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Causes for Trial with Witnesses.
The London and Provincial Assurance) Clapp v. Balls
Company Limited v. Stewart and another
Mendelssohn v. Traies and Son
Webb v. Webb

Re M. S. Cooper (deceased); Reeder v.
Curtis and others

The Electric and Ordnance Accessories
Company Limited v. Hancock
Bax v. Liberty and Co.
Mossop. Saunders

Re Kenrick and Jefferson's Patent, No.
6629, of 1963

The De Long Hook and Eye Company v.
Newey Brothers Limited
Re Applications by Ogston and Tennant
Limited for the Registration of Trade
Marks, Nos. 302,751, 305 319, 305,321,
and 305,322; In the Matter of the Op-
position thereto, Nos. 4722, 7424, 4757
of Harrisons and Crossfields Limited.
and Re The Trade Marks Act 1905, and
Re The Trade Mark, No. 63,989, of
Ogston and Tennant Limited

Re Bennett (deceased); Raby v. Raby
Brice v. Rangoon

May v. Lavender

The Royal Warrant Holders' Association (Incorporated by Royal Charter) v. E. Deane and Beale Limited

Machin v. Spencer Bointon v. Пles

Green v. Leek Rural District Council In the Matter of England's Patent, No. 27,065 of 1907 Bonehill v. Holloway and another

Re Edward Thorpe (deceased); Roberts v. Thorpe Wight and others v. Buckland and others Walter Victor Osborne v. The Amalgamated Society of Railway Servants of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales King v. British Underwriters Limited and another

Davis v. Goulding

Brown v. W. H. Keys Limited
Ludlow v. Jenkins and Co.
Landau v. Industrial Selections Limited
and others

Bloch and Klein v. Woodhouse and Stead
Lake and Elliott Limited v. Easy Poise
Limited; Easy Poise Limited. Lake
and Elliott Limited

The Law Guarantee Trust and Accident
Society v. The Munich Re-insurance

Henderson v. Hassan
Mackie v. Woolfe

Elliott and another v. Elliott and another
The Browning Petroleum Company Limited

. The Commercial Union Assurance Company Limited

Pitman v. Brooke Hitching and another Re Letters Patent granted to H. Stearn Nos. 1020 and 1022 of 1908 and Re Petition of H. Courtauld and Co. Limited

Carey v. Broadwood and others

Re A. H. Solomon (deceased); Nore r. Meyer

Re Musgrave (deceased); C.ipps v.

Artistic Novelties Limited v. Lilley
Powley v. Tristram

Richards v. Craig and Turner
Moses v. Veitch
Rhodes v. Ward
Bayly v. Higgins
Kelsey v. Wallis
Kidston v. Paul
Wright v. Luck
Wallbridge v. Stapleton
Fletcher . The International Correspon-
dence Schools Limited
Attorney-General v. Horner.

Before Mr. Justice NEVILLE. Retained Matters.

Re Ellis (deceased); Hillman v. Canton
Re Beavan's Estate; Davies Bank and
Co. v. Beavan

Re Same; Same v. Same.


Re E. A. Smith (deceased); Public Trustee v. Kennedy

Re Baron Nunburnholme (deceased);
Wilson v. Nunburnholme

Re Radcliffe's Settlement; Riviere

[blocks in formation]

Mines Limited v. AngloAmerican Syndicate

Goldman v. Grogan

[blocks in formation]

Trustee Act 1893, and Re The Public
Trustee Act 1906

Re Thomas Graham (deceased); Graham v. Thorrold

Re Avery and Wolverson, Solicitors
Re Emily Anne Lee (deceased); Fisher v.

Re Harding's Marriage Settlement; Gilbert v. Cliffe

Re H. A Sims, a Solicitor
Re H. W. Trinder (deceased); Sheppard
v. Prance

In the Matter of The Trade Marks Act,
No. 324,666 and opposition thereto by
B. Birnbaum and Son, No. 5175
Re Patent and Designs Act 1907, and Re
Thompson's Patent.

Further Considerations.

In the Matter of the Estate of J. Chivers (deceased); H. M. Williams and S. J.

Hudson (married women) r. A. Chivers and others.

Before Mr. Justice EvE.

Retained by Order.-Adjourned Summonses.

Re F. J. Sales (deceased); Sales v. Sales | Re Same; Same v. Same
Causes for Trial with Witnesses.

Re Marler (deceased); Curzon v. Marler
The Ridgway Company r. the Religious
Tract Society

Re Hughes (deceased); Hewart v. Jones
Schworer v. Bethnal Green Borough

Re Companies (Consolidation) Act 1908:
Re Christinville Rubber Estates Limited
Becker v. Earls Court Limited
Thomas v. Mayor, &c., of Aberavon
Cryer v. Universal Insurance, Loan and
Investment Company Limited

Perry and Co. Limited v. T. Hessin and

Morison v. Rangoon Para Rubber Estates

Fraser v. Fear

Bourke v. The Pekin Syndicate Limited Cartwright. Hoogstoel

Walker v. Walker

Re Treacher's Settlement; Tompson r. Jordan

Cowen v. Hooley

[blocks in formation]

Schweder v. Worthington Gas Light and Short Brothers Limited . Wearmouth

Walton v. Elliott

[ocr errors]

Coke Company

Re J. Moone (deceased); Phillips v. Meller
Davies v. Harrison and Thomas
Gowlett v. Brinckmann

Burdett v. Bangoon Para Rubber Estates East v. Berkshire County Council


[blocks in formation]

Iquitos Rubber Syndicate (in liquidation) v. La Compagnie Generale des Caontchones

Brigstocke v. Hewlings

Townsend v Isaac

Re Clarkson's Settlement; Clarkson v. Clarkson

Foster v. Charing and District Gasworks Limited

Girdlestone v. Daniel

Malcolmson v. Huth

Re J. W. Hydes (deceased); Hydes vTaylor

Briggs v. Ford

Preston v. Driver

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Causes for Trial without Witnesses and Adjourned Summonses. ReP. Collings, a Solicitor, and Re Taxation of Costs

Re Saunders' Patent Launch Bui'ding
Syndicate Limited: Metropolitan Bank
(of England and Wales) Limited v. The

Re Charles Pawley (deceased); Pawley
v. Pawley

Re Oliver Vincent (deceased); Kendall v.

