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(6) the day and hour on and at which they were so brought,

(c) the name and residence of the seizer, and,
(d) the name and residence of the owner, if known;
and shall give the seizer or his agent a copy of the entry,

IX. The pound-keeper shall take charge of, feed and water the cattle until they are disposed of as hereinafter directed.

To take charge of and

feed cattle.


IMPQUNDING CATTLE. Cattle damaging land

X. The cultivator or occupier of any land, or any person who has advanced cash for the cultivation of the crop or produce on any land,

or the vendee or mortgagee of such crop or produce, or any part thereof,

may seize or cause to be seized any cattle trespassing on such land, and doing damage thereto or to any crop or produce thereon, and take them or cause them to be taken without unnecessary delay to the pound established for the

village in which the land is situate. Police to aid seizures. All officers of police shall, when required, aid in prevent

ing (a) resistance to such seizures, and (6.) rescues from per

sons making such seizures. Cattle damaging XI. Persons in charge of public roads, pleasure-grounds,

public roads, canals. and embankmente. plantations, canals, drainage-works, embankments, and the

like, and officers of police, may seize, or cause to be seized, any cattle doing damage to such roads, grounds, plantations, canals, drainage-works, embankments, and the like, or the sides or slopes of such roads, canals, drainage-works or embankments, or found straying thereon;

and shall take them without unnecessary delay to the nearest pound.

Two rupees.

XII. For every head of cattle impounded as aforesaid, Fines for cattle im

the pound-keeper shall levy a fine according to the follow-
ing scale :-

Camel or buffalo

Eight annas.
Horse, mare, gelding, pony, colt, filly,

mule, bull, bullock, cow or heifer. Four
Calf, ass, or pig

Two Ram, ewe, sheep, lamb, goat or kid... One anna. All fines so levied shall be sent to the magistrate of the district through such officer as the local Government from time to time directs.

A list of the fines and of the rates of charge for feeding List of fipes and and watering cattle shall be stuck up in a conspicuous place charges for feeding. on or near to every pound.




XIII. If the owner of impounded cattle or his agent Procedure when appear and claim the cattle, the pound-keeper shall deliver

owner claims the

cattle and pays them to himn on payment of the fines and charges incurred

fines and charges. in respect of such cattle.

The owner or his agent on taking back the cattle, shall sign a receipt for them in the register kept by the poundkeeper, XIV. If the cattle be not claimed within seven days from Procedure if cattle be .

not claimed within the date of their being impounded, the pound-keeper shall

a week. report the fact to the officer in charge of the nearest police. station, or to such other officer as the magistrate of the district appoints in this behalf.

Such officer shall thereupon stick up in a conepicuous part of his office a notice stating

(a) the number and description of the cattle,
(6) the place where they were seized,
(c) the place where they are impounded,


and shall cause proclamation of the same to be made by beat of drum in the village, and at the market-place nearest to the place of seizure.

If the cattle be not claimed within seven days from the date of the notice, they shall be sold by public auction by the said officer, or an officer of his establishment deputed for that purpose, at such place and time, and subject to such conditions as the magistrate of the district by general or special order from time to time directs :

Provided that if any such cattle are, in the opinion of the magistrate of the district, not likely to fetch a fair price if sold as aforesaid, they may be disposed of in such manner

as he thinks fit. Delivery to owner XV. If the owner or bis agent appear and refuse to pay

disputing legality of seizure but mak. the said fines and expenses on the ground that the seizure ing deposit.

was illegal, and that the owner is about to make a complaint under Section 20, then, upon deposit of the fines and charges incurred in respect of the cattle, the cattle shall be

delivered to him. Procedure when own XVI. If the owner or his agent appear, and refuse or

er refuses or omits to pay the fines omit to pay, or (in the case mentioned in Section 15) to aud expenses.

deposit the said fines and expenses, the cattle, or as many of them as may be necessary, shall be sold by public auction by such officer, at such place and time, and subject to such

conditions as are referred to in Section 14. Deduction of fines The fines leviable and the expenses of feeding and waterand expenses.

ing, together with the expenses of sale, if any, shall be de

ducted from the proceeds of the sale. Delivery of unsold The remaining cattle and the balance of the purchase

cattle avd balance of proceeds.

money, if any, shall be delivered to the owner or his agent,
together with an account showing

(a) the number of cattle seized,
(b) the time during which they have been impounded,
(c) the amount of fines and charges inourred,
(d) the number of cattle sold;
(e) the proceeds of sale, and

(f) the manner in which those proceeds have been disposed of.


