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Since that date the bond has been sold, and the receipts in cash have been, from the Recording Secretary $437, from interest on the bond $30, and proceeds of sale of the bond $1,213.75, making a total of cash receipts, $1,680.75. The expenditures are:

Overdraft at date of the last report, $153.64; expenses of the office of the Recording Secretary for stationary, postage, express and clerk hire, $ 56.25; pay of stenographer for reporting proceedings of the last meeting, $ 55; cost of preparing and printing the report of the last meeting, $423; cost of preparing and printing two volumes of consolidated reports, in pursuance of the resolution adopted by the Society at the meeting in St. Louis, May 11th, 1882, $1,819; cost of packing boxes and plates, $4; making a total of expenditure, $2,510.89. The excess of expenditure over receipts is $S30.14.

The General Fund is exhausted and is overdrawn to the amount of $830. 14. If it were not for the cost of the consolidated reports, there would be nearly $1,000 cash in this fund. When the first two volumes of consolidated reports were printed, the Treasurer was authorized to transfer from the Permanent Fund enough to cover any deficiency in the General Fund caused by that publication, and was subsequently authorized to make a transfer when the condition of the General Fund warranted it. I suggest that the Treasurer be authorized now to make a like transfer and retransfer. My books and vouchers accompany this report,

M. F. Force,


The President:-Gentlemen, you have heard the report of your Treasurer, and in that connection I wish to compliment the parties who liave been instrumental in printing the three or four volumes of our report. They are interesting and valuable in the extreme, and I hope every member will obtain the four volumes. Every day I find them of infinite value for reference. Gentlemen, you have heard the report of your Treasurer, what is your pleasure in regard to it?

On motion of Lieutenant Scribner,

Resolved. That the report of the Treasurer be accepted, and his recommendation granted,

While the report of the Treasurer was being read, General Oglesby, General Logan, Colonel Marshal, Colonel Fletcher and Captain (Governor) B. R. Sherman, came in, and the Presiden requested them to take seats with him on the stage. They were flatteringly received with enthusiastic cheering.

Lieutenant-Colonel Dresser inquired of the President, as a matter of information, what it would cost to procure copies of the

consolidated reports. He understood a large number of members desired to get extra copies.

The President: I am informed by General Hickenlooper, that those who have not obtained the first two volumes, can obtain them at cost. He will probably answer as to cost of the second two volumes.

General Hickenlooper:—There has been no resolution passed by the Society, covering the sale of the additional volumes in the issued numbers III. and IV. There was a resolution passed at a previous meeting, authorizing the Secretary to sell volumes I. and II. at a cost of $375. I suppose it would be in order to offer now a similar resolution, that the Secretary be authorized to dispose of volumes III, and IV. at the same price. It confines the authority to purchase to members of the Society, so that other persons may not come in and exhaust the edition.

The President:-Can you sell the two volumes at $3.75?

General Hickenlooper:-Yes sir. That was the cost price of publication. In connection with that, there is a matter that the Society had better take into consideration at the same time, and that is the question whether they will provide to deposit with library associations throughout the country, volumes that they may make application for, without cost. I find that quite a number of library associations send to me for copies of these volumes. I have now no authority to grant their requests.

Lieutenant-Colonel Dresser:-I move that the Secretary be authorized to sell any extra volumes that may be in his hands, at the cost price, including the Third and Fourth volumes. As to depositing them in the public libraries--there are so many public libraries, that would take everything they could get, that I think it would be injudicious. The edition would soon he exhausted, and the present members who have not secured the volumes, might perhaps be deprived of that privilege; and I move that all such members as would like, be permitted to purchase and put them in public libraries. If we attempt to supply all public libraries, the edition will soon be exhausted. I will make a motion that the Secretary be authorized to sell them at the cost price to members of the association.

Colonel Rowley:- I would suggest that we except the Con

gressional Library at Washington. I think it is eminently proper that the Congressional Library should be supplied with copies of our report.

The President:-I think that our Corresponding Secretary should be authorized to sell, at $3.75, the Third and Fourth volumes, to members upon application.

Colonel Rowley:- I desire to amend, by adding “public libraries”; that is, that public libraries shall have the privilege of making purchases the same as the members, as long as any of the edition remains.

