875-76 ; Burma, 1879 ; 1899 the first independent fire-testing station Hong Kong, 1883-85; joined Burma Commission SHERRINGTON, Charles S., M.A. established in Europe ; author of Modern in 1886; member of Anglo-Siamese Boundary M.D., F.R.S. ; Professor of Physiology, Univ. Opera Houses and Theatres,' 'Stage Con. Commission, 1889-90 ; Superintendent Northern Coll. Liverpool; Member of Council of Royal struction,' • Fires and Public Entertain - Shan States, 1891 ; Chargé d'Affaires in Bang. Society; Late Brown Professor of Pathology, inents.'

(E. O. S.) kok, 1893-94 ; British Commissioner, Mekong University of London; Lecturer on Physi ST. JOHN, Molyneux ; Ottawa, Canada.

Commission, 1894-96; British Commissioner ology, St Thomas's Hospital, London ; Croonian (M. ST. J.)

Burma-China Boundary Commission, 1898-1900 Lecturer, Royal Society; Member of the Coin

author of The Burman, His Life and Notions,' mission on Asiatic Cholera, 1886; Anglo SAMPSON, Rear - Admiral William France and Tongking,' 'Burma,' "The Upper

American Secretary, International Congresses Thomas, LL.D.; in command of U.S. North Burma Gazetteer,

(J. G. So.) of Physiology, Liège 1892, Berne 1895, Cam.

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bridge 1898, Turin 1901 ; author of numerous SNOW, Marshall Solomon, A.M.; Pro- STERLING, Maj.-Gen. John B.; Egypt, scientific papers to the Royal and other fessor of History and Dean of the College, 1882; Sudan and Cyprus, 1885. (J. B. S.) scientitic societies, especially on the brain and Washington University, St Louis, Missouri;

(C. S. S.) nervous system.

author of Missouri' in Ninth Edition of

STEWART, John Alexander, M.A., LL.D.;

Tiitor of Christ Church ; White's Professor of
SHERWELL, Arthur; author of works on

'Ency. Brit.,' 'The City Goverunient of St

(M. S. S.)

Moral Philosophy, Oxford ; author of The Temperance questious. (A. SE.)

English MSS. of the Nicomachean Ethics,' SHIPLEY, Arthur Everett, M.A., F.Z.S. ;

SODERBERG, Dr E.; of the Central Statis. Notes on the Nicomachean Ethics.' (J. A. St.)

tical Bureau, Sweden'; author of 'Samuel
Fellow, Tutor, and Lecturer at Christ's College,
Cainbridge ; Lecturer on Advanced Morphology

Johan Hedborn,' etc.

STOCK, Eugene; Editorial Secretary of the (E. So.) Church Missionary Society.

(E. St.) of the Invertebrata in the University ; Demou SOULE, R. H., B.A., M.E.; sometime General strator of Comparative Anatoiny in the Uni. Manager of the Erie Ř. R.

(R. H. So.)

STOCKMAN, Ralph, M.D., F.R.C.P.Ed.,

F.R.S.Ed.; Professor of Materia Medica and versity, 1885-94; Fellow of Christ's College, 1887 ; Member of the Council of the Senate,

PIELMANN, Marion H.; editor of the Therapeutics, University of Glasgow; assistant 1996; author of 'Zoology of the Invertebrata';

Magazine of Art' since 1887; art critic to in the University of Edinburgh for six years, author of Vine Disease,' Wasps,' 'Wheat

*Daily Graphic' until, in 1891, art editor and and afterwards Lecturer on Materia Medica in Pests,' in Ninth Edition of Ency. Brit.'; part-founder of 'Black and White'; author of the School of Medicine.

(R. S*.) joint-editor and part-author of the Cambridge

* Works of G. F. Watts, R.A.,' 'Henriette Natural History'; editor of the 'Pitt Press

Ronner,' 'History of “Punch,"'' «Millais and

STRANGE, Edward Pairbrother; Assisthis Works,' The Unidentified Contributions of

ant Keeper, National Art Library; Assistant, Natural Science Manuals,' Biological Series ;

"John Ruskin,' 'Notes Thackeray to “Punch,"

South Kensington Museum, 1889; National Art part-author of 'A Text - Book on Zoology,

Library, 1891, author of Alphabets : a Hand. on the Wallace Collection in Hertford House,' etc. (A. E. S.)

book of Lettering,' 'Japanese Illustration,'

“The Portraits of Geoffrey Chaucer,' `British SHORTER, Clement Ring; oditor of Sculpture and Sculptors of To-day.' '(M. E. S.)

