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Local Committee, and were called to order by the President at 11} o'clock A. M., and proceeded to the transaction of the usual current business.

On motion of General Slack:

Resolved, That the reading of the record of the proceedings of the last annual meeting be dispensed with, they having already been printed and distributed to the members.

On motion of General Strong:

Resolved, That a committee of seven be appointed to nominate candidates for officers for the Society, to serve during the ensuing year.

The President announced as such committee, General Strong, Colonel Weber, Colonel Herbert, Major Dunn, General 'Loomis, Colonel Klinck and Colonel Munson.

The Recording Secretary read his annual report, as follows:



President Society of the Army of the Tennessee: GENERAL:—For my annual report, conforming to our By-Laws, I have the honor to make as follows: Moneys received by me, from members, since last annual report: On account of membership,

$382 00 On account of dues, On account of certificates membership,

84 00

160 00


$626 00 Which has been duly passed over to our Treasurer on dates August 26th, 1872, April 17th and October 7th, 1873.

Of the above amount, only $105 was paid for life membership, showing that but five members have availed themselves of the provisions in that respect made at our last meeting. We have nearly eight hundred members, but, on an average, less than one hundred pay their annual dues, so that, unless we encroach on our Permanent Fund, we do not have income sufficient to pay our current expenses. It is to be hoped this fund will be increased instead of diminished. I most respectfully submit the above, and remain, yours, etc.,

L. M. DAYTON, Recording Secretary.

On motion of General Hurlbut:

Resolved, That the report of the Recording Secretary be accepted and spread upon the records of the Society.

The Treasurer read his annual report, submitted as follows:


TREASURER's Office, October 14, 1873. At the last annual report, the Permanent Fund consisted of four thousand five hundred dollars of Government Bonds, and seventy-one dollars twentynine cents ($71.29) cash.

Since that report, the fund has received from Colonel L. M. Dayton, Recording Secretary, three hundred and eighty-two dollars ($382), and from interest on bonds and premium on gold, three hundred and twenty-three dollars nineteen cents ($323.19), making total cash seven hundred and seventysix dollars forty-eight cents ($776.48).

One Government Bond for five hundred dollars has been bought at a premium of thirteen per cent., making the cost five hundred and sixty-five dollars ($565).

This fund now contains five thousand dollars of Government Bonds, and two hundred and eleven dollars forty-eight cents ($211.48) cash.

The General Fund contained, at the last report, two hundred and fifty-five dollars eighty-five cents ($255.85). It has received since, from Colonel L. M. Dayton, Recording Secretary, two hundred and forty-four dollars ($244), making a total of four hundred and ninety-nine dollars eighty-five cents ($499.85).

The expenditures from this fund have been items of expense, by the Corresponding Secretary, for postage, stationery, and rollers and wrapping-paper for certificates.

At the last meeting of the Society, provision was made for obtaining life memberships; and this opportunity is taken of inviting the attention of members to this means of obviating the trouble of annual payments, and the risk of forgetting them.




$4.500 00

$ 71 29

On hand at last report, in bonds,
On hand at last report, in cash,
Received from Recording Secretary,
Received interest on bonds, and premium on gold,

382 00 323 19

$776 48 565 00

Paid for a $500 Government Bond,
Remaining on hand, cash,
Remaining on hand, bonds,

$211 48 $5,000 00

Of membership, sixty-eight dollars forty-nine cents ($68.49). Bill for printing the report of the last meeting, two hundred and fifteen dollars ($215). R. Clarke & Co.'s bill for printing and stationery, and gilt seals for certificates of membership, forty-two dollars ($42). Ribbon for certificates of membership, four dollars twenty-five cents ($4.25), making a total of three hundred and twenty-nine dollars seventy-four cents ($329.74).

The balance remaining on hand in this fund is one hundred and seventy dollars eleven cents ($170.11).

The book showing these accounts, the bank book showing the deposit account of cash, the itemized bills of expense approved by the President of the Society, together with a certificate of the deposit of the bonds and the cash balance, are herewith submitted.


On hand at last report,
Received from Recording Secretary,

$255 85 244 00

[blocks in formation]

Paid-expended by Corresponding Secretary,
Printing report of last meeting:
R. Clarke & Co.'s bill for printing and stationery,
John Shillito & Co.'s bill for ribbon,
M. T. Hough & Co.'s bill for ribbon,

215 00
42 00

2 25

2 00

*329 74

Balance remaining in the fund,

170 II

On motion of Colonel Markland:

Resolved, That the report of the Treasurer be received and spread upon the records of the Society.

