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Being a complete collection of the best Letters (including those

of Junius) and Effays from the Daily Papers ; f arranged
as to elucidate each other, and illustrated withioccasional
Notes and References.

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Floriferis ut faltibus omnia libant,
Omnia nos itidem ; depafcimur aurea dicta
Aurea, perpetua femper dignissima vita.


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Printed for J. MURRAY, No. 32. Fleet-street; J. BELL,

near Exeter-Exchange, in the Strand ; S. BLADON, in
Pater-nofter-row; and C. ETHERINGTON, at York,


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R E A D E R.

THE Volumes which we now offer to the

Public, are an exact Repository of Politics and Literature for the memorable Year 1770.

The Materials they contain are the most authentic Monument, by which to arrive at the truth of those Transactions and Events, which have so much agitated the present Times, and which will be so interesting to Pofterity. They are the Vouchers to which future Historians will appeal.

In order to render this Collection the more valuable, we have been careful to arrange the Political Papers, which we have preserved, in such a 'method, as that they elucidate each


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