Re Nicholas Kendall, an infant
Re Broadbridge (deceased); Broadbridge
v. Broadbridge
Same v. Same

Re Lloyd and Roberts' Contract; Re
Vendor and Purchaser Act 1874
Re Jane Susannah Fish (deceased); Re
Kendall's Settlement: Prestige v. Lea;
Re Settled Land Acts 1882 to 1890

[blocks in formation]

Jones v. Brooke

Coal Company Limited; Wearmouth Coal Company v. Webster

Bristol Guardians v. Bristol Waterworks C. H. Collins and Co. v. Green and CadCompany

bury Limited

Attorney-General v. Mayor, &c., of Shef- Rankin v. Rankin

[blocks in formation]

Re Hood (deceased); Hood v. Bidsdale
Sharp v. Dinn
Newman v. Dale

Hardy v. Kaye, Son, and Co. Limited
Engert v. Engert and Rolfe Limited
Coslett Anti-Rust Syndicate Limited .

[blocks in formation]

British Oxygen Company Limited v. Sutherland v. Lakin.



Mr. Justice Joyce: Witness Actions, 40; Non-Witness Actions and Adjourned Summonses, 56-Total, 96.

Mr. Justice Swinfen Eady: Witness Actions, 2; Further Considerations, 3; Non-Witness Actions and Adjourned Summonses, 51-Total, 56.

Mr. Justice Warrington: Witness Actions, 50; Non-Witness Actions and Adjourned Summonses, 7; Petitions 2; Motion, 1-Total, 60.

Mr. Justice Neville: Witness Actions, 49; Adjourned Summonses, and NonWitness Action. 7-Total, 56.

Mr. Justice Parker: Witness Actions, 7; Further Considerations, 2; Non-Witness Actions and Adjourned Summonses, 34-Total, 43.

Mr. Justice Eve: Witness Actions, 76; Adjourned Summonses, 2; Total, 78. Total Causes and Matters for Hearing in the Chancery Division, 389. Companies (Winding-up) Matters for Hearing before Mr. Justice Swinfen Eady and Mr. Justice Neville:-Petitions, Companies (Winding-up), 35; Petitions (Chancery Division), 3; Motions, Companies (Winding-up) and Chancery Division, 3; Action for Trial (Chancery Division), 1; Court Summonses, Companies (Winding-up) and Chancery Division, 10-Total, 52.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

3 Kellner Partington Paper Pulp Compan y Limited v. Wertheim

4 CHESHIRE (CHESTER) Mentors Limited v. Evans

5 Main and Overtons v. Waterloo Taxicab Company

6 Cla rk v. London County Council

7 MIDDLESEX (BLOOMSBURY) -Cracknell v. Bevan

8 SUFFOLK (IPSWICH) - Day v. East Suffolk County Council

9 J. Barker and Co. Limited v. Etheridge


11 GLOUCESTERSHIRE (BRISTOL)-Warren r. Tavener and others

12 NORTHUMBERLAND (HALTWHISTLE) Wright v. Northumberland and Durham Miners' Permanent Relief Fund

Friendly Society



worth r. Royal London, &c., Insurance Society



Parsons and Co. r. Hinckley 40-London County Council v. Hore and others

41 SURREY (LAMBETH) - Kingsland v. Royal London Mutual Insurance Society Limited

Durnford v. Priestley Limited
43 Abramoff v. Wine


45 MIDDLESEX (EDMONTON)- Spring v. Fernandes

46 Martinson and Sutton v. Hillerns and Co.

[blocks in formation]

13 GLAMORGANSHIRE (NEATH)-Davies v. 51 HAMPSHIRE (PORTSMOUTH)-Thomas v. Jeffreys and others

24 LEICESTERSHIRE (LOUGHBOROUGH) Read and Wright v. Pilkington

[blocks in formation]

Portsmouth A Branch of the Ship Constructive, &c, Association

52 SURREY (CROYDON)-Woods v. White 53 NOTTINGHAMSHIRE (NOTTINGHAM) Deabill v. Skelton

[merged small][merged small][merged small][ocr errors][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small]

27 MIDDLESEX (WESTMINSTER)-Clement 64 SURREY (CROYDON)-Moore's Presto v. Bedford Motors Limited

28 Mapleson Limited v. Sears (Moss' Empires Limited, Garnishees)

29 SURREY (WANDSWORTH)-Bartlett v. Swain and another


30 MIDDLESEX (WHITECHAPEL) worth Loan Company v. Lifkowitz and others

$1 SAME-Same v. Same

32 KENT (GREENWICH)-Radley v. Glyn Trust Limited and another

33 Linen Thread Company Limited v. Kapp Limited

34 Wheeler v. Stratton

$5 LONDON-Theatrical Curtain, &c., Company v. Lunar Safety Razor Company 36 MIDDLESEX (BLOOMSBURY)-Carpenter r. Wiltshire

37 YORKSHIRE (WAKEFIELD) -Statham v. Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Company

Cycle, &c., Company v. West Croydon Engineering Company (Atkinson,



v. Warwick

[blocks in formation]

another v. Cole and others
67 SAME Lampriere and another v. Hill
and Westminster Loan Company v.
L. L. Patt (L Pat', Claimant)



71 MONMOUTHSHIRE (PONTYPOOL)-Plasycoed Collieries Company . Partridge, Jones, and Co.

72 In the Matter of the Foreign Tribunals Evidence Act 1856; Eccles and Co. v. Louisville and Nashville Railway Company. SPECIAL PAper.


[blocks in formation]

Petitions under the Licensing (Consolidation) Act 1910.

The Albion Brewery, Leeds, Limited (Re | W. B. Mew Langton and Co Limited and
The Mechanics Arms, East-street, another (Re The Wheatsheaf, Spring
hill, Ventnor, Isle of Wight, County of

Petitions under Finance (1909-10) Act 1910, s. 44 (2).

