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Recent decisions (continued):

Workmen's Compensation Act 1906-Float-
ing mine-Trawler-Injury to workman
through vessel being blown up-Alien
enemy, 114

Act 1906-

Foodstuffs as contraband, 415
Forbidden charitable bequests, 103
"Force majeure,” 355

Law Society meeting, 307
Lawyers' protest against German methods of
warfare, 348

Leases by a person to himself and others, 472
Legacy, whether general or specific? 357
Legal procedure, rules for, 482

Legal proceedings against enemies, 461, 496
Legatees (two) of similar, but not the same,
names, 379

Foreclosure Courts (Emergency Powers) Act
1914, 33
Forfeiture of debentures debarring specific
performance, 379
Registered co-operative society-Liqui-Fraud, equitable, 223
dated-Right of injured workman against Fraud of servants and agents, 2
French law prohibiting trade with the enemy, Legislation, recent, 115
Licensing regulations, the new,
insurers, 436
Light, the law of, 266

Court, the," and the Moneylenders Act, 102
Court of Appeal, 51, 185, 333, 375, 495
Courts, the, and alien enemies, 26

Courts-martial, 114

Courts martial in war time, 399

Crabb Robinson and the law, 231

Credit of client pledged by solicitor, 498
Crime, a, attempt to commit, 541

Criminal abortion and medical etiquette, 194
Criminal cases, new trial in, 165
Criminal justice, 504

[blocks in formation]

others, 453

Debentures debarring specific performance,
forfeiture of, 379

Debentures of company as charitable gift, 453
Debtor or donee as executor, appointment of,

Decisions on war subjects, 206, 220

Declaration of London, 18, 70

Defence of the Realm, 101, 122, 471, 546
Defence of the Realm: Factories and courts-
martial, 486

Defence of the Realm Bill, 439

Del credere agent's obligation, 336

Depreciation of investments set aside under
meet in

the Conveyancing Act 1881 to
cumbrances, 291

Deranged posts and contracts by correspond-
ence, 102

Detention of cargoes, 506

Diminished incomes, taxes on, 158

[blocks in formation]

Directors of company, shareholders suing, 269
Disestablishment, postponement of, 460
"Distinctive "
epithet, 136
Distress Goods comprised in a hire-purchase
agreement, 404

Distribution of assets among debenture stock-
holders, 403

Donatio mortis causâ, 222

Drink, sale of, 496

Drink, suspension of sales of, 61

Duties on bequests and appointments, 357

Duty of lessor of house let in separate tene-
ments, 7

[blocks in formation]


French Prize Court, 442

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Friendly society branch, suing trustees of, Light and air, interference with access of, 104
Light work," injured workman's capacity
for, 355


Future of Belgian solicitors, 212

German blockade," 333

German methods of warfare, lawyers' protest
against, 348

German shareholders in English companies, 75.

Germany and the Monroe doctrine, 17
Gifts to executors, 28

Government Whip, the, and the Parliamentary
system, 255

Guilty wife alleged to be maintained by co-
respondent, 56

Harbour authorities' liability for damage, 68
Harbour authorities' rights, 234
High treason, 132

Hilary cause lists, 219

Holy See, the, position of, 299

Home Office, the, and criticism, 287
Hostile aircraft and repairing covenants, 76
House let in separate tenements, duty of lessor
of, 7

House of Commons: Financial resolutions, 88
House of Commons: Select committees, 88
House of Lords adjournments, 118
Husband's life policy, payment of premiums
on, by wife, 475

Identity of parcels, 225
Income of residue. 538

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Indian Criminal Procedure Code, 546
Industrial diseases and medical referees,
"Industrial diseases" and previous employers,

Injured workman, medical examination of,


Injured workman, redemption of weekly pay-

ment to, 7, 429

Injured workman's capacity for "

light work,"

Injured workmen championed by approved
societies, 402

Insolvency and emergency powers, 353
Insurance notes, 20, 121, 233, 321, 416, 511
"Instrument evidencing a contract," 474
Interest on appointed sums, 358
Interest on contingent gifts, 380

