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Society of London,' 'Astronomical Myths,' BOURNE, Henry Eldridge; Professor of | BROWNE, Edward Granville, M.A., M.B.; Yorkshire Lias,' etc.

(J. F. Bl.) History, College for Women, Western Reserve Fellow of Pembroke College, Cambridge, and BLAKE, Prof. William Phipps, Ph.B. ;

University, U.S.

(H. E. B.) Professor of Persian; editor of The Episode Director School of Mines, University of Arizona, BOWER, Frederick Orpen, Sc.D., F.R.S.,

of the Bab,' etc.

(E. G. B.) and territorial geologist of Arizona; author F.L.S.; Regius Professor of Botany, University BROWNLOW, Rt. Rev. William Robert of Geological Reconnaissance of California,' of Glasgow, since 1985; author of A Course of (the late), D.D., M.A., R.C. Bishop of Clifton;

'Silver Ores and Silver Mines,' etc. (W. P. B.) Practical Instruction in Botany,' 'Practical provost, and domestic prelate to Pope Leo BLÖNDAL, Sigfús, of the University Library,

Botany for Beginners,' etc.

(F. O. B.) XIII. ; co-editor of 'English Roma Sotter. Copenhagen.

(S. BL.) BOWLEY,, A. L.;, author of Elements of ranea'; author of 'Early Christian Symbolism';

Statistics,' Wages in the United Kingdom in BLOUNT, Bertram, F.C.S., F.I.C. ; con

Memoirs of Melise Brownlow, Sir James Marthe Nineteenth Century,' etc. (A. L. Bo.) shall, and Mother Rose Columba Adams, O.P.; sulting chemist to the Crown Agents for the

Lectures on Slavery and Serfdom, on Church Colonies ; Hon. President Cement Section of BOYD, Charles Walter, B.A. (Edin.); International Assoc. for Testing Materials, journalist; sometime private secretary in

History, on Sacerdotalism, on the Catacombs,

and Buda-Pesth.

other Archeological subjects; trans(B. BL.) South Africa to Dr Jameson and Mr Cecil

lation of Rhodes,

Cur Deus Homo, and ( Vitis BLOWITZ, Henri Georges Stephane

(C. W. B*.)

Mystica.' Adolphe 'Opper de; The Times

( W. R. B.) BRABROOK, Edward William, C.B., spondent in Paris; Professor of German at F.S.A., V.P.S.S., V.P.R.S.L. ;

BRUNTON, Sir Thomas Lauder, M.D.,

V.P. Royal Tours, Limoges, Poitiers, and Marseilles ; en- Archæological Institute since 1900; Chief Regis

Sc.D., LL.D. (Edin, and Aberd.), F.R.S. ; phytered on service of The Times,' July 1871; trar of Friendly Societies since 1991 ; President

sician to St Bartholomew's Hospital, London ; inaugurated constant telegraphic communica- Anthropological Institute, 1895-97; President

author of 'The Bible and Science,' 'Text-Book tions and obtained the concession from 9 P.M. Folk - Lore Society, 1901; Foreign Associate,

of Pharmacology, Therapeutics, and Materia to 3 A.M. of a special wire for "The Times' from Society of Anthropology of Paris, 1901 ; author

Medica,' 'Disorders of Digestion,' 'Lectures on

the Action of Medicines.' 9 May 1874 ; officer of the Legion of Honour; of Building Societies,' Friendly Societies,'

(T. L. B.) Doctor of Philosophy; officer of the Institute

'Savings Banks' in Ninth Edition of Ency: BRYAN, George Hartley, Sc.D., F.R.S. ; of France; author of 'Feuilles Volantes,' Brit.,' Provident Societies and Industrial Professor of Pure and Applied Mathematics in ‘L'Allemagne et la Provence,' 'Le Mariage Welfare,' 'History of Royal Society of Litera

the University College of North Wales ; Fellow royal d'Espagne,' 'Une Course à Constanti. ture.'

(E. W. B.) of Peterhouse, 1889-95; gold medal Inst. Naval nople.' (DE B.) BRADFORD, John R., M.D., D.Sc., F.R.C.P., Architects, 1901.

(G. H. BR.) BLUNT, Capt. Charles Jasper, R.A. ;

F.R.S.; member of Senate of University of

Hon. Edgar E.,

LL.D. ; Chief Ordnance Officer, Guernsey; served in London; physician to University Coll. Hospital

Justice of the Circuit Court of Arkansas, the Chitral campaign, etc.

(C. J. B.)

London ; Professor of Materia Medica and
Therapeutics, University College, London; Pro-

1890-97 ; author of 'Speeches and Addresses,

etc. BODLEY, John Edward Courtenay,

(E. E. B.) fessor Supt. of the Brown Institution; author M.A. ; private secretary to President of Local Governinent Board, 1882-85 ; secretary to Royal

of papers on medical and scientific subjects in BRYCE, Rt. Hon. James, P.C., D.C.L., Proc. Roy. Soc. and in Transactions of medical

LL.D., F.R.S., M.P.'; Regius Professor of Commission on Housing of the Working Classes,

societies, etc.

(J. R. B.)

Civil Law at Oxford, 1870; Under-Secretary of 1884-85; author of France': vol. i. 'The Revolution and Modern France,' vol. ii. "The ParliaBRÆKSTAD, H. L.; Anglo - Norwegian

State for Foreign Affairs, 1886; Chancellor of

Duchy of Lancaster (with seat in Cabinet), 1892; mentary System, (French ed. 1901), “L'Anglojournalist; translator of standard Norwegian

President of Board of Trade, 1894 ; Chairman manie et les traditions françaises.' (J. E. C. B.)


(H. L. B.)

of Royal Commission on Secondary Education, BOLTZMANN, Ludwig; Professor of BRAMWELL, Capt. G. A.; School of Sig. 1894 ; member of Senate of London University, Theoretical Physics, University of Vienna ;

nalling, Aldershot; Deputy-Assistant-Adjutant- 1893; corresponding member of Institute of Hon. Member Royal Academy of Sciences,

General for signalling.

(G. 1. BR.) France, 1891; foreign member of Royal AcaBerlin; author of 'Lectures on the Theory of BRANNER, John Casper, Prof., Ph.D.,

demies of Turin and Brussels, 1896; corre. Gas,' 'Lectures on Maxwell's Theory of Elec- LL.D.; Geologist, Imperial Geolog. Com- sponding member of Società Romana di Storia tricity and Light'; editor of 'Maxwell's Physi- mission, Brazil, 1875-1877 ; Agent U.S. Depart- Patria, 1885; honorary Fellow of Trinity and cal Forces.' (L. Bo.) ment of Agriculture in Brazil, 1882-83; acting

Oriel Colleges, Oxford; president of the Alpine BONAR, James, M.A., LL.D.; senior Examiner President, Stanford University, U.S.A., 1898-99; Club; author of 'Emperor and Empire,' 'Jus.

Fellow of Geolog. Soc. of London and Société

tinian,' 'Procopius,' Civil Service Coinmission, Westminster; junior

" Theodora,' in Ninth Examiner in H.M. Civil Service Commission,

Géologique de France; member of various scien- Edition of_‘Ency. Brit.,' The Holy Roman tific societies of North and South America;author

Empire,' The Trade Marks Registration Act, 1881; senior Examiner, ibidem, end of 1895; of numerous publications on Brazil. (J. C. BR.)

Transcaucasia and Ararat, President of Section F of British Association,

The American 1898; author of Malthus and his Work, BRANTLY, William Theophilus ;

Commonwealth,' 'Impressions of South Africa, Ricardo's Letters to Malthus,' 'Philosophy porter of the Maryland Court of Appeals; ex.

(J. BR.) and Political Economy,' 'Catalogue of Adam secretary of State of Maryland ; author of BRYDON, J.M., the late; architect; designed Smith's Library' (part), 'Ricardo's Letters to ‘Maryland’in Ninth Edition of 'Ency. Brit.,' various Government Offices, Chelsea Town Trower.' (J. B*.) 'Law of Personal Property.' (W. T. B.) Hall and Polytechnic, Bath Municipal Build.

(J. M. Br.) BONNEY, Rev. Thomas George, D.Sc., BRASSEY, Lord, ist Baron, K.C.B.,

ings, etc.

LL.D., F.R.S. ; late Professor of Geology, D.C.L. ; knight of st John of Jerusalem ; BUCHANAN, John Young, M.A., F.R.S. ; University Coll. London ; Hon. Canon of Man. Commander of Legion of Honour, 1889; Presi

chemist and physicist of the 'Challenger' chester; Fellow of St John's Coll. Camb. ; dent Statistical Society, 1879-80; Civil Lord of Expedition; later, Lecturer in Geography, Hulsean Lecturer (Cainb.), 1884; President Admiralty, 1880-83; Secretary to Admiralty, University of Cambridge ; author of Lake, Geological Society, 1884-86 ; Boyle Lecturer, 1883-85 ; Chairinan of Opium Commission; ' Mediterranean,' in Ninth Edition of 'Ency. 1990-92; Rede Lecturer (Cainb.), 1892; Vice- President of the Institution of Naval Archi


(J. Y. B.) President Royal Society, 1899; author of "The tects, 1893-95; Governor of Victoria, 1895-1900 ; BUCKLEY, Rev. James Monroe, D.D., Alpine Regions,' 'The Story of our Planet,' author of 'Work and Wages,''Naval Annual, LL.D.; editor of "The Christian Advocate

Charles Lyell and Modern Geology,' 'Ice- British Navy,' * British Seamen,' 'British (New York); author of "Travels in three Con. Work, Volcanoes,' etc. (T. G. B.) Work and Foreign Wages,' etc.


tinents,', 'Faith Healing,' Christian Science BOSCO, Augustus; Professor of Statistics, BRETT, Michael, Barrister, Middle Temple. and Kindred Phenomena,' 'Supposed Miracles,' University of Rome. (A. Bo.)

