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TREASURER'S OFFICE, October 12, 1874.

I have the honor to submit the following report:

At the last report the Permanent Fund consisted of five thousand dollars of Government Bonds and two hundred and eleven dollars forty-eight cents cash.

Since that report, the Recording Secretary has paid into this fund three hundred and thirty-eight dollars. It has received from interest on bonds three hundred and forty-five dollars, and from premium on the gold interest thirty-five dollars forty cents.

These comprise the ordinary sources of income. In addition, the Local Committee of the reunion at Toledo, after meeting the expense of the superb reception given there to the Society, still had remaining, unexpended, a portion of the fund raised for the occasion. The committee, through General Fuller, sent me a draft for eight hundred and thirty-one dollars ten cents, with instructions to pay first, the cost of handsome binding for a number of copies of the annual report to be used by that committee, and to pay the remainder into the Permanent Fund of the Society. The cost of this binding was one hundred and seventy-six dollars. The remainder of the draft, six hundred and fifty-five dollars ten cents, was paid into the fund as a donation from the Toledo members.

The expenses of this fund have been the purchase of two five hundred dollar Government Bonds-one bought on the 6th December, 1873, for five hundred and eighty-three dollars seventy-five cents, and one on the 9th May, 1874, for five hundred and ninety-eight dollars seventy-five cents.

This fund now consists of six thousand dollars of Government Bonds and four hundred and two dollars forty-eight cents cash.

The General Fund at last report contained one hundred and seventy dollars eleven cents. Since then the Recording Secretary has paid in four hundred and twenty-two dollars received from members for annual dues, and seventyfour dollars received for certificates of membership.

The expenses of this fund have been three hundred and twenty-five dollars ninety-five cents paid for printing the annual report, and ten dollars thirtyfour cents expenses of the Secretary's office, including stationery, printing, ribbon for certificates and express charges.

This fund now contains three hundred and twenty-nine dollars eighty-two cents.

A tabular summary is appended, and my book of accounts and vouchers for expenditures, together with certificates of deposit of the Third National Bank of Cincinnati for the bonds and cash on hand, are presented herewith.




On hand at last report, bonds, - $5,000.00
On hand, cash, - - - - - - - $211 48
Received from Recording Secretary, - - 338 00

interest on bonds, - - - - - 345 00
" premium on gold, - - - - - 35 40
Toledo donation, - - - - - 655 10

- $1,584 98 Paid for bonds, . . - - - . - $1,182 50 Balance on hand, . - - - - - 402 48

- $1,584 98 Bonds on hand,

. . . $6,000 00

On hand at last report, .

$170 II
Received annual dues, - - - - - - 422 00
" certificate fees. . . . . . 74 00

$666 11
Paid for printing report, - - - - - - $325 95
Paid for current expenses, - - - - - 10 34
Balance on hand, - - - - - - - 329 82

$666 11
Aggregate on hand, bonds $6,000.00, cash $732.30.
The Recording Secretary read his annual report, and,
On motion of Captain C. Lanstrum:

Resolved, That the report of our Secretary be accepted, and the same be incorporated in order with the proceedings of this meeting




President Society of the Army of the Tennessee: Dear Sir:-Since my report made to you and the Society, of date October 7th, 1873, I have received payments from our members on the following accounts,

Membership Fees, - - - - - - - $338 00
Annual Dues, - - - - . . . 422 00
Certificates of Membership, - - - - 74 00

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Which amount has been duly turned over to our Treasurer, on dates of October 22nd, 1873, and October 8th, 1874. Of this amount $118.00 was on account of life membership-five of our members having adopted that form. During the year since our last meeting, thirty-seven certificates of membership have been issued, and an extensive amount of correspondence has also devolved upon your Recording Secretary, incident to his office. On the first of August of this year, I took the liberty of sending to our Corresponding Secretary a circular addressed to each member, making a statement of how much was then due from them on account of fees, dues, etc., which were duly forwarded by our Corresponding Secretary, and the response of remittances has been good and certainly very encouraging when the expressions of members as shown in this correspondence is considered. Following our last meeting the records of the same were made up, and as soon as practicable the report in regular form was published, and by your Corresponding Secretary issued to members of the Society. Our membership roll now numbers over eight hundred, but unfortunately we have not the correct address of many of them, and can not therefore reach them with reports, etc., to which they are entitled. It is to be regretted that the Society or the members do not take some action in order to correct this. Most respectfully submitting the above as my annual report,

I remain, etc.,

L. M. DAYTON, Recording Secretary.

The Corresponding Secretary presented his annual report and read it. He also submitted letters received from absent members.