Interference with access of light and air, 104
"Intern." 347

International law, problems of, 354
International law, reciprocity in, 441
International law, value of, 42

Internes on parole and Red Cross immunity,


Internment, 465

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Neutrals and belligerent warships, 569
Invalidity of retainer of solicitors employed by Neutrals and supplies for belligerents, 119
trustee in bankruptcy, 195

Investment, an, what is? 78

Neutrals and trade, 545
Neutrals and traffic in arms, 389

Investment, an, and a security, what is the New appointments, the, 287

difference between? 189

Irish executive, 210

Irish notes, 16, 41, 64, 88, 118, 146, 168, 211,
229, 256, 278, 298, 320, 347. 368, 389, 414, 441,
467, 482, 506. 526. 544, 569

Irish Police Bill, 388

Irregular troops under the laws of war, position
of, 527

"Issue" and "event," meaning of, 249

[blocks in formation]

New company legislation, 87
New licensing regulations, 245

New points in argument on case stated by
justices, 60

New session, the, 317

New trial in criminal cases, 165

New trustees, effect of an administration suit
upon a power to appoint, 188

New Year's honours, 219

Next of kin under wills, 137
Northern circuit, 301

Noteworthy decisions of the judicial year, 29,

[blocks in formation]

Opening letters, 366

Outgoings and income, 535

Paley on summary convictions, 67
Parcels, identity of, 225
Parish clerks and sextons, 196
Parliamentary position, the, 542
Parliamentary summary, 64, 118, 414

Latent ambiguities in wills-Parol evidence of Particular charities, 476

Partnership deeds, 2

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Alien enemy-Right of alien enemy to appear
in Prize Court-Practice-Owner of
captured vessel-Capture "in port
Capture on high seas"-Capture in
territorial waters-Condemnation-Deten-
tion-Hague Conference 1907, Convention
VI. The Möwe, 43
British ship-Cargo shipped by neutrals
before declaration of war-Cargo
signed to German merchants-War declared
whilst cargo at sea-Documents of title
not taken up by alien enemies-Moneys
advanced by neutral bankers-Property
in goods at time of capture-Right of
seizure and condemnation-Principles to be
applied. The Miramichi, 89
British ship-Enemy cargo Cargo shipped
before outbreak of war-Ship in British
port-Cargo transferred to quay-Seizure--
Right of condemnation--" In
Meaning of term-Charges-Demurrage.
The Roumanian, 147
British ship-Enemy goods-Interruption of
Voyage-Seizure of goods-Condemnation-
Claim for freight-Allowance of part of
freight-Principle to be applied-Calcula-
tion of amount to be allowed-Rule to be
followed. The Juno, 169
Enemy fishing vessel-Vessel employed ex-
clusively in coast fishery-Exemption
from capture-Position of vessel when
captured-Presumption that vessel is deep-
sea fishing vessel-Right of capture-Hague
Conference 1907, Convention XI., art. 3.
The Berlin, 19



Enemy ship-British ship-Enemy cargoes-
Neutral bankers-Advances against cargoes
-Seizure of ships and cargoes Claims by
bankers as pledgees-Condemnation. The
Odessa; The Cape Corso, 198
Enemy ship-Signalling apparatus fitted to
ship-Apparatus the property of neutral
company Part of ship "Goods"
Declaration of Paris-Limited powers of
Prize Court-Discretion of Crown. The
Schlesien, 120
Ship Cargo-Seizure of cargo-Sale-Claim
for freight-Proceedings in King's Bench
Division-Jurisdiction of Prize Court-
Transfer of case-Practice. The Corsican
Prince, 390
Trading with enemy-Goods of ally-Con-
signment to enemy-Contract of sale at
date prior to outbreak of war-Neutral
vessel-Dispatch from neutral port-Date
of departure after the outbreak of war-
Liability to seizure and condemnation-
General principles to be applied-Obliga-
to trading binding confederate

tions as

states. The Panariellos, 484
Prizes and submarines, 299
Problems of international law, 354