Worcester, the Cathedral and City,'_ and

numerous essays on art subjects. (E. F. S.) The Sphere'; late editor of the Illustrated London News, the Sketch,' and the English SPIERS, R. Phené, F.S.A., F.R.I.B.A. ;

Master of the Architectural School and Sur.

STREATFIELD, R. A., B.A. ; author of Illustrated Magazine'; author of 'Charlotte

Masters of Italian Music, The Opera,' Brontë and Her Circle,' 'Sixty Years of Vic. veyor of Royal Academy; Associate and Hon.

etc. torian Literature,' etc. etc.

(R. A. S.) (C. &. S.)

Fellow of King's Coll. London; Past President

of Architectural Association; Member of STURT, H.; Queen's College, Oxford. (H. St.) SIBREE, Rev. James; for over twenty Council Royal Institute of British Architects

years á missionary in Madagascar; author of Hon. and Corres. Meniber of the Société SUPLEE, Henry Harrison, B.Sc. ; Member Madagascar' in the Ninth Edition of the Centrale des Architectes, Paris; Sociedad de

of the American Society of Mechanical En'Ency. Brit.,' 'Madagascar and its People,' los Arquitectos, Madrid ; edited 'Pugin's Nor

gineers ; Member of the Franklin Institute; "The Great African Island,'' Madagascar before inandy,' 'Fergusson's History of Architecturo

Diembre du Société des Ingénieurs Civils de the Conquest,' etc. (J. SI*.) author of 'Architectural Drawing,' Architec

France; Mitglied des Vereines Deutscher In. SIMPSON, Alexander Russell, M.D. ;

tural Essayson Pierrefonds,''Domed Churches in

genieure; associate-editor of * Engineering MagaPerigord," Mosqueat Damascus,' etc. (R. P. S.)

zine,' New York and London; author of the Professor of Midwifery and the Diseases of

English translation of Reuleaux's 'KonstrukWomen and Children, University of Edin. SPRING-RICE, Stephen Edward, C.B. ; teur,' and other works.

(H. H. S*.) burgh; editor of Sir James Y. Simpson's Principal Clerk H.M. 'Treasury; Auditor of the Lectures on Diseases of Women'; author of Civil List; private secretary_to successive

SWINBURNE, Algernon Charles; author Contributions to Obstetrics and Gynecology,' Financial Secretaries to the Treasury, 1881.

of Beaumontand Fletcher,''Congreve,'Keats,' and of an Atlas of the Frozen Section of a 1888, and to Chancellor of the Exchequer,

' Landor,! Marlowe,'. 'Mary' (of Scotland),

Cadaver in the Genu - pectoral Position 1886.

(S. E. S.-R.)

''John Webster,' in Ninth Edition (along with Dr Ber Hart), and

of 'Ency. Brit., “The Queen- Mother, and Memoirs.

(A. R. S.) SQUIRE, William Barclay, B.A., F.S.A., Rosamond,' 'Atalanta in Calydon,''Chastelard,'

F.R.G.S.; Assist. Brit. Museum ; don. Sec. Poems and Ballads,' William Blake,' Songs SIMPSON, Rev. James Gilliland, M.A.; Purcell Soc.; Joint Hon. Sec. Eng. Com. Inter. before Sunrise,' 'Bothwell,' 'Songs of Two

Principal of Leeds Clergy School; lately Rector national Music Society; late musical critic of Nations,' 'George Chapman,' * Pooms and of St Paul's, Dundee.

