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The Association shall be known as “The SOCIETY OF THE ARMY OF THE TENNESSEE," and shall include every officer who has served with honor in that Army.

Honorary members may be elected from those who have served with honor and distinction in any of the Armies of the United States.


The object of the Society shall be to keep alive and preserve that kindly and cordial feeling which has been one of the characteristics of this Army during its career in the service, and which has given it such harmony of action, and contributed, in no small degree, to its glorious achievements in our country's cause.

The fame and glory of all the officers belonging to this Army, who have fallen either on the field of battle, or in the line of their duty, shall be a sacred trust to this Society, which shall cause proper memorials of their services to be collected and preserved, and thus transmit their names with honor to posterity.

The families of all such officers who shall be in indigent circumstances will have a claim upon the generosity of the Society, and will be relieved by the voluntary contributions of its members whenever brought to their attention. In like manner, the fame and suffering families of those officers who may hereafter be stricken down by death shall be a trust in the hands of their survivors.


For the purpose of accomplishing these objects, the Society shall be organized by the annual election of a President and Vice-Presidents. The Vice-Presidents to be chosen, one from each Army Corps of the old Army of the Tennessee, and a Corresponding and a Recording Secretary.

The Society shall meet once in every year, and those officers who, for any cause, are unable to attend its meeting, will be expected to write to the Corresponding Secretary of the Society, and impart such information in regard to themselves as they may desire, and which may be of interest to their brother officers. Honoring the glorious achievements of our brothers-in-arms belonging to other armies, whose services have contributed, in an equal degree, in the re-establishment of our Government, and desiring to draw closer to them in the bonds of social feeling, the President or either of the Vice-Presidents of this Society shall be authorized to invite the attendance of any officer of the United States Army at any of our annual meetings.

AMENDMENTS TO THE CONSTITUTION. First. That the first sentence of the third article of the Constitution be amended so as to read as follows:

“The Society shall be organized by the annual election of a President and six Vice-Presidents, a Recording Secretary, a Corresponding Secretary, and a Treasurer.”

Second. That article third of the Constitution be amended so as to read as follows, viz:

“ The number of Vice-Presidents shall be twelve, instead of one from each Corps of the Army of the Tennessee.”


ARTICLE I. All persons applying previous to, on, or after the annual meeting in eighteen hundred and seventy, (1870), for enrollment, shall pay a membership fee of ten dollars, ($10); that the annual dues shall continue to be one dollar, ($1), and persons applying for membership shall pay back dues; that all fees and dues are payable to the Recording Secretary, and all money received by him on account of the Society shall be transferred to the Treasurer; and that all money received as fees shall by the Treasurer be added to the Permanent Fund.

ARTICLE II. Money for ordinary expenses of the Society may be expended by the Treasurer upon the warrant of the President. 'All other expenditures, only in pursuance of a vote of the Society.

ARTICLE III. The Treasurer shall make a report to the annual meeting of all receipts and expenditures with vouchers.

The Recording Secretary shall report to the annual meeting all money received by him, and all transferred by him to the Treasurer.

The Corresponding Secretary shall report to every meeting all correspondence of general interest.

ARTICLE IV. All questions and resolutions shall be decided by a majority of the members present.. But amendments proposed to the Constitution shall be acted upon only at the annual meeting subsequent to the one at which they may be proposed, unless the postponement be dispensed with by a vote of two-thirds of the members present.

ARTICLE V. The order of Business shall be as follows: 1. Reading of the journal of the previous meeting. 2. Appointment of committees on business and for nomination of officers. 3. Receiving reports. 4. Current business.

Election of officers. 6. Adjournment.

ARTICLE VI. If the Society shall, at any meeting, omit to designate the time and place of the next meeting, the President shall, by due public notice, fix the time and place.





Society OF THE ARMY OF THE Tennessee.


SPRINGFIELD, ILL., October 14, 1874. At the last annual meeting, the Society decided that Springfield should be its next place of meeting at this time, and notice was given as follows:


WASHINGTON City, D. C., September 15, 1874. S To Members of the Society of the Army of the Tennessee:

The eighth annual reunion of the Society will be held at Springfield, Illinois, on Wednesday and Thursday, the 14th and 15th days of October next, commencing at 10 o'clock A. M. Wednesday.

The annual address will be delivered by General S. A. Hurlbut. All the arrangements for the reunion will be under the charge and direction of the following - Local Executive Committee," who will give due notice of the details of their arrangements:

General Chas. E., Lippincott, Chairman,
General John M. Palmer,

General R. N. Pierson,
General E. N. Bates,

General T. S. Mather,
General Jno. L. Beveridge,

Colonel A. J. Babcock,
General Jno. Cook,

Colonel F. M. Malone,

Rev. J. L. Crane. Officers who have at any time served in the Army or Department of the Tennessee, are, by our Constitution, entitled to membership, and are specially requested to attend. Members of kindred societies are cordially invited to participate.

W. T. SHERMAN, L. M. Dayton,

President. Recording Secretary, A. HICKENLOOPER, Corresponding Secretary,

Cincinnati, Ohio.

The Society assembled in the Opera-house, and at 11:15 o'clock the 14th instant, was called to order by the President. Proceeding to the regular course of business, he requested the Recording Secretary to read the record of the last annual meeting.

On motion of Colonel E. M. Joel:

Resolved, That the printed report of our last meeting stand approved, and having been read by most of our members, that the form of publicly reading it at this time be dispensed with.

On motion of General J. R. Slack:

Resolved, That a committee of five be appointed to nominate candidates for offices of the Society, to serve until our next election.

The President nominated for the committee, General J. R. Slack, Colonels C. Cadle, Thomas Reynolds, E. M. Joel, and General E. F. Noyes.

On motion of Colonel Fletcher:

Resolved, That a committee of five be appointed to select the place and name the time for holding the next annual meeting, subject to the approval of the Society—their report to be made during this meeting.

The President appointed General J. M. Hedrick, Major E. T. Miller, General John W. Fuller, General Giles A. Smith, and Colonel R. Macfeely. Colonel Fletcher was excused from the committee at his own request.

On motion of Colonel George R. Steele:

Resolved, That a committee of three be appointed to draft resolutions respecting deceased members. Colonel Steele, in offering the resolution, requested to be excused from service on the committee.

The President appointed General M. F. Force, Colonel T. C. Fletcher, and Major E. C. Dawes.

The Treasurer read his annual report, and,
On motion of Captain W. H. Barlow:

Resolved. That the report of the Treasurer, as just read, be approved, and the Recording Secretary shall spread the same in order, as of the records of this meeting.

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