Recent decisions and the law of light, 266
Reciprocity in international law, 441
Redemption of weekly payment to injured
workman, 7, 429

Reduction of payments for maintenance of
wife, 474

Refreshment house, Sunday observance by
licensee of, 537

Registrable trade mark, surname as, 137
Registration of proceeds of sale of real estate,

Release of power of appointment-Fraud on
power, 475

Release of right to sue for breach of trust, 461
Reprisals, 415, 526

Repudiation by receiver of company's con-
tracts, 499

Residue, income of, 538

[blocks in formation]

Statutory and other public duties, 472
Steam rollers as "locomotives"

Submission to jurisdiction, 521

on highways,

Suicide of workman after accident, 291
Suing trustees of friendly society branch, 208
Sunday observance by licensee of refreshment
house, 537

Supplementary estimates, 319

Surface of land, right to iet down, 79
Surname as registrable trade mark, 137
Suspension of payment and the Moratorium,


Suspension of soldiers' sentences, 438
Suspensions of sales of drink, 61
Swiss neutrality, 169
Switzerland. 483

Tax on diminished incomes, 158
Taxation of costs, bankrupt's right to attend,

Taxation of "male servants," 536
Taxation of school buildings, 32
Taxing statutes, ambiguity of, 399
Technical words, 105

Tenant for life and remainderman-Trust to
convert with power to postpone conversion-
Income, 404

Tenants for life and trusts for sale, 308
Tenement staircases, accidents on, 534
'Thirds," or sharing system, ship worked on,

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Trading with the enemy, 46, 86, 257, 333
Trade with the enemy, French law prohibiting,

Transfer of ships, 765

Treason trials, modern, 171
Treaties, 320

Trial of civilians, 387

Trust for or power of sale, 405

Trust for protection and benefit of animals-
Charity, 500

Trust for sale or power of sale, 57

Trust moneys, following, 498

Trustee mortgagee releasing part of the
security, 337

Trustees and war risks, 376

Trustees on active service, 134

Trusts, notice of, 249

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Vendor and purchaser-Restriction as to light
-Forcing doubtful title on purchaser, 79
"Vexatious legal proceedings," 143
Voting by proxy, 346

Wages of collier working in stall, 188
Waiver of restrictive covenants, 105
War, the, and crime, 219
War, the, and dissolution, 277
War and the law of nations in the twentieth
century, 65

War material, production of, 460
War subjects, decisions on, 206, 220
Warrantor of article of food complained of,
notice to, 144

Weekly payment to injured workman, redemp
tion of, 429

Welsh Church Act 1914, 345

What is an investment? 78

What is a 66 port"? 234

What is the difference between an investment
and a security? 189

Wills, latent ambiguities in, 337

Wills of seamen and marines, 86
Work of the Sittings, 157

Workman, accident to, while intoxicated, 336
Workman, suicide of, after accident, 291
Writs of summons to the Lords, 117

Yorkshire Registries Act 1884, 292

[blocks in formation]
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Quarterly Review for October, 14;

January, 296

Lawrence's Documents Illustrative of Inter-
national Law, 112

Lawyer's Remembrancer and Pocket Book
1915, 274

Leeming's Guide to the Income Tax, 503

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Alien Enemies, 128, 154

Contract--Effect of war, 216, 236
Conversion-Real or personal property, 514, 530
Costs of passing succession duty accounts and
assent, 447, 514

Courts emergency, 447, 491

Courts (Emergency Powers) Act 1914, 514, 530
Election of church wardens, 421
Employer's right to suspend workman, 350
English company-Property in enemy country-
Debentures, 94, 154

Finance Act 1914, 514, 216, 304
Income tax-Death-Rate, 421, 447
Leasehold property-Estate duty, 491, 530
Lodging-house Prohib.ted area-
tion, 128, 154


- Compensa-

[blocks in formation]

