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Society of the Army of the Tennessee.

The meeting was called to order by the President, General Sherman, at 104 o'clock. Nearly two hundred members were present. He announced it as the Tenth Annual Meeting of the Society; the first time we had assembled in the Capital, the first meeting of those who had passed through in the eventful days of the grand reviews of 1865; that the main object of meeting here was to do honor to the brave McPherson, one of our commanders, by unveiling and dedicating to his memory a statue erected by the efforts of his comrades. The hour for that ceremony had been fixed, and at present our attention was invited to the business actions of the Society.

Prayer was offered by the Rev. Henry Noble.

Proceeding to the current course of business, the Secretary, upon call of the President, was about to read the journal of the last annual meeting, when,

On motion of Dr. J. M. Woodworth,

Resolved, That the proceedings of the meeting of 1875 having been printed and distributed to the members of the Society, the formality of reading the same at this time be dispensed with.

On motion of Captain Lanstrum:

Resolved, That a committee of five be appointed to nominate officers for the ensuing year.

On motion of Colonel Barnum:

Resolved, That a committee of three be appointed to select the place and time for holding the next regular meeting.

On motion of Colonel Roots:

Resolved, That a committee of three be appointed to select an orator for the next regular meeting.

Under the head of receiving reports, the Treasurer presented and read his report, as follows:



TREASURER'S OFFICE, October 16, 1876.

At the last report, the Permanent Fund held seven thousand dollars of Government Bonds, and owed three dollars forty-seven cents to the General Fund, borrowed from it to complete the purchase of a bond. Since the last report, this fund has received from Colonel L. M. Dayton, Recording Secretary, three hundred and sixteen dollars; has received interest on bonds in gold, four hundred and twenty dollars; and premium on gold, fifty-two dollars twenty-one cents. The three dollars forty-seven cents borrowed from the General Fund have been returned to it, and six hundred and one dollars twenty-five cents have been paid for a five hundred dollar bond of the issue of 1867. This fund now consists of seven thousand five hundred dollars of Government Bonds, and one hundred and eighty-three dollars forty-nine cents in cash.

The General Fund, at the last report, consisted of six hundred and fortyeight dollars fifty-seven cents cash. Since then, it has received from the Permanent Fund three dollars forty-seven cents, borrowed last year to complete the purchase of a bond; and has received from Colonel L. M. Dayton, Recording Secretary, three hundred and fifty-four dollars. The expenditures have been: printing, blanks and stationery for the office of the Recording Secretary, eighteen dollars fifty-eight cents; printing, stationery and postage for the Corresponding Secretary's office, sixty-one dollars ten cents; printing circulars, fifteen dollars seventy-five cents; and printing the report of the last meeting, two hundred and fifty-five dollars. There remains in this fund a balance of six hundred and fifty-five dollars sixty-one cents.

Five thousand five hundred dollars of the Permanent Fund are of the second issue of 1865, and are liable to be converted into the new four-and-a half per cents., making a diminution of the income of the Society, derived from interest on bonds, of eighty-two dollars fifty cents per annum. The Treasurer would not feel warranted in buying any but Government Bonds without authority from the Society. It is for the Society to determine whether it would be desirable to sell the bonds of 1865 and purchase other sound securities, bearing better interest, and if so, what advising officer or officers should assent to any such purchase before it should be made by the Treasurer.

Herewith are presented the Treasurer's book of accounts; a certificate of deposits of the Cincinnati Safe Deposit Company for the seven thousand five hundred dollars of bonds; the balanced bank account of the Treasurer, and certified vouchers of expenditure. Annexed hereto is a tabular statement of receipts and expenditures.






On hand at last report, bonds,

$7,000 00 Received 1875, November 3rd, from Colonel Dayton, Recording Secretary,

$266 00 Received 1876, January 3rd, gold interest, $210.00 premium on gold, $26.76,

236 76 Received 1876, July 1st, gold interest, $210.00; premium on gold, $25.45,

235 45 Received 1876, October 3rd, from Colonel Dayton,

Recording Secretary,

50 00

$788 21

1875, Nov. 3rd. Repaid to General Fund, loan of
23rd of September,

$ 3 47 1876, July Sth. Paid for a $500 Government Bond,

issue of 1867,

601 25

$604 72 $183 49

Balance on hand,

$788 21

GENERAL FUND. 1875, Oct. ist. On hand,

$648 57
Nov. 3rd. Repaid by Permanent Fund, transfer
of 23rd of September,

3 47
Nov. 3rd. Received from Colonel Dayton,
Recording Secretary,

288 oo 1876, Oct. 3rd. Received from Colonel Dayton,

Recording Secretary,

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66 00

$1,006 04

1875, Nov. 12th. Paid R. Clarke & Co. printing,

blanks and stationery for office of Recording

$ 18 58
1876, Feb. 7th. Printing report of last meeting,

Postage, express, printing and blanks
for Corresponding Secretary,
March 6th. R. Clarke & Co's bill for printing