(M. Bt.)

(J. M. Bu.) BOULENGER, George A., F.R.S., F.Z.S.; BRICKDALE, C; Fortescue, Barrister, BÜRDE, Lieut. Johannes, late of the assistant, Dept. of Zoology, Brit. Museum, Lincoln's Inn; author of The Law and Prac.

German army, 51st Infantry Regiment; author since 1832; author of numerous works on tice regarding the Registration of Deeds in the

of 'Problems of Applied Tactics, with SoluZoology.

(G. A. B.)
County of Middlesex,' Notes on Land Trans-

tions,' 'Tactical Problems,' c.

(J. BE.) fer,' 'Registration of Title to Land,' part BOURCHIER, James David, M.A. ;

author of "The Land Transfer Acts, 1875 and BURDETT, Sir Henry, K.C.B.; founder and sometime Scholar of Kings_College, Cam

1897,' etc.

(C. F. BR.)

editor of the 'Hospital' late superintendent bridge; Correspondent of The Times at Athens.

of the Queen's Hospital, Birmingham, and of BRIDGE, Vice- Admiral Sir Cyprian (J. D. B.) Arthur George, K.C.B. ; Commander-in

the Seamen's Hospital, Greenwich ; late secreBOURGET, Paul, poet, critic, and novelist; Chief, China station; meinber of Committee on

tary Share and Loan Department, London member of French Academy since 1894 ; officer Heavy Guns, 1878; of War Office Committee on

Stock Exchange ; author of Burdett's Official of the Legion of Honour, 1895 ; author of La Vie Machine Guns, 1879; of Ordnance Committee,

Intelligence of British, American, and Foreign inquiète, 1874; Edel, 1878; Les Aveux, 1882; 1881 ; Director of Naval Intelligence, 1889-94;

Securities,' 'The National Debt,' Local TaxaEssais de Psychologie, 1883; Nouveaux Essais Commander-in-Chief Australian station, 1895-98;

tion in England and Wales,' The Patriotic de Psychologie, 1885; Etudes et Portraits, 1887; author of 'Signals'in Ninth Edition of 'Ency.

Fund,'_'Hospitals and Asylums of the World,' Pastels, 1889 ; Physiologie de l'Amour moderne, Brit.'

(C. A. G. B.)

The Relative Mortality of Large and Small 1890 ; Sensations d'Italie, 1891; Nouveaux

Hospitals,' 'Burdett's Hospitals and Charities, Pastels, 1891 ; Outre Mer, 1895 ; L'Irréparable,

BRIGHTMAN, Rev. Frank Edward, a Year-book of Philanthropy,' 'Hospitals and 1884; Cruelle Enigme, 1885; Un Crime d'Amour, M. A. ; Chaplain Univ. Coll. Oxford, 1884-87';

the State,' 'Unhealthiness of Public Institu1886; André Cornélis, 1987; Mensonges, 1587; Pusey Librarian, 1884; author of What Ob

tions,' 'A Practical Scheme for Old Age Le Disciple, 1889; Un coeur de femme, 1890; La jections have been made to English Orders ?';

Pensions, The Registration of Nurses, The Terre Promise, 1892; Cosmopolis, 1892; Un editor of 'Liturgies Eastern and Western,' 'The

Nursing Profession, how and where to Train,' Oxford Library of Practical Knowledge,' Scrupule, 1894 ; Un Idylle Tragique, 1896 ;

Housing of the Poor,' etc.

(H. Br.) etc. Voyageuses, 1897; Recommencements, 1897 ;

(F. E. BR.) Complications Sentiinentales, 1898; La Duchesse BRINKLEY, Capt. F., R.A. ; proprietor and BURN, Rev. 4. E., B.D. ; Examining ChapBleue, 1898; Drames de Famille, 1900; Un editor of the Japan Mail, Yokohama ; edited

lain to the Bishop of Lichfield ; author of 'The

Athanasian Creed,' 'An Introduction to the Homme d'Affaires, 1900 ; Le Fantôme. (P. B*.) Japan'; translated The History of Japan';

Creeds and to the Te Deum,' etc. compiled ' An Unabridged Japanese and English

(A. E. B.) BOURNE, Gilbert Charles, M.A., D.Sc.,

Dictionary,' etc.

(F. By.) BURNSIDE, Rev. Frederick, M.A.; F.L.S. ; Fellow and Tutor of New Coll. Oxford; assistant to Linacre Professor of Comparative BROADFOOT, Major William, R.E. ;

Hon. Canon St Albans; Rural Dean of HertAnatomy, Oxford, 1887-88; Director, Marine author of the Badminton Billiards; edited

ford ; Hon. editor of the Official Year - Book Biological Association, United Kingdom, 1889Career of Major George Broadfoot, C.B., in

of the Church of England'; compiler of 'The 1890; assistant to Linacre Professor at Oxford, Afghanistan and the Punjaub,' etc. (W. BR.)

Official Parochial Register of Church Services, etc.

(F. Bu.) 1892-1900 ; University Lecturer in Comparative BROOME, Lady, widow of the late Sir F. Anatomy, 1898; author of various memoirs Napier Broome, Governor of West Australia; BURNSIDE, William, M.A., F.R.S. ; Proon Comparative Anatomy, an 'Introduction to author of ‘Station Life in New Zealand,

fessor of Mathematics, Royal Naval College, Study of Comp. Anatomy of Animals,' articles etc.

Greenwich. (M. A. B.)

(W. Bu.) Anthozoa and Ctenophora, in Lankester's BROOMHALL, G. J. S., editor of Corn BURROUGHS, John, author of "Wake ‘Zoology,' etc. (G. C. B.) Trade Year-Book,' etc.

(G. J. S. B.) Robin, "Signs and Seasons,' 'Birds and fornia.


(C. P. C.)


Poets,' 'Fresh Fields, "Whitman: A Study, Marshfield the Observer,'' The Secret Orchard,' | CLARK, Charles Hopkins, editor of " Hart-

(J. Bu.)

(E. CA.)

ford Courant,'Conn., U.S.A. BURROWS, Rev. Winfrid Oldfield, M.A.; CHADWICK, Capt. French Ensor, in CLARK, George A.B.L. ; Secretary to Vicar of Holy Trinity, Leeds; formerly Prin- command of U.S. cruiser New York,' flagship

the Léland Stanford Junior University, Seccipal of Leeds Clergy School and Tutor of N. Atlantic Squadron ; Chief of Staff of Rear

retary of the U.S. Fur Seal Commission, 1896Christ Church, Oxford.

(W. O. B.) Admiral Sampson in the Spanish - American 1898.
(F. E. Ch.)

(G. A. C. BURTON, Clarence Monroe, LL.D. ;

CLARKE, Caspar Purdon, C.I.E.; Dir. author of

of Cadillac, founder of CHALMERS, Mackenzie Dalzell, C.S.I.,

ector of Art Museum, South Kensington; Detroit,' 'Revisited Landmarks of Detroit,' M.A.; assistant parliamentary counsel to Treas

late keeper of Art Collections and Assistant etc. (C. M. B.) ury, England; counsel to Board of Trade ;


Judge of County Courts, 1884; acting Chief BURTON, William, F.C.S. ; author of Cantor

Justice, Gibraltar, 1893 ; Commissioner of Assize, CLARKE, Colonel Sir George Syden. Lectures on ‘Material and Design in Pottery,

1895; member of the Statute Law Committee, ham, K.C.M.G., F.R.S.; Governor of Victoria, etc.

(W. B*.)

and Board of Faculty of Law of Oxford ; law Australia, since 1901 ; served Egyptian expeBUTLER, Alfred Joshua, M.A. ; Fellow of member of the Viceroy's Council in India; author dition, 1882; Sudan expedition, 1885 ; Suakin, Brasenose College, Oxford ; author of 'Tyrol'

of contributions to 'Dictionary of Political in Intelligence Department and as Assistant in Ninth Edition of 'Ency. Brit. (A. J. B.)

Economy and Encyclopædia Britannica,

Political Officer ; Secretary Colonial Defence BUTLER, Prof. Nicholas Murray, Ph.D.; 'Digest of the Law of Bills of Exchange, Committee; Secretary to Royal Commission

Pres. Columbia University, New York; author Digest of the Law of Sale,' etc. (M. D. Ca.) on Navy and Army Administration ; Superof 'The Meaning of Education,' etc. ; editor of CHAMBERLAIN, Hon. Joshua Law

intendent Royal Carriage Factory, 1894-1901; the Educational Review' and of the Great rence, A.M., LL.D.; Brigadier-General in the

member of Committee on War Office Reorganiza. Educators' series. (N. M. B.) U.S. Cívil War; Governor of Maine, 1866-71,

tion, 1900-1901; author of Practical Geometry and President of Bowdoin College, 1871-83 ;

and Engineering Drawing, The Principles author of Maine'in Ninth Edition of 'Ency.

of Graphic Statics,' 'Plevna, 'Fortification С Brit.,' 'Maine: Her Place in History,'' American

Past, Present, and Future," "The Navy and the Ideals,' etc.