John Ulric Anderson (Re No. 20, Drury-
lane, Liverpool)
Hodson Vincent Anderson (Re Nos. 22
and 24, Exchange-street, East Liver-

James Arthur Anderson (Re No. 18. Liver-
pool, London, and Globe-buildings,
High-street, Liverpool)
County Hotel and Wine Company
Limited (Re The County Hotel, Court-
square, Carlisle)
Joseph Skilbeck (Re The Waterloo Hotel,
18, Clayton-square, Liverpool)
The Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway
Company (Re The Exchange Station
Hotel Refreshment Rooms, Liverpool
Holborn and Frascati Limited (Re The
Frascati Restaurant, 32, Oxford-street,

Same (Re The Holborn Restaurant, 218,
High Holborn, W.C.)
Truman, Hanbury, Buxton, and Co.
Limited and another (Re The Eagle, 217,
Great College-street, N. W.)
Same (Re The Unicorn, Commercial-
street, E.)

Same (Re The Crown Hotel, 102, Laven-
der-hill, S. W.)

Same (Re The Princess of Wales, 45,
London-road, S.E.)

Same (Re The Custom House, 277, Vic-
toria Dock-road, West Ham)

Same (Re The Connaught Arms, West

Same (Re The Central Buffet, Royal
Albert Docks, Essex)

Same (Re The Crown Hotel, Harlesden)
Watney, Combe, Reid, and Co. Limited
(Re The Clarence, North End-road,

Same (Re The Devonshire Castle, Harrowroad, London)

Same (Re The Telegraph, Shepherd's
Bush Green, London)
John Geo. Mickle and The Cannon Brewery
Company Limited (Re Red Lion, Edg-

Charrington and Co. Limited (Re White
Hart, 231. Lower Clapton-road, London)
Same (Re The Duncannon, 3, Duncannon-
street, Charing Cross)

Same (Re The Rifle, 80, Fulham Palaceroad, Hammersmith) Same (Re The King's Head, 12, Highstreet, Fulham)

Same (Re The Angel, High-road, Ilford, Essex)

Same (Re The Cock Inn, High-street, North East Ham, Essex,

Same (Re The Rising Sun, Romford-road, East Ham, Essex)

Same (Re The Bell, 468, High-road, Leytonstone, Essex) Co.

Truman, Hanbury, Buxton, ard

Limited and another (Re The Eagle. 217, Great College-street, N. W.) Charrington and Co. Limited (Re The Canton Arms, 177, South Lambethroad)

Eleanor Strange (Re The Swan, 4, The Broadway, Hammersmith, W.) Charrington and Co. Limited (Re The

Nag's Head, High-street, Wood Green) Same (Re The Duke of Sutherland, 51 Lorrimore-road, County of, London) Same (Re The Tyssen Arms, Dalstonlane, Hackney)

Same (Re The Sun Tavern, Askew-road, Shepherd's Bush)

Same (Re The Old Spotted Dog, Neasdenlane, Neasden).

[blocks in formation]

Re A. Hicklin; Ex parte The Official
Receiver, Trustee r. Edith Charlotte

Re A. T. Ashwell: Ex parte F. 8. Sala-
man, The Trus:ee v. Frederick Simon

Re A. C. S. Cleland; Ex parte A. E
Rosenthal v. Oliver J. Williams,

Re H. B. Watson: Ex parte Oswald
Jefferson Bainbridge, Thomas Hudson
Bainbridge, George Bargate Bainbridge,
and Cuthbert Bainbridge, the Executors
and Trustees of Emerson Bainbridge
(deceased) v. A. Binnie, Trustee.

Matters in Bankruptcy.-Total Number of Appeals and Motions, 13.

Probate, Divorce, and Admiralty Division. PROBATE ACTIONS and MATRIMONIAL CAUSES to be Heard and Tried at Michaelmas Sittings 1911.

ABBREVIATIONS.-P. Probate-D. Dissolution of Marriage J.S. Judicial Separation -N. Nullity-I. Issue-R.C.R. Restitution of Conjugal Rights-A. Act on PetitionJ.M. Jactitation of Marriage-L.D.A. Legitimacy Declaration Act.

When preceded by "H." suit brought by Husband, and "W." suit brought by Wife. A List of Causes in the order in which they are set down for Trial will be posted at the Registry, Somerset House, and Supplemental Lists may be printed from time to time.

Parties must be prepared to try their Causes ten days after the same have been set down for Trial.

Part-Heard Causes.

Notice to be given at Court when Parties are ready to proceed with the further Hearing of these Causes.

1 W.D.-Lane, M. v. Lane, W. J. (unde- 4 H.D.-Robson v. Robson and Letchfended)

2 W.D.-Saul, C. A. v. Saul, T. W. (undefended)

3 W.D.-Thiele, A. v. Thiele, F. (undefended)

ford (C.J.).

5 W D-Pagett, F. A. v. Pagett, E. V. (undefended)

6 W.J.S.-Nitlett, E. E. v. Niblett, F. E. (undefended)

Before the Court itself.-Undefended Divorce.

