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of deceased members, and further grants to the extent of £230 were made amongst widows and daughters of non-subsoribers, and other general business transacted.

PROMOTIONS AND APPOINTMENTS. Information intended for publication under the above heading should reach vs

not later than Thursday morning in each week, as publication is otherwiso delayed. Mr. WALTER HUSSEY Griffit), barrister-at-law, has been appointed Lecturer in Common Law at King's College. Mr. Griflith was called by the Inner Temple in 1887 and goes the South-Eastern Circuit.

Mr. PHILIP COHEN, of the firm of Philip Cohen and Slater, Birmingham, bas been appointed a Commissioner for Oaths for alí the Divisions of the Supreme Court of South Africa. Mr. Chen was admitted in 1894.

SOLICITORS' BENEVOLENT ASSOCIATION. The usual monthly meeting of the board of directors was held at the Law Society's Hall, Chancery.lane, London, on the 4th iost., Jr. Maurice A. Tweedie in the chair. The other directors present were Megsrg. A. Davenport, T. Dixon (Chelmsford), R. Ellett (Cirenooster). C. Goddard, W. H. Gray, S. Harris (Leicester), L W. North Hickley, C. G. May, W. A. Sharpe, and W. M. Walters. A sum of £380 was distributed in grants of relief, thirty-one new members were admitted, and other general business was transacted.

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LAW STUDENTS' JOURNAL. To SECRETARIES.-Reports of meetings should reach the office not later than fret

post Thursday morning to ensure insertion in the current number.

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Mr. W. W. Paire

A. 0. Peake
R. Pennington (died

13th July 1910)

T. Rawlo Sir A. K. Rollit, LL D.,

D.O.L., Litt D.
Mr. C. L, Samson

W. A. Sharpe
" W. Stone...
P. S. Taylor...
W. Trower
W. M. Walters
R. M. Welsford
A. Wightman
W. H. Winterbotham

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Mr. J. S. Bonlo

T. W. Bischoff
J. J. D. Botterela

27 J. W. Budd ...

27 A, H, Coley...

21 C. A. Coword

29 Sir H. Crawford

26 Mr. W. Da wos R. W. Dibdin

35 W. Dowson...

9 R. Ellett

27 W. E. Foster

2 W. H. Foster

25 Sir Edward Fraser, D.C.L. 15 Mr. S. Garrett

33 H. Gibson

28 0. Goddard ... J. W. Hills, M.P., D.C.L ...

18 W. J. Humirgs (vicepresident)...

16 H. J. Jobuson (presideat)

38 The Hon. R . Lyttelton 28 Mr. O. B. Marget:8

14 J. F. Mune

6 C. H. Morion

16 R. C. Nesbitt

32 E, F. Oldbam


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Extraordinary Vembers. Mr. J. W. Botsford

A. J. Olarke...
R. S. Cleaver
T, Eggar
A, M. Jackson
O. E. Longmore
W. 8. Norton
R. A. Pinsent
R. Pybus
F. Sturge

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LAW ASSOCIATION. The ninety-fourth annual general court of the "Law Association for the Benofit of Widows and Families of Solicitors in the Metropolis and Vicinity was held at the Law Society's Hall on the 318t alt., Mr. T. 8. Gardiner (one of the treasurors) in the chair. Among tbose present were Mr. E. T. H. Brandon, Mr. P. W. Chandler, Mr. F. W. Emory, Mr. J. E. W. Rider, Mr. G. L. Stowart, Mr. A. Toovoy, Mr. Mark Waters, and Mr. W. M. Woodhouse (directors), and several members, including Messrs. E. J. Barron, J. C. Brookhouse, E. s. Courroux, T. 8. Cartis, G. M Davey, C. F. Leighton, Peroy E. Marshall, P. G. C, Shaw, and E. E Barron, secretary. The directors' roport for the year ending the 20th May states that the receipts of the association for the past yoar were as follow8 : Dividends on investo monts, £1348 83. 10d. ; annual subscriptione, £345 98.; donations, £91 18. ; total, £1784 183. 10d.; lifo subscriptions, £94 10s. The exponses of the year amount to £241 68. Ild., leaving a balance of £1638 18. lld., which, with £654 198. 3d. balance from 1910, made an available income for the year of £2293 ls. 2d. Out of the balance in hand the board has distributed £742 10s. amongst thirteen members' cases and £901 amongst forty nine non-members' cages, making the total relief granted £1643 108.; and purchased £340 Great Indian Peninsular Three Per Cont. Stook at a cost of £334 133., leaving a cash balance in hand of £314 188. 2d. toward the expenditure of the current year. Since tho formation of the association in 1817 the relief granted to members and their families has a mounted to £81,244, and to solioitors (non-members) and their families £18,926, making a grand total of £100,170. Twenty-six new members have joined the association during the past year, of whom nino are life members. Mr. Gardiner, the chairman, moved the adoption of the report, calling attention to the continual increase in the membership, and also to the increased claims on the association and assistance rendered during the past year. The motion having been seconded by Mr. Toovey, the report and balance sheet wero unanimously adopted. The Lord Chief Justice was re-elected president, and the vice-presidente, the directors, and other officers were re-appointed.

The usual monthly meeting of tho directors was held at the Law Society's Hall on the 1st inst., Mr. W. P. Richardson in the ohair. The other directors present were Mr. P. W. Chandler, Mr. F. W. Emery, Mr. T. H. Gardiner, Mr. J. E. W. Rider, Mr. G. L. Stewart, Mr. Mark Waters, and E. E. Barron (secretary). Grants amounting to £695 wero voted for the ensuing year to the widows and daughters


TRINITY EXAMINATION 1911. The following are the results of the general examination of stadents of the Inns of Court, held in Lincoln's-ion Hall, the 29th, 30th, and 31st May, and 1st and 2nd June 1911 :


Class I. Pirow, Oswald, Middle Temple Wilkinson, C. T., Middle Temple. Warrack, J. S., Gray's-inn

Class II.
Brown. W. F. W., Middle Temple Surita, Osborne R., Lincoln's-inn
Bruce, Hon. C. N., Inner Temple Terry, Ernest, Middle Temple
Christie, H. A. H., Inner Temple Thomas, James D., Middle Temple
Constable, W. G., Inner Temple Thomas, N. H., Inner Temple
Mathur, G. P., Middle Temple Thomsett, R. G., Gray's-inn
Mitra, Sarat C., Lincoln's-inn Touris, Fernand, Gray's-inn
Nelson. Isaac B., Middle Temple Varley, Alec Winn, Inner Temple
Pearson, R. L., Middle Temple Varma, Maganlal, Lincoln's-inn
Perrin, Eugene C., Inner Temple Weissenberg. Henry J., Middle
Sawhney, Deo Roy, Middle Temple Temple
Shillington, C. E., Gray's-inn Wright, 8. M., Middle Temple
Skinner, J. A. T., Lincoln's-inn Zaidi, Syed H., Middle Temple.
Souter, Henry C., Lincoln's-inn

Class III.
Abdussami, Syed, Middle Temple Kapur K. L., Middle Temple
Ahmed, M., Middle Temple

Kay-Shuttleworth, Hon.
Ahuja, Shanti N., Inner Temple Inner Temple
Ali, Abdul, Gray's-inn

Khilnani. F. K., Middle Temple Anson, George H., Inner Temple Kyaw Sein, Maung, Lincoln's-inn Ashraf, Habib, Middle Temple Lees, Ayre Henry, Lincoln's-inn Badhwar, Dina N., Middle Temple Loos, Hermann E., Inner Temple Ball, George J., Gray's-inn