(J. L. C.)

Nation,' 'Imperial Defence, Russia's SeaCABLE, George Washington, A.M.,

power,' etc. CHANEY, Henry James, Superintendent

(G. S. C.) D.L. ; author of New Orleans Ninth

Standards Department Board of Trade; Secret

CLAUSEN, George, A.R.A., R.W.S.; medals: Edition of Ency. Brit,' 'Old Creole Days,' ary to Royal Commission on Standards, 1867-70;

Paris 1889, Chicago 1893, Brussels 1897, Paris * The Grandissimes,''Dr Sevier, ‘John March, represented Great Britain at International Con


(G. CL) Southerner,' etc.

(G. W. Ca.) ference on the Metric System, 1901; author of CLAUSON, Captain John Eugene, R.E., CAILLARD, Sir Vincent Henry Pen- * Treatise on Weights and Measures. (H. J. C.) B.A. London; Secretary Colonial Defence Comalver,, K.B. ; Assistant Commissioner for

CHANNING, Edward, Ph.D. ; Professor of mittee, War Office, London.
England on Montenegrin Frontier Commission,

(J. E.C.)
History, Harvard University ; author of
1879; on Arab Tabia Commission, 1879; attached

CLAYDEN, Peter William, the late ; Presi

History of the United States,' 'Town and to Sir Beauchamp Seymour, Naval Demonstra

dent Inst. Journalists, London; a President County Government in the English Colonies tion, Dulcigno, 1880 ; service for Intelligence

International Congress of the Press, Antwerp, of North America,' 'Narragansett Planters,' Department, 1882; attached Headquarters Staff

1894; English member International Bureau etc.; collaborator with the late Dr Justin Egyptian Campaign, 1882; appointed President Winsor on the 'Narrative and Critical History

of Press; Treasurer, Institute of Journalists Ottoman Public Debt Council, 1883; and Fin

Orphan Fund; author of Scientific Men and of America.'

(E. CH.) ancial Representative of England, Holland, and

Religious Teachers,' 'England under Lord Belgium in Constantinople; medal and bronze ANUTE, Octave, late President American Beaconsfield,' 'Early Life of Samuel Rogers, star, Egyptian campaign; Grand Cordons Med- Society of Civil Engineers; honorary member 'Rogers and his Contemporaries, England jidie and Osmanie ; gold medals of Liakat and Institution of Civil Engineers, Great Britain ; under the Coalition,' etc.

(P. W. C.) Nishan-i-Imtiaz; Grand Cordon of Ordre pour

author of 'Kansas City Bridges, 'Progress in
le mérite civile.

(V. H. P. C.)
Flying Machines,' etc.

CLERC, F. L., Denver, Colorado, U.S.A. (O. C.)

M. Amer. Soc. of Mining Engineers. (F. L C.) CALLEN DAR, Hugh Longbourne, CHAPMAN, Alfred, M.I.C.E. ; designer and

LL.D., F.R.S. ; 'Professor of Physics, Royal constructor of sugar machinery. (A. Ch.) CLERK, Dugald, M.I.C.E. ; author of 'The
Coll. of Science, London ; Professor of Physics, CHARLES, Rev. Robert Henry, M.A..

Theory of the Gas Engine,''Notes on Motive
M'Gill Coll, Montreal, 1893-98. (H. L. C.)

Power Inventions,' etc.
D.D.; Professor of Biblical Greek, Trin. Coll.

(D. CL.) CAMP, Walter, Newhaven, U.S.A., anthor of Dublin ; author of 'Book of Enoch,'translated CLIFFORD, Hugh Charles, C.M.G.; British

' Book of College Sports,' 'American Football,' from the Ethiopic and edited 'Ethiopic Text of Resident, Pahang; nominated by Colonial Oflice etc.

(W. CA.) Book of Jubilees, edited from four MSS.,' to post of Governor North Borneo and Labuan CAMPBELL, J. G. D., M.A. ; H.M.'s In

Book of the Secrets of Enoch,' 'Apocalypse under Chartered Company, 1900; Resident, spector of Schools; educational adviser to the of Baruch, translated from the Syriac and Pahang, 1901; Acting Resident, Negri Sembilan,

edited "The Assumption of (J. G. D. C.)

Moses, "The King of Siam, 1899-1901.

Sept. 1901; author of 'In Court and Kampong,

Doctrine of a Future Life,' 'Jowett Lectures CAMPBELL, Rev. Lewis, M.A., LL.D.;

Studies in Brown Humanity,''Since the Beginfor 1898-99.'

(R. H. C.) emeritus Professor of Greek, University of

ning,' 'In a Corner of Asia, joint-author with St Andrews; Hon. Fellow of Balliol Coll. CHATAWAY, James Vincent, M.L.A., Sir Frank Swettenham of a Dictionary of the Oxford ; Gifford Lecturer, St Andrews, 1894-95; the late ; Secretary for Agriculture, Queens

Malay Language.

(H. CL.) land. author of 'Plato, Sophocles' in Ninth Edition

(J. V. C.) CLODD, Edward ; author of "The Childhool of 'Ency. Brit., The Christian Ideal,' part CHIROL, Valentine; B.Lit. University of of the World, The Childhood of Religions, "Life of James Clerk-Maxwell,' 'Sophocles in Paris ; foreign editor of The Times'; author Jesus of Nazareth,' 'Myths and Dreams, English Verse,'. 'Aeschylus in English Verse,' of "The Far Eastern Question,' 'Twixt Greek 'Story of Creation, Story of Primitive Man, Guide to Greek Tragedy'; edition of 'Plato's and Turk,' etc.

(V. C.) Primer of Evolution,' 'Pioneers of Evolution, Republic' (with late Professor Jowett), “Life of

CHISHOLM, G. G., M.A., B.Sc.; author of Tom Tit Tot, an Essay on Savage Philosophy Benjamin Jowett' (with E. Abbott), "Religion “The Commerce of the British Empire, joint

in Folk - Tale,' 'Grant Allen, Story of the in Greek Literature,' 'Letters of B. Jowett'

author of Europe' in Stanford's 'Compendium Alphabet,' etc. (with E. Abbott), "The Nationalization of the

(L. C.)

of Geography and Travel'; edited Longinan's Old English Universities.'

COBHAM, C. Delaval, M.A., B.C.L.; British Gazetteer of the World.'

(G. G. C.)

Commissioner, Larnaca, Cyprus; editor of CARLYLE, E, I., M.A., F.R. Hist.Soc.; Fellow CHISHOLM, Hugh, B.A.; formerly scholar Bibliography of Cyprus,

Excerpta of Merton College, Oxford ; assist. editor to the C.C.C., Oxford ; Barrister-at-Law of the


translator of Mariti's Travels in ' Dictionary of National Biography.' (E. I. C.)

Middle Temple; assistant editor of the 'St Cyprus. CAROE, William Douglas, M.A., F.S.A.; James's Gazette,' 1892-97 ; editor, 1897-1900.

COCKBURN, Hon. Architect to Ecclesiastical Commission, to the Contributor to 'Fortnightly Review,' 'National

Sir John AlexDean and Chapter of Canterbury, etc.; Fellow Review,' The Times,' Standard,' etc.; Joint

ander, K.C.M.G., M.D. ; Fellow King's Coland Member of the Council R.I.B.A.; part editor of the New Volumes of the 'Encyclopædia

lege, London; Mayor

of Jamestown, author of 'Sefton.' (W. D. C.)

Australia ; member of House of Assembly, S. Britannica.'

(H. CH.)

Australia'; Minister of Education, 1885-87 CARSON, Howard A., formerly chief engineer CHREE, Charles, M.A., Sc.D., LL.D., F.R.S. ; of the Metropolitan (Greater Boston, U.S.A.)

Premier and Chief Secretary, 1889-90; Chief Fellow of King's College, Camb. ; Super- Secretary, 1892; Minister of Education and Sewerage Commission and now chief engineer

intendent Observatory Department, National Agriculture, 1893-98; one of the representa: of the Boston Transit Commission; in charge

Physical Laboratory.

(C. CH.) tives of South Australia at the Federal Cons of the building of the Boston Subway and the East Boston Tunnel ; sometime President of the

CHRISTY, S. B., Ph.B. ; Professor of Mining ferences in 1890, 1891, 1897, and 1898; AgentBoston Society of Civil Engineers. (H. A. C.)

and Metallurgy and Dean of the Faculty of General for South Australia to 1901. (J.A.CO)

the College of Mining, University of CaliCARTER, Albert Charles Robinson;

(S. B. C.) assistant editor of The Year's Art, 1897; CHURCH, Arthur Herbert, M.A., D.Sc., editor, 1894 ; editor of The Year's Music,

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F.R.S., F.S.A. ; Professor of Chemistry, Royal 1898; contributor to 'The Art Journal since

Academy of Arts; Professor of Chemistry in 1889, art critic of Manchester Courier'; art critic for Pall Mall Gazette'; writer of The

the Royal Agricultural Coll. Cirencester ; Lec

turer, Cooper's Hill; President of Mineralogical Art Annual, 1900, on War Artists.' (A. C. R. C.)

Society, 1898-1901; author of 'Guano,' 'Hemp,' CARVER, Thomas Gilbert, M.A., K.O.; * Irrigation,' in Ninth Edition of 'Ency. Brit.,

author of 'On the Law relating to the Carriage Precious Stones,''English Earthenware,''Engof Goods by Sea.'