1 W.J.S.-Roberts, A. v. Roberts, S.

2 H.D.-Cowlrick r. Cowlick and Thomp


3 W.D.-Christophers, N. v. Christophers, E. St. J.

4 H.D.-Winchester v.


Winchester and

5 W.D.-Rolfe, R E. A. r. Rolfe. A. L.

6 W.D.-Goldsmid, V. F. M. v. Gold 31id, Y. C.

7 H.D.-Thorburn v. Thorburn and Morri

[ocr errors]

8 W.D.-Strachan, H. J. D. v. Strachan, G. D.

9 W.D.-Lloyd, M. F. v. Lloyd, W. T.

10 H.D.-Willes, H. W. H. v. Willes, A. G.

11 H D-Dougall r. Dougall and Dobson

12 W.D.-Lindsay-Pembroke, E. M. G. r. Lindsay-Pembroke, E. L.

[blocks in formation]

S. P. P.

22 W.D.-Green, A. G. v. Green, F. E. 23 W.D.-Bolton, N. v. Bolton, T.

24 H.D.-Delahay v. Delahay and Webster 25 W.D.-Mann, M. v. Mann, W.

26 W.R.C.R-Montesole, M. L. C. Montesole, M. B. S.

27 H.D.-Lissner, v. Lissner and Sinclair | 28 H.D.-Dance v. Dance and Stone 29 H.D.-Sears v. Sears and Brenton

30 H.D.-Edwards v. Edwards and Coles 31 W.D.-Catty, P. B. v. Catty, C, H. S. 32 H.D.-Harrison V. Harrison and

[merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][ocr errors][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small]

56 H.D.-Leuty v. Leuty and Bush

57 W.D.-Knocker, E. B. v. Knocker, L. D.

58 W.D.-Murray, H. M. v. Murray, A. N.

19 H.D.-Hoskins r. Hoskins and Salmon 60 W.D.-Clarke, M. B. M. v. Clarke, E. E.

61 W.D.-Haworth, H. M. v. Haworth, G. W.

62 W D.-Koski, J. v. Koski, L.

63 W.D.-Garraway; S. L. Garraway,

E. G.

64 W. D.-Day. C. v. Day, H.

65 H.D. Holliday V. Holliday and Withey 66 H.D.


96 W.D.-McRee, A. M. A. v. McRae, W 97 H.D.-Hurling, S. v. Hurling, G. E. 98 W.D.-Ehrke, E. D. v. Ehrke, F. L. 99 H.D.-Patten v. Patten and Nicholls 100 H.D.-Jones v. Jones and Finnimore 101 H D.-Leach v. Leach and Blay 102 H.D.-White, H. v. White, G. M. 103 W.D.-Baskett, E. M. C. v. Baskett, F. G.

101 W.R.C.R.-Hind, A. v. Hind, E. A. 105 H.D.-Greig v. Greig and Johnson 106 W D.-Such, L. F. H. v. Such, H, E. L.

107 H.D.-Nichols r. Nichols and Bosford 108 H.D.-Ra bone v. Raebone an 1 Newbrook

109 W.D.-Hare, F. M. v. Hare, F. L. 110 W.D.-Bindloss, J. M. v. Bindloss, E. F.

111 W.D.-Squance, E. C. v. Squance, C. W.

112 W.D.-Jackson, G. F. v. Jackson, R. H.

113 H.D.-Sargent v. Sargent and Starling

114 W.J.S.-Bronnlie, E. M. v. Brownlie, J. M.

115 H.D.-Roberts r. Roberts and Calvo 116 H.D.-Nicholson v. Nicholson and


117 H.D.-Cox v. Cox and Waller

118 H.N.-Bishop . Bishop (otherwise Wilks) (in camera)

119 W.N. Radford (otherwise Wardle) v. Radford (in camera) 120 W.D. - - Burney, D. v. Burney, S. D. F.

121 W.R.C.R.-Herbert, E. A. v. Herbert, A. E.

122 H.D. Stannard v. Stannard and Wellesley

123 W.D.-Honey. A. J. v. Honey, T. E. 124 W.R.C.R.- Holland, K. S. W. v. Holland, H. R. H. H.

125 W.D.-Weld-Forester, Hon. E. L. v. Weld-Forester, Hon. C. C. O.

126 W.D.-Stern, J. A. v. Stern, L. L. 127 H.D.-Wale v. Wale and McRea 128 H.D.-Caroline. Carolin and Wight 129 W.R.C.R-Pole, L. H. e. Pole, A. R. 130 W.D.-George, M. H. r. George, A. 131 HD-Sagar v. Sagar and Robinson 132 W D.-Brauner, M. L. v. Brauner, H. M. E.

133 W.D.-Burgoyne, E. G. v. Burgoyne, G. A.

134 W D-Carlsson, M. v. Carlsson, R. G.

135 W.D.-Norburn, E. M. G. v. Norburn, G. F.

136 H.D.-Childs, H. v. Childs, E. M. 137 H.D.-Scholefleld v. Scholefield and Ingham

138 W.D-Pugh, L. v. Pugh, E. G. 139 H D.-Dalton r. Dalton and Jessop 140 W.N.-Waterlow (otherwise Pollock) v. Waterlow (in camera)

141 W.D.-Sparks, J. E v. Sparks, W. 142 W.D.-Whitlock, F. N, e. Whitlock,

V. H.

143 W. D.-Bunce, A. E. r. Bunce, G.
144 H.D.-Rowley v. Rowley and Camp-

145 H.N.-Adams v. Aums (otherwise

146 H.D. Lamb v. Lamb and Borner
147 W.D.-Lampson, A. M. v. Lampson,
P. M.

Danaher v. Danaher and 148 W.R.C.R.-Fellowes, The Hon. G. D
v. Fellowes, the Hon. C. C.

67 W.D.-Rawbone, A. v. Rawbone, A. W.

68 W.R.C.R.-Wallis, G. I. v. Wallis, H. P.

69 W.D.-Bartlett, G. A. v. Bartlett, W. G.

70 W.N.-Brenchley otherwise Phillips v. Brenchley (in camera)

71 W. R.C.R.-Dart, E. M. v. Dart,

A J. E.

72 W.R.C.R.-Slinn A. E. e. Slinn, A. J. 73 W.D.--Radley, C. D. v. Radley, F. 74 W.D.-Tarling, H. E. v. Tarling, G. K. 75 W.D. Piper, L. E. v. Piper, H. F. 76 H.D.-Read e. Read and Harvey 77 W. R.C.R.-Hodge, V. A. E. v. Hodge, F. H.

