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Society of THE ARMY OF THE Tennessee.


} Des Moines, Iowa, September 29, 1875. The Society at its last annual meeting elected that Des Moines should be the place of holding the annual meeting of 1875, and the time was fixed for the 29th and 30th of September. Due notice was given to members by the following circular: SOCIETY OF THE ARMY OF THE TENNESSEE,

} St. Louis, Mo., August 1, 1875. To Members of the Society of the Army of the Tennessee:

The ninth annual reunion of the Society will be held at Des Moines, Iowa, on Wednesday and Thursday, the 29th and 30th days of September next, commencing at 10 o'clock A. M. Wednesday.

The annual address will be delivered by General Thomas C. Fletcher.

All the arrangements for the reunion will be under the charge and direction of the following “ Local Executive Committee,” who will give due notice of the details of their arrangements:

Hoyt Sherman, Chairman.
Colonel G. L. Godfrey,

Hon. C. C. Cole,
Captain Jesse Cheek,

Gov. S. Merrill,
Gov. C. C. Carpenter,

General N. B. Baker. Officers who have at any time served in the Army or Department of the Tennessee, are, by our Constitution, entitled to membership, and are especially requested to attend. Members of kindred societies are cordially invited to participate.


President. Recording Secretary, A. HickeNLOOPER, Corresponding Secretary,

Cincinnati, Ohio.

The Society assembled in the Opera-house, and was called to order by the President. First, in the regular course of business, he called upon

the Recording Secretary to read the journal of proceedings of the eighth annual meeting, who proceeding to do so,

On motion of General Strong:

Resolved, That the proceedings of our last meeting having been published, and members supplied with a copy of same, the reading of the journal at this time be dispensed with.

On motion of General Sanborn:

Resolved, That a committee of five be appointed to select the place and time of holding our next annual meeting, and report same for action of the Society.

On motion of General Marshall:

Resolved, That a committee of three be appointed to select an orator for the next meeting of the Society.

On motion of General Hedrick:

Resolved, That a committee of five be appointed to nominate officers for the Society to serve during the ensuing year.

No further committees on business being suggested, the President called for receiving reports.

The Recording Secretary presented and read his report as follows:



CINCINNATI, September 27, 1875. GENERAL W. T. SHERMAN,

President: Dear Sir:- My last report to the Society was made October 12th, 1874. Since that date members have remitted me on account as follows: On Membership Fees,

$340 00 On Annual Dues and for Certificates,

$1,057 00 This amount has been duly credited to the members as paid, and the funds transmitted to your Treasurer on the dates of October 24th, 1874, and September 19th, 1875, and I hold his receipts for same.

During the year the usual correspondence has transpired, and I may add that our members evince a growing interest in the prosperity of our Society.

The record and proceedings of the last annual meeting were duly compiled,

717 00


published and distributed. Your Corresponding Secretary mailing to each address we have of record.

On the first of September, this year, I issued a circular which was duly distributed by your Corresponding Secretary, reciting article ist of the By-Laws and also the resolution regarding membership fees and dues passed at your last meeting. Though the response of payments should have been greater, it has been very satisfactory and there is little doubt the desired result will be obtained. There has been no objection to the resolution named. Respectfully submitting the above as my annual report.

I remain, etc.,

L. M. DAYTON, Recording Secretary.

On motion of Captain Lanstrum:

Resolved, That the report of the Recording Secretary be received and spread upon the journal of the Society.

The Corresponding Secretary presented and read his report as follows:


Des Moines, September 29, 1875. Mr. President, and Members of the Society of the Army of the Tennessee:

Gentlemen:-As Corresponding Secretary I have the honor to report the usual distribution of annual reports, certificates of membership, receipts for dues paid, and notices of this meeting, and to submit herewith letters received from absent members.

I have also to report the following names of members of our Society of of whose death I have received notice since our last meeting. General F. P. Blair,

Lieutenant S. W. Hedges,
General Morgan L. Smith,

Lieutenant J. R. Fyffer,
General Chester Harding,

Surgeon Maguns Brucker,
Colonel J. T. Herbert,

Surgeon S. P. Bonner,
Major J. Bryant Walker,

Colonel Roger Eaton,
Colonel J. C. McCoy.


Corresponding Secretary. On motion of General Thaver:

Resolved, That the report of the Corresponding Secretary be received and spread upon the journal of the Society.

The Treasurer read his annual report.


Society of THE ARMY OF THE Tennessee, 1

Treasurer's Office, September 29, 1875.
I have the honor to submit the following report of the Treasury of the
Society for the past year:

At the last report the Permanent Fund contained six thousand dollars of Government Bonds, and four hundred and two dollars, forty-eight cents in cash. This fund has since received from Colonel L. M. Dayton, Recording Secretary, three hundred and forty dollars; from interest on bonds, in gold, three hundred and ninety dollars, and from premium on gold, fifty-six dollars, fifty-five cents.

The outlay of this fund has been the purchase of two Government Bonds for five hundred dollars each. One was purchased October 30th, 1874, for five hundred and eighty-seven dollars, fifty cents; the other, September 23, 1875, for six hundred and five dollars. The cash on hand was not enough by three dollars and forty-seven cents to buy the last bond, and to make the purchase three dollars and forty-seven cents were temporarily loaned to it by the General Fund.

The Permanent Fund now contains seven thousand dollars of Government Bonds and owes three dollars, forty-seven cents to the General Fund.

The General Fund, at last report, contained three hundred and twenty-nine dollars, eighty-two cents, since then it has received from Colonel L. M. Dayton, Recording Secretary, seven hundred and seventeen dollars.

The outlay has been for expenses in the office of the Corresponding Secretary, consisting of postage, printing, stationery and rollers for Certificates of Membership, one hundred and twenty-two dollars, eight cents; letter file and indexes for the office of the Recording Secretary, six dollars and seventy cents; bill of Robert Clarke & Co., for printing notices and circulars, thirty-six dollars; printing the annual report of the Society two hundred and thirty dollars.

There is now in the General Fund six hundred and forty-eight dollars, fifty-seven cents cash, and there is due to it from the Permanent Fund three dollars, forty-seven cents.

In my report to the meeting in Chicago, in 1868, I recommended the policy of raising the Permanent Fund to ten thousand dollars. The growth of this fund has been more rapid than could have been expected; hereafter the increase will be slower. There will probably be few additional members coming into the Society, and the fund will have to depend for future growth mainly on investment of accruing interest. By the time the fund reaches the proposed amount, the income from annual dues of members will undoubtedly be so diminished that the income from the Permanent Fund will be needed for current expenses.

As the Government has began redeeming its bonds in chronological order, and issuing in their place bonds bearing less interest, I now purchase for


investment the bonds of 1867, as being the class of six per cent. that will remain outstanding longest.

I submit herewith a tabular statement of the accounts, my book of accounts, vouchers showing in detail the items of expenditure, and certificates of deposit of bonds and cash on hand.



[blocks in formation]

Balance on hand,

$648 57 On motion of Surgeon Plummer:

Resolved, That the annual report and statement of the Treasurer be received and spread upon the journal of records of this meeting

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