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property and effects, real and personal, which they shall
have possessed within its territories at the time when the
crime of which they may be convicted shall have been
IV. The Governor in Council shall not be precluded by the Governor in

prethis regulation from causing persons charged with any of cluded by this the offences described in the present regulation to be

regulation from

causing persons brought to trial at any time before the ordinary Courts charged with any

of the offences of Judicature, or before any special court appointed for described in it to the trial of such offences under [Regulation VI., 1802,

be brought to trial

before the ordinary Repealed by (Madras) Act II of 1869,) instead of causing courts of justice or such persons to be tried by courts martial, in any cases

before any special

court. wherein the latter mode of trial shall not appear to be indispensably necessary.

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A REGULATION for reducing into one Regulation certain Rules

which have been passed regarding the Office of the Zillah
Magistrate, for modifying and defining his Powers, and for
transferring the Office of Zillah Magistrate from the Judge
to the Collector of the Zillah.

Passed on the 13th September 1816.
Preamble and Section II. Repealed by (Madras) Act II.
of 1869.

III. to V. Repealed by Act X. of 1872.
VI. to XLII. Repealed by Act XVII of 1862.
XLIII. The Zillah magistrates and their assistants are Magistrates and their

assistants amenable
hereby declared amenable to the Zillah Court in the juris-
diction of which they may reside or carry on the public

for acts done in

their official business committed to their charge, by a civil prosecution, pacity. for any act or acts done in their official capacity in opposition to any established regulation.

XLIV. to XLVII. Repealed by Act XVII. of 1862.

to the Zillah Court

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A REGULATION for the establishment of a general System of

Police throughout the Territories subject to the Gorernment of Fort St. George.

Passed on the 13th September 1816. Preamble

It being expedient that a system of police, founded chiefly upon the ancient usages of the country, should be estab . lished throughout the territories subject to the Government of Fort St. George, and that the powers and authorities of the several classes of persons to be entrusted with the performance of police duties should be defined, the Right Honourable the Governor in Council has been pleased to enact the following rules.

II. to VII. Repealed by Act XVII. of 1862. Heads of villages to VIII. Heads of villages shall reciprocally communicate colomunicate to ea zhother informa. any information which they may receive of offences comtien on subjects mitted, or of gangs of robbers, or of suspicious persons havco inected with the pe ce of their re- ing entered or taken refuge in each other's villages, and spective villages.

shall co-operate in all things for the apprehension of offen

ders and the general security of the country. Heads of villages to

IX. Heads of villages shall report to the police officer re ort to the police of the district the arrival in their villages of strangers of otticer of the district the arrival of suspicious appearance, and all information which they may in their respective be able to collect concerning such persons.

villages. Fleads of villages au

X. First. In cases of a trivial nature, such as abusive thorized to inflict language and inconsiderable assaults or affrays, heads of tain cases. villages shall have authority, on a verbal examination, either

to dismiss the parties, or if the offence charged shall be proved to have been committed by the persons accused of

it and shall appear deserving of punishment, to confine the Lir! ation of pupish. offending parties in the village choultry for a time not ex. nt.

ceeding twelve hours; or if the offending parties shall be of any of the lower castes of the people, on whom it may not be improper to inflict so degrading a punishment, to order them to be put in the stocks for a time not exceeding six hours.


Second. Heads of villages shall report to the police of- Heads of villages to

report to the police ficer of the district all cases in which they shall have ex officer of the dis

trict all cases whereercised the power of punishment granted to them by the

in they have inflictfirst clause of this section, but it shall not be necessary for ed punishment. them to report the cases in which they may dismiss parties. XI. First, Where heads of villages may have credible Heads of villages how

to proceed on reinformation of stolen property being concealed, and there ceiving informas

tion of stolen promay be reason to apprehend that it will be made away with

perty. unless prompt measures be taken to secure it, they shall cause search to be made, and the property, if found, to be secured and forwarded with the offender to the Police officer of the district. If the place of concealment be a dwellinghouse, the search shall be made only between sunrise and sunset.

