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native criminal judge within the limits of whose local jurisdiction the offence may have been comunitted, be sentenced for every such offence to pay a fine of forty Madras rupees. Second. From and after the date of the promulgation of Persons purchasing

articles of furing this regulation, any person who shall buy or receive any

from troopers or

other soldiers licgrain, bay, straw, or other forage provided for the use of any

ble to fiue. horse or horses belonging to the Company's service, from any trooper or other soldier, native as well as European, knowing him to be such, or shall move, procure, counsel, or solicit any such trooper or other soldier, knowing him to be such, to sell or otherwise dispose of any such grain, hay, straw, or other forage as aforesaid, shall, on conviction before the criminal, joint criminal, or native criminal judge within the limits of whose local jurisdiction the offence may have been committed, be sentenced for every such offence to pay a fiue of forty Madras rupees. Third. Upon payment of the fines adjudicable under the Moiety of fine to he

given to informer, provisions of Clauses First and Second of this section, one, and if not paid, tó

be commuted tu moiety thereof shall be given to the informer, and the said

imprisonment. fines shall be commutable, if not paid, to imprisonment for three months.


A.D. 1836. ACT IX.

AN ACT to empower Comimanding Officers of Military stations

out of British territories to administer oaths within the
limits of their Military Stations.

Passed on the 11th April 1836.
Cotriman ding officers It is hereby enacted, that the commanding officer of any

other as justices of military station occupied by troops in the service of the
the peace.

East India Company, out of the territories of the said
Company, shall be competent to administer within the
limits of such military station any oath which a justice of
'the peace is competent to administer within the said terri-
tories, and that such oath shall, in all respects, be of the
same effect as if taken within the said territories before a
justice of the peace.

A.D. 1837. ACT XXII.

An Act for the removal of the Collectorate of Malras from

the jurisdiction of the Judges and Magistrates of

Pussed on the 25th September 1837.
Offences against the 1. It is hereby enacted, that from the 1st day of No.

revenue in Madras vember 1837, neither the criminal judge nor the magis-
courts of Chingle- trate of the zillah of Chingleput, shall have any jurisdiction

in respect of offences committed within the collectorate
of Madras against any Regulation relating to the public

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II. And it is hereby enacted, that the whole jurisdiction but by superintend. ent of pulice at now belonging to the said criminal judge, and also the Madras.

whole jurisdiction now belonging to the said magistrate in

A. D. 1839. ACT XXII.

An Act for enabling persons charged with offences to make their defence more effectually.

Passed on the 9th September 1839. I, II, III. Repealed by Act VIII. of 1868. IV. And it is hereby enacted that all persons under All persons under

trial are entitled at trial in any of Her Majesty's courts of justice shall be entitled, at the time of their trial, to inspect, without fee to inspect, without

fee, all depositions or reward, all depositions or copies thereof which have been taken against them. taken against them, and returned into the court before which such trial shall be had.

the time of trial

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respect of such offences, shall, from the 1st day of Novem-
ber 1837, belong to the magistrate of police of the town of
Madras, and shall be exercised by the said magistrate
according to the rules by which the said criminal judge
and the said magistrate are now bound to exercise the same.

III. Repealed by Act XIII. of 1856.
IV. Provided always that it shall be lawful for the said Superintendent of

police may commit magistrate in cases in which the said criminal judge or

to any gaol withthe said magistrate would now be empowered to commit

in the Madras col

lectorate. any person to the gaol of Chingleput, to commit such person to any gaol within the collectorate of Madras.

V. Repealed by Act XIII. of 1856.

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An Act for amending Regulation V. of 1831 of the Madras

Code, as far as the same regards Penalties for certain
breaches of the Salt Laws.

Passed on the 10th August 1840. . Whereas great inconvenience has been experienced in con- Preamble. sequence of sending persons accused of petty offences against the salt laws for trial in the criminal courts, who might be more conveviently tried by magistrates as in the case of other offences subject to the same amount of punishment : It is hereby enacted, in modification of Regulation V. of Penalties for breachos

of the salt laws re1831 of the Madras Code, that all penalties prescribed by the

before Madras Code for any breaches of the salt laws shall be re magistrates. coverable before the magistrate of the district: Provided Provison. always, that it shall be lawful for any such magistrate before whom any person shall be charged with the commission of any offence against the salt laws, at his discretion, to proceed against such person in the same manner as against persons charged with offences the punishment of which rests with the criminal court. Provided also, that no magistrate shall, under the authority of this Act, punish any offender by a fine exceeding 50 rupees, or by imprisonment with or without labour for a longer period than thirty days.

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