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burning grounds, and of all offensive or dangerous trades and occupations.

7th.- For inspecting and controlling houses of ill-fame, and for preventing the spread of venereal disease.

8th.–For the supervision and regulation of public wells, tanks, springs, or other sources from which water is or may be made available for public use.

9th. For the execution and promotion of works of publio utility and convenience.

10th.-For the registration of births, marriages, and deaths, and for making and recording observations and facts important for the public health and interests.

11th.-For the imposition of penalties on persons convicted of the breach of any rule or regulation made under Section 17, and for declaring what persons shall make the preliminary inquiry into, or take cognizance of any breach of such rules and regulations, and the manner in which the investigation shall be conducted : provided that no penalty so imposed shall exceed a fine of fifty rupees, or imprisonment for eight days with or without labor.

XX. Breaches of any rule or regulation made under Trial of breaches of Section 17 shall be triable by the cantonment magistrate

regulations. when there is such an officer ; but the Government may invest any assistant cantonment magistrate, or any other person, with powers to try such breaches, and may authorize such person to exercise such powers independently of the cantonment magistrate. The magistrate of the district shall, in regard to such cases, have no control over the cantonment magistrate, or over any assistant cantonment magistrate, or any other person invested with such powers as herein aforesaid.





XXI. In every case in which an offender is sentenoed to Levy of fines {mpose a fine for the breach of any rule or regulation made under • Section 17, the amount may, in case of non-payment, be levied by distress and sale of any movable property of the of. fender which may be found within the limits of the cantou. ment.

Imprisotment in case XXII. If no such property sufficient for the payment

of amount not be of the fine can be found, the offender shall be liable to be ing recoverable as above.

imprisoned without labor for any term not excceding one

unonth. Imprisonment to be XXIII. The imprison ment under Section 19 or Section where.

22 may be, if without labor, in the civil jail ; and if with

labor, in the criminal jail of the district. Prosecutions, &c. un XXIV. Nothing in this Act nor in any rule or regulader otber regulatigns, &c., not bar- tion made under Section 17 small prevent any person from red by this Act.

being prosecuted under any other regulation or Act, for any offence punishable under this Act, or from being liable under any other regulation or Act to any other or higher penalty or punishment than is provided for such offence by this Act. Provided that no person shall be punished twice

for the same offence. Limits of canton XXV. It shall be lawful for the Government to declare

ments and bazaars how to be defined that any place in which any detachment of the Army may and established.

be quartered shall be a military cantonment within the meaning of this Act, and the limits of such cantonment, including the military bazaars attached thereto, shall be marked out, and plans thereof shall be prepared, and whenever the Government shall declare any place to be a military cantonment, a notification of such declaration and of the limits of the cantonment, shall be published in the Fort Saint George and District Gazettes. Provided always that it

shall be lawful for the Government, from time to time to alPower to alter the ter the limits of such cantonment, or to declare that it shall limits,

no longer be a military cantonment, and thereupon such al

teration or declaration shall be notified as above directed. For protection of XXVI. Whenever it shall appear necessary for the pro

health, rules and regulations made tection of the health of the troops in any military captununder clause 7, Sec- ment, it shall be lawful for the Governor in Council to extion 19, may be extended beyond lie tend to any place outside the limits of such military canmits of cautonments for certain tonment, and in the vicinity of such cantonment, all or any purposes.

of the rules and regulations made for such cantonment under Clause 7 of Section 19, and to make any additional rules and regulations under the said clause, and to define the limits around such cantonment within which such rules and regulations or additional rules and regulations shall

be in force. Provided always that such additional rules and regulations shall be subject to the confirmation of the Governor-General of India in Council.

XXVII. When such rules and regulations, with any In such case, penaladditional rules or regulations made as above, shall be ex

ties may be impos

ed for breach of tended under the last preceding section to any place outside rules in extended

limits. the limits of such cantonment, it shall be lawful for the Governor in Council to provide, in the manner, described in Clause ll of Section 19, for the imposition of penalties for the breach of such rules and regulations, and for prescribing the manner in which, and the persons by whom, breaches of such rules and regulations shall be inquired into orbe cognizable.

XXVIII. All courts and magistrates shall take judicial Courts, &c. to take notice of all rules and regulations made under Section 17 or

junicial notice of

rules passed under Section 26.

this Act. XXIX. Whenever, in any military cantonment, rules Effect of rules, &c. and regulations have been made under Section 17, so much

passed under Sec

tion 17 of this Act, of any regulation or Act as may be held to empower the in respect of regu

lations, &c. previcommanding officer to make local regulations regarding mat

ously in force. ters other than military shall cease to have any effect in such cantonment, and all local regulations for any military cantonment, wbich may have been made before the promulgation of the rules and regulations for such cantonment made under the said Section 17, shall cease to have any effect. Provided that nothing in this section shall be held Proviso. to interfere with any military authority vested in the said commanding officer under the Articles of War.

