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Anglo American Arbitration Treaty, 125
Convention of Royal burghs of Scotland, 219
Indiscretion of a juror, 108
Law in the Encyclopædia Britannicı, 61

Sietzsche on law and punishment. 293
Striking figures in the legal history of England:

Sir Samuel Romilly, 13; Lord Ellenborough,
270; Lord Eldon, 304

Thomas Manler, kerper of the Sliddic Templo

Library, 173


Agents, 255, 306, 332

Illegitimate child of testatrix-Stranger in Quarter sessions practice- Death of appellant
Annuitant-Evidence of being alive, 393, 409 blood, 541

in rating appeal, 458, 495
Application of income for intants' maintenance Income tax duty repayment, 494, 541

Rating, 495
Infants' right to an account, 154
Apportionment of inconie, 24, 46

Insolvent trader-Death-Decd of assignment by Settlement estate duty. 92
Arrears of income tax, 495. 541

executor, 563

Solicitor-Costs-(ase wanted, 24, 46
Building society, 332
Intestacy, 306

Solicitor-Professional etiquette, 442
(lub, 409
Jurisdiction of Citr coroner, 426

Solicitors' certificates -Stamp duty, 586
Commissioner for oaths, 208. 231
Lease to a trade union, 458

Stamp duty, 63, 91
Contiscation by attainder, 69
Letters of administration to creditor, 393, 409

Summary Jurisdiction Acts-Conviction fo:

drunkennesa--Right of appeal to quarter
Copyhold, 306
Life interests and reversions, 494, 507

sessions-Licensing (Consolidation) Act 1910,
l'opyright, 24
Mortgagee-Sale-Exchange, 351

Finance (1909-10) Jet. 1910. 184, 507
Vegligence Agency, 332

Tenancy-Notice to quit, 374, 393
Jinance (1909-10) Act, 1910- Increment value Petty spasions --Relieving officer-- Jppcaring for Tenants in common--Conveyance, 442
duty, 136, 154

guardians, 24

Trustco Act 1893, 442, 495
Golf Club- Inland revenue licences. 46
Promissory note, 351, 393, 409, 426

Urban council Clerk's fce, 184, 231
Husband and wife--Ownership of dog, 154 Public Hсalth Ict 1875, s. 23, 24, 46

Will --Lunacy, 494

[blocks in formation]

Ellis 1".

Amis r. Barton, 577
Cartwright t. Hoogstoel, 578

Duke of Northumberland ". Commissioners of
Andrew Handyside and Co. Limited, Re, 125 Central London Railway Company r. Commis.' Inland Revenue, 292
Andrews r. Abertillery Crban District Council, sioners for Land Tax for City of London, Earl Do La Warr's Settled Estates, RC, Ear!

De La Warr r. Buckley, 244
Arnold r. Ind, Coope, and Co. Limited, 105 Chuter r. Freeth and Pocock Limited, 80 | Earl of Sheffield, Rc; Ryan 1. Bristow, 105
Ashanti Development Limited, He, and Rc ('cm Clarke v. Clarke and Lindsay, 78

Ecclesiastical Commissioners' r'. Page and
panies (Consolidation) Act 1908. 105
Clarkson r. Robinson (No. 2), 32

others, 319
Ishover Fluor Spar Mines Limited r. Jack Cockrell, Re; Pinkey v. Cockrell, 218

Edge and Sons r. Viccolls and Sons, 291
son, 244
(ooko r. Rickman, 270

Edmonson r. Copland, 57
Attorney General r. Bradford Corporation. 342 Cooper v. Cooper, 33

Banyard, 11
Attorney General r. Caledonian Railway ('om-, Cooper, Thomas, Re, 147

Evans and Co. r. Astler, 291
pany, 269

Copestako r. West Sussex County Council, 194 Extraordinary Tithe Redemption Act 1866, Er
Attorney-General 2. East Barnet Valley Urban Cory Brothers and Co. Limited r. Hughes, parte; Re Graham-Wigan, 243
District Council, 218


Fauntlerov r. Beebe, 8
Barclay, Perkins, and Co. Limited and Cox r. Brown, 107

Fisher r. Ind, Coope, and Co. Limited, 105
Reduord, Re, 79
| Curtis v. Talbot, 552

Forrester r. Norton, 270
Baron Sunburnholme, Re; Wilson r. Vunburn. Dalo r. Powell; Powell r. Dale and Hood, 194 Fry . Mayor, &c., of Cheltenham, 577
hoime, 579
Dando 1'. Porter, 245