78 W.D.-Lee-Dillon, B. Dillon, H. L. S.

M. v. Lee

79 H.D.-Rodda r. Rodda and Vincent So W.D.-Dardart, E. S. 3. Dardart, L. A. 81 H.D.-Glenton . Glenton and Lemon otherwise Lamming

82 H.D.-Day e. Day and Richardson 83 H.D.-Pickering 0. Pickering and Kenny

84 W D.-Harris, E. r. Harris, J. E. 85 H.D.-Pardoe v. Pardoe and Brindley 86 H.D.-Simpson . Simpson and Simpv. Vernon, Adacker


87 H.D.-Vernon

and Smith

[blocks in formation]

149 W.R.C.R.-Peters, G. M. v. Peters, T. E.

150 W.D.-Rossiter, C. S. e. Rossiter, F. R.

151 W.D-Donelly, A. M. M. v, Donelly,


152 H.D.-Littlechild v. Littlechild and


15% H.D.-Myers v. Myers and Sunderland

154 W.D.-Gottheil, A. E. v. Gottheil, G. 155 W.D.-Guiness, E. v. Guiness, R. S. 156 W. D.-Grant, C. P. v. Grant, W. 157 W.D.-Page. F. M. v. Page, W. H. 158 W.D. Gelfand, R. N. (otherwise Halford, R.) v. Gelfand, E. A. (otherwise Halford, J.)

159 H.D.-Tweedy, W. v. Tweedy, M. C. 160 W.R.C.R.-Moore, K. M. v. Moore, S. W. L.

161 H.D.-Wall v. Wall and Howard 162 W.D.-Lawrence, C. E. v. Lawrence, A. H.

163 W.D. Howard, K. v. Howard, W. W.

164 H.D.-Powlesland v. Powlesland and


165 W D.-Hick, N. L. v. Hick, J. A. 166 W J.S. Evans, L. S. v. Evans, G. E. A,

167 W.D-Brunton, F. r. Brunton, C | 168 W.D.-Cross, S. J. v. Cross, J. 169 H.D.-Van der Heide v. Van der Heide and Stelling

170 H.D.-Seager r. Seager and Polkinghorne

171 H.D.-Davies r. Davies and Davies 172 W.D.-Hayman, M.C. r. Hayman, T. H.

173 W D.-Hudson, S. r. Hudson, T. H. 174 W.D.-Homer, E. e. Homer, E.

175 W.D.-Searle, F. M. v. Searle, J. 176 W.D.-Canney, M. E. e. Canney R. E. B.

177 W.R.C.R.-Garcia, M. J. v. Garcia,

M, G. F.

178 H D.-Taylor v. Taylor and Wood 179 W D.-Whitworth, C. G. r. Whitworth, V. S.

180 H. D.-Godwin v. Godwin and Moore .181 W. D.-Bell, L. H, v, Bell, R. H. 182 W.R.C.R.-Byng, A. L. e. Byng, G. W. B.

183 HD-Walsh v. Walsh and Baylis 184 W.D-Larking, A. E. L. e. Larking, L, C.

185 W.D.-Spiers, A. B. v. Spiers, G.J. 186 H.D.-Whitby, W. S. v. Whitby E. A.

187 H.D-Foster v. Foster and Bates 188 H.D.-Garland v. Garland and Finlay 189 H.D.-Homan r. Homan and Brown 190 W.D.-Smith, E. v. Smith, F. 191 W.D.-Chaplin, H. K. v. Chaplin, W. H.

192 W.N.-Heilmann (otherwise Keyes) r. Heilmann (in camera)

193 W.D.-Venn, R, A. v. Venn, H. J. 194 W.D.-Brown, E. J. e. Brown, G.

[blocks in formation]

201 W.D.-Nicholson, V. M. v. Nichol-
son, A. M R.

205 W D.-Worth, C. v. Worth, A. L.
206 H.D.-Fisk v. Fisk and Smith
207 W.D.-Webb, F. E. v. Webb, H. J.
208 W.D.-Simmons v, Simmons and

209 W.D.-Spencer, M. v. Spencer, F. S.
210 W.D.-Johnson, K. H. v. Johnson,
N. H.

211 W.D.-Howard, K. A. v. Howard, H. B.

Before the Court itself.-Probate and Defended Divorce.

1 W.R.C.R.-Nawrocki, M. H. v. Nawrocki, J. S.

2 P.-Sinclair (deceased); Metcalfe and another v. Sinclair and another

[blocks in formation]

9 P.-Cave (deceased); Cave v. Cave

10 H.D.-Geddes v. Geddes and Lavelle 11 P.-Black (deceased); Clarke v. Black 12 W.D.-Woolf, A N. v. Woolf, M. 13 W.D.-Allen-Maddy, M. E. . AllenMaddy, W. W. M.

14 W.N.-Ingham (otherwise Shepherd v. Ingham

15 H.D.-Horner v. Horner and Freeman 16 W.J.S.-Thomas, A. A. v. Thomas, G. 17 P.-Taylor (deceased); Taylor e. King

and others

18 H D.-Bance v. Bance, James, aud Smith

19 H.D.-Payne, C. v. Payne L. S.

20 W.D.-Bottomley, E. H. v. Bottomley, I. H.

21 H.D.-Busby v. Busby and Richardson (King's Proctor showing cause)

22 H D.-Pearce v. Pearce and Johns 23 P.-Finch (deceased); Briggs and another v. Sampson and another

24 H.D.-Hanson v. Hanson, Moncrieff, and Atkins

25 W.R.C.R.-Cowans, E. M. v. Cowans, J. S.

26 H.D-Viner v. Viner, McCall, and Simmonds

27 H.D.-Seal v. Senl, Childs, and Strudwick

28 H.D.-Knight r. Knight and Fountaine

29 H.D.-Gladstone v. Gladstone and


30 H.D.-Williams v. Williams an


31 P.-Webb (deceased);Webb v. Webb 32 W.J.S.-Green, A. M v. Green, T. H. 33 H.D.-Mossop v. Mossop and Vickers 34 H.D.-Cooper v. Cooper and Richards 35 H.D.-Graves v. Graves and Hanbury 36 P.-Beazant (deceased); Watkins v. Smith

37 W.J.S-Hope, H. A. v. Hope, J. A. 38 W.D.-Moncrieff, A. v. Moncrieff, J. G. 39 W.D.-Rogerson, M. B. v. Rogerson, J. A. V. Truter,

40 W J.S.-Truter, E. J. F. A.

41 H.D.-Gibbs . Gibbs and Cracknell 42 W.D.-Slee, J. A. M. v. Slee, A. B. 43 Page (deceased); Tappenden v. Young 44 W.D.-Pigache, C. M. v. Pigache, D. L. G.

