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DXL. Nothing in this Act shall be held to alter or affect Saving of jurisdiction

of presidency police the jurisdiction or procedure of the magistrates or commis

magistrates. sioners of police, or the police in the presidency towns, except so far as this Act expressly provides for the same.

DXLI. Nothing in this Act shall be held to alter or Saving of jurisdiction affect

and procedure of landholders, heads

of villages, village (a) the jurisdiction or procedure of landholders specially

police officers, canempowered according to law in the presidency of Bombay,

magisy (b) the jurisdiction or procedure of the heads of villages in the presidency of Fort Saint George,

(c) the jurisdiction or procedure of village police officers in the presidency of Bombay,

(d) the jurisdiction or procedure of any officer duly authorized and appointed under the laws in force in the presidencies of Fort Saint George and Bombay respectively, for the trial of petty offences in military bazaars at cantonments and stations occupied by the troops of those presidencies respectively,


[blocks in formation]

52 Geo. III., An Act for continuing in the East India Com-Section 105.
cap. 155.

pany, for a further term, the possession of the
British territories in India, together with cer-
tain exclusive privileges; for establishing fur.
ther Regulations for the government of the said
territories, and the better administration of,
Justice within the samo ; and for regulating the
trade to and from the places within the limits
of the said Company's Charter.


Number and



Extent of repeal.

V of 1811 An Act for the greater uniformity of the process the whole.

upon trials for State offences, and the amend

ment of such process in certain cases. XV of 1843 jAn Act for the more extensive mployment of Sections 3, 4, 5 & 6.

Upcovenanted Agency in the Judicial Depart.

ment. XV of 1845 An Act for declariog and enacting the privileges So much as has not

of Native Officers and Soldiers of the Armies been repealed. of the three Presidencies in respect of Judicial

and Revenue proceedings XXIX of 1845 An Act to empower the Government of Bemhay Ditto.

to appoint Joint Zillah Judges or Joint Session

VII of 1853 An Act to extend the jurisdiction of magistrates, The whole Act.

under the 53rd Geo. III., cap. 155, Section 105,
in cases of assaults, forcible entries, and other
ivjuries accompanied with force, not being

felonies. X of 1854 An Act for regulating the powers of Assistants to So much as has not

Magistrates, and of Deputy Magistrates appoint- been repealed.

ed under Act XV. of 1843.
XX of 1856 An Act to make better provision for the appoint-Section 58.

ment and maintenance of Police Cbowkeydars in
Cities, Towns, Stations, Suburbs, and Bazaars

in the Presidency of Fort William in Bengal. XXV of 1861 An Act for simplifying the procedure of the Courts so much as bas vot

of Criminal Judicature not established by Royall been repealed.

XVII of 1862 An Act to repeal certain Regulations and Acts Ditto.

relating to Criminal Law and Procedure. VI of 1864 An Act to authorize the punishment of whipping Sections 8, 11, & 12

in certain cases. XXVIII of An Act to remove doubts as to the legality of The whole Act. 1867 certain sentences passed by tribunals called

Petty Sessions Courts, in the North-Western

PART II.-ACTS. (continued.)

Number and



Extent of repeal.

XXXVI of An Act to corect an error in Act No. XVII. of The whole Act. 1867

VIII of 1869 An Act further to amend the Code of Criminal) Ditto.

XXVII of 1870 To amend the Indian Penal Code.

Sections 16 & 17,

and the two sche

dules. XIX of 1871 An Act to provide for the appointment of Sessions Sections 1, 24, 3,

Judges in Bengal and the North-Western Pro 5 & 6.

vinces. Bombay Act An Act for the Regulation of the District Police Section 40. VII of 1867 in the Presidency of Bumbay.



Number and



Extent of repeal.

IX of 1793 A Regulation for re-enacting, with alterations Sections 3 and 34.

and modifications, the Regulations passed by
the Governor-General in Council on the 3rd
December 1790, and subsequent dates, for the
apprebension and trial of Persons charged with

Crimes or Misdemeanors,
IX of 1804 A Regulation for altering the denomination of So much as has not

the Court of Circuit and the Provincial Court been repealed.
of Appeal for the Division of the Ceded Provin.
ces : for the Administ:ation of Justice in Cri-
minal Cases in the Cúnquered Provinces in the
Dooab and ou the Right Bank of the River
Jumpa, and in the Territory ceded to the
Honourable the East India Company in Bundel-

cund by the Peishwa.
VI'of 1810 A Regulation for defining the penalties to which Ditto.