Mackinnon, M. A., Lincoln's-inn
Bamber, Philip G., Gray's-inn Maiti, Rebatinath, Middle Temple
Banerji, J. M., Middle Temple Maung Maung (i), Gray'g-inn
Bashiruddin, S., Middle Temple Mehta, J. M., Middle Temple
Baskcomb, P. B., Inner Temple Menon, M. N., Middle Temple
Bhandari, B. S., Lincoln'g-inn Mensah, J. A., Middle Temple
Bose, Nagendra N., Lincoln's-inn Mohammad. M. N., Lincoln's-inn
Bridgewater, Howard, Gray's.inn Munshi, R. F, Middle Temple
Chand, Sagar, Middle Temple Nagabbushanarow, M., Lincoln's-
Collie, Arnold E., Middle Temple inn
Cotton, B. G. H., Inner_Temple Narang. Dina Nath, Lincoln's-inu
Crawley, W. H. T. E., Inner Nath, Rattan, Lincoln's-inn

Phroo, Maung. Lincoln's-inn
Damant, H. K., Inner Temple Rahman, Abdur, Lincoln's-inn
Dastur. M. M. H., Lincoln's-inn Ramri, Arthur, Gray's-inn
De La Penha, Alfred E., Inner Rao, J., Middle Temple

Rao, Tikkani C. K., Middle Temple Dulanty, J. W., Middle Temple Rawcliffe. D M., Inner Temple Edwards, A. J., Middle Temple Rawle, C. E A., Middle Temple Elahy, Fazal, Lincoln's-inn

Razzaq, Abdul, Lincoln's-inn Ewen, George T., Gray's-inn

Renner, Peter F. C. A., Middie Fletcher, H. J. N., Middle Temple Temple Garner, Thomas A., Gray's-inn Robinson, H. L., Middle Temple Groom, R. G., Inner Temple

Rosenheim, Felix, Inner Temple Groves, P. R. C., Gray's-inn

Sadiq. Mohamed, Gray's-inn Grundy. Frank D., Inner Temple Shah. Ata Ullah, Lincoln's-inn Hadden, E. W. R., Inner Temple Simpson, E. H., Middle Temple Hale, William A., Gray's-inn

Singh, Karam, Middle Temple Hayford, E. J., Lincoln's-inn Singh, N. P., Middle Temple Hayfron, R. J., Middle Temple Slade, Edward F., Middle Temple Humphreys-Owen, Arthur E. 0., Srivastava, D., Middle Temple Lincoln's-inn

Taylor, J. F. G., Lincoln's-inn Hussain, Syed J., Middle Temple Thomas, W. S. Middle Temple Hutcheon, J. S., Lincoln's-inn Vellani. R B., Gray's-Inn Jalli, Diwan Chand, Lincoln's-inn Vincent-Brown, K., Gray's-inn James. A. T., Middle Temple

Walker. Noel, Gray's-inn Jan, Ata Mohamed. Lincoln's-inn Wilson, Archibald, Lincoln's-inn. Jones, Cecil H., Inner Temple

Examined, 153 ; passed, 110. Eight candidates were ordered not to be admitted for examination again until the Hilary Examination 1912, and one candidate not until the Easter Examination 1912. ConstitUTIONAL LAW (ENGLISH AND COLONIAL) AND LEGAL HISTC RY.

Class I. Basu, D., Lincoln's-inn

| Mullins, Claud W., Gray's-inn.

Class II. Boland, F. M., Middle Temple Royle, J. C. F., Lincoln's-inn Buxton, L. W, W., Inner Temple Sheane, J. H. W., Inner Temple Clothier, Henry W., Gray's-inn Thacker, R. S., Gray's-inn Davies, W. F. de Rolante, Middle Vasvani, P. K., Lincoln's-inn Temple

Weissenberg. Henry J., Middle Hayman, P. M. C., Inner Temple Temple.

Thein Maung, M., Gray's-inn

Watts, M. E., Middle Temple Thind, Sada R., Middle Temple Young, B. W. M., Inner Temple Thompson, C. St. C. W., Gray's-inn Yusuf, Mohomed, Lincoln's-inn. Vas, Alec M., Middle Temple

Examined, 184 ; passed, 129. Three candidates were ordered not to be admitted for examination again until the Hilary Examination 9112. REAL PROPERTY AND CONVEYANCING.

Class I.
Cheng, F. T., Middle Temple | James, A. T., Middle Temple.

Class II. Chan Sz-Yui, Middle Temple

Gregorson, J. A., Middle Temple

1 Collins, Edward H., Gray's-inn Poswayo, Ngcubu, Lincoln'-inn Davies, Colin R., Inner Temple Rennie, John, Lincoln's-inn Davies, E. L., Middle Temple

Tremiett, Elias, Gray's-inn Dickson, G. Č., Lincoln's-inn

Trusted, H, H., Inner Temple.

Class III. Abdoolcader, H. H., Lincoln's-inn Jaggarayudu, K., Lincoln's-inn Aga, Pran Nath, diiddle Temple James, A. T., Middle Temple Ahadd, Abdul, Lincoln's-inn

Kempson, C. J., Inner Temple Ahmad, S. G., Middle Temple Khan, E. U., Middle Temple Ahmad, S. M., Lincoln's-inn

King, Thomas H., Gray's-inn Armour, W. S., Inner Temple Kirkhope, David C., Gray’s-inn Bah Shin, Maung. Lincoln's-inn Lall, Sohan, Lincoln's-inn Barrios. Benjamin, Lincoln's-inn Lees, Ayre Henry, Lincoln's-inn Bate, Francis J., Middle Temple MacDermot, F. C., Inner Temple Beg, M. A. W., Middle Temple Martin, Joseph, Gray's-inn Bhandari, Diwan C., Gray's-inn Maung Maung (ii.), Lincoln's-inn Bhargava, P. L., Middle Temple Meech. T. C., Middle Temple Blom, Alfred H., Inner Templa Middleton, R. C. G , Inner Temple Bose, S. N., Lincoln's-inn

Millar, Laurence P., Inner Templo Bowman, J. H., Lincoln's-inn

Misra, B., Middle Temple Chak, K, N., Middle Temple

Moore, Olaseni, Middle Temple Chand, Ranbir, Lincoln's-inn

Nag, Nirmai K., Lincoln's-inn Datta. Lall M., Lincoln's-inn

Nayudu, R. S., Lincoln's-inn De Freitas, J. M., Inner Temple Nettle!old, J. H., Inner Temple Dhanda, K. R., Middle Tempie Nicholson, M., Inner Temple Dixey, C. N. D., Middle Temple Palit, L. N., Middle Temple Drake-Brockman, Karl E., Inner Parish, C W., Inner Temple Temple

Peall, George T., Middle Temple Egerton-Warburton, G., Inner

Perrin, Eugene C., Inner Temple Temple

Rau, C. S., Middle Temple Elliott, M. L. F., Gray's-inn

Ray, Saral Kumar, Gray's-inn Engineer, A. A., Inner Temple

Razaq, S. A., Lincoln's-inn England, F. De F., Inner Temple

Reeders. W. J. M., Gray's-inn Giani, T. M., Middle Temple

Saw Pah Dwai, Lincoln's-inn Glyn, R. S., Middle Temple

Sein Daing. Maung, Lincoln's-inn Greenway, J. J. K., Inner Temple

Shankar, Gouri, Lincoln's-inn Gupta, S. K., Lincoln's-inn

Singh, R. N , Middle Temple Guthrie, C. B., Middle Temple Singh, Shamsher, Lincoln's-inn Hale, William A., Gray's-inn

Stein, L. J., Inner Temple Hasan, Sadiq, Gray's-inn

Stout Olaf Eirik, Lincoln's-inn Heard, J. S., Middle Temple

Stradling, A. R, Inner Temple Henderson, P., Gray's-inn

Taylor, G. W., Middle Temple Henry, James G., Inner Temple Thomas, W. E.. Inner Temple Holland-Hibbert. T., Inner Temple

Thompson, A. W. K., Lincoln's-inn Howat. Robert K., Middle Templo

Thornton, L. I. L., Lincoln's-inn Humphreys-Owen, Arthur E. O.,

Tom, Henry, Middle Temple Lincoln's-inn

Touris, Fernard, Gray's-inn Hurt, W. E., Middle Temple

Willis. Charles A., Inner Temple Hussain, Syed J., Middle Temple Wilson, Eric C.. Gray's-inn Izard, G. W., Middle Temple

Yates, Charles C., Inner Temple. Examined, 164; passed, 99. Two candidates were ordered not to be admitted for examination again antıl the Hilary Examination 1912.