45 H.R C.R.-Youngs, W. v. Youngs, A. A.; W.J.S.-Youngs, A. A. v. Youngs, W.


1 H.D.-Boast r. Boast and Statter 2 H.D.-Baggs v. Baggs and Hunter 3 H.D.-Newton v. Newton and Robinson

4 H D.-Barnes v. Barnes and Davies 5 H.D.-Bailey v. Bailey and Hughes 6 H.D.-Barker v. Barker and Butcher 7 H.D.-Whitwell . Whitwell and Moller 8 H.D.-Wilson v. Wilson and Howell 9 H.D.-Pelham v. Pelham and Langrish 10 P.-Leather (deceased); Lewis v.


11 W.D.-Richards, M. L. v. Richards, J. T. J. (Holloway cited)

12 H.D.-Wildin v. Wildin and Wildin 13 W.J.S.-Lewis, F. E. v. Lewis, P.; H.D. Lewis v. Lewis and Neily 14 P.-Howeli (deceased); Evans v. Howells

15 H.D.-Davies e. Davies and Morgan 16 P.-Levy (deceased); Goldhill. Levy 17 H.D.-White r. White and Eavis 18 H.D.-Airey v. Airey and Karfunkel


19 H.D.-Helmes e. Holmes and Ashton 20 H.D.-G.lbert e. Gilbert and Broad

Proctor showing cause)

51 P.-Minshull (deceased): Doggett and another r. Minshull

55 P.-Morse (deceased); Minister

Morse and others

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67 H.D.-Munzer r. Munzer and Swain (King's Proctor showing cause)

68 W.D.-Thompson, H. E. v. Thompson W. A.

63 P.-Marsden (deceased); Marsden r. Marsden

70 H.D-Salanson v. Salanson and Batch 71 P.-Cooper (deceased); Lennard and another v. Mudd

72 W J.S.-Smith, R. V. v. Smith, V 0. 73 W.D.-Martyn, A. E. v. Martyn, F. R 74 H.D.-Whiteman v. Whiteman and d Junken

75 H.D.-Lindley v. Lindley and Perry 76 W.D.-Weston, M. A. v. Weston, W. (Wardle cited)

77 W.J.S.-Warren, V. L. v. Warren, C. F.

78 W.D.-Wilson, E. F. J. . Wilson, D. A. C. (King's Proctor showing cause) 79 W.J.S-Warnes, M. E. v. Waraes, R. T. P.

80 W.J.S.-Cakebread, E. M. v. Cakebread, G H.

81 H.D.--Frost, H. v. Frost, E. 82 W. D.-Poole, L. v. Poole, W. (King s Proctor showing cause)

83 H.D.-Pearce r. Pearce and Fitzgeral 84 H.D.-Creighton, W. v. Creighton, M 85 H.D-Evans v. Evans and Turnbull 86 P-Thorne (deceased); Finnigan t. Courtney and another

87 H.D.-Corby r. Corby and Stokes (King's Proctor showing cause) 88 H.D.-Lucy v. Lucy and Glover. Juries.

21 P.-Risdon (deceased); Radford and another v. Risdon

22 W.J.S.-Napper, M. A. v. Napper, F. 23 P.-Fox (deceased); Fox v. Fox and

[blocks in formation]

Oct. 7, 1911.]

Special Juries.

1 P.-Dermott (deceased); Keating and another v. Dermott

2 P-Devoy

(deceased); Sparrow

Walton and others


3 H.D.-Foster v. Foster and Beecham 4 P-Neville (deceased); Leefe v. Neville and others

5 P.-Viney (deceased); Vincy v. Viney 6 P-Martyn (deceased); Martyn and others v. Martyn

7 P.-Weston (deceased); Weston and others v. Weston

M. v. Coape Oates, W.; H.D.-Coape-Oates v. Coape-Oates and Marsland

8 W.J.S.-Coape-Oates, L. A.

9 P.-Medcalf (deceased): Mills v. Medcalf (issue to be tried first) 10 P. Turner (deceased); Rea de


17 W.D.-Ames, K. . Ames, H. L.

18 H.D.-Adams v. Adams and Adams
19 P.-Sheard (deceased); Sheard and
others v. Scholefield

20 P. Davis (deceased); Harvey and
another v. Davis and another

21 P.-Campotosto (deceased); Turk v. Vons and others

v. Lady 22 H.D.-Sir Hervey Bathurst Hervey Bathurst and De Jancourt 23 H.D.-Wilder v. Wilder and Charters 24 W D.-Rowland, E. K. . Rowland, A. N. A.

25 W.D.-Langhorne, E. K. v. Langhorne, D. H.

26 H.J.S.-Welch, R. C. v. Welch. A. C. 27 W.J.S.-Hoole, M. A. v. Hoole, J. M. E. V. W. 28 W.R.C.R.-Waite v. Waite, J, McC.; H.D.-Waite, v. Waite and Hopper

11 P.-Clayton (deceased); Slatter v. Clayton and others

12 P. Lees (deceased); Lees v. Lees 13 W D.- Lloyd, M. v. Lloyd, F. L.; H.D.-Lloyd r. Lloyd and Kellow

14 P.-Hemus (deceased); Hemus and another e. Thompson and another 15 W-D.-Studley, B. v. Studley, J. T. (Tharp cited)

16 P.-Dodds (deceased); Blakeley and another r. Dodds and another

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[blocks in formation]


Carnarvon, Thursday, Oct. 12 Ruthin, Monday, Oct. 16

29 P.-Harbridge (deceased); Hobson and others v. Woodville (deceased); Bailey 30 P.-Bailey Bailey

31 P-King (deceased); King v. King. and others

32 H.D.-Baylis v. Baylis and Staple 33 P.-Shorter (deceased); Shorter Shorter and others

34 H.D.-Bagley v. Bagley and Earle,

[blocks in formation]


[blocks in formation]

Chester (civil and criminal), Taursday, Oct. 19.