Mortgagee-Emergency powers, 396
Nationality, 261, 284, 304

Right of pasturage-Tithe rentcharge, 330
Settled estate--Estate duty, 469, 514
Trustees and war risks, 350, 370
War legislation-Board of Trade, 154, 182
Will-Interest taken, 491, 530
Will-Property Sale, 284, 304
Will-Trustee abroad, 261, 304
Workmen's compensation, 22, 49, 73
Workmen's compensation-Austrian employer-
Liability, 22

Power of attorney-South African rebel, 216, Workmen's compensation-Change of circum-

Presumption of death, 182, 284

Railway company-In hands of the State, 514
Registrar of County Court, 304
Returning officer-Minor, 284

stances, 261

Workmen's Compensation Act 1906-Death of
sole dependant after award Question of
vesting in legal personal representative, 572
Workmen's Compensation Act and the War, 236


Abrahams v. Dimmock [Moneylender], 106
Actien Gesellschaft fur Anilin Fabrikation and
Mersey Chemical Works Limited v Levin-
stein Limited [Alien Enemy], 358
Adams v Thrift [Company], 341

A. G. Spalding and Bro.hers v. A. W. Gamage
Limited and others [Trade competition], 476
Allen, Re: Ex parte Shaw [Bankruptcy], 33
Allen v. London County and Wesminster Bank
[Bank], 342

Allen v. Wedgwood [Will], 11

Amorduct Manufacturing Company v. Defries
and Co. [Company registered in England],


Andrew Millar and Co. Limited v. Taylor and
Co. Limited [Sale of goods], 410
Arbuthnot, Re; Arbuthnot บ. Arbuthnot
[Will], 315

Arbuthnot v. Capel [Settlement], 140
Arbuthnot v. Capel (No. 2) [Will], 141
Arnold v. Chander [Will], 191
Ashburton (Lord) v. Nocton [Execution], 161
Associated Portland Cement Manufacturers
(1900) Limited v. Ashton [Ship], 190
Attorney-General (at the relation of the Long
Eaton Gas Company) v. Long Eaton Urban
District Council [Electric Supply], 10
Attorney-General (at the relation of the Hox-
ton Cinema Limited) v. Shoreditch Borough
Council and another [Borough Council], 139
Attorney-General V. Vitagraph Company
[Cinematograph), 81

Austin Friars Steamship Company v. Spillers
and Baker Limited [Marine insurance], 192
Australasia. Bank of v. Clan Line Steamers
Limited [Ship], 563

Aynsley, Re; Kyrle v. Turner [Will], 139
Badger, Re; Badger v. Woolley [Settlement],

Bagots, Hutton, and Co. Limited, Re [Trade
Mark], 522
V. Oriental Telephone and Electric
Company Limited [Company], 190
Bank fur Handel und Industrie, Re [Trading
with the enemy), 457

Bank of Australasia v. Clan Line Steamers
Limited [Ship], 563

Barbeary v. Chugg [Employer and workman].

Barclay v. Harris and Cross [Money received
on behalf of another], 343
Barnard v. Foster [Stock Exchange], 479
Barron v. Seaton Burn Coa! Company Limited
[Employer and workman], 381
Barwell Newport Abercarn Black Vein
Steam Coal Company Limited [Coal mine],



[blocks in formation]

Behagg v. Palmer [Practice], 36
Bennett v. National Amalgamated Society of
Operative House and Ship Painters and
Decorators [Restraint of trade], 342
Berna Commercial Motors Limited, Re [Trade
mark], 294

Birkbeck Permanent Building Society, Re
[Building Society), 35

Blackett v. Ridout [Inclosure], 432

Bobbey v. W. M. Crosbie and Co. Limited
[Employer and workman], 339
Borthwick v. Lovel. [Will], 384
Bosanquet, Re [Will], 434

Bowman, Re; Secular Society Limited v. Bow-
man [Will], 564

Harriet (dec.), In the Estate of
[Probate], 111

Boyd Carpenter v. Farnol, Eades, Irvine, and
Co. Limited [Practice], 11

Boyers V. Westminster Motor-car Garage
Limited [Liability of receiver in debenture
holder's action], 35

