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may apportion the cost between the Corporation and the
applicant in such manner as the Judge considers equi-

“(6.) Provide that the extension shall be carried out, or the

supply of water furnished, in whole or in part through
the joint user of water mains or pipes of any municipality
within or without the district by the Corporation or the
applicant and that municipality on such terms and con-
ditions as the Judge considers proper, including the fixing
of the remuneration to be paid to the municipality for
such use of its water mains or pipes and time or times

for payment, and directing by whom it shall be paid :
“(c.) Prescribe from time to time the rates which shall be

chargeable by the Corporation for water supplied under
the terms of the order; but in no case shall the rates
so prescribed be less than the rates from time to time
charged by the Corporation under substantially similar
circumstances for water supplied to municipalities within

the district:
(d.) Prescribe the methods for the enforcement of any order

made under this section, including the prescribing of
penalties enforceable on summary conviction, to which
the Corporation or any municipality or person shall be
liable for making default in the doing of any act, matter,
or thing directed by any such order to be done.”

8. Section 90 of said chapter 22 is amended by striking out the Amends s. 90. words “or any municipality, corporation, or person supplied or claiming a right to be supplied with water, pursuant to this Act, by the Corporation outside the district” in the first, second, third, and fourth lines of subsection (1).

Printed by CHARLES F. BANFIELD, Printer to the King's Most Excellent Majesty.


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[Assented to 19th December, 1925.] IS MAJESTY, by and with the advice and consent of the

Legislative Assembly of the Province of British Columbia, enacts as follows:


1. This Act may be cited as the “ Highway Act Amendment Act, Short title. 1925."

2. Section 15 of the “ Highway Act,” being chapter 103 of the Amends s. 15. “ Revised Statutes of British Columbia, 1924,” is amended by adding thereto the following subsection :

“(3.) Where in respect of gravel, sand, stone, timber, or other materials taken by the Crown for the construction, maintenance, or repair of any highway or bridge the provisions of any Statute or the reservations contained in any Crown grant permit of the same being so taken without the payment of compensation, and where the same is taken from improved lands, the Minister may, notwithstanding the provisions or reservations aforesaid, pay reasonable compensation therefor; but the payment and amount of compensation shall be in the absolute discretion of the Minister."

3. Said chapter 103 is amended by inserting therein the following Enacts s. 18A. as section 18A :

“18a. The person in charge of a vehicle so drawn or propelled upon a highway when approaching and entering upon or crossing an intercommunicating highway shall keep to the right of the middle line of the first-mentioned highway."

4. Section 19 of said chapter 103 is amended by striking out the Amends s. 19. word “intersecting" in the third and fifth lines respectively, and substituting therefor in each case the word "intercommunicating."


Amends s. 20.


5. Section 20 of said chapter 103 is amended by adding thereto the words“ and shall not increase the speed of his vehicle or horse until completely passed by the overtaking vehicle or horseman.”

Amends s. 24.

6. Section 24 of said chapter 103 is amended by adding to subsection (1) the following clauses:(1.) Digging up, breaking up, or removing any part of any

highway constructed in whole or in part at the expense of the Province, or cutting down or removing trees or timber grown on any such highway, or excavating in or under any such highway without first having obtained a

permit from the Minister therefor: "(m.) Placing or maintaining any skids, rails, or other

mechanical devices on, along, or across any highway in unorganized territory without first having obtained a

permit from the Minister therefor: "(n.) Placing or maintaining any loading platform, mail-box,

or other structure on any highway in unorganized territory without first having obtained a permit from the

Minister therefor: “(0.) Throwing or causing to be deposited or to flow upon any

highway in unorganized territory any noxious, offensive, or filthy water or substance."

Amends s. 32.

7. Section 32 of said chapter 103 is amended by striking out the word “knowingly" in the fifth line of subsection (2).

Amends s. 33.

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8. (1.) Section 33 of said chapter 103 is amended by striking out clause (e), and substituting therefor the following: (e.) Providing for the classification of highways, and regulat

ing the width, length, height, and weight of vehicles operated or used on the respective classes of highways, and the width, length, height, weight, and fastening of

loads carried on vehicles so operated or used.” (2.) Said section 33 is further amended by numbering the present section as subsection (1), and by adding thereto the following clauses and subsection:"(i.) Providing for the designation of portions of highways on

which a distinguishing middle line shall be marked, and for the marking upon the surface thereof of a distinguishing middle line; and prescribing that all vehicles proceeding on those highways shall be kept to the right of the middle line so marked, except when passing an overtaken

vehicle elsewhere than at a curve in the highway: (.) Providing for the designation of highways on which

vehicles shall during all or certain named hours of the

day proceed in one direction, and for the marking of those highways with conspicuous signs or signals so as to indi. cate the rule in regard thereto and the direction in which vehicles shall proceed; and prescribing that vehicles shall proceed on those highways only as such signs or signals

indicate: "(k.) Prescribing in respect of any designated highway or class

of highways that the driver of every vehicle approaching upon an intercommunicating highway shall before proceeding to cross or enter upon the designated highway or a highway of the class designated, and while at a distance of not more than twenty feet therefrom, bring his vehicle

to a full stop: "(1.) Regulating the speed at which a vehicle having a gross

weight including its load of over four thousand pounds may be operated on any highway, which regulations may differ with different tire equipment of vehicles, different conditions or locations of highways, or different seasons

of the year: “(m.) Providing for and compelling the weighing of vehicles and

their loads, and the furnishing of satisfactory evidence of

their weight: (n.) Prescribing that in case of any motor-vehicle operated or

about to be operated by or on behalf of a person carrying on upon the highway the business of a public carrier of passengers, or of passengers and goods, over a stated route or between fixed termini or at stated intervals, the owner or person in charge of the motor vehicle, before the commencement or continuation of its operation, as the case may be, shall file with the Minister a schedule with reference to such operation showing the times and points of departure and arrival, and shall obtain his certificate of approval of the schedule; and prescribing that it shall be unlawful to operate any such motor-vehicle at a speed greater than the average speed indicated by the times of departure and arrival in the schedule so approved; all regulations under this clause being subject, however, to the proviso that where it is found necessary in cases of emergency or owing to unusual traffic conditions to operate additional motor-vehicles over the route covered by an approved schedule, the person by or on whose behalf the said business is carried on shall notify the Minister within forty-eight hours after any additional motor vehicle has been so operated, giving particulars of such operation and the reason therefor, but all additional motor vehicles so operated shall be subject to the same regulations as to speed as are applicable under this clause to motor-vehicles regularly operated over said route:

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