The President:—The amendment is, that the same privilege be extended to public libraries.

Lieutenant Campbell:-I would offer an amendment to this effect.

The President:- There is already one amendment.

Lieutenant Campbell:-I offer an amendment to that amendment.

The President: I think that is about as far as it should go. [Laughter.]

Lieutenant Campbell:-Yes, that is about as far as it should go. I think the records of the Society should be placed in the public records, and I move that the State libraries of States represented in the Army of the Tennessee, be furnished with copies of this report.

The President:-I rule that out, because it is a new motion.

A Member:-I have no amendment to offer, but I suggest to my comrade over there, the author of the amendinent pending, that I cannot see the impropriety of selling these volumes to any body that wants them. I do not think it should be limited to societies or to public libraries. If the object is to unload surplus volumes, so as to get the money in the treasury, I see no propriety in limiting it to any particular class of purchasers.

Colonel Rowley:-In answer to the comrade, I will say that the demand is somewhat limited. I supposed the edition, as now published, would be taken up almost entirely by the members of the Society, or their immediate friends through them.

General Warner:-How many copies of each volume are issued.

Colonel Rowley:-I understood that but a thousand were printed.

General Hickenlooper:-Only about six hundred copies have been printed

Colonel Rowley:-It seems to me, we could hardly go into the book publishing business for the general public.

The President:—The only motion before you now, is to give the Corresponding Secretary authority to sell io public libraries the surplus copies of the reports III, and IV.

Colonel Dresser:-I accept the amendment to the original motion.

The President:—The vote will first be taken on the amendment, namely, to sell to public libraries as well as members.

Motion being put, it was decided carried.

The President:-Now, the original motion, wrich was to sell to the members, at $3.75, for volumes III. and IV., as well as I. and II., is before you. Are you prepared for the question?

Colonel Dresser:-Before that motion is put, I wish to correct the President in this. My motion was not to sell at $3 75, but at the cost price. I do not know that $3.75 is the cost. My motion is to sell at the cost price.

The President:--I understand from the Corresponding Secretary that $3.75 will cover the cost of publication. Are you ready for the motion?

Captain Beem: The motion recites that copies would be sold to members at $3.75. Should that not be extra copies?

The President:--There is no rule of the Society for the sale of these at all. There is an order for their publication, but no rule for the sale. Under this resolution, the Third and Fourth volumes will be sold at $3.75 to members and to public libraries.

General Warner: I understand the gentleman's question is to this point, that the Society is to furnish each member with a copy without charge.

The President-to the Corresponding Secretary:-Are members furnished free?

General Hickenlooper:-Yes sir.

The President:--Then the motion is for extra copies. The members will be supplied as heretofore, with copies free of charge; one copy to each member. Extra copies desired by members, or by public libraries, will be furnished at $3.75.


The President:-The Secretary will make a note that volumes III. and IV. will be sold for $3.75, which is the cost price. The motion, as adopted, I construe to be this: That every member, in good standing, of the Society of the Army of the Tennessee shall receive one copy gratis. If he wants extra copies for himself, or friends, or neighbors, he has the privilege of buying at the cost price, at $3-75. The same privilege is given to public libraries,

Gentlemen, we have now heard all the standard reports of last year. The next business in order, is the appointment of a Committee of three or five members, at your pleasure, to select the time and place for our next annual meeting. Are you ready to undertake that business?

General G. W. Smith:-I move that that selection be made by the President of the Society.

The President:—I can name them, if you choose, with the assistance of the officers of the Society.

General Smith:-I insist upon my motion, that the selection be made by the President of the Society.

The motion was put to a vote and decided carried.

Dr. Plummer:- I rise for the purpose of renewing the invitation to the Society of the Army of the Tennessee, tendered to them last year at Lake Minnetonka, to hold their next reunion at Rock Island. We can certainly entertain thein, and I think it is the best place where the Society can meet, and we would be glad to have them come there.

On motion of Colonel Rowley,

Resolved, That the request be referred to the Committee on Meeting

The President:—The committee are General W. W. Belknap, Dr. S. C. Plummer, Captain F. Y. Hedley, Captain J. C. Fagin, and General R. W. Healey.

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