The Corresponding Secretary read his annual report as follows:


TOLEDO, Ohio, October 16, 1873. Mr. President, and Members of the Society of the Army of the Tennessee:

GENTLEMEN:-As Corresponding Secretary, I have the honor to report the usual distribution of annual reports, certificates of membership received from Recording Secretary, and the notices of this meeting, and submit herewith letters received from absent members.


A. HICKENLOOPER, Corresponding Secretary.

The correspondence of absent members being a matter of great interest to the Society, a unanimous request was made that the letters should be read. They were read by General Hickenlooper, and are herewith introduced into the report, as has formerly been done. The expressed sentiments of interest in our Society gave great satisfaction.

On motion of Colonel Weber:

Resolved, That the report of the Corresponding Secretary be accepted and spread upon the records of the Society.


KALAMA, W. T., September 16, 1873. DEAR GENERAL:—I received to-day from you a printed notice of meeting of the Society of the Army of the Tennessee, at Toledo, on the 15th and 16th proximo. I regret exceedingly that my duties here will prevent my being absent long enough to make so great a journey, but I will think of you all, and imagine, if I can, that I am in your midst. I hope all will have a good time, and the bond of friendship be strengthened by the meeting.

I have not been able yet to obtain a badge of the Army of the Tennessee. I want a good one; and if you will be kind enough to order one, and let me know the cost, I will remit.

Sincerely yours,


New ALBANY, IND., October 13, 1873. COLONEL L. M. DAYTON,

Recording Secretary of the Society of the Army of the Tennessee: Dear Colonel:-I regret that my engagements are of a character to keep me from attending our reunion this week.

To one who deems it no small honor to have been identified with the Army of the Tennessee, and who cherishes friendships formed in that army during its

years of hardship and peril, it is painful to miss an opportunity to spend a few days with old comrades in social pleasure.

As it is, I can only send my hearty greetings, and assurances of continued interest in the welfare of our Society.

Yours truly,



Corresponding Secretary Society Army Tennessee, Cincinnati, Ohio: Dear GenerAL:—This being Sunday, and memory turning back, pondering over events of the war, and necessarily those associated with it, I have taken up to refresh my memory, among other documents, the proceedings of the sixth annual meeting of the Society, where I find the names of many endeared to me by past association; and, although by circumstances beyond my control, I may be denied the privilege of meeting with you, yet I trust I may be remembered as I remember you all. I am also reminded that my dues must be in arrears. Will you please do me the favor to let me know how much, and I will remit with pleasure?

Very truly yours,

John E. SMITH. Colonel 14th Inf., U. S. A., late Bvt. Maj.-Gen., U. S. Vols.


Toledo, Ohio: My Dear GENERAL:-I sincerely regret that I can not respond in person to your invitation to attend the reunion of the Army of the Tennessee at Toledo, Ohio, at the time designated in your invitation. My official duties here are such that I cannot be absent from my post for so long a period as a trip from here to Toledo would require, and I believe I am under orders from our old commander not to absent myself from duty without leave. Wishing you a happy reunion, I am, as ever, yours truly,

B. F. Ports.

MADISON, Wis., October, 1873. MY DEAR GENERAL:-I cannot tell you how deeply I regret not being able to attend the reunion of our Society at Toledo, Ohio, on the 15th and 16th instant. I am now busily engaged in paying pensions, and can not be absent without great neglect of duty.

Hoping the Society will take notice of the cowardly assassination of our gallant comrade, General McCook,

I am, fraternally yours,


Late Colonel 16th Wisconsin Infantry. GENERAL A. HICKENLOOPER,

Corresponding Secretary.

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, September 29, 1873. GENERAL:-Your favor of the 20th of August, requesting me to attend the seventh annual reunion of the Army of the Tennessee, to be held at Toledo, Ohio, on the 15th and 16th days of October next, is just received. I am sorry, indeed, to have to say that it will be impossible for ine to be present; but, although absent in person, I shall be marching on with you in spirit and sympathy. Hoping that this reunion of the glorious old Army of the Tennessee will be as enjoyable and successful as any previously held, I am, General, with very great respect, Your obedient servant,


Late of 16th Regiment Wisconsin Volunteers. GENERAL A. HICKENLOOPER,

Corresponding Secretary, Cincinnati, Ohio.

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