(T. G. C.) lish Porcelain,' "The Laboratory Guide,' Food CASE, Thomas, M.A. ; Waynflete Professor of Grains of India,' 'Food,' 'Josiah Wedgwood,' Moral and Metaphysical Philosophy, Oxford ; "Colour,' etc.

(A. H. C.) Trade,' etc. Fellow of Magdalen; formerly Fellow and Tutor CHURCH, Col. George Earl; Member of of B.N.C., and C.C.C. ; author of 'Materials for the Council Roy. Geog. Soc. ; President of the History of Athenian Democracy from Solon to Geog. Section, British Association, 1898; author Pericles,' 'Realism in Morals,' Physical Real- of 'South America, an outline of its Physical ism,''St Mary's Clusters.' (T. CA.) Geography,' etc.

(G. E. C.) CASTLE, Egerton, M.A., F.S.A. ; author of CIST, Henry Martyn, A.M., Cincinnati, Schools and Masters of Fence,''Consequences, U.S.A. ; author of 'Army of the Cumberland,

English Book-Plates,' 'The Light of Scarthey, "Life of Major-General George H. Thomas
The Jerningham Letters,' The Pride of editor of 20 Annual Reports of the Society of
Jennico,' 'The Bath Comedy,' 'Young April, the Army of the Cumberland.

South Wales.

COGHLAN, T. A., A.M.I.C.E. ; Government

Statistician of New South Wales ; author of

The Mining Industry of New South Wales, Statistical Account of the Seven Colonies of Australasia'; has also written on the Agriculture, Fauna, and Timber Resources of New

(T. A.C. COLCLOUGH, John George, B.A.; late

Secretary of the British Chamber of Commerce Paris ; author of Ulster,' The Law of Cou tract,' Twenty-five Years of Anglo- French

(J. G. C.) COLE, Alan S.; Asst. Sec. (Art) Board of Educa.

tion; Ex. for Art, S. Kensington; author of Ancient Needle Point and Pillow Lace, Studies from the Museums, various descrip

Tapestry and Embroidery, etc.; and editor and Egyptian textiles at S. Kens. Mus.

tive catalogues of Tapestry, Embroidery, Lar, COLLINS, Rev. William Edward, MA;

Professor of Ecclesiastical History, King's


(H. M. C.)

(A. S.)

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Coll., London ; Examining Chaplain to the Coll. Oxford ; representative of General Council tribution to the Geology and Petrography of
Bishop of St Albans; author of "The English of Bar at International Congress of Advocates, Bathurst,' etc.

(J. M. Co.)
Reformation and its Consequences,' • The Brussels, 1897; representative of the same
Nature and Force of the Coinmon Law,'"Unity, Council at International Congress of the Société
Catholic and Papal,' etc.

(W. E. C.) de Législation Comparée, Paris, 1900; acting
Charles Ready,

Chairman of the International Commission on
COLOMB, Sir John

K.C.M.G., M.P.; author of Protection of

Criminal Sentences; author of many legal,
Commerce in War,' 'Imperial Strategy,' The

social, and political articles. (M. H. C.) DABNEY, Charles William, Ph.D.; Pres. Distribution of our War Forces,' *Colonial CRAIES, W. F.; Barrister, Inner Temple ;

Univ. of Tennessee; assistant U.S. Secretary Defence and Colonial Opinions,' The Defence edited A Collection of Statutes relating to

Agriculture, 1893-97, etc.

(C. W. D.) of Great and Greater Britain, Naval Intelli- Criminal Law,' ' A Treatise on the construction

DABNEY, Richard Heath, A.M., Ph.D.; gence and Protection of Commerce,' 'The Use and effect of Statute Law,' 'The Laws of

Professor of Historical and Economical Science, and Application of Marine Forces,' 'Imperial Insurance,' etc.

(W. F. C.)

University of Virginia ; author of "The Causes
Federation, Naval and Military,' British
Defence,' etc.

"(J. C. R. C.) CRANE, Walter, A.R. W.S.; silver medal, of the French Revolution,' 'John Randolph :
Paris, 1889; silver medal, Society of Arts ; a Character Sketch.'

(R. H. D.) COLVIN, Sir Auckland, K.C.S.I., K.C.M.G., gold medal, Munich, 1895; first and present | DALBY, W. Ernest, M.A., B.Sc., M.I.C.E., C.I.E.; Grand Cordons of Osmanieh and Med- President Arts and Crafts Ex. Society (England),

M.I.M.E., Assoc. M.I. Nav. Architects; Projidieh; Comptroller-Gen. Egypt; Financial 1888; member of Council of Art, Board of fessor of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Adviser to Khedive; Financial member of Education, and examiner in Design; Hon.

Mathematics, City and Guilds Technical College,
Viceroy's Council, India ; Lieut.-Gov. North- Member Dresden Academy of Fine Arts;

West Provinces and Oudh; author of 'John

(W. E. D.)
appointed British Commissioner for the Turin
Russell Colvin,'etc.

(A. Co.) International Exhibition of Decorative Art, DALE, T. F.; author of “The Game of Polo,

1902 ; Director of Design, Manchester Municipal part-editor of 'Riding and Polo.' (T. F. D.) COLYAR, H, A. de; of the Middle Temple,

School of Art, from 1893-96 (resigned); Hon, DALL,
Barrister-at-Law; author of 'Law of Guaran-

Hon. William Healey, A.M. ; tees.'

(H. A. DE C.)
Art Director, Reading College, 1898; Principal

naturalist, U.S. National Museum ; author of the Royal College of Art, South Kensington,

of 'Alaska and its Resources,' Tribes of the COMSTOCK, Brig.-Gen. Cyrus Ballon; 1898-99 (resigned); author and illustrator of

Extreme North-west,' etc.

(W. H. D.) U.S.A., retired ; Board of Engineers for Forti- 'Baby's Opera,' Baby's Banquet,''The Sirens fications, U.S. Army; chief engineer, Ariny Three,''Flora's Feast,"Queen Summer,' Claims DALLAS, J. M. M.; late Secretary of of the Potomac, 1562-63; President of the of Decorative Art,''Renascence, 1891,'Decora- the Edinburgh Draughts Club. (J. M. M. D.) Mississippi_River Commission; author of tive Illustration of Books,' 'Spenser's Fairie

DANNREUTHER,Edward, Professor Royal Primary Triangulation of the U.S. Lake Queene,' The Shepherd's Calendar,' 'Line and

Coll. Mus ; author of 'Musical'Ornamentation,
(C. B. C.) Form,'' A Masque of Days,' etc. (W. CR.)

Liszt's Études,' 'Richard Wagner.' (E. DA.)
CONATY, Right Rev. Bishop Thomas CRAWFORD, Francis Marion; author of
James, S.T.D., J.C.D.; Rector of the Catholic many novels, including "Mr Isaacs,'' and 'Sara-

DARWIN, George Howard, M.A., LL.D.,

D.Sc., F.R.S.; Plunian Professor of Astronomy University of Ainerica. (+ T. J. C.) cinesca'; and of 'Ave Roma Immortalis, 'Life of

and Experimental Philosophy, Cambridge ; CONWAY, Sir William Martin, M.A.;

Pope Leo XII.,' 'Constantinople,' etc. (M. Cr.)

Fellow of Trin. Coll. Camb. ; author of 'Tides,' Slade Professor of Fine Arts, Cambridge; Pro- CREAK, Capt. Ettrick William, R.N.,

in Ninth Edition of 'Ency. Brit.' 'Reports to fessor of Art, Univ. Coll. Liverpool, 1885-88; C.B., F.R.S. ; late Superintendent of Com- B.A. on Harmonic Analysis of Tidal ObservaHon. Sec. Art Congress, 1888-90 ; President of passes, Hydrographic Department, Admiralty, tions,

Memoirs on the Effects of Tidal the Alpine Club; author of Dawn of Art in London.

(E. W. C.) Friction on the Earth and on the Moon,' Phil. the Ancient World,' a series of Climbers' Guide

Trans. Roy. Soc., The Tides and Kindred books to the Pennine and Lepontine Alps, etc.,

CREIGHTON, Charles, M.A., M.D. Aber- Phenomena in the Solar System,'etc. (G. H. D.) 'Climbing and Exploration in the Karakoram

deen; author of History of Epidemics in Himalayas,' "The Alps from End to End,' 'Tho Britain,'' Jenner and Vaccination, etc. (C. C.) DARWIN, Leonard, Major, late R. E. ; In

telligence Dept. War Office, 1885-90; serveil First Crossing of Spitsbergen,' With Ski and CREWE, Earl of, P.C., M.A., F.S.A. ; President on several scientific expeditions, including Sledge over Arctic Glaciers, The Bolivian

of the Literary Fund; assist. priv. sec. to Sec. Transit of Venus of 1874 and 1882; author of Audes.' (W. M. C.) for Foreign Affairs, 1883-84; Lord-Lieut. of Bi-metallism.'

(L. D.) COOK, Theodore Andrea, M.A., F.S.A. ;

Ireland, 1892-95 ; author of “Stray Verse' DAVENPORT, Cyril James H., F.S.A.; author of Old Touraine,' 'Rouen,' 'A History articles on Ireland, etc.

British Museum ; silver medal Society of Arts, of the English Turf,' joint-author_of 'Ice

CRIMP, Santo, M.I.C.E.; the late ; author 1900 ; binding editor to the Anglo-Saxon ReSports.'