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The owner or his agent shall give a receipt for the cattle Receipt. delivered to him, and for the balance of the purchase-money (if any) paid to him according to such account.

XVII. The officer by whom the sale was made shall send Disposal of fines, exto the magistrate of the district the fines so deducted.

penses and surplus

proceeds of sale. The charges for feeding and watering deducted under Section 16 shall be paid over to the pound-keeper, who shall also retain and appropriate all sums received by him on account of such charge under Section 13.

The surplus unclaimed proceeds of the sale of cattle shall be sent the magistrate of the district, who shall hold them in deposit for three months, and if no claim thereto be preferred and established within that period, shall, at its expiry, dispose of them as hereinafter provided, XVIII. Out of the sums received on account of fines and Application of fides

and unclaimed prothe unclaimed proceeds of the sale of cattle, sball be paid ceeds of sale.

(a) the salaries allowed to pound-keepers under the orders of the local Government;

(b) the expenses incurred for the construction and maintenance of pounds, or for any other purpose oonnected with the execution of this Act;

and the surplus (if any) shall be applied, under orders of the local Government, to the construction and repair of roads and bridges, and to other purposes of public utility. XIX. No officer of police, or other officer or pound-keeper Officers and pound

keepers not to purs appointed under the provisions herein contained sball, directly or indirectly, purchase any cattle at a sale under this Act. sales under Act. No pound-keeper shall release or deliver any impounded Pound-keepers when

not to release imcattle otherwise than in accordance with the former part of

pounded cattle. this chapter, unless such release or delivery is ordered by a magistrate or civil court.




CHAPTER V. COMPLAINTS OF ILLEGAL SEJZURES. XX. Any person whose cattle have been seized and de- Power to make comtained under this Act may, at any time within ten days from

plaints, the date of the seizure, make a complaint to the magistrate


of the district, or any magistrate authorized to receive and

'try charges without reference by the magistrate of the district. Procedure on XXI. The complaint shall be made by the complainant plaint.

in person, or, by an agent personally acquainted with the
circumstances. It may be either in writing or verbal. If it
be verbal, the substance of it shall be taken down in writing
by the magistrate.

If the magistrate, on examining the complainant or his
agent, sees reason to believe the complaint to be well found-
ed, he shall summon the person complained against, and

make an enquiry into the case. Compensation for il

XXII. If the seizure be adjudged illegal, the magistrate legal seizure.

shall award to the complainant, for the loss caused by the
seizure and detention, reasonable compensation, not exceed-
ing one hundred rupees, to be paid by the person who made
the seizure, together with all fines paid and expenses inour-

red by the complainant in procuring the release of the cattle; Release of cattle. and if the cattle have not been released, the magistrate

shall, besides a warding such compensation, order their release, and direct that the fines and expenses leviable under this

Act shall be paid by the person who made the seizure. Recovery of compen XXIII. The compensation, fines and expenses mentioned sation.

in Section 22 may be recovered as if they were fines imposed by the magistrate.


Penalty for forcibly

opposing the sei. zure of cattle or rescuing the same.

PENALTLES. XXIV. Whoever forcibly opposes the seizure of cattle liable to be seized under this Act,

and whoever rescues the same after seizure, either from a pound, or from any person taking or about to take them to a pound, such person being near at hand and acting under the powers conferred by this Act,

shalt, on conviction before a magistrate, be punished with imprisonment for a period not exceeding six months, or with fine not exceeding five hundred rupees, or with both.

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