Gardner, Ke; Roberts r. Fry, 218
Batt r. Metropolitan Water Board, 318

Davies r.
Gillespie, 553

Garwood r. Garwood, 32
Baxter's Trusts, Re : Malling 4. Addison, 8 Davis r. Rhayader Granite Quarries Limited, Geikie, Pr; Robson r. Paterson, 105
Biddulph 1. Peel, 148


General Electric Company Limited r. Eians,
Billericar Rural District Council ". Guardians Debtor, A, Re, 56

of Poplar Cnion and Keeling. 243

Debtor. A, Re; Er parte The Debtor (No. 303 Gillow and others t'. Durham County Council,
Birkberk Permanent Benefit Building Societ", of 1911), 147

R, 269

Deddington Steamship Company Limited r. Gilmour 1. Dorman, Long, and Co. Limited,
Bladon, Re: Danko v. Porter, 245

Commissioners of Inland Revenue, 292

Bolton r. Everitt, 320

Do la Rue (Thomas) and Co. Limitad ard Graham-Wigan, RC, 243
Brinson r. Davics, 34

Roduced, Re, and Re Companics (Consc!iu... Great Central Railway Company v. Midland
Broad, R¢; Er parte Official Receiver, 579 tion) Act 1908. 318

Railway Company, 57
Brown t'. Burt, 317

De La Warr's (Earl) Settled Estates, Nc; Earl Green, Rc; Green . Meinull, 105
Balawayo and General Exploration Company De La Warr t'. Buckley, 244

Greenwood v. Firth, 292
(1905) Limited and Reduced, Re, 269
Dering, Re: Wrath ". Beate, 293

Gregory 2. Corporation of Tcrquay, 81
Barches r'. Attorney-General, 33
Barniston r. White, 195

Devereux, RC; Toovey r. Public Trustce. 3:3 Hall r. Burnell, 319
Caledonian Railway Company

Dominion of Canada General Trading and In. Hammond (doc.), RC; Burniston r. Whit:. 193
Union Fireclay Company, 7

Glenboia l'estment Syndicate Company r. Brigstecke, Hamp-Adams r. Hall, 258
Calrer r. Collett. 9


Hanau r. Ehrlich, 243
(anıpbell, Nr: Er parte Seal, 317

Du Cros' (W. and G.) Applications. In the Handyside (Andrew) and Co. Limited Re, 125
Matter of, and In the Matter of the Trad. Harding


Colliers Compan:
Marhs Act 1905, 106

Limited, 147

(arrulan ('. Harrington, 104


ance, 104


pany, 173

Harris and others v. Lord Chesterfield and Nisbet's Settlement, Rc; Nisbet r. Nisbet, 57 Sly, Spink, and Co. Limited, 1c, 194
another, 268
Noden 1. Galloways Limited, 553

Smith Martin and the Mayor, &c., of Hatzfeldt 1, Alexander, 293

Northumberland, Duke of v. Commissioners of Kingston-upon-Hull, 78 Haynes v. Ford, 8

Inland Revenue, 292

Smith r'. Newman and others, 579 Helliwell 1. Haskins, 80

Nunburnholme, Baron, Re; Wilson v. Nun Smith Brothers (Whitehaven) Limited r. Reus Henderson's Nigel Company Limited, Re, 218 burnholmo, 579

fearn, 318 Hewitt v. Jeans, 10 O'Shea, Re, 268

Solomon r. George Attenborough and Son, Hewitt v. Owners of Ship Duchc88, 173

Owners of Steamship Raphael 1. Brandy. 125 80
Hodson r. Blanchards (London) Limited, 9 Owners of The Swanscu Valc 1. Price, 31 Spencer 1. Willis, 149
Howarth v. Sir B. Samuelson and Co. Limited, Palmer, Rc; Thomas v. Marsh, 269

Spurge, Re; Calver v..Collett, 9 194

Palmer (Sir R. W. H.), Re; Leventhorpo . Sicad r. Smith 147
Hutchins Brothers v. Royal Exchange Assur- Palmer, 244

Stevenson v. Stevenson, 268
Parker v. Pout, 552

Stuart and Simpson v. Halstead, 148
Ind, Coope, and Co. Limited, Re; Fisher 1. Parrish 1. Hackney Borough Council, 245 Surfleet's (Richard) Estate, Re; Rawlings .
The Company; Knox . Same; Arnold v. Parton, Rc; Parton 1. Parton, 106

Smith, 578 Same, 105

Peel's Settlements, Re; Biddulph 1. Peel, 148 Swanseú Vale, The, Owners of v. Price, 31 Jennert. South-Eastern Railway Company, Phillips r. