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ANTIQUITIES. A letter from Edward Wortley Montague, Esq. F. R. S. to William Was. -"foni, M. D. F. R. S. containing an account of bir jurney in Cairs, in

Egypt, to the written mountains in the desert of Sinai sus. Some account of the ruins of Poftum, Cor, Pollidsnia, an ancient city of Magna

Græcia, in the kingdom of Naples, which have been lately discovered 1137 A port account of the Sedmy Palary, or Seven Palaces, a remarkable building and vestage of antiquity, Pill remaining on the banks of the river Irtifs, in the corentry of the Kalmueks, being in the wilds of the great or raftern


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سینی و افزود بسند


Of Tome ancient monuments in the fame catentri
Some account of a remarkable monument in the illo of Purbec; knotun by the

names of Aggleston, Stone Barrow, the Devil's Night-Capy for $1.-141 A charter of King Henry the Third, in the old Englifb of that time; wish a

translation of it into modern English, by Mr. SomnerHiftorical remarks on ancient architetiure? An account of the cruel facrifices of the Canaanites, Pbenicians, and oter Of the Chaldeans, and their original

nos inq.119 Memoirs of Ricbard Plantagenet, (a natural son of King Richard 111.) uks died 22 Dec. 1550 ( 4 Edward VI.

ibid. The testimony of Clement Maydeftone, that the body of King Henry IV, was

thrown into the Thames, and not buried at Canterbury 162 Of musical sounds; and if the origin of the names of the days of the wait




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LITERARY and MISCELLANEOUS ESSAYS. Thoughts on the causes and consequences of the present high price and provr. frons

165 An olay upon theatrical imitation Some account of a nation in South America, of a most extraordinary and gigantic fize

185 Catherine Vade's preface to the tales of William Pada

190 Curious extraits from Rousseau's letter in French winfic

194 The history of nonsense Copy of Émen's first letter to the then E, now . of Nd, witb & tranflation from the Armenian of his letter to Prinice Heraclius

204 From Voltaire's Ignorant Philfopher Account of an essay on the learning of Shakespeare

21: An esay on the expresion of the pallions in painting

25 A letter from the Abbe Metastasia on the musical dráma, addressed to be anubar

of an eldy on the union of music and poetry An clay on elegies "I wo letters from Mr. Everard, F. s. M. containing an adventuri, of arbre he was a witness, at the quickfiltermines of Idra




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218 PIO E T RY.





239 241 242

i Poem

The remains of the twenty-fifth Id, lium of Theatricus, Translated from the Greek, by Francis Fawkes, M. A. Tibe Story of Godova. Froux Edge-hill, a puean; by Richard Jago, of Birmingham-is, manufactures-iron ore---process of it.--Panegyric upan * iron. i Rrólag at the opening of the theatre royal, in Edinburgh. Written by James Boswell, Esq. . Spoken by Mifs Ross

238 On ibe much-lamented death of the marquis of Tavistock

de for the new year, Jan. 1, 1767 Translation of a Greck epigram on a Grecian beauty Leller 77: Dean Swifi, then in England, in 1726. . An original

ibid. An ode to Spring, Supposed to have been written by the celebrated Vanessa, in confequence of Esr pallion for Dean Swift

244 Anode in Wisdom. By the same

ibid. refieation on the death of the marquis of Taviffark

245 The rookery pris

ibid, Epitaph

246 Prologue to the English Merchant, Spoken by Mr. King

ibid. To Sir Godfrey Kuller. By the late D. Geakie

247 On the Circus at Bath. By a perfon of quality

ibid. Ode for his majesty's birth day, June 4, 1767

248 On Mr. Garrick's picture by a buft of Shakespeare. By Dr. H-rr-gi-of Bath,

249 The Lover and the Friend.' Taker from the Bagatelles

ibidi Prolague, to the Taylors. Spoken by Samuel Foote, Elj. and supposed to be

written by D -G The Accepiable Sacrifice ; a fragment of Meander: translated by Francis

Fawkes, MA, A translation of a little fonnet wrote by Plaza in bis younger time of life, and preserved by Di.genes Laertius

252 Epitaph on Claudius Phillips. By Dr. Fokulin

ibid. Verses inscribed on a small collage, in rustic tafle, intended as a place of

retirement, built by Powis, E/. in a grove by the river Severn 253 An occasional prologue fpoken by Mr. Powel, at the opening of the theatre royal in Covent Garden, in Alonday the 14th of September

ibid. On ihe right hon. the earl of Chesterfield's recovery from a late indisposition.

By Michael Clancy, M. D. Prologue to the Oxonian in Town. Spoken by Mr. Woodward, in the character

of a gentleman commoner, dressed in his academical habit Epilogue. Spoken by Mrs. Mattocks

257 Prologue to a Peep bsbind :be Curtain; or, the new Rehearsal 258 Epilogue


-, E17.




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Prologue to the new comedy of the Widow'd Wife. Spoken by Mr. Holland

259 Epilogue. Spoken by Mr. Clive

260 A paftoral. In the modern style

261 An ironical eulogium on ignorance. By Dr. Clancy, of Durrow in In. land

263 The Winter's Walk. By Samuel Johnson, L. L. D.




BOOKS for 1767.


The History of the life of king Henry the Second, and of the age in which be

lived, in five books: to which is prefixed, a history of the revolution of England, from the death of Edward the Confeffor to the birth of Henry the

Commentaries on the laws of England

286 An essay on the history of civil society

307 Anelay on crimes and punishments; translated from the Italian: with a com. mentary attribu.ed to Monf. de Voltaire; translated from the French



Ttiate& by J, WRIGHT, Denmark Court, strand.

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