On motion of Captain Barlow:

Resolved, That the reading of letters received from absent members be dispensed with.

On motion of Colonel J. S. Wilcox:

Resolved, That the report of the Corresponding Secretary is approved, and shall be placed in order with the proceedings of this meeting, and that the letters received from absent members be also published therewith.


SPRINGFIELD, ILL., October 14, 1874. Mr. President, and Members of the Society of the Army of the Tennessee:

Gentlemen:-As Corresponding Secretary I have the honor to report the usual distribution of annual reports, certificates of membership, receipts, statements of account, and President's call for this meeting.

In which connection I desire to very respectfully call the attention of the Society to the fact, that while we carry on our roll the names of 762 members we have the P. O. address of but 677, in addition to which between 75 and 100 members have changed their location without directing a change of address, and in consequence of which there are annually about 100 reports, circulars, etc., returned not delivered. This neglect deprives the members of many of the benefits of the Society, and occasions considerable trouble and expense which might be avoided by promptly notifying the Corresponding Secretary of changes made in places of residence.

I have the honor to submit herewith the names of members of our Society of whose death I have been notified since our last meeting. Colonel T. W. Fry,

Colonel Jno. P. Hall,
Colonel A. J. Hanke,

Major W. G. Peck,
Colonel E. J. Wood,

Captain David White,
Colonel C. R. Weaver,

General Hugh T. Reid. And suggest the appointment of a suitable committee to draft and report resolutions of respect for these deceased members.

I also very respectfully suggest the propriety of making some provision by which, in case of death, the rights and benefits of membership may be conferred upon some surviving member of the deceased officer's family, and thus perpetuate and keep alive, for another generation at least, that kindly, cordial, and social feeling which was one of the chief characteristics of the Army of the Tennessee.


A. HICKENLOOPER, Corresponding Secretary.



President Society Army of the Tennessee: Expected to be present, but am suddenly called away, which I very much regret. I am with you in spirit if not in person.


CixcixxATI, October 14, 1874. GENERAL A. HICKENLOOPER,

Corresponding Secretary: Business prevents my being at Springfield to-day. My thoughts, heart and best wishes are with you all.

Daniel Weber, Late Colonel 39th Ohio.

Grand Island, NEB., October 14, 187.4. COLONEL L. M. DAYTOX,

Secretary: Can not get East in time to meet with you. Love to all my old comrades.

HENRY W. Joxes, Captain and A. Q. M., L'. S. A.

· Toledo, O., October 14, 1874. GENERAL A. HickenLOOPER,

Corresponding Secretary:
Compliments and regrets. Love to all. Will write you personally.

J. M. Cooke.

Charleston, S. C., October 15, 1874. GENERAL A. HICKENLOOPER,

Corresponding Secretary:
Greeting to old comrades. Hard at work. Can't meet you this year.

F. C. Nichols.

Louisville, KY., October 13, 1874. COLONEL L. M. DAYTON,

Secretary: I am unable to get to the reunion on account of trains not connecting. Please express my regret at being cut off from the main body. My best wishes for a successful meeting of the grand old army.

W. J. LANDRUM, Brevet Brigadier-General U. S. Vol.



WASHINGTON, D. C., October 9, 1874. i COLONEL E. R. Roe,

Chairman Com. on Inv. Society Army Tennessee, Springfield, III.: Sir:- I beg leave to acknowledge the receipt of your communication of September 16th, inviting me to the annual reunion of the Society of the Army of the Tennessee. It would afford me great pleasure to be present on that occasion, but regret that my private affairs will not permit of my absence from Washington at that time. I have the honor to remain,

Your obedient servant,

David D, PORTER,



WASHINGTON, October 8, 1874. S COLONEL E. R. Roe,

Chairman, etc.: I have to acknowledge the receipt of an invitation to attend the annual reunion of the Army of the Tennessee, to be held at Springfield, Illinois, on the 14th and 15th inst.

It would afford me great pleasure to be present upon that interesting occasion, but I can not, with a proper regard for my official duties, be away from Washington at that time.

Yours very truly,


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