(J. G. Si.) “Westininster Gazette, Saturday Review,' and Ballads' (2nd series), 'A Study of Shakespeare,

Globe' (London); author of various articles
SIMPSON, Lieut. - Col. W. A. ; Assistant

Mary Stuart,' Tristram of Lyonesse, and
Adjutant-General U.S. War Department; In.
on music; and editor of 'Byrd's Masses,' "The

other Poeins, ‘Miscellanies,' 'A Study of structor U.S. Military Academy, West Point,

Fitzwilliam Virginal Book,' etc. (W. B. S*.) Victor Hugo,' 'Locrine,'_ Poems and Ballads' 1883-87. (W. A. S.) STANTON, Rev. Vincent Henry, D.D.,

(3rd series), 'Study of Ben Jonson,' 'Studies M.A.; Ely Professor of Divinity, Cambridge,

in Prose and Poetry,' 'Rosamund, Queen of the SINCLAIR, P. G., M.A., F.L.S. ; author of

and Canon of Ely; Hulsean Lecturer, 1879;

Lombards,' etc.

(A. O. S.) inany biológical papers in scientific journals,

author of "The Jewish and the Christian
(F.G. S*)

SYMONS, Arthur; author of 'An Introduction

Messiah,''The Place of Authority in Matters of to the Study of Browning,'.' Days and Nights,' SKINNER, Frank C.; Principal Examiner Religious Belief.'

(V. H. S.) "Silhouettes,' 'London Nights,' 'Studies in and Chief of Classification Division, U.S. Patent

editor of 'The Builder';

Two Literatures,' 'The Symbolist Movement in Office.

(F. C. S.)

author of Architecture for General Readers,

Literature,' 'Images of Good and Evil,! Col.

lected Poems.' SLOANE, Thomas O'Conor, Ph.D., A.M. ; 'Architecture among the Poets.' (EL H. S.)

(A. Sy.) late Professor Nat. Sc., Seton Hall Coll.,

SYMONS, H.; British Museum.
South Orange, N.J.
STEBBING, Rev. Thomas Roscoe Rede,

(H. Sv.) (T. O'C. S.)

M.A., F.R.S., F.L.S., F.Z.S.; Fellow of King's
SLOANE, William Milligan, Ph.D., College, London; Fellow of Worcester Coll.
L.E.D., LL.D.; Professor of History, Columbia Oxford; prepared Report on the Amphipoda

University, New York; sometime Professor of

of the Challenger' Expedition ; Chairman of
History in Princeton University, and editor of

Conference of Delegates, corresponding societies TAIT, Peter Guthrie, M.A., D.Sc., the late; the Princeton Review'; Secretary to George of British Association, 1899; author of "Trans- Professor of Natural Philosophy, Edin.; Sec. Bancroft in Berlin, 1873-75; author of The lation of Longinus On the Sublime,' 'Essays on Royal Soc., Edin.; Hon. Fellow St Peter's Coll., French War aud the Revolution,' 'Napoleon Darwinisin,''« Challenger" Reports,' Zoology,' Cambridge; Professor of Mathematics, Queen's Bonaparte,' etc.

(W. M. S.)

'A History of Crustacea,' etc. (T. R. R. S.) Coll., Belfast, 1854 ; author of Light,' 'Sir SLOCUM, William F., LL.D.; President STEDMAN, Edmund Clarence, L.H.D.,

W. Rowan Hamilton,' etc., in Ninth Edition Colorado College. (W. F. S.) LL.D.; poet and critic; author of 'Poems,'

of 'Ency. Brit.,' 'Dynamics of a Particle, Victorian Poets,' 'Poets of America,'. 'The

Quaternions,' Thermo - Dynamics,'. 'Heat, SMITH, Benjamin Eli, A.M.; assistant

Nature and Elements of Poetry'; editor of

Light,' etc.

(P. G. T.) editor of the Century Dictionary'; editor of the Century Cyclopædia of Names,' and of

Library of American Literature,' Victorian TANSLEY, A, G., M.A., F.L.S. ; Asst. Prothe 'Century Atlas.'

(B. E. S.)
Anthology,' etc.

