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Tacitus.—THE HISTORY OF TACITUS, translated into

English. By A. J. CHURCH, M.A. and W. J. BRODRIBB, M.A.

With a Map and Notes. 8vo. The translators have endeavoured to adhere as closely to the original as was thought consistent with a proper observance of English idiom, At the same time it has been their aim to reproduce the precise expressions oj the author. This work is characterised by the Spectator as a scholarly and faithful translation."

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THE AGRICOLA AND GERMANIA. Translated into English by

A. J. CHURCH, M.A. and W. J. BRODRIBB, M.A. With Maps

and Notes. Extra fcap. 8vo. The translators have sought to produce such a version as may satisfy scholars who demand a faithful rendering of the original, and English readers who are offended by the baldness and frigidity which commonly disfigure translations. The treatises are accompanied by in'ro.luctions, notes, maps, and a chronological summary. The Athenæum says of this work that it is "a version at once readable and exact, which may be perused with pleasure by all, and consulted with advantage by the classical student."


Taylor (Rev. Isaac).-WORDS AND PLACES;

Etymological Illustrations of History, Etymology, and Geography.
By the Rev. ISAAC TAYLOR, Second Edition. Crown 8vo.

125, 6d. Mr. Taylor has produced a really useful book, and one which stands alone in our language.”—SATURDAY Review. Trench (Archbishop).--GUSTAVUS ADOLPHUS: Social

Aspects of the Thirty Years' War. By R. CHENEVIX TRENCH,
D.D., Archbishop of Dublin. Fcap. 8vo.

25. 6d. Clear and lucid in style, these lectures will be a treasure to many to whom the subject is unfamiliar.”—DUBLIN EVENING MAIL.

Trench (Mrs. R.).—Remains of the late Mrs. RICHARD

TRENCH. Being Selections from her Journals, Letters, and other Papers. Edited by ARCHBISHOP TRENCH. New and cheaper Issue, with Portrait, Svo. 6s.



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Contains notices and anecdotes illustrating the social life of the period -extending over a quarter of a century (1799–1827). It includes also poems and other miscellaneous pieces by Mrs. Trench. Trench (Capt. F., F.R.G.S.).—THE RUSSO-INDIAN

QUESTION, Historically, Strategically, and Politically considered. By Capt. TRENCH, F.R.G.S. With a Sketch of Central

Asiatic Politics and Map of Central Asia. Crown 8vo. 75. 6d. The Russo-Indian, or Central Asian question has for several obvious reasons been attracting much public attention in England, in Russia, and also on the Continent, within the last year or two.

I have thought that the present volume, giving a short sketch of the history of this question from its earliest origin, and condensing much of the most recent and interesting information on the subject, and on its collateral phases, might perhaps be acceptable to those who take an interest in it."-AUTHOR'S PREFACE. Trevelyan (G.O., M.P.).—CAWNPORE. Illustrated with

Plan. By G. O. TREVELYAN, M.P., Author of “The Com

petition Wallah.” Second Edition. Crown 8vo. 6s. In this book we are not spared one fact of the sad story; bu feelings are not harrowed by the recital of imaginary outrages. It is good for us at home that we have one who tells his tale so well as does Mr. Trevelyan.—PALL MALL GAZETTE.


THE COMPETITION WALLAH. New Edition. Crown 8vo. 6s.

The earlier letters are especially interesting for their racy descriptions of European life in India. . . . . Those that follow are of more serious import, seeking to tell the truth about the Hindoo character and English influences, good and bad, upon it, as well as to suggest some better course of treatment than that hitherto adopted.EXAMINER.

Vaughan (late Rev. Dr. Robert, of the British

Author of “Hours with the Mystics." By ROBERT VAUGHAN,

D.D. Second Edition, revised and enlarged. Extra fcap. 8vo. 55. " It deserves a place on the same shelf with Stanley's 'Life of Arnold,' and Carlyle's 'Stirling.' Dr. Vaughan has performed his painful but not all unpleasing task with exquisite good taste and feeling.”-NONCON


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M.A., late Incumbent of St. Stephen's Church, Brighton. By the
Rev. J. N. SIMPKINSON, M.A. Third and Cheaper Edition, cor-

rected and abridged. 55. A more edifying biography we have rarely met with."--LITERARY CHURCHMAN.