Class III. Aronson, Hugh. Lincoln's-inn Higgins, M. B., Inner Temple Baddeley, William G., Gray's-inn Hoahing, J. M., Middle Temple Ba Kya, Maung, Lincoln's-inn Hoon, Pran Nath, Lincoln's-inn Ba Kyin, Inner Temple

Hosain, Syed 2., Middle Temple Bawania, K., Lincoln's-inn

Hoskins, B. C., Middle Temple Benjamin, Kiron K., Gray's-inn Husain, Syed S., Lincoln's-inn Chalmers, D. P. L., Middle Temple Hussain, M. M. S., Middle Temple Chandanani, T. P., Middle Temple Inglis, A. R., Inner Temple Charteris, Hon. Hugo F., Inner Izod. Charles L., Gray's-inn Temple

Kanjilal. M. N., Lincoln's-inn Chowdry, K. C. R. Middle Kennedy, Henry A., Gray's-inn Temple

Khan, Abdul M., Lincoln's-inn Cleaver, Ronald F., Inner Temple Khanna, D. C., Middle Temple Cotton, B. G H., Inner Temple Lowther, A. J. B., Inner Temple Crees, M. H.. Middle Temple

Maritz, G. J., Middle Temple Cross, W. C., Gray's-inni

Menon, K. R., Inner Temple Dags, J. D. N., Lincoln's-inn

Mohiuddin, S. M., Gray's-inn De Stein, E. S., Inner Temple Mort, George C, Middle Temple Douglas, A. C., Lincoln's-inn Mukerjea, D. R. Gray's-inn Doyle, E. P., Middle Temple

Nuttall, Ellis, Middle Temple Farrer, S. J., Inner Temple

O'Sullivan, R., Middle Temple Fitzpatrick, W. H. M., Middle Perrin, E. C., Inner Temple Temple

Pontifex, E. E., Inner Temple Flynn, Charles J., Gray's-inn

Ramsbotham, H., Inner Temple Fraser, Douglas, Inner Temple Razag, S. A., Lincoln's-inn Fung, Samuel, Middle Temple Renton, A. H., Middle Temple Ghani, Abdul, Lincoln's-inn

Row, Vanga J., Middle Temple Ghosal, J. K., Lincoln's-inn

Scriven, John 1. Inner Temple Godwin, G. S., Middle Temple

Singh, Dhian, Middle Temple Greenwood, J. Inner Temple

Sowden, George Gray's-inn Gregory, G. M., Middle Temple Thorson, J. T., Middle Temple Gupta, Raj K., Gray's-inn

Turton, E. S., Inner Temple Gyi. Maung M. (ii.), Lincoln's-inn

Veerasa wmy, J A., Middle Temple Hall, John M., Inner Temple

Walker, Rupert, Inner Temple Hall, Octavius, Middle Temple Warren, Leslie A., Lincoln's-inn Harris, Stanley, Inner Temple

Watts, Guy Tracey, Lincoln's-inn. Higgins, Gordon L., Lincoln's-inn

Examined, 131 ; passed, 82. Seven candidates were ordered not to be admitted for examination again until the Hilary Examination 1912.


Class I.
(No award.)


Class I.
Assumpção, P M. A., Middle Gallop, C., Middle Temple

Gregorson, J. A., Middle Temple Bhasker, C. S. A, Lincoln's-inn

James, A. T., Middle Temple Brenan, John F., Middle Temple Mayer, Norman E., Inner Temple Coussey, James H., Middle Temple Moos, N. H., Middle Temple Davis, Percy Charles, Gray's-inn Quist, E, C., Middle Temple.

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Class II. Anderson, Alexander, Gray’s-inn

Judge, P. H., Middle Temple Balfour, John A., Middle Temple

Kanjilal, M. N., Lincoln's-inn Chan Sz-Yui, Middle Tempie

Mann, J. W., Middle Temple Coddington, F. J. O., Inner Temple Mccre, W. A., Middle Templo Cook, W. G. H., Middle Tempie O'Meara. W. A. J., Inner Temple Geen, Harry, Middle Temple

Pillai, K. R. P., Lincoln's-inn Gibbs, A. S., Middle Temple Raza, M. A., Middle Temple Gulia, Hem C., Lincoln's-inn

Skinner, J. A. C., Lincoln's-inn Honderson, G. L. P., Inner Temple Wells, Arthur G., Gray's-inn Iyer, Eluppai L., Lincoln's-inn

Zaidi, S. M. M., Gray's-inn. Judd, C. J., Middle Temple

Class III. Akbar, Mohammad, Lincoln's-inn

Ludlow, Richard R., Gray's-inn Aronson, Hugh, Lincoln's-inn

Luke, K, U., Lincoln's-inn Baerlein, A. A., Middle Temple Mackinnon, M. A, Lincoln's-inn Basu, D. K., Middle Temple

Malik, Har K, S., Lincoln's-inn Basu, K. K., Lincoln's-inn

Mallinson, E. C., Middle Temple Basu, S. C., Gray's-inn

Maritz, G. J., Middle Temple Ba Tin, Lincoln's-inn

Masood, s. Ř.. Middle Temple Bax, Cyril E. O., Inner Temple Matheson, James. Inner Temple Bose, Sris C., Lincoln's-inn

Mathur, G. P., Middle Temple Brown, Haroid, Lincoln's-inn

Mensah, J. A., Middle Temple Budhraja, R. S., Middle Temple Mohammad, Syed, Middle Temple Bushell, C., Inner Temple

Muddukrishnaiya, Palem, Middle Chand, Gokal, Lincoln's-inn

Temple Chand, Ranbir, Lincoln's-inn

Munir, Syed M., Gray's-inn Chhachhi, H. B. S., Lincoln's-inn

Nagarker. G. S., Lincoln's-inn Dadachanji, R. S., Middle Temple Naimutullah, S. M., Middle Temple Davies, Colin R., Inner Temple Nai Paderm. Gray's-inn Din, Qamarud, Lincoln's-inn

Nai Prom, Gray's-inn Evans, J. N., Middle Temple Nehru, Jawaharlal, Inner Temple Fletcher, H. J. N., Middle Temple Parish, C. W., Inner Temple Ghosh, A. N., Lincoln's-inn

Pasley, William, Lincoln's-inn Gilray, C. M., Middle Temple

Pitt. Philip S. Inner Temple Grundy, Frank D., Inner Temple Pontifex. Eric E., Inner Temple Gulzarilal, Lincoln's-inn

Rai, Naubat, Lincoln's-inn Gupta, S. C., Lincoln's-inn

Raj, Des, Middle Temple Holm. Neils W., Lincoln's-inn

Ram, Milki, Lincoln's-inn
Huckle, A. H. H., Middle Temple Rashid, M. A., Middle Temple
Huggins, Cyril R., Inner Temple Rauf, Abdul, Lincoln's-inn
Hunter, P. T. L., Middle Temple Razzaq, Abdul, Lincoln's-inn
Hyde, James B., Middle Temple Reeders, W. J. M., Gray's-inn
Jafri, Sayed M. H., Gray's-inn Renner, Peter F. C. A., Middle
Kapur, K. L., Middle Temple

Keeves, J. A. C., Middle Temple Rhodes, E. H., Inner_Temple
Kempson, C. J., Inner Temple Rigby, F. J., Inner Temple
Khan, M. A., Middle Temple

Rigby, J. P. C., Lincoln's-inn
Khan, M. N., Lincoln's-inn

Rochford, Bernard. Inner Temple Khan, W. HII.. Lincoln's-inn

Samson, Sidney. Gray's-inn Kukday, G. V., Middle Temple Shah, Ata U., Lincoln's-inn Kya Gaing, M., Middle Temple Singh, D. D., Middle Templo Lal, Nand, Middle Temple

Singh, N P., Middle Temple Lall. Ram, Middle Temple

Singh, Shamsher, Lincolr.'s-inn Lees, Charles, jun., Gray's-inn

Soofi, Daud K., Lincoln's-inn Lesser, Henry, Gray's-inn

Talcherkar, H. A., Middle Temple Lewis, Arthur, Gray's-inn

Tavlor, G. C., Inner Temple Lloyd, F, N., Inner Temple

Tavlor, G. J. Lincoln's-inn Lloyd, R. H., Middle Tample

Terry, Ernest, Middle Temple

Class II. Doctor, P. P., Gray's-inn

| Guna, A., Middle Temple.