(E. O. S.) fessor of Botany, University Coll., London ;

author of 'Memoirs on the Anatomy of Plants' SMITH, Hon. Charles Emory; Post

STEED, H. WICKHAM; Correspondent of
' at Rome.


editor of “The New Phytologist,' etc. (A. G. T.) master - General, Washington, D.C.; formerly United States Minister to Russia ; editor of the STEPHEN, Sir Herbert, Bart., LL.M. ;

TAUSSIG, Frank William, Ph.D., LL.D.; ‘Philadelphia Press. since 1880. (C. E. S.) Clerk of Assize for the Northern Circuit; author

Professor of Political Economy, Harvard Uni. of “The Law Relating to Malicious Prosecu

versity, and editor of the Quarterly Journal SMITH, George Barnett, F.R.G.S. ; author

of Economics'; author of 'Tariff History of tions,' 'Prisoners on Oath,' etc. (H. S*.) of Mrs Browning,' in Ninth Edition of Ency.

the United States,' 'Wages and Labour,' Brit.,' 'Shelley, "Life of Mr Gladstone, | STEPHEN, Leslie,. Litt.D., M.A.; Hon. etc.

(E. W. T.) * Victor Hugo," "The Life of Mr Bright,' “The

Fellow of Trin. Hall, Camb. ; President of TAYLOR, Charles, M.A., D.D., Hon. LL.D.
Prime Ministers of Queen Victoria,' Life and Ethical Society; formerly Fellow and Assistant
Enterprises of Ferdinand de Lesseps, The Tutor, Trin. Hall Coll., and Clark Lecturer in

(Harvard); Master of St John's Coll., Cam.
Life of Queen Victoria,' etc.
(G. B. S.) English Literature ; editor of Cornhill Magazine,

bridge; author of 'Geometrical Conics, The 1871-82; Dictionary of National Biography,

Gospel in the Law,' 'The Teaching of the SMITH, Hubert Llewellyn, M.A.; Deputy 1882-91; author of 'Hours in a Library,'

Twelve Apostles,' etc.

(C. T*.) Controller-General and Labour Commissioner,

History of English Thought in the Eighteenth TAYLOR, Hon. Hannis, LL.D.; V.8. Minister Labour Department, Board of Trade; Cobden

Century,' Essays on Freethinking and Plain to Spain, 1893-97 ; author of "The Origin and Prize, Oxford, 1890.

(H. L. S.)

Speaking,' 'The Science of Ethics,' 'Life of Growth of the English Constitution.' (H. T*.) SMITH, Dr Hugh M.; in charge of Division

Henry Fawcett,' 'An Agnostic's Apology,''Life of Inquiry respecting Food Fishes, U.S. Com.

of Sir James Fitz-James Stephen, Studies of a

TCHERTKOFF), V.; author of Christian mission of Fish and Fisheries.

Martyrdom in 'Russia'; agent for Count (H. M. 8*.)

Biographer,''The English Utilitarians'; edited
Letters of John Richard Green.' (L. S.)

Tolstoy in England.

(V. T.) SMITH, John, C.B.; Inspector-General in Bankruptcy.

(J. Sm*.) STEPHENS, F. G. one of the Pre-Raphaelite TEDDER, Henry Richard, F.S.A.; Secretary Brotherhood; late art critic of the 'Athenæum';

and Librarian of the Atheneum Club; librarian SMYTH, Herbert Warrington, M.A., author of 'Landseer'in Ninth Edition of 'Ency.

to Lord Acton, 1873-74; one of the organisers LL.M., F.G.S., F.R.G.8.; Sec. Mining Dept., Brit.,' 'Catalogue of Satires (Brit. Mus.),

and joint-sec. of Ist International Conference Transvaal; Order of the White Elephant, siam; * Artists at Home,'. George Cruikshank,

of Librarians, 1877 ; joint hon. sec. of Library Sec. Siamese Legation, 1898-1901 ; author of ‘Memorials of W. Mulready,' 'French and

Association, 1878-80; hon. treas, of the same, • Journey on the Upper Mekong,''Five Years in Flemish Pictures,' 'Sir E. Landseer,' 'T. C.

1889-97, and 1898-1901 ; President, 1897-98; Siam,' etc. (E. W. Sm.) Hook, R. A.,' etc.

(F. G. S.)

treag. and sec. Metropolitan Free Libraries'

Committee, 1878-80; hon. treas. second Inter. SNOW, Francis Huntingdon, LL.D.; Chan. STERLAND, Miss M. B.; writer on Ecclesi. national Conference of Librarians, 1897 ; jointcellor of the University of Kansas. (F. E. S.) astical History.

(M. B. S.) editor of first three volumes of Transactions of

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