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great Vizier Daout Baffa, by the Command of the newe Emperour, hath ftrangled Ofman, fent to Prifon butt fower Howers agoe: the first Emperour that ever they laid violent Hands on ; a fatall Signe, I think, of their Declynation.

I cannot difcourfe at this prefent, hauing but one Hower allowed mee to write by the Venetian Baile, and all not yet appeafed. But I would not his Majeftie fhould receiue yt from another Hand; therefore you wil be pleafed to prefent, and to accept res geftas, in this Hurly-burly. I have Knowledge of all the Ground of this Bufinefs, and the Practize of the great Vizier, now flayne, to alter the whole Frame of Gouernment of this Empire; a braue and wife Plott, if yt hath taken Effect; which had either made him Monarch of the World, or wholly torne and diffolued it. But God hath his Hand and Power in these things above our reach; and I will fend your Honor the Story of this, wherein you fhall fee ftraunge things propofed, and now confounded. And this is the third Day fince thefe Troubles beganne, and I hope wil be the laft, though I fufpect a Warre to enfue, of which I will advise your Honor in tyme.


30th May, 1622.



To the SA ME.

Copy of myne, fent you

Right Honorable.


HE former is a

Copy of


the last Weeke, written in hafte, and while

[blocks in formation]

we were vnquiett, and not free from Feare; for the Subftance, it is all true, only fome Difference in the manner of no Moment, which I must then take as I could gett yt from Report. But I will in few Dayes trouble you with the whole and large Difcourfe, which I think is one of the rarest and ftrangest Stories, both for the Defigne and Confufion thereof, and for the great Alterations following, and Waies opened to greater, that this Age, or many former haue produced. In the meane while, to giue your Honor a Longing to know more, I will for this time touch the Proiect, and fome fewe Obferuations vpon it, and then conclude with myne own Bufinefs. First, your Honor muft knowe, that this laft Emperour, Ofman, was a Youth of a great and haughty Spiritt, very couragious, and a mortall hater of the Chriftians; enuious of the Glory of his Aunceftors, hauing defigned great Things; and ambitious to aduance his Name higher than any of theirs. His first Enterprise was that of Poland, which hee vndertook of his owne Head, against the liking both of Viziers and Soldiours, who in a Monarchy, grown to Riches and Hight, declyned from her antient Difciplyne by Eafe and Wealth, and perhaps, longa dominatione inertes, are euer corrupt and lazy. This Action he thought fo eafy, as that he had difpofed of the Diftribution of his Conqueft, and diuided the live Lyon's Skynne." Being met vpon the Borders with a poore Army, in comparison, he was firft (as I enformed you) worsted at Chotyn, so that he was fayne to leaue yt vntaken. Then, when he would haue forced the Trenches of the Chancellor, to haue advanced into a playn Country, he could neuer procure his Janizaries to fight; though engaging his Per


fon, once or twice, beyond the Regarde of his Quality; and in Conclufion was compelled to rife fhamefully, and to treat vpon eafy Conditions; and, to faue his Honor, was very gladd, by my comming, of that Pretence to make a Peace (which yet depends) vntill-hee had executed his deepe conceiued Councells. For this Difgrace, he tooke fo rooted an Indignation against the Janizaries, and fo iuftly, that he often complayned, he was no King that was subject to the Infolencey of his owne Slaues, vpon whom he spent his Treasures; and yet they would neither fight in Warre, nor be content in Peace, without exacting Bounties. Delauir Baffa Vizier, a Man of great Witt and Courage, and called from the Eastern Parts to this Action, who came in a braue and fouldiourly Equipage aboue all his Captaines, was fodainly made great Vizier, the former beeing in the fame Difgrace common with the Soldiours, though not in the Fault. This Man was neuer bredd here, but had liued in Action for many Yeares, and fo had no Faction nor Dependence in Court, but ftood vpon himfelfe; and beeing now, vnlooked for, advanced to this high Dignity, he wrought vpon the King's Difcontent, and nourished yt; and in Conclufion told him, It was true, he was no Emperour, nor could bee, while the Janizaries had the Power which they had lately vfurped. That they were corrupted from their antient Inftitution, and were lazy Cowards, vnworthy of Bread. But if he would follow his Advice, he could prouide him a newe Soldioury about Damafcus, and from the Coords, of Men, euer bredd in the frontire Warre, and of great Courage; and that of them he fhould erect a newe Militia, that fhould wholly

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depend of him only, enterteyning forty thousand in Pay, which fhould allway be his Guard. That euery Beglerbegh, in his Gouerment, should trayne fome of the Inhabitants, who, in all Occafions of making a great Army, fhould be in readynes; and hereby he fhould fpare infinite Treasure, and fecure his Eftate, eaten and in danger by these Drones; and be able, with Men of new Spiritts, to doe greater Matters then any of his Aunceftors. The King, pleafed with this Councell, gaue all to the Vizier's Direction, who was a true Soldiour, and a very wife Man, able, by his Creditt in Afia, to performe this and more; for he was exceedingly beloued in thofe Parts, very rich, and had kept Damafcus for himfelfe in the last Rebellion. Upon this Conclufion betweene them, he fent his Letters to his Friends, and prouided. ten thoufand thereabouts, and ten thousand from the Coords, all upon pretence of invading Perfia; and had caused the Emir de Saida to raise twenty thoufand, which was called a Reuolt, but was indeed in ayd of the King's Purposes, who pretended to goe priuately to Mecha; but his End was to meete thofe Soldiours, and to stay a Yeare at Damafcus, vntill he had regulated his new Army, and then to retorne to Conftantinople, and root out and diffolue all the Chambers of the Janizaries, and caft the Spahees and Timariotts, and to exauctorate all their Captaynes, who eate vp his Country. And hauing thus fettled all things here, he then refolued, with his new Soldiours, to attempt the Recouery of his Honor in Christendome in the meane tyme to hold all good Friendshipp and Correspondence there in all Parts. Certenly this was a braue and wellgrounded Defigne, and of great Confequence for


the renewing of this decayed Empire, if God had not destroyed it; for it is very true, the Turkish Emperour is now but the Janizaries Treasurer. If this Proiect had taken place, God knowes what Euents it might have produced by a Civill Warre; for doubtleffe the Soldioury here would haue sett upp a new King, and maynteyned him as they could, and this European Part had bene torne away by the Divifion; befides Delauir Baffa, hauing the King in his Poffeffion, and the Treafure and his own Authority fo greate, and his Inclynation velle imperare, once difcouered, it may well be thought that he would haue fhared fome Part of this greate Eftate. If, on the other fide, the King had preuailed, and the Vizier proued faithfull, I am perfwaded they would haue made fuch a Reformation, and erected fuch a newe Order for the Warre and Treasure, that he would haue troubled all Christendome; but, ubi difquifitor fæculi huius? Nonne infatuavit Deus fapientiam mundi huius? Perdam fapientiam fapientum, et vanam reddam intelligentiam intelligentium. I know not whether I ought to wifh, that thefe Councells had fucceeded or not: now I am fure we are here governed by a poore and feely Man; or rather, here is no Gouernment, where Slaues, that in fewe Howres could chaunge the greatest Monarch, are become fo infolent, that yett there is no open Diuan or Councell, vntill they haue received a Donatiue for Guerdon of their Iniquity. Your Honor will giue mee leaue to make short Obferuations. First, that the Treasury, by the three Chaunges in fower Years (for euery Janizary in the Empire, whether abfent or prefent, hath twenty-five Checquins Gold, befides the Spahees. and other Orders) and by the late Warr, is very

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