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The work of the committee in decorating was confined to the dining-hall, in which was held the meeting on Wednesday evening and the banquet—to say it was superb falls far short of what it deserves, and yet a complete description is almost an impossibility.

Across the north end of the handsome and commodious hall was stretched a canvas, on which was painted a very pretty representation of sky studded with stars and across it the "Society of the Army of the Tennessee;" above and on either end were festoons of flags. In front was a dais, used by the President during the meeting, and for himself, other officers of the Society and distinguished guests at the banquet. On either end of the dais were regular stacks of arms, drums, shot and shell, and arranged between them a beautiful display of evergreen plants. The walls of the hall were substantially covered with portraits bearing the names of distin. guished officers of the Army of the Tennessee, and the battles and campaigns the army engaged in; on the south wall were pictures of General Grant and General Sherman, and on the sides those of General Logan and Thomas. All these were festooned with flags and evergreens. The supporting columns in the hall were surrounded by muskets and rifles, resting on supports about six feet from the floor, surmounted and interspersed with flags; between the columns and from them to the walls were stretched evergreen and flags.

The beauty of this decoration cannot be thoroughly understood from any description-it needs to be seen. The special committee having it in charge is deserving of much commendation.

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In addition to the information in the last annual report, the President issued the following notice, which was distributed by the Corresponding Secretary:


St. Louis, Mo., July 20, 1885. To the Members of the Society of the Army of the Tennessee:

The eighteenth annual reunion of our Society will be held at Chicago, Ill., Wednesday and Thursday, September 9th and 10th, 1885.

The annual address will be delivered by General John B. Sanborn.

All the arrangements for the meeting will be under the charge and direction of the following


General A. L. Chetlain, Chairman. Captain W. S. Scribner, Secretary. General W.Q. Gresham,

General Wm. E. Strong,
General Jos. Stockton,

General J. B. Leake,
General Rob't W. Smith,

Colonel Wm. H. Bolton,
Captain Richard S. Tuthill,

General A. C. Ducat,
Colonel August Jacobson,

Captain Martin Beem,
Colonel J. Mason Loomis,

Colonel W. B. Keeler,
Captain J.C. Neeley,

Dr. O. W. Nixon,
Captain J. W. Rumsey,

Captain C. F. Matteson,
Captain John F. McAuley,

Captain A. N. Reece, Captain P. McGrath,

General John McArthur, General John A. Logan,

Major Geo. Mason, Captain J. G. Everest,

Captain A. T. Andreas,
General R. N. Pearson,

Captain D. H. Gile,
Captain F. A. Bragg,

Major G. L. Paddock,
Major J. A. Fitch,

General J. E. Smith,
Colonel J. A. Sexton,

Colonel W. L. Barnum,
Captain I. P. Rumsey,

Dr. E. Powell,
Captain R. W. Pike,

Captain B. W. Underwood,
Captain G. H. Busse,

Captain J. W. Letton,

General Samuel Fallows, Who will give due and timely notice of the details of their arrangements,

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