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No cruel master could require,
From slaves employ'd for daily hire,
'What Stella, by her friendship warm’d,
With vigour and delight perform'd :
My sinking fpirits now supplies
"With cordials in her hands and eyes;
Now with a soft and silent tread
Unheard the moves about my bed.
I see her taste each nauseous draught;
And so obligingly am caught,
I bless the hand from whence they came,
"Nor dare distort my face for shame.

Best pattern of true friends! beware :
You pay too dearly. for your care,
If, while


tenderness secures
My life it must endanger yours ;
For fuch a fool was never found,
Who pull'd a palace to the ground,
Only to have the ruins made
Materials for an house decay'd

A N E L E G Y On the DEATH of DEMAR, the USURER;

Who died the sixth of July, 1720. KNOW all men by these presents, Death the tamer

By mortgage hath secur'd the corpse of Demar: Nor can four hundred thousand sterling pound Redeem him from his prison under ground.

N 2


His heirs might well, of all his wealth possessid,
Bestow to bury, him one iron chest.
Plutus the god of wealth will joy to know
His faithful steward in the shades below.
He walk'd the streets, and wore a threadbare cloak;
He din’d and supp'd at charge of other folk :
And by his looks, had he held out his palms,
He might be thought an object fit for alms.
So, to the poor if he refus’d his pelf,
He us’d them full as kindly as himself.

Where'er he went, he never saw his betters;
Lords, knights, and Squires, were all his humble debtors;
And under band and seal the Irish nation
Were forc'd to own to him their obligation.

He that could once have half a kingdom bought,
In half a minute is not worth a groat.
His coffers from the coffin could not save,
Nor all his interest keep him from the grave.
A golden monument would not be right,
Because we wish the earth upon

hiin light.
Oh London tavern * ! thou haft loft a friend,
Though in thy walls he ne'er did farthing spend:
He touch'd the pence, when others touch'd the pot;
The hand that lign’d the mortgage paid the thot.

Old as he was, no vulgar known disease On him could ever- boast a power to seize ; 5 + But, as he weigh'd his gold, grim Death in spight « Caft-in his dart, which made three moidores light;

* A tavern in Dublin, where Demar kept his office. + These four lines were written by Stella.

“ And

“ And, as he saw his darling money fail,
“Blew his last breath, to sink the lighter scale."
He who so long was current, 'would be strange
If he should now be cry'd down since his change.

The sexton shall green sods on thee beítow;
Alas, the sexton is thy banker now!
A dismal banker must that banker be,
Who gives no bills but of mortality.

ENEATH this verdant killock lies

Demar, the wealthy and the wise.
His heirs, that he might safely rest,


his carcase in a cheft;
The very cheft, in which, they say,
His other self, his money, lay.
And, if his heirs continue kind
To that dear self he left behind,
I dare believe, that four in five
Will think his better half alive. ·


Upon praising her Husband to Dr. Swift. You always are making a God of your Spouse ;

But this neither Reason nor Conscience allows : Perhaps you will say, 'tis in gratitude due, And you adore him, because he adores you. Your argument 's weak, and so you will find; For you, by this rule, must adore all mankind.





At the DBANRY House, St. PATRICK's, AR RE the guests of this house ftill doom'd to be cheated ?

[treated. Sure, the fates have decreed they by halves should be In the days of good * folin, if you came here to dine, You had choice of good meat, but no choice of good : In Jonathan's reign, if you come here to eat, [wine. You have choice of good wine, but no choice of good meat. Oh, Jove ! then how fully might all sides be blest, Would'st thou but agree to this humble request? Put both deans in one; or, if that 's too much trouble, Instead of the deans, make the deanry double.

ON ANOTHER WINDOW +. A BARD: on whom Phoebus his fpirit bestowd,

Refolving e acknowledge the bounty he ow'd, Found out a new method at once of confessing, And making the most of so mighty a blessing: To the God he'd be grateful; but mortals he'd chouse, By making his patron preside in his house; And wisely forefaw this advantage from thence, That the God would in honour bear most of th'

expence : So the bard he finds drink, and leaves Phæbus to treat With the thoughts he inspires, regardless of meat. Hence they, that come hither expecting to dine, Are always fobb'd off with sheer wit and sheer wine.

• Dean Sterne was distinguished for his hospitality. + By Dr. Delany, in conjunction with Stella.


APOLLO to the DEAN. 1720.

RIGHT trusty, and so forth-we let you to know

We are very ill us’d by you mortals below. For, first, I have often by chemists been told, Though I know nothing on't, it is I that make gold, Which when

you have got, you so carefully hide it, That, since I was born, I hardly have spy'd it. Then it must be allow'd, that, whenever I shine, I forward the grass, and I ripen the vine ; To me the good fellows apply for relief, Without whom they could get neither claret nor beef.: Yet their wine and their victuals these curmudgeon

lubbards Lock


from my fight in cellars and cupboards. That I have an ill eye, they wickedly think, And taint all their meat, and four all their drink. But, thirdly and lastly, it must be allow'd, I alone can inspire the poetical crowd : This is gratefully own’d by each boy in the college, Whom if I inspire, it is not to my knowledge. This every pretender to rhyme will adinit, Without troubling his head about judgement or wit. These gentlemen use me with kindness and freedom, And as for their works, when I please I may read em: They lie open on purpose on counters and stalls, And the titles I view, when I thine on the walls. But a comrade of yours, that traitor Delany, Whom 1 for your fake love better than any,



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