Class III. Amiruddin, Mir, Lincoln's-inn

| Datta, S. N., Gray's-inn

Rahman, Abdur. Lincoln's-inn Ghose, S. N., Gray's-inn

Singh, N. P. Middle Temple Kirtikar, V. A., Gray's-inn

Vibhakar, N. B., Gray's-inn. Examined, 17 ; passed, 10.


(No candidates). FINAL EXAMINATION.

Class I. (in order of merit). Wu, Chao Chu, Lincoln's-inn (studentship of 100 guineas a year, tenable

for three years).

CERTIFICATES OF HONOUR. James, A. T., Middle Temple

Ghosh, Batu K., Lincoln's-inn Oldham, N. H., Inner Temple Meeke, W. S., Middle Temple Zahid, Zahadur R., Lincoln's-inn Campbell, C. H. G., Gray's-inn Samuel, John A., Gray's-inn

Jolly, John C., Inner Temple. Da Silva, C. H. Inner Temple

Class II. (in order of merit). Morton, Fergus D., Inner Temple ŞDas, N. C., Gray's-inn Fitzgerald, M. P., Inner Temple Norris, R. H., Middle Temple Renwick, C. F. P., Middle Temple Hutchinson, W. V., Inner Temple Lailey, G. P. B., Middle Temple Rimmer, E. J., Lincoln's-inn Beri, Kishori Lal. Lincoln's-inn Prideaux, F. W. A., Middle Ishmael, George C., Gray's-inn

Temple Agarwala, C. M. M., Gray's-inn s Stevenson-Reece, G. M., Inner Menon, K. R., Inner Temple

Temple Le Quesne, C. T., Inner Temple ZWinter, H. A., Middle Temple. Scanlan, Thomas, Gray’s-inn

Class III. (in alphabetical order). Anderson, G. D., Inner Temple Carleton, F. C., Gray's-inn Andorsen, H. F., Inner Temple Carpenter, E. B., Inner Temple Arnett, E. J., Middle Temple

Chandler, C. W., Middle Temple Asten, Walter, Inner Temple

Crouch, James L., Gray's-inn Banerji, S., Gray's-inn

Dastur. Sorab K., Middle Temple Barnard, K. H., Middle Temple Deb. M. K., Gray's-inn Beards, Clifford, Gray's-inn

Fachiri, A. P., Inner Temple Belas, G. H., Inner Temple

Freeman, J. E., Inner Temple Braithwaite, C. F., Inner Temple Garnsey. Ernest, Inner Temple Brigg, A. E., Middle Temple

Gattie, W. H., Gray's-inn Brookshank, S., Inner Temple Ghose, H. N., 'Lincoln's-inn Campos, J. A., Middle Tempie Į Gorst, Elliot M., Inner Temple

Greaves, M. M., Middlo Templo Lunn. H. G., Middle Temple Greville-Smith, S. H., Middle Mlbum, J. D., Middle Temple Temple

Newell, Arthur L., Gray's-inn Hanson, R. W., Lincoln's-inn

Orr, Gordon B., Inner Temple Hashmi, M. 2. Middle Temple Pande, Baji J. R., Gray's-inn Haslam, R. A. McE., Inner Temple Pantulu. Kolluri s., Gray's-inn Heaton-Armstrong, J. D., Inner Shah, Syed F., Lincoln's-inn Temple

Skerrl. George E., Grav's-inn Henry. F. McE., Gray's-inn

Somerset, R. H. E. H., Gray's-inn Hodgson, A. J., Inner Temple Stedman, T. B., Middle Temple Jilani, Sadiq, Gray's-inn

Stomm, P. W. J. A., Inner Temple Kekulawala, D. A., Inner Templo Surana, s. S.Middle Temple Khan, Ata M., Lincoln's-inn

Thompson, H. B., Lincoln 's-inn King. B. N., Middle Temple

Watchorn, E. C., Middle Temple Lal, T. C., Middle Temple

Wetenhall, W. T., Inner Temple Le Marchant, S., Middle Teinple Wilson, Stephen, Inner Temple.

Examined, 136 ; passed, 81. Five candidates were ordered not to be admitted for examination again until the Hilary Examination 1912.


of All Souls, and did excellen: work for the finances of the college carrying it through a large part of the period in which it was affected by the changes introduced by the first commission. His Fellowship was vacated by marriage, and in 1876 he became the principal ageot of the Conservative Party. In 1880 he severed his connection with the Central Conservative Office, and in 1886 he became Acting Treasurer of Christ Church. His connection with Christ Church, as student and treasurer, continued till 1910, when he resigned and left Oxford to live permanently at his Scottish home, Pitlour. On bis resigo ation the tenants of Christ Church presented bim with a paiot. ing of himself. Mr. Skena's publications include l'niversities and College Estates Acts, a Treatise on Free Land, and an edition of the Frogs of Aristophanes. He was a justice of the peace for Fise and Kinross and a deputy-lieutenant for the county of Fife. He married, in 1874, Lorina, eldest daughter of the late Dean Liddell.

Mr. Æneas J. G. MACKAY, K.C., LL.D., late Sheriff Principal of Fife and Kinroes, died in Edinburgh on the 10th inst. Mr. Mackay, who was born in 1839, was educated at Edinburgh Academy, University College, Oxford, and at Heidelberg. He was admitted a member of the Faculty of Advocates in 1864, and filled the chair of Constitutional Law and History in the University of Edinburgh from 1874 to 1881. He took silk ia 1897. In 1882 the University of Edinburgh conferred on bim the honorary degree of LL.D., and he was also an honorary Fellow of King's College, London. His Manual of Practice of the Court of Session was of great service to the Profession, while his History of Fife and Kinross was a valuable contribution to the county history of Scotland. He contributed to the Dictionary of National Biography and also to the Encyclopædia Britannica.

Mr. Harold Cook Swan, of 6, Crown Office-row, Temple, barrister. at-law, died suddenly of heart disease at his residence, 59, Priory. road, Kew, on Sunday morniog last. Mr. Swan was the eldest son of Mr. Robert Abraham Swan, the puisne judge of Trinidad and Tobago, and was in his thirty-sixth year. He was called by Lincoln'e-inn on the 24th April 1907. He was born in India and was for several years a clerk to colonial judges, and spent several years in Mauritius, the Gold Coast, and British Guiana.


