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AMENDMENTS TO THE CONSTITUTION. FIRST. That the first sentence of the third article of the Constitution be amended so as to read as follows:

“The Society shall be organized by the annual election of a President and six Vice-Presidents, a Recording Secretary, a Corresponding Secretary, and a Treasurer."

SECOND. That article third of the Constitution be amended so as to read as follows, viz:

“ The number of Vice-Presidents shall be twelve, instead of one from each Corps of the Army of the Tennessee.”

THIRD. “That each member may, subject to the approval of the President and a majority vote of the Society, at any annual meeting, designate by last will and testament, or otherwise, in writing, the relative to whom his membership shall descend, and in default of such designation, the same shall, subject to the same approval and vote, descend to his eldest son, and such membership so descending shall carry with it all the rights, privileges, and obligations of original membership. That in case such deceased member has no son eligible to membership, and has made no designation, then his widow, if she so desire. shall be considered an honorary member and as such shall receive our care, consideration and respect, and shall be entitled to receive notices of proposed meetings, and reports of proceedings."



All persons applying previous to, on, or after the annual meeting in eighteen hundred and seventy, (1870), for enrollment, shall pay a membership fee of ten dollars, ($10); that the annual dues shall continue to be one dollar, ($1), and persons applying for membership shall pay back.dues; that all fees and dues are payable to the Recording Secretary, and all money received by him on account of the Society shall be transferred to the Treasurer; and that all money received as fees shall by the Treasurer be added to the Permanent Fund.


Money for ordinary expenses of the Society may be expended by the Treasurer upon the warrant of the President. All other expenditures, only in pursuance of a vote of the Society.


The Treasurer shall make a report to the annual meeting of all receipts and expenditures with vouchers.

The Recording Secretary shall report to the annual meeting all money received by him, and all transferred by him to the Treasurer.

The Corresponding Secretary shall report to every meeting all correspondence of general interest.

ARTICLE IV. All questions and resolutions shall be decided by a majority of the members present. But amendments proposed to the Constitution shall be acted upon only at the annual meeting subsequent to the one at which they may be proposed, unless the postponement be dispensed with by a vote of two-thirds of the members present.




The order of Business shall be as follows:
1. Reading of the journal of the previous meeting.

Appointment of committees on business and for nomination of officers. 3. Receiving reports. 4. Current business. 5. Election of officers. 6. Adjournment.


If the Society shall, at any meeting, omit to designate the time and place of the next meeting, the President shall, by due public notice, fix the time and place.


Whenever any member of the Society is reported to the Corresponding Secretary to have disqualified himself for membership by reason of dishonorable or vicious conduct, he shall be reported to the President of the Society, who thereupon shall order a court of not less than three members of the Society to investigate the facts and report to the next meeting for the action of the Society in the case.



That article 4th of the By-Laws be amended so as to read: All questions and resolutions, except Amendments to the Constitution, shall be decided by a majority of the members present. But amendments proposed to the Constitution shall be acted upon only at the meeting subsequent to the one at which they may be proposed, and shall require a vote of two-thirds of all members present.



At the last annual meeting of the Society it was decided, by adopting the report of your committee, to have the meeting this year on the 20th, 21st and 22nd of July.

Subsequent events were such that a change from that arrangement became necessary, and are fully set forth in the announcement order of the President, herewith given, viz:

WASHINGTON City, D. C., June 15, 1876. To the Members of the Society of the Army of the Tennessee:

The annual reunion of our Society for this year was fixed for the 20th and 21st of July, in Philadelphia; and the 22nd of July, in Washington, in order that we might combine the journey of members attending, with a visit to the Centennial Exposition.

The Monument Committee finding it impossible to secure the completion of the statue in time to unveil at the date fixed upon, have petitioned for a postponement of the reunion, and their petition having been concurred in by every member of the committee who selected the place and fixed the time of holding the reunion, and also by many of the influential and active members of the Society, on the ground, both of its being more expedient to hold the meeting in Washington, and being eminently proper to conform to the necessities of the McPherson Monument Committee. And it being still practicable to combine the journey to the reunion with a visit to the Centennial Exposition, closing on the roth of November, it is therefore ordered; that the

Tenth annual reunion of the Society of the Army of the Tennessee be held in Washington City, D. C., Wednesday and Thursday, October 18th and 19th, 1876.

The annual address to the Society will be delivered by Major-General John M. Thayer, and the oration at unveiling of the McPherson statue by MajorGeneral John A. Logan.

All necessary arrangements of the reunion will be under the direction of a Local Committee, who will give due notice of the details.

Officers who have at any time served in the Army or Department of the Tennessee, are, by our Constitution, entitled to membership, and are especially requested to attend. Members of kindred societies are cordially invited to participate.


President. Recording Secretary, A. HICKENLOOPER, Corresponding Secretary,

Cincinnati, Ohio.

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