Bradfield, Re; Bradfield v. Bradfield [Will], 82
Brake v. Commissioners of Inland Revenue
[Revenue], 295

Brammall v. Mutual Industrial Corporation
[Practice], 383

Brandon Hill Limited v. Lane and another;
Jones and others, Claimants [Bill of Sale],

Bristow v. Piper [Licensing, 110
British Dominions General Insurance Com-
pany Limited v. Duder [Marine Insurance],


British Murac Syndicate Limited v. Alperton
Rubber Company Limited [Company], 563
British Thomson Houston Company Limited
v. Duram Limited [Patent], 106
Brown, Re; Landon v. Brown [Will], 384
Brown v. Brown [Divorce], 411

Brown (John) and Co. Limited, Re [Company],

Bruce v. McManus [Cinematograph theatre],

Bryant . Bryant Husband and wife], 36
Burgess v. G. H. N. Guses Limited [Company],

Burnham v. Hardy [Employer and workman],


Burry (Pullen) and Provost and Fellows of
Lancing College, Re Arbitration between
[Landlord and tenant], 456

Bush v. Rogers [Practice], 274
Cadbury Brothers Limited, Re [Trade Mark],
12, 107

Capel, Re; Arbuthnot v. Capel [Settlement],

Capel, A. C., Re; Arbuthnot v. Capel (No. 2)
[Will], 141

Cassils (Charles W.) and Co. and others v.
Holden Wood Bleaching Company Limited
[Lien], 57

Century Bank of City of New York v. Moun
tain [Bankers' insurance], 162
Chaplin, Mine, Grente.i, and Co., Re [Com-
pany, 162

Charles Wall Limited v. Steel, 312
Charles W. Cassills and Co. and others v.
Ho.den Wood Bleaching Company Limited
[Lien], 57


Chatterton, H. W. v. City of London Brewery
Company Limited [Bankruptcy, 338
Chertsey Union Assessment Committee
Metropolitan Water Board [Rating], 432
Chuter v. J. J. Ford and Sons Limited
[Employer and workman], 407

City of Glasgow Life Assurance Company, Re;
Re Clare's Policy [Insurance], 139
City of London Corporation v.

Newspapers Limited and others [Rates], 406
Clandown Colliery Company Limited," Re
[Company], 341

Clare's Policy, Re [Insurance], 139
Cleary v. Brazil Railway Company [Debenture],


Clifford v. Batley [Food and Drugs], 164
Clore (George) and Co. v. Dresdner Bank
[Bank], 409

Commissioners of Inland Revenue v. Sheffield
and South Yorkshire Navigation Company
[Revenue], 316

Companies 0022 and 0023 of 1915, Re [Com-
pany], 381

Company, A. Re Re Companies (Consolida-
tion) Act 1908 [Company], 293
Consolidated Diesel Engine Manufacturers
Limited, Re [Company], 140
Continental Tyre and Rubber Company (Great
Britain) Limited บ. Daimler Company

Limited; Same v. Thomas Tilling Limited
[International law], 272

Continental Tyre and Rubber Company (Great

Britain Limited v. Thomas Tilling Limited
[Company], 83

Cornell v. May and another; Pike, Claimant
[Bill of Sale], 360

Cotter, Re; Jennings v. Nye [Trustee], 108
Coulson South Moor Colliery Company
[Employer and workman], 339


Cowley v. Public Trustee and others [Settled

land], 294

Cox v. Coulson [Theatrical performance], 565
Craig and Hancock v. Royal Insurance Com-

pany Limited [Workmen's compensation], 84
Dakin and Co. Limited v. Lee [Contract], 192
Dashwood, Re; Bosanquet, Re; Unwin and
another v. Petre and others [Will], 434
Date v. Gas Coal Collieries Limited, 501
Davey Re; Prisk v. Mitchell and Bawden
[Will], 502

Davies. Re; Lloyd v. Cardigan County Council
[Will], 384

Davies' Trusts, Re [Trustees], 162

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