His Honour Judge FRANCIS HENRY BACON, Judge of the Bloomsbury and Whitechapel County Courts, died on the 10tb inst. at bis residence in Lancaster-gate-terrace, London, W. Ho had exchanged circuits for the month of May with Judge Granger, of the Cornwall County Courts. At the close of his work in Cornwall he fell ill, and only returned to London to die after a very short illness. His Honour was senior member of the County Court Bench, having been appointed by Lord Cairns in Nov. 1878. He was the third son of Sir James Bacon, who was Chief Judge in Bankruptcy from 1869 to 1883, and the last surviving Vice-Chancellor under the old system from 1870 to 1886. He was born in 1832, educated at Balliol College, Ozford, and called by Lincoln's-inn in 1856. He was secretary to Lord Justice Giffard from 1868 to 1870, and then to his father, the ViceChancellor, in 1870. In the first instance he was appointed to Circuit 42, and in 1879 to Circuit No. 39, which has since been absorbed into other circuits. The late judge had the reputation of a sound and accurate lawyer. He had a caustic toogue, and it was not often that he qualified bis remarks in court if he found that they had ruffled the feelings of those whom they concerned. He prided himself on having no arrears, and it was well-nigh impossible to secure an adjournment. The registrar is the keeper of my conscience, he said, “and I cannot allow arrears to grow up. The court is established for the more speedy recovery of small debts. If I allow adjourn. ments for interlocutory proceedings, we should go back to the worst days of special pleading." Said a couosel one day, “ May I mention the case of - ?" Judge Bacon : "What about it? It will take its turn." “Will your Honour say that you won't take it before tbe luncheon interval ?" Judge Bacon: “I know of no such interval.” This was true. The judge rarely left the Bench for more than a few minutes, and frequently parties who presumed on a longer absence, on returning found he had passed over their case. Judge Bacon's views on commitment for debt were very pronounced. The official returns showed that under bis régime there were fewer committals and actual imprisonments than in any other County Court district. To lawyers his decisions were famous for their erudition. It was his decision in Helby v. Matthews which survived three successive attacks and saved the hire-purchase system from threatened extinction.

He never married, but among his general knowledge, which was a marvel to the legal world, was a close acquaintance with all the details of domestic life. Hie judgments were, as a rule, ehort, but they often represented no inconsiderable amount of time and trouble, and though he detested adjourning a hearing, he bad a keen perception of the advantages sometimes aocruing from reserving judgment. He could be very stern when the need arose, but in a general way in dealing with advocates he achieved his object by means of the ready wit which was so conspicuously his possession. His linguistic attainmenta were exceptional, and in consequence something besides loss of time through the requisition of an interpreter was often avoided. He once defined an interpreter as “ A man who translates a language be does not understand into one which he does not speak.” He was an ideal judge for the Whitechapel district, wbere his keen observation and knowledge of men were very valuable in dealing with litigants of various races and tongues and of a low moral standard. The late judge's early life was in some degree overshadowed by the remark. able personality of his aged father, to whom his attention and care were unremittingly given. He was sixty-three when the Vice. Chancellor died, and he lived on in the paternal house. He had a fioe taste in music, and was often to be seen at the meetings of the “Noblemen and Gentlemen and of the Abbey Glee Club. On Sunday mornings-savo for an occasional wandering to the Temple Church-be was usually to be found at the Chapel of Lincoln's-inn, of which he would sometimes say he was sorry not to be a Bencher. He will be missed at his country place at Compton Beauchamp, Shrivenham, where he cared for everything in the village, including the church. Much as he loved old things and old ways, he had of date years taken with a young enthusiasm to motoring.

Mr. William Baillie SKENE. barrister-at-law, of Pitlour and Hallyards, Fife, died on the 10th inst. as a result of the heat. Mr. Skene was the second son of the late Mr. Patrick Skene, of Pitlaw House, Fife, and was born at Edinburgh on the 24th April 1838. He was educated at Harrow and at Corpus Christi College, Oxford, where be matriculated as an exhibitioner in 1856. His university honours included a first class in Classical Moderations and a Fellowship at All Souls. He was called by Lincoln's-ipn in 1863, the year before his election at All Souls. In 1869 he returned to Oxford as Burgar


Court of Appeal.

APPEAL COURT I. On the 13th June appeal motions (Ex parte), original motions, and interlocutory appeals from the King's Bench Division will be in the paper for bearing.

Admiralty appeals (with assessors) will be taken on Wednesday, the 14th June, and following days. Other business will be taken from time to time, as announced in the daily cause list

APPEAL COURT II. On Tuesday, the 13th June, & lunacy application, Re Joyce, appeal motions, and appeals from the Charcery loterlocutory List will be taken.

On the 14th June the following appear from the King's Bench Final List will be in the paper for hearing : National Telephone Company r. 8. M. Postmaster-General,

On and after Monday, the 19th June, Chancery appeals (General List) will be taken. Other business will be taken from time to time, as announced in the daily cause lisi,

High Court of Justice.

Chancery Division, Lord CHANCELLOR'S COURT.-Before Mr. Justice JOYCE. Except wben other business is advertised in the daily cause list actions with Wil osses will be taken throughout the sittings.

CHANÇERY COURT I.-Before Mr. Justice SWINFEN EADY. Except when other business is adrertised in the daily cause list Mr. Justice Swinien Eady will take actions with witnesses daily throughout the sittings.

CHANCERY Court IV.-Before Mr. Justice PARKER. During these sittings Mr. Justice Parker will not (except under special circumstances) sit on Saturdays, but on the other days of the week he will sit till 4.30 pm. instead of till 4 p m. Actions with witnesses will be taken daily except when other business is advertised.

CHANCERY COURT II.-Before Mr. Justice WARRINGTON, Tuesday, June 13 - Motions and non-, Wednesday, July 6, and Thursday witness list

July 6-Non-witness list Wednesday, June 14, and Thursday, Friday, July 1--Motivas and non-witness Juoe 15 --Yon-witness list

list Friday, June 16--Motions and non-witness Saturday, July 8–Short causes, petitions, list

and non-witness list Saturday, June 17—Short causes, peti- Monday, July 10—Sitting in Chambers tions, and con-witness list

Tuesday, July 11---Further considerations Monday, June 19-Sitting in Chambers and non-witness list Tuesday, June 20-Further considerations Wednesday, July 12, and Thursday, and non-witness list

July 13--Non-witness list Wednesday, June 21--Motions and non- Friday, July 14-Motions and non-witness witness list

list Thursday, June 22, Friday, June 23, and Saturday, July 13--Short causes, petitions, Saturday, June 24-No sitting

and non-witness list Monday, June 26-Sitting in Chambers Monday, July li- Sitting in ChamTuesday, June 27 -Short causes, peti- bers

tions, further considerations, and non- Tuesday, July 18-Further considerations witness list

and non-witness list Wednesday, June 28, and Thursday, Wednesday, July 19, and Thursday, June 29-Non-witness list

July 20--Non-witness list Friday, June 30 - Motions and non-witness Friday, July 21 - Motions and non-witness list

list Saturday, July 1-Short causes, petitions, Saturday, July 22-Short causes, petiand non-witness list

ons, and non-witness list Monday, July 3-Sitting in Chambers Monday, July 24-Sitting in Chambers Tuesday, July 4-Further considerations Tuesday, July 25--Further considerations and non-witness list

and non-witness lis!

Monckton v. The Gramophone Company Re William Holmes deceased); Holmes 0. Limited

Blenkborn and another Lake and Elliott Limited v. Rotax Motor Cuff, Stuttard, and Pearce Limited 0. Accessories Limited

Kappa Syndicate Limited and others Pettit o. Bailey

Cuff, Stuttard, and Pearce Limited Re The Earl of Stamford and Warrington Kappa Syndicate Limited and others

(deceased); Payne v. Grey and others-- Re George Tinniswood (deceased) ; TinnisRe Same : Same v. Samo

wood v. Oldcorn and another Hooper v. Hooper and anor her

In tbe Matter of an Application of W. and The London Electric Supply Association G. du Cros Limited and in the Matter

0. The Westminster Electric Supply Cor. of the Trade Marks Act 1905 poration Limited

In the Matcer of the Companies (Con. The Central London Railway Company solidation) Act 1908 and in the Matter

v. The Commissioners for Land Tax for of the Premier Underwriting Associathe City of London

tion Limited Re P. M. Shanks (deceased); Shanks 0. Same o. Same Shanka

In the Mutter of the Companies Acts Knill v. Dumergue

1862 to 1907 and in the Matter of the Re Croydon (deceased): Hincks and Premier Underwritiog Association another v. Croydon and others

Carruthers o. Peake and another Mackintosh and another v. Barnett

The Rio Tinto Company Limited v. The Shurp o. Durrant

Pena Copper Mines Limited.