Wallace.-THE MALAY ARCHIPELAGO: the Land of the

Orang Utan and the Bird of Paradise. A Narrative of Travel with Studies of Man and Nature. By ALFRED RUSSEL WALLACE. With Maps and Illustrations. Second Edition. Two vols. crown

8vo. 245.

A carefully, and deliberately composed narrative. We advise our readers to do as we have done, read his book through.”—TIMES. Ward (Professor).—THE HOUSE OF AUSTRIA IN THE

THIRTY YEARS' WAR. Two Lectures, with Notes and Illustrations. By ADOLPHUS W. Ward, M.A., Professor of History in Owens College, Manchester. Extra fcap. 8vo.

25. 6d. Very compact and instructive.”—FORTNIGHTLY REVIEW.


By the Hon. J. LEICESTER WARREN, M.A. 8vo. 25. 64. The present essay is an attempt to illustrate Mr. Freeman's Federal Government by evidence detuced from the coinage of the times and countries therein treated of."--PREFACE.


F.R.S.E., Regius Professor of Technology in the University of

Edinburgh. By his Sister. New Edition. Crown 8vo. ós. An exquisite and touching portrait of a rare and beautiful spirit.GUARDIAN.


OF SCOTLAND. By DANIEL Wilson, LL.D., Professor of
History and English Literature in University College, Toronto.
New Edition, with numerous Illustrations. Two yols, demy
8vo. 36s.



This elaborate and learneil wirk is divided into four Parts. Part I. deals with The Primeval or Stone Period : Aboriginal Traces, Sepulchral Memorials, Dwellings, and Catacombs, Temples, Weapons, &c. &c.; Part II., The Bronze Period : The Metallurgic Transition, Primitive Bronse, Personal Ornaments, Religion, Arts, and Domestic Habits, with other topics; Part III., The Iron Period: The Introduction of Iron, The Roman Invasion, Strongholds, &c. &c.; Part IV., The Christian Period : Historical Data, the Norrie's Law Relics, Primitive and Mediaval Ecclesiology, Ecclesiastical and Miscellaneous Antiquities. The work is furnished with an elaborate Index.


PREHISTORIC MAN. New Edition, revised and partly re-written,

with numerous Illustrations. One vol. 8vo. This work, which carries out the principle of the preceding one, but with a wider scope, aims to " view Man, as far as possible, unaffected by those modifying influences which accompany the development of nations and the maturity of a true historic period, in order thereby to ascertain the sources from whence such development and maturity proceed.It contains, for example, chapters on the Primeval Transition ; Speech; Metals; the Mound-Builders ; Primitive Architecture; the American Type ; the Red Blood of the West, &c. &c.

CHATTERTON: A Biographical Study. By DANIEL Wilson,

LL.D., Professor of History and English Literature in University

College, Toronto. Crown 8vo. 6s. 6d. The Author here regards Chatterton as a Poet, not as a mere resetter and defacer of stolen literary treasures.Reviewed in this light, he has found much in the old materials capable of being turned to new account : and to these materials research in various directions has enabled him to make some additions.




or, the New Landlord. By WILLIAM ALLINGHAM. New and

Cheaper Issue, with a Preface. Fcap. 8vo. cloth, 45. 64. In the new Preface, the state of Ireland, with special reference to the Church measure, is discussed.

It is vital with the national character. . . . It has something of Pope's point and Goldsmith's simplicity, touched to a more modern issue."ATHENÆUM.

Arnold (Matthew).—POEMS. By Matthew ARNOLD.

Two vols. Extra fcap. 8vo. cloth. 125. Also sold separately at 6s.

each. Volume I. contains Narrative and Elegiac Poems; Volume 11. Dra. matic and Lyric Poems. The two volumes comprehend the First and Second Series of the Poems, and the New Poems.

NEW POEMS. Extra fcap. 8vo. 6s. 6d,

In this volume will be foundEmpedocles on Etna ;"" Thyrsis " ( written in commemoration of the late Professor Clough); Epilogue to Lessing's Laocoon;" Heine's Grave ;Obermann once more." All these poems are also included in the Edition (two vols.) above-mentioned. ESSAYS IN CRITICISM. New Edition, with Additions. Extra

fcap. 8vo. 6s. CONTENTS :- Preface; The Function of Criticism at the present time; The Literary Influence of Academies; Maurice de Guerin ; Eugenie de Guerin ; Heinrich Heine ; Pagan and Mediaval Religious Sentiment; Joubert ; Spinosa and the Bible; Marcus Aurelius.

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