[blocks in formation]

To surrender at the High Court of Justice, in Bankruptcy.

BROWN, ERNEST F., Cambridge-av, Maida Vale. Sept 25.
CRICHTON, HALDANE, Clarendon-rd, Holland Park-av. Sept. 25.
DANIEL, KEITH HOOD, late North End-rd, West Kensington. Sept. 25.
RYE, HENRY ALFRED, Upper Grange-rd, Bermondsey, estate agent.
Sept. 26.

To surrender at their respective District Courts.

A. TOTOONCHIE AND CO., Manchester, shippers. Ct. Manchester. Sept. 27.
BISDEE, HARRY, Bristol, baker. Ct. Bristol. Sept. 25.
BROWN, SAM, Southend-on-Sea, tailor. Ct. Chelmsford. Sept. 27.
CAPLEN, ALBERT THOMAS, Weston-super-Mare, builder. Ct. Bridgwater.
Sept. 25.

CUSS, HUBERT GEORGE, Pluckley, farmer. Ct. Canterbury. Sept. 27.
COLLINGE, WILLIAM WALKER, Manchester, cheese factor's salesman.
Manchester. Sept. 27.

[blocks in formation]

DICKINSON, ARTHUR EDWARD (late trading as A. E. Dickinson and Co.),
Ct. Manchester
Manchester, late manufacturers' agent.
Sept. 25.
Ct. Pontypridd,
Ct. Tredegar. Sept. 26.
Ct. Leeds. Sept. 25.

DAVIES, JOHN STEPHEN, Senghenydd, confectioner.
Ystradyfodwg, and Porth. Sept. 26.
EVANS, GRIFFITH, Abertillery, fruiterer.
GREEN, ALBERT, Leeds, woollen merchant.
HOUGHTON, ARTHUR V., Northwood. Ct. St. Albans. Sept. 25.
HARRIS, JOHN, late Tredegar, coalminer. Ct. Tredegar. Sept. 26.
JENNEY, FREDERICK JOHN, Middlesbrough, hairdresser.
brough. Sept. 26.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

CHAPMAN, HENRY, late Birmingham, baker. Ct. Birmingham. Sept. 28.
DAVIE, JANE POOLE, late Poole, spinster. Ct. Poole. Sept. 28.
DAY, TOM, Great Grimsby, wholesale confectioner. Ct. Great Grimsby.
Sept. 29.
HAYES, ALBERT ERNEST (trading as A. E. Hayes and Co.), Derby, whole-
sale fruit merchant. Ct. Derby and Long Eaton. Sept. 28.
HARRIS, LOUIS OPPEL, Huddersfield, tailor. Ct. Huddersfield. Sept. 30.
HENRY, HUBERT, Bradford, carbon tissue manufacturer. Ct. Bradford.
Sept. 28.

HARRISON, HENRY, Sheffield, journeyman blacksmith. Ct. Sheffield.
Sept. 28

HOPKINS, GEORGE, Sparkhill, corn dealer. Ct. Birmingham. Sept. 30.
HULME, JAMES, Leigh, late fish_dealer. Ct. Bolton. Sept. 29.
LITTLE, THOMAS (trading as Lawson and Little), late South Shields,
timber merchant. Ct. Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Sept. 28.
NORRIS, GEORGE, Leamington Spa, coal factor. Ct. Warwick. Sept. 28.
PRITCHARD, HUGH, Llanberis, butcher. Ct. Bangor. Sept. 28.
REAVELL, TOM ANDERSON, Stevenage, builder. Ct. Luton. Sept. 30.
RIDGWAY, THOMAS, Bury, late beerseller. Ct. Bolton. Sept. 28
SIMONS, EDWIN, late Birmingham, builder. Ct. Birmingham. Sept. 29.
VARTY, JONATHAN, Lincoln, managing director of Jonathan Varty
Limited. Ct. Lincoln. Sept. 29.

WHITTINGTON, ADA MARY, East Molesey, late coal merchant, widow.
Ct. Kingston, Surrey. Sept. 27.

WILSON BROWN AND CO., Leeds, cloth merchants. Ct. Leeds. Sept 29.

[blocks in formation]

DUNFORD, THOMAS HENRY, Leeds, late music hall manager. Ct. Leeds.
Sept. 27.

DAVIES, JOHN STEPHEN, Senghenydd, confectioner.
Ystradyfodwg, and Porth. Sept. 26.

Ct. Pontypridd,

DICKINSON, ARTHUR EDWARD (late trading as A. E. Dickinson and Co.),
Manchester, late manufacturers' agent. Ct. Manchester. Sept. 26.
EVANS, GRIFFITH, Abertillery, fruiterer. Ct. Tredegar. Sept. 26.
GREEN, ALBERT, Leeds, woollen merchant. Ct. Leeds. Sept. 25.
HARRIS, JOHN, late Tredegar, coalminer. Ct. Tredegar. Sept. 26.
JENNEY, FREDERICK JOHN, Middlesbrough, hairdresser. Ct. Middles-
brough. Sept. 26.

KEELEY, GEORGE (trading as W. Keeley and Son), Mapperley, builder.
Ct. Nottingham. Sept. 25.

LOCHNER, AUGUSTUS TAYLOR (described in the receiving order as A. Taylor Lockner), Acton, professional singer. Ct. Brentford. Sept. 27. MORGAN, SARAH ISABELLA, Bradford, beerseller. Ct. Bradford. Sept. 27. MORRIS, HUGH WILLIAM, and MANKTELOW, HERBERT JOHN (trading and described in the petition as W. H. Morris and Co.), Margate, jewellers. Ct. Canterbury., Sept. 25.

MORRIS, WILLIAM HENRY, Shrewsbury, butcher. Ct. Shrewsbury. Sept. 26.

