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Corresponding Secretary Society Army Tennessee, Des Moines, Iowa: MY DEAR FRIEND:-I fully intended to have been with you this year, especially as I have not been able to attend any of the meetings since the great one held at Chicago, in 1868. But as I have just experienced a sad bereavement in the death of my only daughter, I shall have to forego the pleasure this year. Please make my affectionate regards to my old associates and comrades, and believe me, when I say, that the older I grow the warmer is my attachment to the old and glorious Army of the Tennessee. Cordially and sincerely yours,

HENRY W. JANES, Captain and A. Q. M., Bt. Lieutenant-Colonel, U. S. A.


VIRGINIA City, Mont. Ter., September 3, 1875. GENERAL A. HICKENLOOPER,

Corresponding Secretary Society Army Tennessee, Cincinnati, Ohio: GENERAL:—Yours of August 23d, containing notices of the ninth annual reunion of our Society at Des Moines, Iowa, on the 29th and 30th instants, was received yesterday.

I am again very sorry to say that the great ance and official business will prevent my attendance and a participation in the good times which I know you will then have.

The past month I had the honor and pleasure, for a few hours only, of meeting here two of our members, General W. W. Belknap, Honorable Secretary of War, and Colonel Strong, en route to the "Yellowstone National Park."

Now, General, they are both “good single-handed talkers” as we say in the Rocky Mountains, and may recount to you descriptions of the Geyserland, Yellowstone Lake, Falls, Canon, etc., which you may deem incredible; but with all due defference to our aforesaid comrades powers of description, I do not think they can tell you the half what they saw in that wonderland, nor do I think any one else can; I have made these "grand rounds” myself.

Regretting ever so much my inability to attend the reunion, with the kindest regards to all comrades, and hoping you will all enjoy yourselves to the utmost extent, I am, General, very truly yours,

F. C. DEIMLING, Late Col. 10th Reg‘t. Missouri Infy. Vol., Army of the Tennessee.


MY DEAR GENERAL:— I acknowledge the receipt of two circulars in one of your envelopes, of which I am admonished of a backwardness of $4.00 in my dues to the Society of the Army of the Tennessee, and that the ninth reunion will take place at Des Moines, Iowa, on the 29th and 30th instants.

Enclosed I send my check for the $4.00, which I ask you to place where it will settle my dues to the Society.

I am exceedingly anxious to attend the reunion, and shall do so if possible, but am obliged to go to New York and Boston on business, and may possibly be detained beyond that date.

Very cordially,



WASHINGTON, D. C., September 17, 1875. GOVERNOR C. C. CARPENTER,

Chairman Committee on Invitations, etc.: My Dear Sir: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your very kind invitation to accept the hospitalities of the city of Des Moines, at the time of the reunion of the Army of the Tennessee, on the 29th and 30th instants.

I very much regret that circumstances over which I have no control will deprive me of the pleasure of being with you on that occasion.

Truly yours,

L. H. PELONZE, Assistant Adjutant General, U. S. A.

DUBUQUE, Iowa, September 27, 1875. DEAR GENERAL:-I arrived at home from an inspecting tour last week, and expected to be at Des Moines this week, but an order has come from the Commissioners of Indian affairs requiring me to proceed without delay to the Missouri River. I am disappointed not to be able to meet our old comrades of the Army of the Tennessee. I have never joined the Society nor met with it since the memorable reunion in Chicago. I am desirous, however, of becoming a member. Remember me to the President and other friends. May you have a glorious time.

Yours truly,


St. Louis, Mo., February 21, 1875. GENERAL A. HICKENLOOPER,

Cincinnati, Ohio: SIR:-Certificate of Membership of the "Society of the Army of the Tennessee " you sent me per Adams Es ress came to hand all right.

Would like copy of Constitution and By-Laws of the Society, that I may know, by reading, what may be required of me in future. Please send to 1517 Spring Street, St. Louis, Mo.



Avon, ILL., August 27, 1875. COLONEL L. M. DAYTON,

Cincinnati, Ohio: DEAR SIR:-I am in receipt of your circular of the ist instant, advising me of the time and place of holding the ninth annual reunion of the Society of the Army of the Tennessee. I have not attended a meeting of the Society for so long a time, and Des Moines is so near me, I had hoped to be able to be with you at the reunion this year, but it now seems that in this I shall be disappointed. The annual fair of our District Agricultural Society will be held at this place at the same time as the reunion at Des Moines, and as I am an officer of the Society, and expect to be an exhibitor, I can not, with propriety, be absent from the last named meeting. This, to me, is a matter of sincere regret, as I confidently expect the meeting at the capital of the noble state of Iowa will be one of the best and most interesting ever held by our Society. I shall, however, be with you in spirit, and while I think of the many happy faces of dear Iowa friends who will be present and join in your festivities, I can not forget some of the brave sons of Iowa who will not be present with you, in the flesh, on that occasion. When kind and loving thoughts are indulged in for those of our dear comrades who have gone before us, and passed over the river, no Iowa soldier will forget the noble spirits of Crocker, Rice and Lowman. Hoping that the ninth annual reunion will be both pleasant and profitable to all who may attend. I remain, very truly,

L. F. Ross.


Corresponding Secretary Society Army Tennessee, Cincinnati, O.: Dear Sir:-I very much regret that my business engagements will prevent me from attending the reunion at Des Moines.