(T. A. Co.)

of 'Sewage Disposal Works'; joint author of view; author of The English Regalia,''Royal COOKE, Charles Wallwyn Radcliffe-,

"Tables and Diagrams for use in designing English Bookbindings, Cantor Lectures on B.A. ; author of A Treatise on the Agricultural sewers and water mains,' etc.

(S. CR.) Decorative Bookbindings, English EmHoldings (England) Act,' “ Four Years in ParliaCRITCHELL, James Troubridge; London

broidered Bookbindings,' 'Life of T. Bertheient with Hard Labour,' 'A Book about Cider

let.' Correspondent of the ‘Brisbane Courier,' North

(C. D.) and Perry'; President, National Association of

Queensland Herald,' etc.; author of 'Preliminary DAVEY of Fernhurst, Lord, D.C.L., F.R.S.; English Cider-makers.

(C. W. R. C.)

Enquiry into the Markets of the European Lord of Appeal in Ordinary ; Solicitor-General, COOLIDGE, Rev. William Augustus Continent,''Guide to Queensland,'etc. (J.T.Cr.) 1886; Lord Justice of Appeal, 1893. (D.) Brevoort, M.A., F.R.G.S. ; Fellow of Mag

CROOKES, Sir William, F.R.S. ; Past Pre- DAVIDS, T. W. Rhys, LL.D., Ph.D. ; Secdalen College, Oxford; Professor of English History, St David's College, Lampeter, 1880-81;

sident of the Chemnical Society, Great Britain ; retary and Librarian Róyal Asiatic Society;

Past President of the Institution of Electrical Professor of Pali and Buddhist Literature, Corresponding Member of the Swiss Hist.

Engineers; editor of 'Chemical News,'President Univ. Coll. London; author of 'Buddhism, Society, 1891; author of 'Jura,' 'Switzerland'

of the British Association for the Advancement Jains,' Lamaism,' in Ninth Edition of 'Ency. (History, Geography, and Statistics), Tell,'

of Science, 1898; editor of Quarterly Journal Brit.,' Buddhism, Buddhist Birth Stories,' “Valais,” Zurich' in Ninth Edition of 'Ency.

of Science'; Professor of Chemistry, Training Buddhist Suttas from the Pali,' 'Hibbert Brit.'; joint author of “Guide du Haut Daiiphiné,' Guide to the Central Alps of the Coll., Chester, 1855; author of 'Assaying' in Lectures,' 1881, etc.

(T. W. R. D.) Ninth Edition of 'Ency. Brit.'; Select Methods DAVIDSON, William Leslie, M.A., LL.D.; Dauphiny,' 'Guide to the Lepontine Alps,

in Chemical Analysis,' Manufacture of Beetroot-
The Mountains of Cogne,' 'The Adula Alps,'
Sugar in England,' 'Handbook of Dyeing and

Professor of Logic and Metaphysics, Aberdeen
The Range of the Tödi,' Guide to Grindel-
Calico-Printing,' Dyeing and Tissue Printing,

University; author of 'English Words Ex-
wald,' Guide to Switzerland'; editor of ' Alpine
Kerl's Treatise on Metallurgy,' with Ernst

plained,' Theism as grounded in_Human Journal,' 1880-89.

(W. A. B. C.)
Rolrig, 'Wagner's Chemical Technology,' 'Auer-

Nature,'' A Philosophical Centenary: Reid and

Ca bach's Anthracen and its Derivatives,' Ville's

bell,''Christian Ethics.' COPEMAN, Sydney Monckton, M.A.,

(W. L. D.) M.D.; Medical Inspector, Local Government Artificial Manures,' 'A Solution of the Sewage DAVIES, A, Llewelyn, B.A.; Barrister, Board ; Meinber of the Council Epidemiological Question,' The Profitable Disposal of Sewage,' Inner Temple; Assistant Reader in Connon Society; author of "Vaccination : its Natural The Wheat Problem,' etc.

(W. C.) Law under the Council of Legal EducaHistory and Pathology,' * Bacteriology of


(A. LL. D.) Vaccine Lymph,' etc.

(S. M. C.)

CROSS, Charles Robert, B.Sc. ; Professor

of Physics and Director of Rogers Laboratory, DAVIES, Henry Walford, Mus. Doc. CORRADINI, Enrico; late editor of 'La Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Director (Camb.), A.R.C.M. (Lond.); organist and Naziona,' Florence ; author of La Civia Rom- of Rumford Committee, American Academy of

director of the choir, Temple Church, London; anzo,' etc.

(E. Co.)
Arts and Sciences.

(C. R. CR.) formerly organist and choirnaster, St Anne's,

Soho; teacher of counterpoint, R.C.M., COTTON, James Sutherland, M.A. ; Hon. CROZIER, Capt. T. H., R.A.; Professor of


(H. W. D.) Secretary of the Egypt Exploration Fund ; late Artillery, Ordnance College, Woolwich. (T.H. C.) editor of 'The Academy,' London ; Fellow and :

DAVIS, John Patterson, Ph.D., A.M. ; Lecturer of Queen's Coll. Oxford ; author of

CRUMP, Charles George, B.A. ; of H.M. assistant in History and Economics, University Warren Hastings' in Ninth Edition of ‘Ency.

Record Office; editor "The History of the of Michigan, 1894-1895; now Attorney-at-Law, Brit.,'. Decennial Report on the Moral and

Life of Thomas Ellwood,' 'The Works of Walter Nampa, Idaho; author of "The Union Pacific
Material Progress of India,' 'India,' 'Elphin-

Savage Landor,' etc.
(C. G. CR.) Railway,' etc.

(J. P. D.) stone,' Quinquennial Report on Education in CUNDALL, F.; Sec. and Librarian, Institute DAVIS, William Morris, Professor Physical India'; editor of ‘Paterson's Practical Statutes,' of Jamaica ; author of 'Studies in Jamaica Geography, Harvard University; author of

"The Official Gazetteer of India, (J. S. Co.) History,' 'The Story of the Life of Columbus Physical Geography'and numerous scientific COX, General Jacob Dolson, LL.D., the and Discovery of America'; edited ‘Bibliotheca publications.

(W. M. D.) late; Governor of the State of Ohio (1866-67);

Jamaicensis,' etc.

(F. Co.)

DAWKINS, William Boyd, M.A., D.Sc., U.S. Secretary of the Interior (1869-70) ; Major. | CUNNINGHAM, J. T., M.A.; late Fellow F.R.S., F.S.A., F.G.S., A.M.I.C.E. ; Professor General U.S. Volunteers in, the Civil War; of University Coll., Oxford ; lecturer for of Geol. and Paläontology in Owens College, Brigade-Commander under General Sherman in Fisheries, Tech. Instruction Com. of Cornwall; Manchester; geologist on Geological Survey of the Atlanta campaign ; author of Atlanta : the late Asst. Professor of Natural IIistory, Edin- Great Britain, 1861-69; author of 'Cave' in March to the Sea,' 'Battle of Franklin,' burgh; also Naturalist to Marine Biological Ninth Edition of 'Ency. Brit.,''Cave Hunting,' etc.

(J. D. Co.) Assoc. of the U.K.; author of Treatise on Early Man in Britain,' British Pleistocene CRACKANTHORPE, Montague Common Sole,' 'Marketable Marine Fishes Mainmalia.'

(W. B. D.) of the British Isles,' 'Sexual Dimorphism, DAWSON, George Mercer, LL.D., F.R.S., Hughes, K.C., D.C.L. ; late member General

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Asst. Sa Art, AD dle Pain

etc. Council of the Bar and Council of Legal

(J. T. C.)

the late ; Director Geological Survey of Canada; Education ; late Chairman Incorporated Council CURRAN, Rev.J. Milne; anthor of 'Geology Geologist and Naturalist to H.M. North Ameriof Law Reporting; Honorary Fellow St John's of Sydney and the Blue Mountains,' 'A Con- can Boundary Commission, 1873-75; one of

Embor the use s of Tapeter. I textis ei

ev. Williaal


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H.M. Behring Sea Commissioners, 1891, and | DODD, Lieut.-Col. John Richard, M.B., DYER, Sir William Turner Thiselton, under the Behring Sea Joint Commission F.R.C.S., R.A.M.C.; Medical Officer, Royal M.A., B.Sc., LL.D., Ph.D., K.C.M.G., C.M.G., Agreement, 1892; author of numerous scien- Arsenal, Woolwich.

(J. R. D.) C.I.E., F.R.S.; Director, Royal Gardens, lific and technical reports printed by the DOUGLAS, James, LL.D.; member and Vice

Kew; Fellow, University of London, 1887-90; Canadian Government, and scientific and other President' Am. Inst. of Mining Engineers;

V P.R.S. 1896-97; joint-author of Biology' in papers.

(G. M. D.)
member Am. Philosoph. Soc., Am. Geolog. Soc.,

Ninth Edition of Ency. Brit.,' 'Flora of DAY, Lewis F.; English Designer and Art Society of Arts, London, etc. ; formerly Pro

Middlesex,' edited English edition of Sachs' Lecturer; Med. "Paris Exhibition (1900); Ex- fessor of Chemistry, Morrin College, Quebec;

"Text- book of Botany,' 'Flora_Capensis,

etc. aininer for Art, Board of Education, author of author of 'Canadian Independence,' 'Iinperial

(W.T.T.-D.) * Windows-Stained and Painted Glass, The Federation and Annexation,' numerous technical Anatoiny of Pattern,' 'The Distribution of articles and reports, etc.

(J. Ds.) Ornamental Design, Nature in Ornament, DOUGLAS, Robert Kennaway, Keeper of

E etc.