Interlocutory List.

1911. Kirsopp and others v. Highton and others Re John Bishop (deceased); Taylor ". Re Mary Hodgson (dece 18ed); Stork r. Bishop and another Whittaker

Thomas Logan Limited v. Davis and Tan Lu Heong v. Hawkins

Moffatt o, Lewin,


Final List.

1911, Divorce-Stevenson, Annie Clara (petitioner)v. Stevenson, John Eigar (respondent).

New Trial Paper.
Probate-In the Matter of Jane Roberts | Probate-Swan u. Swan and others.

deceased); M. Lovatt(widow) v. W. P. Jones and E. Williams


Wednesday, July 26, and Thursday, Saturday, July 29-Short causes, petiJuly 21-Non-witness list

tions, and non-witness list Friday, July 28 - Hotions and non- Monday, July 31-Sit:ing in Chambers,

witness list

Any cause intended to be heard as a short cause must be so marked in the cause book at least one clear day before the same can be put in the paper to be so hoard, and the necessary papers, including two copies of the minutes of ino proposed judgment or order, must be left with the judge's clerk one clear day before the cause is to be put into the paper,

N.B.- The following papers on further consideration are required for the use of the judge, viz. :-Two copies of minutes of the proposed jadgment or order, one copy ploadings, and one copy master's certificate, which must be left in court with the judge's clerk one clear day before the further consideration is ready to come into the paper.

CHANCERY COURT III.-Before Mr. Justice NEVILLE. Tuesday, June 13-Motions and non-wit-, Friday, Ju's 7-Motions, sbort causes, ness list

petitions, and non-witness list Wednesday, June 11-Companies Acts Saturday, July 8-No sitting and non-witness list

Monday, July 10—Sitting in Obambers Thursday, June 15 - Further considera- Tuesday, July 11-Companies Acts and tions and non-witness list

non-witness list Friday, June 16-Motions, short causes, Wednesday, July 12-Further considerapetitions, and non-witness list

tions, and non-witness list Saturday, June 17-No sitting

Thursday, July 13---Non-withoss list Monday, Juue 19-Sitting in Chambers Friday, July 14-Motions, sbort causes, Tuosday, June 20--Companies Acts and petitions, and non-witness list non-witness list

Saturday, July 15-No sitting Wednesday, June 21-Motions and non- Monday, July 17—Sitting in Jhambers witness list

Tuesday, July 18— Acts and Thursday, June 22, Friday, June 23, and non-witness list Saturday, June 24-No sitting

Wednesday, July 19-Further consideraMonday, June 26—Sitting in Chambers tions, and non-witness list Taosday, June 27–Companies Acls and Thursday, July 21-Non-witness list. non-witness list

Friday, July 21- Motions, short causes, Wednesday, June 28-Farther considera- petitions, and non-witness list tions, and non-witness list

Saturday, July 22-No sitting Thursday, June 29—Non-witness list Monday, July 24-Sitting in chambers Friday, June 30—Motions, short causes, Tuesday, July 25—Companies Acts and petitions and non-witness list

non-witness list Saturday, July 1-No sitting

Wednesday, July 26–Further consideraMonday, July -Sitting in Chambers tions and non-witness list Tuesday, July 4-Companies Acis ,and Thursday, July 27—Non-witness list non-witness list

Friday, July 28-Molions, short causes, Wednesday July 5—Farther considera petitions, and non-witness list tions and non-witness list

Saturday, July 2y—No sitting Thursday, July 6-Non-witness list Mouday, July 81-Sitting in Chambers.

Any cause intended to be heard 28 & short cause must be so marked in the cause pook at least one clear day before the same can be put in the paper to be so board, and the necessary papers, including two copies of minutes of tho proposed judgment or order, must be left in court with the judge's clerk not less than one clear day before the cause is to be put into the paper.

N.B.-The following papers on further consideration are required for the use of the judge, viz. :-Two copies of minutes of the proposed judgment or order, one copy pleadings, and one copy master's certificate. These must be left in court with the judge's clerk not less than one clear day before the further consideration is ready to como into the paper.

KING's BexCH COURT.-Before Mr. Justice EVE. Tuesday, June 18-Motions and non-, Friday, July 7–Motions and non-witness witness list

list Wednesday, June 14, and Thursday, Saturday, July 8-No sitting June 15-Non-witness list

Monday, July 10—Sitting in Chambers Friday, June 10-Motions and non-wit- Tuesday, Jaiy Il-Short causos, petitions, noss list

further considerations, and non-witness Saturday, June 17-Manchester and list Liverpool business

Wednosday, July 12, and Thursday, Monday, June 19 – Sitting in Cham

July 13-Non-witness list bers

Friday, July 14-Motions and non-witness Tuesday, July 20—Sbort causes, petitions, list further considerations, and non-wit- Saturday, July 15 — Manchester and ness list

Liverpool business Wounesday, June 21-Motions and non- Monday, July 17-Sitting in Chambers witness list

Tuesday, July 18-Short causes, petiThusda, June 22, Friday, June 23, and tions, further considerations, and nonSaturday, June 24-No situing

witness list Monday, June 26-Sitting in chambers Wednesday, July 19, and Thursday, Tuesday, June 27 - Short causes, petitions, July 20-Non-witness list

furthor considerations, and nuu-wilness Friday, July 21- Motions and non-witness list

list Woanesday, June 28, and Thursday, Sa urday, July 22- No sittiog Juno 29–Noo-witness liit,

Monday, July 24—Sitting in Chambers Friday, Juue 30-Motions and non- Tuesday, July 20-Short causes, petitions, witness list

further considerations, and now-witness Saturuay, July 1-Liverpool and Man- list chostos business

Wednesday, July 26-Noo-witnoss list Monday, July 8-Sitting in Chambors Thursday, July 21-Motions and nonTuesday, July 4-Short causes, petitions, witness list

further cunsiderations, ani non-witness Friday, July 28-Sitting in Chambers list

Saturday, July 29-Liverpool and ManWednesday, July 5, and Thursday, chester business July 6-Non-witness list

Monday, July 81-Non-witness list. Any cause intended to be board 13 sbort causo must be so marked in the causo book at least one clear day before the same can be put in the paper to be so beard. Two copies of minutes of the proposed judgasont or order must be left in court with the judge's clork ono clear day before the cause is to be put in the paper. In default the cause will not be put in the paper,

N.B.-The following papers on further consideration are required for the use of the judge, viz. :-Two copies of minutes of the proposed ordər, one copy pleadings, one copy judgment, and one copy master's certificate, which must be lefi in court with the judge's clork ono clear day before the further consideration is ready to come into the paper.

Final List.

1911. Re Sir Alfred L. Jones (deceased); Williams 0. Attorney-General.


In Bankruptcy. Re H. F. Campbell ; Ex parte S. S. Seal.

Judgment Reserred.-Final and New Trial List.
Gillow and others o. County Council of Durham,

Final and New Trial List.

Anglo-Continental, &c., Company Limited Macgregor o. Peet and Peet o. Macgregor

and others o. McCreath and Sons and another

Marshall v. The Licensing Justices of Hagg 0. Ladoga Limited

the East Casle Ward Petty Sessional Kent o. Fittall (Case 1)

Division of the County of NorthumberSame v. Same (Case 2)

land Wigglesworth (Bappliant) v. The King

The Lanston Monotype Corporation

Limited o. Anderson (Surveyor of 1911.