15 75

255 00


61 10

$350 43


655 61

$1,006 04 On motion of General Walcutt:

Resolved, That the report of the Treasurer be received and accepted:

The Corresponding Secretary presented and read his annual report as follows:


WASHINGTON City, October 18, 1876. Mr. President, and Members of the Society of the Army of the Tennessee:

GentLEMEN:-As Corresponding Secretary, I have the honor to report the usual distribution of annual reports, receipts for dues paid, and notices of this meeting, and submit, herewith, a list of members' names for whom certificates of membership are at Headquarters, Arlington Hotel, ready for delivery. Colonel W. H. Bodkin,

Captain B. R. Sherman,
General B. F. Potts,

Major Hoyt Sherman,
Captain John F. Cutter,

Colonel J. C. Stone,
Colonel F. D. Grant,

General Wager Swayne,
General Giles A. Smith,

Lieutenant H. H. Rood,
Major P. H. McCauley,

Lieutenant E. E. Page,
General E. F. Winslow,

Captain Lewis E. Mills,
General Wm. Vandever,

Captain John H. Monroe,
Lieutenant Geo. W. Mead,

Lieutenant B. F. Keables,
Major Sam’l L'Hommedieu, Colonel M. A. Higley,
Lieutenant J. W. Hill,

Colonel Geo. H. Heafford,
General H. W. Eldridge,

Colonel H. R. Cowles,
Colonel C. M. Butt,

Colonel John H. Brinton,

Captain R. V. Ankenney. I regret to report that but few letters have been received from absent members.

I have also to report, that we have not received notice of the death of any member of our Society since the last meeting.


A. HICKENLOOPER, Corresponding Secretary.

Proceeding to read letters received from members, Captain Barlow.made a motion that the reading be dispensed with; the motion was rejected, and below are given all letters received by the Corresponding Secretary:

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WASHINGTON City, October 17, 1876. GENERAL W. T. SHERMAN,

President Society of the Army of the Tennessee: GENERAL:—I have the honor to place in your hands the following correspondence of the Committee of Arrangements for the tenth annual reunion of the Army of the Tennessee: 1. A letter addressed by the committee to the citizens of Washington.

Letter from the President of the United States to the chairman of the committee, inviting the members of the Society to a reception at the Executive Mansion, and the answer thereto.

3. Letter from J. W. Thompson, Esq., President of the Inland and Seaboard Coasting Company, tendering, to the Committee of Arrangements, the use of one of the steamers of that company for an excursion of the Society to Mt. Vernon, and the answer thereto of the chairman of the committee.

4. A copy of the invitation addressed to the members of the Society, inviting them to participate in entertainments tendered them by the citizens of Washington.

5. Programme for the procession and ceremonies connected with the unveiling of the statue of Major-General McPherson. Very respectfully, your obedient servant,

David D. PORTER, Chairman Committee of Arrangements.

WASHINGTON City, September 26, 1876. Messrs. GOVERNOR A. R. SHEPARD, AMIRAL WM. RADFORD, U. S. N., SAMUEL BACON, Lewis J. Davis, J. W. ThomPSON, Henry A. WILLARD, W. G. METZEROTT, THOMAS L. HUME, WM. B. WEBB, Geo. W. Cochran, N. W. BURCHELL, Timothy LUBEY, GEORGE Taylor, C. S. Noyes, John G. Evans, J. M. VAN BUSKIRK, T. E. ROESSIE, H. M. HUTCHINSON, H. G. OFFLEY, L. CLEPHANE, H. D. Cooke, JR., N. B. FUGIT, P. F. Bacon, Jas. L. BARBOUR, John Hitz, S. E. MIDDLETOWN, THOMAS Russell, W. S. Roose, R. W. DOWNMAN:

GentleMEN:—The Society of the Army of the Tennessee will hold its tenth annual reunion in this city, on the 18th and 19th days of next month. On that occasion a bronze equestrian statue of Major-General James B. McPherson, third commander of the Army of the Tennessee, executed for his companions-in-arms, will be unveiled in Scott square. This statue will add another to the statues of distinguished patriots that adorn the National Capital, and contribute to make it more and more a city of national interest and pride. When unveiled, the statue will be left to the care and protection mainly of the people of this city.

The Committee of Arrangements for the unveiling of the statue invite the

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