Life's a dream: The great theatre of the world, from the Span., with an essay on the life of the author, by R.C. Trench

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Page 236 - The New Cratylus; Contributions towards a more accurate Knowledge of the Greek Language.
Page 234 - BECKER'S GALLUS ; or, Roman Scenes of the Time of Augustus : with Notes and Excursuses illustrative of the Manners and Customs of the Ancient Romans.
Page 105 - Tis true that, where ever I have liked any story in a romance, novel, or foreign play, I have made no difficulty, nor ever shall, to take the foundation of it, to build it up, and to make it proper for the English stage. And I will be so vain to say it has lost nothing in my hands...
Page 223 - ¡Tanto se emprende en término de un dia! A florecer las rosas madrugaron, Y para envejecerse florecieron: Cuna y sepulcro en un boton hallaron. Tales los hombres sus fortunas vieron: En un dia nacieron y espiraron; Que pasados los siglos, horas fuéron.
Page 227 - Literature of the Church of England; Specimens of the Writings of Eminent Divines, with Memoirs of their Lives and Times. By R.
Page 230 - With Illustrative Selections from the Works of Lloyd, Cotton, Brooke, Darwin, and Hayley. With Notes and Memoirs, containing unpublished Letters of Cowper.
Page 223 - Estas, que fueron pompa y alegría Despertando al albor de la mañana, A la tarde serán lástima vana, Durmiendo en brazos de la noche fría. Este matiz, que al cielo desafía, Iris listado de oro, nieve y grana, Será escarmiento de la vida humana: ¡Tanto se emprende en término de un día!
Page 236 - Varronianus. A Critical and Historical Introduction to the Ethnography of Ancient Italy, and to the Philological Study of the Latin Language. By the late JW DONALDSON, DD Third Edition, revised and considerably enlarged. 8vo. 16*.
Page 94 - Copacdbana. not be drawing down the sacred into the region of the profane, but elevating that which had been profaned into its own proper region and place. These legends of heathen antiquity supply the allegorical substratum for several of his autos* Now it is The True God Pan, or Perseus rescuing Andromeda, or Theseus destroying the Labyrinth, or Ulysses defying the enchantments of Circe, or the exquisite mythus of Cupid and Psyche. Each in turn supplies him with some new poetical aspect under which...
Page 157 - ... idos, sombras, que fingís hoy a mis sentidos muertos cuerpo y voz, siendo verdad que ni tenéis voz ni cuerpo; que no quiero majestades fingidas, pompas no quiero fantásticas, ilusiones que al soplo menos ligero del aura han de deshacerse, bien como el florido almendro, que por madrugar sus flores, sin aviso y sin consejo, al primer soplo se apagan, marchitando y desluciendo de sus rosados capillos belleza, luz y ornamento.

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