(L. F. D.)

Oriental Printed Books and MSS. at the British DAYOT, Armand; Inspector of Fine Arts, Museum ; Professor of Chinese, King's Coll.

EARDLEY-WILMOT, Rear-Admiral Ministry of Fine Arts, France; author of "Un London; appointed China Consular Service,

Sydney M., R.N.; author of The British siècle d'art,' 'La Révolution Française, d'après 1858; retired, and appointed assistant in charge

Navy, Past and Present,' The Next Naval War, cles peintures, sculptures, etc.,' Les maîtres of Chinese Library, British Museum, 1865;

Our Flags : Their Origin, Use, and Traditions, de la caricature Française au XIXe siècle,' author of 'Canton, China,'_ 'Jenghiz Khan,'

The Development of Navies during the Last etc. (A. DA.) Manchuria,' etc., in Ninth Edition of 'Ency.

Half Century,' etc.

(S. M. E.-W.) DEACON, George Frederick, M.I.M.E.;

Brit.,' 'The Language and Literature of EATON, Fred. A.; Secretary to the Royal Member of Council of Institution of Civil China,' 'Confucianism and Taoisin, China,'

Academy, London; edited Thausing's_ Albert "A Chinese Manual,' 'The Life of Li HungEngineers, London; investigated schemes for

Dürer: His Life and Works.

(F. A. E.) water - supply of Liverpool; projected the

(R. K. D.) Chang,''China.'

EDGINGTON, Vyrnwy scheme; carried out part of it in con- DOUGLASS, William Tregarthen,

Charles, M.A.; President

Oxford University Speed Skating Club; holder junction with the late Thomas Hawksley ; M.I.C.E., M.Í.M.E., M.I.E.E. ; late Resident

since 1898 of the world's speed record for the President Association of Municipal and County Engineer to the Trinity House; Con. Eng. to

hour (19 in. 348 yds.). Engineers, 1878 ; President Engineering Section Govts. of W. Australia, N. S. Wales, Victoria,

(C. E.) Sanitary Institute, 1894; President Mechanical Cape of Good Hope, etc. ; erected the Eddy- EDGEWORTH, Francis Ysidro, M.A.; Science Section, British Association, Toronto, stone, Bishop Rock Lighthouses, etc.; author D.C.L. ; Professor of Political Economy, Oxford, 1897.

(G. F. D.) of The New Eddystone Lighthouse,' 'On Fellow of All Souls' Coll. Oxford; Fellow of DEANS, Richard Storry, LL.B. ; Barrister

the More Eficient Lighting of Estuaries and King's Coll. London ; editor of the Economic at-Law, Gray's Inn.

(R. S. D.)
Rivers,' etc.

(W. T. D.) Journal'; author of Mathematical Psychics,

(F. Y. E.) DENNING, W, F., F. R. A.Ş.; Gold Medal,

DOWSON, J. Emerson, M.I.C.E., M.I.M.E.;

Inventor of the Dowson Gas Plant; part EDWARDS, William Seymour, Attorney R.A.S. ; President Liverpool Ast. Society,

author of "Tramways,' Decimal Coinage,' 1877-78; author of "Telescopic Work for Star

and Counsellor-at-law, U.S.A. ; author of 'Coals etc. etc. light Evenings,' The Great Meteoric Shower,'

(J. E. Do.) and Cokes in West Virginia.' (W. S. E.) etc. (W. F. D.) DREYER, John Louis Emil, Director

EGERTON, H. E.; author of ' A Short History DE VILLIERS, John Abraham J.;

Armagh Observatory ; assist. Astronomer at

of British Colonial Policy,' 'Sir Stamford British Museum.

(J. A. J. DE V.)

Dublin University Observatory, 1878-82; author Raffles,' Essays Christ's Hospital, of Observatory,' 'Sextant,' Time,' Transit


(H. E. EG.) DE VINNE, Theodore Low, printer and Circle,' in Ninth Edition ‘Ency. Brit.,' 'Second

typographist, New York; head of the firm of Armagh Catalogue of 3300 Stars,' 1886, New ELIOT, Charles William, LL.D., D.C.L. ; Theodore L. de Vinne and Co.; author of General Catalogue of Nebule and Clusters of President of Harvard University; author of

Printers’ Price List,' 'Invention of Printing,' Stars,' "Tycho Brahe'; co-editor 'Coperni- American Contributions to Civilization, Historic Types,' etc. (T. L. DE V.) cus: an International Journal of Astronomy,' Educational Reform,' etc.

(C. W. E.) 1881-84. DEWAR, James, M.A., Hon. LL.D. (Glasgow,

(J. L. E. D.) ELIOT, Whately, M.I.C.E.; conducted survey St Andrews, Edin.), D.Sc. (Victoria), F.R.S., DRIESCH, Hans A. E., Ph.D. Jena ;

of the coast of New Zealand ; late Engineer F.R.S. Ed., F.I.C., F.C.S. ; Professorial Fellow Stazione Zoologica, Naples ; author of 'Ana- to Peterhead Harbour Board ; Resident Enof Peterhouse, Camb. ; Jacksonian Professor of lytical Theory of Organic Development, gineer Eastham section of the Manchester Ship Experimental Philosophy, Cambridge; Fullerian Biology,' etc.

(H. A. E. D.) Canal ; Snperintendent Civil Engineer, Keyham Professor of Chemistry, Royal Institution,

Dockyard Extension, etc.

(W. E.) London ; Vice-President of the Royal Society'; DRIVER, Rev. Samuel Rolles, D.D., a Director of the Davy - Faraday Research

1.Litt. ; Regius Professor of Hebrew, and ELLINGTON, E. B., M.I.C.E.; Member of Laboratory; President British Association for

Canon of Christ Church, Oxford ; member of the Council M.E.; Member of the Société des 1902; co-inventor with Sir Frederick Abel

Old Testament Revision Company; author of Ingénieurs Civils de France; Chief Engineer of cordite; late inember of the Government

Isaiah,' 'Notes on the Hebrew Text of the London and Liverpool Hydraulic Power ComExplosives Committee; author of Alum,' etc.

Books of Samuel,' 'An Introduction to the panies, etc.; inventor of numerous improvein Ninth Edition of 'Ency. Brit.,' numerous

Literature of the Old Testament,' various ments in hydraulic machinery. (E. B. E.) papers contributed to the proceedings of the

commentaries; joint-editor of the Holy Bible, Royal Societies of London and Edinburgh,

with various renderings and readings froin the

ERNST, Gen. Oswald Herbert; Brigadier

General U.S.A. ; inember of the U.S. Isthmian the Royal Institution, the British Association, best authorities,' 'A Hebrew and English

Canal Commission; Engineer in charge of the Chemical Society, etc.

Lexicon of the Old Testament.' (S. R. D.)
(J. DR.)

Western River Improvements, 1878-86, and of

Hon, Sir Mountstuart
DIBDIN, Charles, F.R.G.S., A.V.I.; Knight

Harbour Improvements on Texas Coast, 1886-89; of St John of Jerusalem in England; Hon.

Elphinstone Grant, P.C., M.A., D.L., Superintendent U.S. Military Academy, 1893-98;

G.C.S.I., F.R.S. ; Under - Secretary of State author of 'Manual of Practical Military EnCorresponding Member of Institutions de Pré

for India, 1868-74; Under-Secretary for the voyance, France; Secy. of the Royal National

ginering,' etc.

(O. H. E.) Lifeboat Institution, England; Hon. Secy, of

Colonies, 1880-81 ; Governor of Madras, 1881the Civil Service Lifeboat Fund. (C. Di.) 86 : Member of Senate University of London, EVANS, Hon, Henry Ciay; U.S. Commis

sioner of Pensions, Washington. 1891 ; President Royal Geographical Society,

(H. G. E.) DIBDIN, Lewis Tonna, K.C., D.C.L. (Dur- 1889-93 ; President Royal Historical Society, EVERETT, Commander Allan F., R.N.;

ham), F.S.A. ; author of Church Courts,' 1892-99; author of 'Miscellanies, Political and Signal School, H.M.S. Victory, Ports'City Livery Companies,' 'Brewer's Endow- Literary, Memoir of Sir H. S. Maine,' 'Ernest mouth.

(A. F. E.) inent and Establishment, 'Monasticism in Renan,' 'Memoir of Lord de Tabley,' 'Notes England,'Hanson's Death Duties.' (L. T. D.) from a Diary:

(M. G. D.) EVERETT, Joseph David, M.A., D.C.L.,

D.Sc., F.R.S.; latē Professor of Natural PhiloDICEY, Edward, C.B., B.A.; editor of "The DUFFIELD, William Bartleet: of_the sophy, Queen's Coll. Belfast; Assist. to Pro

Observer' (London), 1870-89; author of 'Rome Inner Temple, Barrister-at-Law. (W. B. Du.) fessor of Mathematics, Glasgow, 1864-67; anthor in 1860,' 'Cavour, The Morning Land,'

of Centimètre-Gramme - Second System of England and Egypt,' · Victor Einmanuel,'

DU FIEF, J.; Secrétaire, Société Royale Belge 'Bulgaria, the Peasant State,' 'The Story of de Géographie, Bruxelles ; author of Atlas dn

Units,' English edition of 'Deschanel's Physics,' the Khedivate,' etc. Belgique, 'Les decouvertes maritimes des

Elementary Text-Book of Physics,' 'Outlines (E. D.)