Taxes) Re The Arbitration Act 1889 and Re an Mahon-y v. R. Johnson Limited Arbitration between 0. Hanan and L. Attorney-General . The Caledoniap Elrlich

Railway Company Re The Arbitration Act 1889 and Re an Watson o. Benjamin

Arbitration between The Secretary of Skene o. The Midland Railway Company State for War and A.J. Van Laun

and James R. Howard Liverpool Corporation v. The Assessment / Wilson o. Spiegel

Committee of the Chorley Union and Thomas y. The Holt Brewery Company others

Limited Billericay Rural District Council o. Poplar Clements r. Unio Motor Cab Company Guardians and another

Limited Mowats Limited v. Hudson Brothers In the Matter of an Issue between Corfield Limited

and King Farlow Stoddart v. Union Trust Limited

In the Matter of the London Building Ac$ Cubitt o. Harding

1894 and in the Matter of an Arbitration Bright v. Bright

between London, Gloucestershire, and Batt v. Meliopolitan Water Board

North Hants Daily Company and Duffeld v. Schneltz and Co.

Morley and Lanceley Limited and Ames o. Whiteman

others The Glasgow Assurance Corporation Browne d. Black Limited v. Symondson and Co.

Hawkins v. Muff and others Hebert o. Royal Society of Medicine and Cunis v. McKnight others

Société Coloniale Auversoiso and Peugpiez v. Lievre

another v. London and Brazilian Bank Hales v. London General Omnibus Com- Limited.

Kingsmill v. French Blake 0. Fonder and others

David Allen and Sons Limited and othera Roberts v. Osies

v. Illingworth The Deddinston Steamship Company Lundie o. Thomas and others

Limited v. The Commissioners of Inland Colden Manufacturing Company Limited Revenue

o. Carrington and Dewhurst Limited Duke of Northumberland v. Commis- Hughes v. Provincial Motor Cab Company sioners of Inland Hevenue

Leeds Jorporation and another r. Sugden McRae v. Penman
(Surveyor of Taxes)

Mead v. Ball
Gregory r. Watson Steamship Company Longton o. Winwick Asylum
Limited and others

Ridgill r. Lord Shrewsbury and another. Coleman v. Twining

Friendly Society of Ironfounders The American Thread Company Limited Ingall v. Joyce (Surveyor of Taxos)

Dorman, Long, and Co. Limited r. Henry Skene . Thomas

Willcock Duke r. The General Steam Navigation Jones o. Royal London Insurance Society Company Limited

Limited and J. Prico Gosling o. The Mayor. &c., of the Metro- Brice (Surveyor of Taxes) v. Northers politin Borough of Holb rn

Assurance Company (Revenus Side)

pany Limited

Court of Appeal. The appoals or other business proposed to be taken will, from time to time, bo announced in the daily caugo list. FROM THE CHANCERY DIVISION, THE PROBATI, DIVORCE, AND


General List. 1910,

1911. Re John McFee (deceased); McFee v. King The Medway (Upper) Navigation Toner and others; Edwards and another Company and others v. Toner and others

The Oarsbalton Urban District Council o.



June 17, 1911.)

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Cope v. Sharp

Downing v. Easton and Fenner Burdetto Horne and another

R-a "Transport Company

Limited 0. Brown r. Burt (Surveyor of Taxes)

Ellis e. Banyard

Same o. Bowring
The Liverpool, London, ard Globe Insur. Re an Arbitranin between Mocatta and

ance Company Charles Edaund the Exbilition (Incorpo-
Bennett (Surveyor of Taxes) (Revenue rated)

Muscovitch o. Liverpool Victoria Friendly
Godsell r. Lloyd and another
Mentors Limited 0. Evang

The National Telephone Compiny Limited
Hilo Vanufacturing Company Limite l r.. n. Bis Majesty's Postmaster-General

In the Matier of an Arbitration between Hunt u, Kose and another.

Bradley and the Essex and Sudolk G af89 . Patent Lightning Crusher Com- Accident


Indemnity Society pany

Ronald .. John Bull Limited and others Wixon and oth're v. Thomas
Humphries v. Humphries

Brice o, The Ocean Accident and Guaran-
In tbe Matter of the Arbitration Act 1889 tce Corporation Limited

and in the Matter of an arbitration Travers 0. The London General Omnibus between Joho Lang and the Cruue Company Limited Rubber Washing Company Limited Chetwynd r. Seth Smith Brothers Thomas Free o. The Urban District Coup- Oxden v. Dymock cil of Sutton (Surrey)

The Serrices Company (London) Limited The Mayor, &c., of the Borrugh of Derby v. Scott Engineering Company Limited

r. Pegg and Ellam Jones Lunited McRae v. Penman (Gee and Sheen, Third The Continental Petroleum Company o. Parties)

Meide King, Robinson, and Co. Northfield Steamship Company Limited Norvell 0. Taylor and others

8. Compagnie L'Union des Gez. FROM THE PROBATE, DIVORCE, AND ADMIRALTY DIVISION (ADMIRALTY). Nautical Assessor8.-Final List.

1911. Całyr-The Owners, Master, and Crew or Se acombe-The Owners of the Barge Dolly

the Siasm Tog Roman and others r. and ber Master and Crew, suing for Owners of Steam, bip Calyx, her cargo tbeir lost effects, and Owners of Cargo and freight (salvage)

and Freight v.' Owners of Steamship Lunesdale The Lancashire and Liverpool Seacombe (damage)

Shipping Company Limited v. commis- Aliter iamm--The Owners of the Barque
sioners and T, ustees of the Port of Haddon Hall o. Owners of the Barque
Lancaster; The Lunesdale (damage to Alsterdamm (damage)

Highland Loch-The Owners of the Ketch
Morayshire-The Owners of the Steam- Frances r. The Owners of the Steamship

sbip Aruell e. Owners of Steumssip Highland Loch (damage). Horayshire (damage)


Interlocutory List. 1910.

New Fenix Compagnie Anonyme d'AssorBeeder c. Cooper

aoce ve Madrid. General Accident File

and Life Assurance Corporation Limited 1911.

Martin r. Holroyd and Pope

Same r. Same Essayan e. Gulbenkian

Walther o. Th: Marlborough Theatre, Clark v. Forster; Same r. Same; Forster London, Limited

v. Aldridge; Re H. Forster (Er parte J. Roapp v. Harvey Jackson Clark, in Bankruptcy)

Dsimler Motor Company (1904) in liquida

tion D. Beresford.

Mr. Justice Warrir gton.—Except when other Business is advertised in the Daily
Cause List, Mr. Justice Warringion will take bis Business as announced in the
Trinity Sittings Paper.

Mr. Justice Neville will take his Business 18 announced in the Trinity Sluings

Mr. Justice Parker.--Except when other Business is advertised in the Daily Causa
List, Mr. Justice Parker wili sit for the disposal of his Loudship's Witness List
dails (except Saturdays) throughout the Sittings.

Mr. Justice Ere will tako his Business as announced in the Trinity Sittings

Liverpool and Manchester Business.-Yr. Justice Ere will take Liverpool
and Manchester Business on Saturuajs, the lith June. and the 1st, 15th, ani
29th July.

Summonses before the Judge in Chambere.-Mr. Justice Warrington, Mr. Joetica
Neville, and Mr. Justice Eve will sit in Court every Monday during the Situings
to hear Ubamber Summonses,

Summonses adjourned into Onurt and Non-Witness Actions will be heard by Mr.
Justice Warrington, Mr. Justice Neville, and Mr. Justice Eve.

During the Trinity Sittings the Judges will sit for the disposal of Witness
Arijops as follows:
Mr. Justice Joyce will take the Witness List for Joyce and Eve, JJ.

Mr. Justice Swinfen Eady will take tbe Witness List for Swinfen Eady and
Neville. JJ.
Mr. Justice Parker will take the Witness List for Warrington and Parker, JJ.


(Set down to May 3, 1911.)
Before Mr. Justice JOYCE.