Hoping that the old comrades will have a good time at their annual feast, and though I can not be present bodily I'll go see the commissary. I remain, with respect, your obedient servant,

ALBERT S. Bixby.

Media, DEL. Co., Pa., February 24, 1875. GENERAL A. HICKENLOOPER:

Dear GENERAL:-) yesterday received my certificate of membership of the "Society of the Army of the Tennessee " which you sent me by express. It is something that I shall always feel proud of, and it will often recall the many pleasant times spent with my fellow-officers during thirty-seven months of campaign life.

I exceedingly enjoyed the reunion at Springfield last Fall, and hope to be able to mingle with old comrades again at Des Moines, Iowa, next Fall.

I met, a few days since, in Philadelphia, General Pelonze, whom you remember was at Springfield. The Secretary of War is not far away, but we do not often meet. Trusting that you are in good health, and enjoying life fully, I remain, yours truly,



Corresponding Secretary: Dear Sir:-Until this moment I have expected to attend our ninth annual reunion at Des Moines, Iowa. I regret that business compels me, for the first time, to be absent from our annual reunions. I hope and expect you will all have a good time. I am, very truly,

J. B. Bell,

Late Major 15th Mich. V. V.I. P. S.—Please send me papers, address 108 Dearborn Street, and oblige,


PROVIDENCE, R. I., September 14, 1875. Dear Sirs:—The Adjutant of the 20th Regiment of Illinois Volunteer Infantry, John Ed. Thompson, was killed at the battle of Pittsburg Landing or Shiloh, about sundown on the afternoon of April 6th, 1862, and buried on, or near the spot where he fell. I have corresponded with several persons, with a view to learn the locality of his grave, if possible. One, Mr. Orton Frisbie, a fellow-officer I think, assisted at the burial, and described the manner of burial, namely, that he was buried in a log grave, and when buried was rolled in a tarpaulin and a piece of tent cloth. I have lost track of Mr. Frisbie altogether. The Adjutant was my brother. I am now Treasurer of the Providence Western Land Company, owners of lands in and about Denison, Iowa. The Messrs. McHenry Bros., of Denison, are agents for the company.

I expect to visit Denison, either this Fall or next Spring, and shall doubtless visit Des Moines also. If some one of the Committee, or member of the Society, resident in Des Moines, will interest themselves in the matter of my brother, learn what they may and note it down, and communicate with me at this place or Denison, I will visit them at Des Moines. It would be best to write address to Messrs. McHenry Bros., Denison, Iowa, as any communication sent to Providence might reach this place after my departure to the West. I can not now name the date of my going, but hope to go this Fall.

If you will publish this letter to the Society at its meeting, you will confer a great favor on the writer and his family. I had the honor to be a member of the Army of the Potomac, under Generals Burnside and Grant, as a Lieutenant in the 13th Regiment New Hampshire Volunteer Infantry.

Very truly yours,

S. MILLETT THOMPSON, To the Com. of Inv. Society Army Tennessee, Des Moines, Iowa.


Corresponding Secretary Society Army of Tennesse My Dear GENERAL:— I very much regret that circumstances beyond my control will prevent me from attending the ninth annual reunion of the Army of the Tennessee, to be held at Des Moines, Iowa, the 29th and 30th instant, for I have greatly desired to meet my old arnıy comrades on that occasion. Be assured that though absent in body I shall be present in spirit. Sincerely hoping that the reunion will be in every way pleasant to all who attend, I have the honor to be, Respectfully your obedient servant,

A. L. CHETLAIN, Late Brevet Major-General, U. S. Vols.

This correspondence gave exceeding gratification, being most excellently received, many letters eliciting applause.

The President announced the following committees:

On recoinmending the time for holding the next meeting and place to be held at: Generals Sanborn, Macfeely, McArthur, Winslow and Colonel Higley.

For selecting the orator for the next meeting: Generals Marshall, Thayer and Surgeon Plummer.

For nomination of officers for the ensuing year: General Hedrick, Major Safely, General Tilson, Colonel Cadle and Major Flemming

General Strong presented the following:

WHEREAS, The Society is called upon to mourn the death of several of our members who have died since our last annual meeting, therefore, be it

Resolved, That we cherish the memory of our deceased comrades, and claim for their memory the honor and respect of our countrymen and our posterity; that our deepest sympathy is extended to the bereaved relatives, and that the Corresponding Secretary be directed to procure biographical sketches of these deceased members, so that they may be incorporated in our published report.

The question of changing the Constitution by amendment, as provided for by a notice in the form of a resolution) given at our last meeting by Colonel J. J. Palmer, to the effect of extending membership privilege “to include every soldier who served with honor in the Army of the Tennessee," was here brought up in accordance with the rules. The matter elicited discussion by

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