Zemiodars and others shall be subject for
neglecting to give due information of rooberies

and for harbouring robbers.
XVI of 1810 A Regulation to amend the existing Rules for Ditto.

the appointment of Zillah and City Magis-
trates ; to provide for the appointment of
Joint and Assistant Magistrates; and to alter
the provisions in force for the payment of a
fixed reward on the conviction of Public Of.

fenders. I of 1811 A Regulation for making more adequate provision So much as has not

for the punishment of persons found guilty of been repealed.
the offence of breaking into houses, tents or
boats ; for subjecting to exemplary punishment
persons receiving or purchasing plundered or
stolen property; and for granting licences to
gold or silversmiths, braziers or coppersmiths,
ironsmiths, pawnbrokers, retail vendors of
brass or copper-wares, and pykars or itinerant
dealers in second-hand articles.

PART III.-REGULATIONS. ( continued).

Number and



Extent of repeal.

III of 1812 A Regulation for amendivg some of the Rules at So much of section

present in force in regard to the conduct of 4 as has not been
inquiries into charges of a criminal nature, and repealed.
for establishing additional provisions with a
view to the more effectual apprehension of

criminals. VIII of 1814 A Regulation for extending the provision con- So much as has not

tained in Clause 2nd, Section IV., Regula- been repealed. tion III., 1812, to cases of murder, arson, and

theft. XX of 1817 A Regulation for reducing into one Regulation, Section 33, clauses

with amendments and modificatious, the seve 1 & 2.
ral rules which have been passed for the
guidance of darogahs and other subordinate
officers of Police; for modifying the existing
rules concerning the resistance or evasion of
criminal process, and for requiring further aid
to the Police in certair cases, from proprietors
and farmers of land and their local managers,
as well as from the Mundals and other Heads
of Villages.


IX of 1816 A Regulation for reducing into one Regulatiog Sections 3, 4 & 5.

certain rules which bave been passed regard-
ing the office of the Zillah Magistrate, for
modifying and defiving his powers, and for
transferring the office of Zillah Magistrate

from the Judge to the Collector of the Zillah. II of 1827 A Regulation for constituting the Assistant So much as has not

Judges appointed under Regulation I, 1827, been repealed.
Joint Criminal Judges of the Zillahs in which
they may be stationed, and for defining the
extent to which the powers of magistrate shall

be exercised by subordinate collectors.
VIII of 1827 A Regulation for granting to Native Judges ju-

Ditto. risdiction in criminal cases.


XII of 1827 A Regulation for the establishment of a system Section 10, clause 4,

of Police throughout the Zillabs subordinate to so inuch of Section Bombay, for providing rules for its adminis- 13 as has not been tration, and for defining the duties and powers repealed, and Sec. of all Police authorities and Servants.

tion 37 clause 3.

XIII of 1827 A Regulation for defining the constitution of Sections 1, 2, 3, 7, 8,

Courts of Criminal Justice, and the functions 9, 14 & 15.
and proceedings thereof.

Sections 27 and 28.

III of 1830 A Regulation rescinding Regulations VIII. and Sections 2 and 6.

XII, of 1828, and vesting the Criminal Judges
with the powers and functions of Session

PART III.--REGULATIONS. (continued).

Number and



Extent of ropeal.

IV of 1830 A Regulation rescinding such parts of Regulation Section 2

XII. of 1827 as vest the Criminal Judge with
Police jurisdiction of the Magistrate and his

VIII of 1831 A Regulation for modifying the Jurisdiction of The whole.

Session Judges and Judicial Commissioners.




FORM CF SUMMONS ( Section 152), To A. B., of

Whereas your attendance is necessary to answer to a complaint of (state shortly the offence complained of): You are hereby required to appear in person

of or by authorized agent, as the case may be, before the [Magistrate] the day of Herein fail not.

(Signatiire and Seal). Dated the


day of


FORM OF WARRANT (Section 159). To

(name and designation of the person or persons who are to execute the warrant).

Whereas of is accused of the offence of (state the offence) : You are hereby directed to apprehend the said

and produce him before mer Herein fail not.

(Signature and Seal). This warrant may be endorsed as follows :

If the said shall give bail, himself in the sum of with one suroty in the sum of (or two sureties each in the sum of ) to appear before me on the day of he may be released.

(Signature). Dated

[ocr errors][merged small]

(Sections 196, 197, apd 203). To Jailor of

Whereas of is charged with (state the offence in respect of which the prisoner is charged) and has been committed to take his trtal before the Court of


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