Adjourned Summonses.
Livington v. Capem

Lord Derby v. Ferguson
Re Alion; New bolt v. Alton

Re Waikius; Watkins v. Lighifooi.
Causes for Trial with Witnesses.
Re Treherne: Treherne r. Treberne Benjamin Brooke and Co. Limited o.
Bastard . Horton

Re Mauler (deceased); Curzon e. Marler Lever Brothers Limited v. Derby Co-ope-
Hall v. Little

rative Society Limited
Re Riley (deceased); Willer and Riley Benjamin Brouke and Co. Limited 0.
Limited v. Riley

Thomas o. Mayor. &c., of Aberaron Lezer Brothers Limited Borstall Indcg-
Appleby r. Pickett

trial Co-operative Society Limited
Pearson o. Aspinall

Benjamin Brooke and Co. Limited v.
Vouier v. Harris

Gray o. Warrener

Lorer Brotbers Limited v. Wolverbamp-
Bell ». Evans

toa Co-operative Society Limited
banfield v. Packard

Sane r. Stockport lodustrial Equitable
Fur e. Stone

Co-operative Society Limited
Knopf v. Johnson and Co.

Benjamin Brooke and Co. Limited r.
Ga: ratt . Maca ura

Uryer v. Universal Insurance. Loan, and Lover Brothers Limited v. Rugby Co-ope-
lavestment Company Limited

rative Society Limited
Holt r. Holt

Benjimin Brooke and Co. Limited 0.
Webb o. Grifin

Kempiosky o. Jalon and Co.

Lever Brothers Limited v. Hs de Equitable
Worcester College, Oxford v. Oxford Co-operativo Sucie.y Limited
Canal Narigation

Benjamin Brooke and Co. Limited v.
Oakes and Co. Limited v. Klaber

Lever Brotbers Limited r. The Masbro Lever Brothers Limited r. Gomersa)

Equitable Pioneers Society Limited Industrial Co-operative Society Limited
Benjamin Brooke and Co. Limited r.

Same v Little Lever Co-uperative and

Industrial Society Limited
Lever Brothers Limited v. Burg District Same v. Horwich Co-operativo
Co-operative Society Limited

Society Limited
Same o. Hudderstield Industrial Society Same v. Preston Industrial Co-operative

Society Limited.
Benjamin Brooke and Co. Limited r. Beli's Photo Company Limited v. Ratcliff
Sa ile

Thomisc. Lewis
Lever Brothers Limitet , Prestwich Co-'Re C. A. C. Limited ; Stokos v. The Com-

operative aod Industrial Society Limited pany
Benjamin Brooke and Co. Limited r. Bilton r. Stanfield

A. M. and Son Limited r. Row-
Lever Brothers Limited v. Heckmond wike landson

Industrial Co-operative Society Lim teu Clements . Anglo American Trading
Benjamin Brooke ani Co. Limited o. Company Limited

The Onda Miomg Syndicate Limited ».
Lever Brothers Limited r. Slaithwaite The Castellon Mining Syndicate Limited

Equitable Industrial Co-operative Hooley v Snowbal
Society Limited

Perry and Co. Limited v. T. Hessia
Benjamin Brooks and Co. Limited r. and Co.

Eskoff v. Grabowsky
Lorer Bro'hers Limited o. Cle·khea'on Conway o. Charles Castle and Son

Industrial Co-operative Society Limited Morisun o. Rangoou Pars Rubber Estates
Benjamin Brooke and Co. Limited v. Limited

Fraser o. Fear
Lever Brothers Limited , Wakefield Hurst v. Macphail
Industrial Society Limited

| Bourkor. The Pokin Syadicate Limited
Berjamin Brooke and Co. Limited 0. Cartwright r. Hoogolvet

| Walker o. Walker
Lever Brotbers Limited v. Wrexham Houlder Hartridge
Co-operativo Society Limited

Re Treacber's Se.tlement; Tompson o.
Benjamin Brooke and Co. Limited v. Jordan

Cowen e. Hooley
Lever Brothers Limited v. Golcar Co-ope- Walton v. Elliott
rative Society Limited

Brumpton e. Whicher
Benjamin Brooke and Co. Limited v. Schweder c. Worthington Gas Light and

Coke Company
Lover Brothers Limited v. Birmingham Jones v. Brooke

Industrial Co-operative Society Limited Bostol Guardians r. Bristol Waterworks
Benjamin Brookie aud Co. Limitou 0. Company

Attorney-General 6. Magor, &c., cf
Lerer Brothers Limited v. Nottingham Sheweld
Co-operative Society

Grundy 1. Grundy.


From County Courts. 1910.

The South-Eastern and Chatham Railway Davies r. Hills Plymouth Colliery

Companies Management Committee v.

Ewell 1911.

Curtis r. Talbot and otbers Godwin The Lords Commissioners of Furnival o. Jobnson's Iron and St: el the Admiralty

Company Limited Mauno v. Ashton Brothers and Co. Parker o. Pont Limited

Smith v. National Provincial Insurance
Butterfeld .. Brooke and Brooks

Corporation Limited
Jones v. Tirdonsin Colliery Company, Dunn v. Same
Thomas 1. Cory Brothers and Co. Limited Swinbank r. Bell Brothers Limited
Noden o. Galloways Limited

Perry and Co (Bow) Limited ». Larer
Brooks 0. Andrew Knowles and Sons Hoare v. Owners of Barge Cecil Rhods
Lia ited

Homer v. Gouzh and Anther
Adams 1. Thompson and another

Lee . Owners of Ship B: ssie and another
Weighill o. Consett Iron Works Limited Davies v. Gillespie and another
Gridths o. North's Navigation Collieries Diggins v. Poulson
(1889) Limited

Biggart 0. Owners of Steamship Minne-
Healu o. Vickers, Son, and Maxim

sola Bartholomew v. Samo

Edmondson Limited r. Parker Phillips o. Same

Jenkins o. The Standard Colliery ComBarrett o. Barrett and Power

pany Limited The Victor Mills Limited v. Shackleton Sinclair t. Tewkesbury Rural District Richardson o. Owners of the Ship dion- Council more

Harding r, The Express Dairy Company
Williams o. The Brynddu Colliery Com. Limiied

Braithwaite and Kirk v. James Cox
Hoaro v. Arding and Hobbs
N. B.-The abovo List contains Chancery, Palatine, and King's Bench Final and

Interlocutory Appeals, &c., sot down to June 3, 1911.

SUMMARY OF APPEALS. From the Chancery Division, gonoral list, 26; interlocutory, 6; total, 32. From the Probate and Divorce Division, general list. 1; total, 1. From the Probate and Divorce Division (new trial paper), general list, 2; total 2. From the County Palatine Court of Lancaster, general list, 1; total, 1. From tbe King's Bench Division, tinul and new trial, 92; interlocutory, 9; total, 101. From the Probate, Divorce, and Admiralty Division (Admiralty) with nautical 15888sors, Anal and new trial, 6; total, 6. From the King's Bench Division Sitting in Bankruptcy, Anal and new trial, 1; total, 1. Re the Workmen's Compensation Act, from County Courts, Apal and new trial, 38 : total. 38. Totals : General list and final and now trial, 167; interlocutory, 15; total, 182.

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High Court of Justice.

Chancery Division.
Motions, Petitions, and Short Causes will be taken on the days stated in the
Trinity Sittings Paper.

Mr. Justici Joyce.-Except wben other Business is advertised in the Daily Causo
List, Actions with Witnesses will be taken daily throughout the Sittings.

Mr. Jastico Swinien Eady.-Except when oiher Business is advertised in the Daily Cause List, Mr. Justice Swinfen Lady will sit for the disposal of bis Lordship's Witness Liet daily throughout the Sittings.

Before Mr. Justice SWINFIN EADY.

Causes for Trial with Witnesses.
Encinillas Mines Limited Anglo- Main r. Frank Ashby and Co.
American Syndicate

Coleman and Co. Limited r. Stephen
Horley v. Hamel

Smith and Co. Limital
Basden e. Hooley

In the matter of the Registered Trade
Goldman v. Grogan.

Marks, Nos. 305,293 and 306,121, if
The Trustees of the Lorden Parorh'al Siepben Saith and Co. Limited and in

Charities v. Loncon Life Association the Master of the Trade Marks Act 1905

Re Jane Heslop (deceased); Herlop r.
Gibbon v. William Whiteley Limited


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