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No, 5TMUniversity Series.

Scientific Addresses


Royal Institution.

i. On The Methods And Tendencies Of Physical InvestiGation.

2. On Haze And Dust.

3. On The Wscientific Use Of The Imagination.

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Educational and Scientific Lectures, Addresses, and Essays, brought out in neat pamphlet form, of uniform style and price.

L—" ON THE PHYSICAL BASIS OF LIFE." By Prof. T. H. Huxley, LL.D., F. R. S. With an Introduction by a Professor in Yale College. i2mo, pp. 36. Price 25 cents.

The interest of Americans in this lecture by Professor Huxley can be judged from the great demand for it; the fifth thousand is now being sold.

IL—THE CORRELATION OF VITAL AND PHYSICAL FORCES. By Prof. George F. Barker, M. D., of Yale College. A Lecture delivered before Am. Inst., N. Y. Pp. 36. Price 25 cts.

"Though this is a question of cold science, the author handles it with ability, and invests it with interest. A series of notes appended is valuable as a reference to works quoted."—Pr&v. {R. I.) Press.

III.—AS REGARDS PROTOPLASM, in Relation to Prof. Huxley's Physical Basis of Life. By J. Hutchison Stirling, F. R. C. S. Pp. 72. Price 25 cents.

By far the ablest reply to Prof. Huxley which has been written.

IV.—" ON THE HYPOTHESIS OF EVOLUTION, Physical and Metaphysical:' By Prof. Edward D. Cope. i2mo, 72 pp. Price 25 cents.

V.—SCIENTIFIC ADDRESSES:— 1. On the Methods and Tendencies of Physical Investigation. 2. On Haze and Dust. 3. On the Scientific Use of the Imagination. By Prof. John Tyndall, F.R.S. 121110. Price 25 cents.

About one of this Series a month will be published, on an average. Subscriptions received and the numbers mailed, postage paid, as soon as published, at the following rates :—Five successive numbers (in advance), $1.10; Ten successive numbers (in advance), $2.00. For sale by all Booksellers.

CHAS. C. CHATFIELD & CO., Publishers, 460 Chapel Street, New Haven, Conn.

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