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Biological Society of Washington, 1885

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Page xxix - AMENDMENTS This Constitution may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the members present at any regular meeting of the...
Page xxviii - Secretary-Treasurer shall be to take and preserve correct minutes of the proceedings of the Society, and to present and read all communications addressed to the Society ; to notify members of their election, and those in arrear...
Page 6 - If these considerations are well founded," he continues, " the objections of those who study insects or molluscs, for example, — that our regions are not true for their departments of nature — cannot be maintained. For they will find, that a careful consideration of the exceptional means of dispersal and conditions of existence of each group, will explain most of the divergences from the normal distribution of higher animals."!
Page 6 - As to the first objection, it will be found impossible to form any three or more regions, each of which differs from the rest in an equal degree or in the same manner. One will surpass all others in the possession of peculiar families; another will have many characteristic genera ; while a third will be mainly distinguished by negative characters. There will also be found many intermediate districts, which possess some of the characteristics of two well-marked regions...
Page 8 - Tertiary period, of forms adapted to л high temperature, and in part to the high rate of differentiation favored by tropical conditions of climate. Hence, given: 1. Arctic and cold-temperate conditions of climate, and we have a fauna only slightly or moderately diversified ; 2. A moderate increase of temperature, giving warm-temperate conditions of climate, and we have the addition of many new types of life; 3. A high increase of temperature, giving tropical conditions of climate, and we have a...
Page xxxv - ... after which several donations were announced and new members elected. The curator reported that but few coins had been added during the year, but some of the most valuable have been placed under look and key. From the Annual Report of the Treasurer the society appears to be in good financial condition. The Committee appointed at the last meeting to prepare a List of Officers for the year 1865, reported as follows: President, Jeremiah Colburn : Vice President and Curator, Judge JP Putnam ; Treasurer,...
Page ix - MD, LL. D., MNAS Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution and Director of the US National Museum. US Commissioner of Fish and Fisheries.
Page 75 - Dorsulum and mesonotum rugoso-punctate, with distinct but very short, sparse pubescence; front wings broadly rounded at tip, widest in terminal half; genital segment of female shorter than the rest of the abdomen; anal style of full-grown larva and pupa pointed at tip c.-mamma.
Page 31 - England," which made the passage in 41 days, in the month of July. A careful study of the statistics of these voyages, in conjunction with the Wind and Current charts for the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian oceans, published by the Admiralty...
Page xxviii - The President, or, in his absence, one of the Vice Presidents, shall preside at all general sessions of the Association and at all meetings of the Standing Committee.

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