(J. D. E.) Portugais au XVe siècle,' 'Les Expeditions

of Natural Philosophy.' DICKEY, Rev. Charles A., D.D.; President Belges au Katenga,' etc.

(J. DU F.) EWART, James Cossar, M.D., F.R.S.; of the Presbyterian Hospital'in Philadelphia ;

Regius Professor of Natural History, EdinModerator of the General Assembly of the Pres: DUNCAN, Louis, Ph.D.; sometime President byterian Church in the U.S., 1900. of the American Institute of Electrical En

burgh; Professor Natural History, Aberdeen, (C. A. D.) gineers, and Associate Professor of Electricity,

1878-82; member Fishery Board for Scotland; DICKSON, Henry Newton, B.Sc., F.R.S.E., Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore. (L. Du.)

author of The Locomotor System of the EchinoF.R.G.S. ; late Vice-President Royal Meteoro

derins' (with the late G. J. Romanes), 'On the logical Society; Lecturer in Physical Geography,

DUNCAN, P. ; Secretary's Department, Inland Progress of Fish Culture in America,'_ 'On Oxford ; author of 'Meteorology: the Elements

Revenue Office, London.

(P. D.) Whitebait,' 'On the Preservation of Fish,' of Weather and Climate,' etc. (H. N. D.) DUNNING, William Archibald, Ph.D.;

"The Development of the Limbs of the

DIXON, Capt. J. Whitly, R.N.; conservator
Professor of History, Columbia University,

(J. C. E.) of the river Hunber; late Staff Commander of

New York; member of The American His- EWING, James Alfred, M.A., B.Sc., F.R.S.,

torical Association; author of 'Essays in the Medway Fleet Reserve; author of 'Mariner's

M.I.C.E.; Professor of Mechanism and Compass in an Iron Ship,' etc. (J. W. D.)

Reconstruction,' etc.; editor Political Science Applied Mechanics, Cambridge; Fellow of

(W. A. D.) King's College, Cambridge; Professor DOBSON, George; Petersburg; author of

Mechanical Engineering at the Imperial UniRussia's Railway Advance and Central Asia," DUTT, Romesh Chunder, C.I.E. ; Lecturer etc.

versity, Tokyo, Japan, 1878-83; author of (G. D.)

Indian History, Univ. Coll. London ; Fellow of
the Calcutta Univ. ; Divisional Commissioner,

Pneumatic Despatch,' 'Seismometer,' 'SewerDOBSON, Henry Austin, Principal, H.M.

age, 1894 and 1895, being the only native of India

Siemens, Steam Engine,' 'Strength of Board of Trade, to 1901 ; author of Hogarth'

Materials who attained that position in the last century;

in Ninth Edition of Ency. Brit.,' in Ninth Edition of ‘Ency. Brit.'; Proverbs author of a series of historical and social novels

*Treatise on Earthquake Measurement,' Mag: in Porcelain,' 'Old-World Idylls,' 'At the Sign

netic Induction in Iron and other Metals, in Bengali, and a translation of the Rig Veda of the Lyre,' 'Collected Poems,' Thomas and other Sanscrit religious works into that

The Steam Engine and other Heat Engines," Bewick and his Pupils,' Lives of Fielding,

etc. language; in English, Civilization in Ancient

(J. A. E.) Steele, Goldsmith, Horace Walpole, William India,' 'Lays of Ancient India,''Maha-bharata,' EXETER, Bishop of, Right Rev. Hogarth, 'Four French women,' 'Eighteenth condensed into English verse, Ramayana,' con- Herbert Edward Ryle, D.D., B.A.; Century Vignettes,' A Paladin of Philan- densed into English verse, England and India, Warburton Lecturer 1899-1903; Fellow King's thropy,' etc.

(A. D.) 1785-1885; 'Famines in India.' (R. C. D.) College, Cambridge, 1881 ; Divinity Lecturer at Durham; Sec. Technical Education Board,


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Emmanuel College, Cambridge, 1881-84 ; at and their Influence on English Education,' Court, Chancery Division, 1877-83 ; Lord Justice King's College, 1982-86; Principal of St David's Educational Aims and Methods.' (J. G. F.) of Appeal, 1883-92; Fellow University of London College, Lampeter, 1886-88; Professorial Fellow

and Univ. Coll, London; Hon. Fellow of Balliol of King's College, Cambridge, 1888 ; examining FITZGERALD, Vice-Adml. Charles chaplain to late Bishop of St Asaph, 1887-89, Cooper Penrose; Superintendent, Pem

Coll. Oxford; presided over the Royal Comand to Bishop of Ripon, 1889; Hon. Canon of broke Dockyard ; second in command of the

mission on the Irish Land Acts, 1897-98; Ripon, 1895 ; Chaplain to the Queen, 1898-1901 ; China Station, 1898-1899; author of Boat Sail.

author of 'Quakers' in Ninth Edition of Hulsean Professor of Divinity, Cambridge Uniing,' 'Life of Sir George Tryon.' (C. C. P. F.)

‘Ency. Brit.,' 'The Specific Performance of

Contracts,' 'British Mosses,' 'James Hack versity, 1887-1901, and President of Queens' FITZGERALD, J. D.

(J. D. F.) Tuke,' etc.

(E. F.) College, Cambridge, 1896-1901 ; author of The

FITZMAURICE-KELLY, James; correCanon of the Old Testament, 'The Early

FULTON, Robert Burwell, A.M., LL.D.;

sponding member of the Spanish Academy ; Narratives of Genesis,' 'Commentary on Ezra

Chancellor of the University of Mississippi ; author of 'A History of Spanish Literature, and Nehemiah,' 'Philo and Holy Scripture,'

author of 'Mississippi, State' in Ninth Edition * The Life of Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, etc. (H. E. E.)

of 'Ency. Brit.'

(R. B. F.) etc.

(J. F.-K.)
FLEMING, C. J. N., B.A. ; Scottish Interna-
tional Football Player; member of Committee of

Scottish Rugby Football Union. (C. J. N. F.)
FAIRBAIRN, Andrew Martin, M. A.,

GADOW, Hans Friedrich, Ph.D., Hon. M.A. D.D., LL.D.; Principal Mansfield Coll.oxford; FLEMING, John Ambrose, M.A., D.Sc.,

Cambridge, F.R.S.; Strickland Curator and Principal of Airedale Coll. 1877-1886; ChairF.R.S. ; Pender Professor of Electrical Engineer

Lecturer on Zoology, Cambridge ; British man of Congregational Union of England and

ing, Univ. College, London; Fellow of Univ. Wales, 1883; Member of Royal Commission Coll, London ; author of Treatise on the Alter

Museum, Natural History Department, 1880-82;

author of 'In Northern Spain,' 'A Classificaon Secondary Education, 1894-95; author of nate Current Transformer, Electric Lamps

tion of Vertebrata,' 'Aves in Bronn's Animal ' Arminius,' 'Independents,' in Ninth Edition and Electric Lighting,' 'Magnets and Electric

Kingdom,'' Amphibia and Reptiles,' and papers of 'Ency. Brit.,' 'Studies in the Life of Christ,' Currents,' 'A Handbook for the Electrical

in Royal Society Philosophical Transactions The City of God,' “Religion in History and in Laboratory and Testing Room.' (J. A. F.)

and other scientific periodicals. (H. F. G.) Modern Life,' Catholicism, Roman and Angli- FOOTE, Arthur De Wint; Superintendent GALLWEY, Lt. - Col. Henry Lionel, can,'

''The Philosophy of the Christian Religion,' of North Star Mining Coinpany, California ; etc. (A. M. F.)

C.M.G., D.S.O.; Deputy Commissioner and Member of the American Society of Civil

Consul, Niger Coast Protectorate; Acting PAIRBROTHER, William Henry, M.A., Engineers.

(A. DE W. F.)

Consul-General, 1896-98, Oil Rivers ProtectorLecturer in Philosophy, Lincoln College, OxFORBES, Dr H. o., LL.D., F.R.G.S.; Director

ate; in command of a Haussa company during ford ; author of Philosophy of Thomas Hill

of Museums, Liverpool; author of 'A Natur- operations in Benin country, including capture Green.'

(W. H. F-.)
alist's Wanderings in the Eastern Archipelago,

of Benin City, 1897, etc.

(H. L. G.) FAIRLIE, John A., Ph.D.; Asst. Prof. of Ad- etc.

(H. O. F.) | GAMBLE, F. W., editor of ‘Junior Course ministrative Law, Univ. of Michigan; author of Municipal Government.'

of Practical Zoology,''Flatworms and Mesozoa, FORD, Worthington Chauncey, Public (J. A. FA.) Library, Boston, U.S.A. ; Chief of Bureau of etc.

(F. W. GA.) FARMER, John Bretland, M.A., F.R.S. ; Statistics, U.S. Departinent of State, 1885-89, Professor of Botany, Royal College of Science,

GANNETT, Henry; Chief Geographer U.S.

and of Bureau of Statistics, U.S. Treasury London ; Demonstrator of Botany, University of

Geological Survey; Chief Geographer 10th, Department, 1893-98; author of American Oxford, 1887-92; Fellow of Magdalen College,

11th, and 12th U.S. Censuses; author of 'Idaho, Citizen's Manual,' etc.

(W. C. F.) Oxford, 1889; Assistant Professor of Biology; FORD, W. J., M.A.; author of 'A Cricketer

etc., in Ninth Edition of Ency. Brit.,' 1892-95 ; author of 'Memoirs, chiefly Botanical

' Dictionary of Altitudes,' 'Statistical Atlas of ; and Cytological.'