MANSILL, GEORGE HAWTHORN (trading as Mansill and Son), Warwick, fruiterer. Ct. Warwick. Sept. 26.

PODZIMEK, HENRY, Hove, embroiderer. Ct. Brighton. Sept. 27.
PARKINSON, FRANCIS WILLIAM, jun., Leeds, grocer.

Ct. Leeds Sept. 27.

PATE, JOHN, Ton Pentre, collier. Ct. Pontypridd, Ystradyfodwg, and Porth. Sept. 23.

RYE, HENRY ALFRED, Upper Grange-rd, Bermondsey, estate agent. Ct. High Court. Sept. 26.

RICHARDSON, FRED, Leicester, butcher. Ct. Leicester. Sept. 25.

ROBINSON, WILLIAM WOLRYCHE, Bridgnorth, hairdresser. Ct. Shrewsbury. Sept. 26.

SPREGG, CHARLES, Stow-on-the-Wold, innkeeper. Ct. Cheltenham. Sept. 25.

SALE, THOMAS HARRISON, and SALE, HERBERT JOHN, late Manchester, art printers. Ct. Manchester. Sept. 26.

SWANN, BENJAMIN HERBERT, late Norwich, tailor's presser. Ct. Norwich. Sept. 27.

SCOTT, JOSEPH, Nottingham, produce commission agent. Ct. Nottingham. Sept. 27.

TURNER, ERNEST, Southampton, grocer. Ct. Southampton.

Sept. 26.


VAN DER LINDE, Central Meat Market, Smithfield, meat salesman.
High Court. Sept. 26.

WHITE, JAMES, Brighton, motor coach smith. Ct. Brighton. Sept. 25.
WISE, JOSEPH ROBINSON, Holme Cultram, farmer. Ct. Carlisle. Sept. 26.
WALMSLEY, GEORGE, Halifax, greengrocer. Ct. Halifax. Sept. 26.
WANGLER, MELVILLE, Newport, china dealer. Ct. Newport, Mon.
Sept. 25.

WILLIAMS, WILLIAM GRIFFITH, Portmadoc, general merchant. Ct. Portmadoc and Festiniog. Sept. 25.

Amended notice substituted for that published in Gazette, Aug. 25. RAMSKIR, THOMAS, Goole, late greengrocer. Ct. Wakefield. Aug. 22.

[blocks in formation]

HARRISON, HENRY, Sheffield, journeyman blacksmith.

Ct. Sheffield.

Sept. 28.
HARRIS, LOUIS OPPEL, Huddersfield, tailor. Ct. Huddersfield. Sept. 30.
HAYES, ALBERT ERNEST (trading as A. E. Hayes and Co.), Derby, whole-
sale fruit merchant. Ct. Derby and Long Eaton. Sept. 28
HOPKINS, GEORGE, Sparkhill, corn dealer. Ct. Birmingham. Sept. 30.
HENRY, HUBERT, Bradford, carbon tissue manufacturer. Ct. Bradford.
Sept. 28.

HULME, JAMES, Leigh, late fish dealer. Ct. Bolton. Sept. 29.
LAMBELL, JOSEPH ARTHUR (trading as J. Brooklyn and Co.), Bishop's-rd,
Paddington, dealer in motor accessories. Ct. High Court. Sept. 29.
MOORES, DE LA HEY, Bristol, dentist. Ct. Bristol. Sept. 28.
NORRIS, GEORGE, Leamington Spa, coal factor. Ct. Warwick. Sept. 28.
PRITCHARD, HUGH, Llanberis, butcher. Ct. Bangor. Sept. 28.
PROUD, ALGERNON PERCY (trading as Henry Phillips), Newcastle-upon-
Tyne, furniture dealer. Ct. Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Sept. 16.
RIDGWAY, THOMAS, Bury, late beerseller. Ct. Bolton. Sept. 28.
SOMMERFELD, LEOPOLD BERNHARD (trading as L. Sommerfeld), High-st,
Borough, granite merchant. Ct. High Court. Sept. 28.

STOTT ELIZABETH REBECCA, High-rd, Willesden Green, baker, widow.
Ct. High Court. Sept. 30.

SIMONS, EDWIN, late Birmingham, builder. Ct. Birmingham. Sept. 29.
SIMMS, HARRY, Eastmeon, grocer. Ct. Portsmouth. Sept. 28.
TROMAN, ALFRED, Cannock, grocer. Ct. Walsall. Sept. 27.

WARD, REGINALD HENSHAW (described in the receiving order as Reginald
Ward, sued as Ward and Co.), London-wall, company promoter. Ct.
High Court. Sept. 29.

WHITTINGTON, ADA MARY, East Molesey, late coal merchant, widow. Ct. Kingston, Surrey. Sept. 27.

Amended notice substituted for that published in Gazette, Sept. 22 AUCOTT, THOMAS ERNEST, Worcester, butcher. Ct. Worcester. Sept. 18.



GODDARD. On the 18th ult., at Alexandra-rd, South Hampstead, London,
the wife of Philip H. Goddard, Solicitor, of a son.
HENRY.-On the 22nd ult., at 28, Fitzwilliam-sq, Dublin, the wife of
Denis Henry, K.C., of a son.


BUTTERFIELD-STOCK.-On the 23rd ult., at St. Mary's Church, Wambrook,
Lillies Yvetta, only daughter of Edward Wood Stock, of Wambrook
and Lincoln's-inn, Barrister-at-law, to Harry Greenwood Butterfield,
M.A., B.M., B.Ch.Oxon.
OSBORNE DUNSTER.-On the 26th ult., at the Parish Church, Hanwell,
David Robert Osborne. B.A. Cantab., Barrister-at-law, to Kathleen.
youngest daughter of John Dunster, of The Laurels, Golden Manor,

HAWKINS.-On the 25th ult., at Coombe Corner. Porlock, John William Hawkins (late Master of the Supreme Court, Chancery Division), of 7, Upper Phillimore-grdns, Kensington, aged 85.

[blocks in formation]
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