XXX. If, within any military cantonment, or within any Unauthorized sale of limits arqund such cantonment prescribed by the Govern

liquor to military

persons iu canton. ment, any person not amenable to the Articles of War, or any ments, how punish. sutler or camp-follower, shall knowingly barter, sell, or

abbe. supply, or offer, or attempt to barter, sell, or supply any spirituous liquor, wine or intoxicating drug, to or for the use of any European soldier, or to or for the use of any Eu? ropean or Eurasian being a camp-follower or a soldier's wife, without a written licence from the officer commanding, or from some person having sufficient authority from the officer commanding to grant such licence, the person so bartering,

selling, or supplying, or offering, or attempting to barter, sell, or supply such spirituous liquor, wine, or intoxicating drug as aforesaid, shall be liable, on conviction, to a fine not exceeding one hundred rupees, or, in the discretion of the magistrate, to imprisonment, with or without hard labor, for any period not exceeding three months, or in lieu of such fine or imprisonment to the punishment of whipping, as prescribed by Section 10 of Act VI of 1864 (to authorize the punishment of whipping in certain cases) subject to all the provisions of that Act.


"Consequence of secund XXXI. If any person convicted of an offence under the

conviction of of. fence under last last preceding section shall be again convicted of an offence preceding section, under that section, any spirituous liquor, wine, or intoxicat

ing drug within such cantoument or limits, which, at the time of the commission of such subsequent offence, shall belong to, or be in the possession of such person, shall, without further proof, be deemed to be in the possession of such person for the purpose of being supplied to European soldiers contrary to the provisions of this Act, and shall be liable to

be seized and confiscated.. Camp-followers and XXXII. If any camp-follower or military pensioner, or

others having pog. session of liquor be- the wife or the widow of any soldier, camp-follower, or miliFond certain quan: tary pensioner shall, within such cantonment or limits, remit , how punish- move, convey, or have in his or her possession any quantity

of spirituous liquor or wine exceeding one imperial quart, without a permit to be signed by the officer in command, or such other officer as may be appointed by him to grant permits under this Act, every such person shall be liable, upon conviction, to a fine not exceeding fifty rupees, and for any subsequent offence, to a fine not exceeding one hundred rupees, or to imprisonment, with or without hard labor, for any term not exceeding three calendar months; provided that nothing in this section contained shall · apply to any liquor brought into a cantonment for the private use of any

commissioned officer. Arrest of persons com

XXXIII. If any person subject to the provisions of this mitting offence un. der Section 31 or 32 Aot shall be found committing any offence contrary to Sec

tion 31 or Section 32 of this Act, any police officer may immediately, without warrant, arrest such person, and also

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seize any spirituous -liquor, wine, or intoxicating drug, together with any vessel containing the same, and anything used for the purpose of removing, conveying, or concealing the same, which may be found in his possession, and sball thereupon, without delay, take such person, together with the things so seized, before the cantonment magistrate or other officer having jurisdiotion to punish the offender. XXXIV. In case of a conviction for any offence under Confiscation of liquor

in respect of which Section 31 or Section 32 of this Act, the cantonment magis con viction may betrate or other officer may adjudge any'liquor, wine, or intoxi

had, or which may

be in possession of cating drug, in respect of which the party shall be convicted, party couvicted, and any other spirituous liquor, wine, or intoxicating drug which shall be found in his possession at the time of committing the offence, and any vessel containing the same, together with anything used for the purpose of conveying, removing, or concealing the same, or any part thereof, to be confiscated ; and such magistrate may order the whole or any part or parts of any fine imposed under this Act to be paid, as soon as the same shall be realized, to the person upon whose information such conviction shall take place, or to the officer who shall have apprehended the offender or seized any of the goods adjudged to be confiscated. XXXV. Apy thing seized under Section 33, in respect Things seized under

Act may be detain: of which any person shall be charged with an offence, may

until party be ordered to be detained until the person in whose posses

charged with of

fence is acquitted. sion the same shall have been seized shall be convicted or. acquitted of the offence charged. If the person shall be acquitted, any thing so seized shall be restored; if he shall be How to be disposed convicted, such of the things only, if any, as shall not be adjudged by the cantonment magistrate or other officer to be confiscated, shall be restored; the remainder shall be dealt with as confiscated. XXXVI. Sections 30 to 35, inclusive, shall not apply to Saving of articles sold

or supplied for men the sale or supply of any article for medicinal purposes, by dicinal purposes. recognized medical practitioners, chemists, or druggists. XXXVII. Nothing in this Act shall interfere with the Act not to interfere

with jurisdiction of jurisdiction of courts-martial, or of commanding officers of

courts-martial, &c. cantonments, or of regiments, corps, or detachments, under Act XXIX of,1861, (to consolidate and amend the Articles



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