(J. B. F.)
on Cricket.'
(W. J. F.) the U.S.,' etc.

(H. G*.)
FORTIER, Alcée, Litt.D.;

of FARRAR, Very Rev. Frederic William,

GARCKE, Emile, M.I.E.E., F.S.S.; Manager D.D., F.R.S. ; Dean of Canterbury; Hulseaí

Romance' Language, Tulane University, New of the 'Brush Electrical Engineering Co. ;

Orleans; sometime President of the Modern Lecturer at Cambridge; Bampton Lecturer at

Chairman Elect. Sect. London Chamber of ComOxford ; Chaplain to the Speaker of the House

Language Association of America, and of the merce, 1884-88; Member of Council, Tramways of Cominons, 1890-95; author of 'Jesus Christ'

American Folk-Lore Society ; President of the and Light Railways Assoc. ; author of 'Manual in Ninth Elition of 'Ency. Brit.,' The Life

Louisiana Historical Society since 1894; author of Electrical Undertakings, joint-author of of Christ,'. The Life of St Paul,' The Early of ‘Louisiana Studies,' 'Louisiana Folk Tales,' Factory Accounts.'

(E. GA.) etc. Days of Christianity,' 'Darkness and Dawn,

(A. Fo.)

GARDNER, Ernest Arthur; Yates ProThe Bible, its Meaning and Supremacy, FOSTER, Clement Le Neve, B.A., D.Sc.,

fessor of Archæology, University College, etc. (F. W. F.) F.R.S. ; Professor of Mining at Royal School of

London ; Director of British School of ArchæFAUNCE, W. H. P., A.M., D.D.; Presi

Mines, London; Examiner in Mining for the

ology at Athens, 1887-95; author of 'Handdent Brown University, Providence, Board of Education ; Geological Survey of

book of Greek Sculpture, Journal of Hellenic R.I.

(W. H. P. F.)
Great Britain, 1860-65; H.M. Inspector of

Studies,' many articles on Greek art, archæology,


Mines, 1873-1901; author of 'Mining' in Ninth FAUR, G.,

the Egyptian of


excavations, Hall, Lon

1882; joint-editor Edition of 'Ency. Brit.,' 'Ore and Stone don.


of the 'Journal of Hellenic Studies (G. Fa.) Mining, etc.

(C. L. N. F.)

1897. FERGUSON, J.; editor of the Ceylon FOSTER, Hon. John Watson, LL.D.; GARDNER, J. Starkie, English Iron Worker

(E. GR.) Observer,' 'Tropical Agriculturist,'


ex-U.S. Minister to Mexico, Russia, and Spain; author of 'Handbook to Ceylon,' manuals U.S. Secretary of State 1892-93, and Agent of

and Expert; author of English Enamels,' 'Ironon Coffee, Tea, Gold, Geins, etc. (J. F.) the United States in the Behring Sea Arbitra

work,' Armour in England,' etc. (J. S. G.) FERRERO, Baron Augusto; editor of 'La


(J. W. Fo.) GARDNER, Percy, Litt.D., F.S.A.; Linc. Tribuna,' Rome; author of Nostalgie d'Amore'; FOSTER, Sir Michael, D.C.L., D.Sc.,

and Merton Professor of Classical Archäology, edited From Florence to Rome : A Political LL.D., K.C.B., F.R.S., M.P.; Professor of Oxford University ; Corresp. Member of the Diary of 1870-71,' etc.

(A. FE.) Physiology, Cambridge ; secretary R.S. ; Presi- Academy of Sciences, Göttingen ; Member of dent British Ass., 1899 ; author of Physiology'

the Archäological Institutes of Germany, FFOULKES, Miss C. Jocelyn; translator of Morelli's 'Italian Painters,' etc. (C. J. F.) in Ninth Edition of 'Ency. Brit.,' 'Text - Book

Austria, America, Greece, etc.; Assistant at of Physiology,' ' Lectures on History of Physi

British Museum, 1871; Fellow of Christ's FIDLER, H.; Civil Engineer, head of Technical

ology'; joint-editor of Scientific Memoirs of College, Cambridge, 1872; Disney Professor Staff Department of Civil Engineer-in-Chief, Thomas Henry Huxley,' etc.

(M. F.)

of Archæology, Cambridge, 1880; editor of Adiniralty ; editor of ' A Manual of Construc

'Journal of Hellenic Studies'; author of tion,' etc.

(H. F.)
FOWLER, G. H., Ph.D. Leipsic; late Hon.

Corinth,' 'Ephesus, in Ninth Edition of

Secretary, Marine Biological Association, PlyFIELD, Capt. A. Mostyn, R.N. ; F.R.A.S., inouth; edited · The Hydromedusa,' and


The Parthian Coinage,' 'Samos 'Ency. Brit.,'

and Samian Coins,' Types of Greek Coins,' F.R.G.S., F.R. Met.S. ; has worked for the Leptoinedusa,'Marshall's 'The Frog,' Erichson's

"Numismatic Commentary on Pausanias,''New Hydrographic Survey in various parts of the Scientific Progress in Entomology. (G. H. Fo.) world.

Chapters in Greek History,' 'Manual of Greek (A. M. F*:) Fox, Francis, M.I.C.E.; author of 'On the Antiquities' (with Mr. Jevons), 'Sculptured FILON, Pierre Marie Augustin; agrégé és Résults of Trials of Varieties of Iron Permanent Tombs of Hellas,' etc.

(P. G.) lettres ; French Critic; tutor to the late Prince Way,' and various papers on "Ventilation, GARNETT, Richard, LL.D., C.B.; Assistant Imperial ; literary editor of the Revue Bleue';

Tunnelling,' etc.

(F. Fo.) author of Le Mariage de Londres,' 'Ilistoire

in Library of British Museum, 1851 ; Superhead FOX, Major;

of de la Littérature Anglais,' 'English Profiles,'

London Salvage intendent of Reading Room, 1875; Keeper of and works the French and English


(F. J. F.) Printed Books, 1890-1899; edited the British drama. (A. F1.) FRANKLIN, Fabian,

Ph.D.; editor of Museum Catalogue from 1881 to 1890; author Baltimore News,' Baltimore, U.S.A. ; formerly

of Alexander VI.,' 'Anthology, Augustan FISHER, Alexander; English teacher and

Professor of Mathematics, Johns Hopkins History,' 'Byzantine Historians,'. 'Chateauspecialist in the art of enamelling; author of


(F. FR.) briand,' Hazlitt, Leigh Hunt,' etc., in technical articles in the 'Magazine of Art, the

Ninth Edition of 'Ency. Brit.,' 'Relics of "Studio,' etc.

(A. F1*) FRANTZ, Henri; art critic, "Gazette des
Beaux Arts,' Paris.

(H. Fr.)

Shelley,' 'Life of Carlyle,' 'Life of Emerson,' FISHER, George Park, D.D., LL.D. ; Pro

Twilight of the Gods,' 'Life of Milton,' 'Age fessor of Ecclesiastical History,' Yale ; author FREAM, William, LL.D., F.G.S. F.L.S.,

of Dryden,' ' William Blake,' A History of F.S.S. ; Lecturer on Agricultural Entomology, of The Reformation,' 'History of the Christian

Italian Literature,' 'Life of Edward Gibbon (G. P. F.)

Edin. Univ. ; author of Elements of Agricul- Wakefield.' Church,' 'The Colonial Era,' etc.

(R. G.) ture," Soils and their Properties," "The Complete GARNETT, William, M.A., Hon. D.C.L. FISKE, John, LL.D., the late ; author of Dis- Grazier,' etc.

(W. covery of America, American Revolution, PREEMANTLE, Commander S., R.N. ;

London Co. Council; Whitworth Scholar The Mississippi Valley in the Civil War,'

part author of 'Nautical Terms and Phrases in 'Cosmic Philosophy,' etc. (J. F..)

(first); Demonstrator in Physics, Cambridge ; French and English,' etc.

(S. Fr.)

Prof. of Math., Physics and Mechanics, UniFITCH, Charles H., in charge of the FRERE, Rev. Walter Howard, M.A. ; versity Coll., Nottingham; Principal, Durham

Indian' Territory Section, U.S. Geological Superior of the Community of the Resurrection; Coll. of Science, Newcastle-upon-Tyne; anthor

(C. H. F.)
author of 'A New History of_the Book of

of "Dynamics,' Energy, 'Evaporation,' FITCH, Sir Joshua Girling, M.A., LL.D. :

Common Prayer,' 'Notes on the Early History Hydrometer' in the Ninth Edition of 'Ency.

of the Use of Incense'; editor 'Bibliotheca Brit.,' 'Elementary Dynamics,' 'Elementary Chief Inspector of Training Colleges, retired Musico - Liturgica,' 'The Marian Reaction,' Mechanics,' etc.

(W. G.) 1894; II. M. Inspector of Schools, 1863 ; Chevalier

etc. of the Legion of Honour; Governor of St Paul's

(W. H. F.)

GARSTANG, Walter, M.A., F.Z.S.; late School, London, and Girton College, Cambridge: FRY, Rt. Hon. Sir Edward, B.A., D.C.L., Fellow of Lincoln Coll., Oxford ; Naturalist in author of 'Lectures on Teaching,' The Arnolds LL.D., F.R.S., F.S.A., F.L.S. ; Judge of High charge of Fishery Investigations, Marine Biol.



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