XII. Repealed by Act III. of 1857.

XIII. First. The head of the village, on receiving in- Heads of villages bow formation of the discovery of the body of a person supposed

to proceed on the

discovery of dead to have beep murdered, shall immediately proceed to the

bodies. spot with the kurnum and two or three respectable inhabitants, in whose presence he shall examine every person who may be able to afford any information regarding the discovery of the body and its appearance when discovered, or regarding the murder of deceased, if the body should have been deprived of life by murder,

Second. The head of the village, on receiving informa- Heads of villages to tion of the discovery, shall also, without delay, send notice

Bend notice of the

discovery of dead of it to the police officer of the district, and if the police. hodies to the police

officer of the disofficer shall arrive at the spot in time to inquire into the trict. circumstances under which the body may have been discovered, the inquiry shall be conducted under his superintendence.


Third. If the police officer should not appear to conduct Heads of villages 1 uw the inquiry, the head of the village shall cause the kur

to proceed if

police officer she num to take down in writing the evidence of the persons not appear to c who may be examined, and to record any necessary parti

duct the inquir culars respecting the appearance of the body, and to frame a report of the whole proceedings. The head of the village shall attest such report with his signature, and having pro

cured it to be attested by two or more of the inhabitants who may be present at the investigation and by the kurnum, he shall forward it to the police officer of the dis

trict with the evidence he may have taken, Registers of persons XIV. Kurnums shall keep registers of persons confined confined by heads of villages to be by the heads of villages under Section X. of the regulation, kept by kurnums, and these registers shall be transmitted monthly by the and transmitted mouthly to the heads of villages to the police officers of their respective police officer of the districts, to be forwarded to the magistrate. district.

[Form of register.)--Rescinded by Section II., Regulation IX., 1828.

XV. to XLVI. Repealed by Act XVII. of 1862. Magistrates charged XLVII. The magistrates shall be charged with the

with the maintenance of the peace maintenance of the peace within their respective zillahs, of their districts.

and whenever their establishments may be insufficient to resist banditti or other disturbers of the public peace, they shall apply for assistance to the nearest military station, as directed in Section X., Regulation IIl., 1810.

XLVIII. to LVI. Repealed by Act XVII. of 1862.



A REGULATION for the Confinement of State Prisoners.

Passed on the 4th March 1819. WHEREAS reasons of state policy occasionally render it necessary to place under personal restraint individuals against whom there may not be sufficient ground to institute any judicial proceeding, or when such proceeding may not be adapted to the nature of the case, or may for other reasons be unadvisable or improper; and whereas it is fit that, in every case of the nature herein referred to, the determination to be taken should proceed immediately from the authority of the Governor in Council; and whereas the ends of justice require that, when it may be determined that any person shall be placed under personal restraint otherwise

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than in pursuance of some judicial proceeding, the grounds of such determination should from time to time come under revision, and the person affected thereby should at all times be allowed freely to bring to the notice of the Governor in Council all circumstances relating either to the supposed grounds of such determination, or to the manner in which it may be executed ; and whereas the ends of justice also require, that due attention be paid to the health of every state prisoner confined under this regulation, and that suitable provision be made for his support, according to his rank in life, and to his own wants and those of his family. And whereas the reasons above declared sometimes render it necessary that the estates and lands of zemindars, talookdars, and others, situated within the territories dependent on the Presidency of Fort St. George, should be attached and placed under the temporary management of the revenue authorities, without having recourse to any judicial proceeding; and whereas it is desirable to make such legal provisions as may secure from injury the just rights and interests of individuals whose estates may be so attached under the direot authority of Government-the Governor in Council has enacted the following rules, which are to take effect throughout the provinces immediately subject to the Presidency of Fort St. George, from the date on which they may be promulgated.

II. First. When the reason stated in the preamble of Mode of proceeding this regulation may seem to the Governor in Council to re for placing indivi

under require that an individual should be placed under personal straint as state prirestraint, without any immediate view to ulterior proceedings of a judicial nature, a warrant of commitment under the authority of the Governor in Council, and under the hand of the Chief Secretary, or of one of the secretaries to Government, shall be issued to the officer in whose custody such person is to be placed. Second. The warrant of commitment shall be according Form of warrant to

be issued. to the form prescribed in the Appendix to this regulation.

Third. The warrant of commitment shall be sufficient Such warrant to be authority for the detention of any state prisoner in any

sufficient authority fortress, gaol, or other place within the territories subject to any state prisoner. the Presidency of Fort St. George.



for the detention of

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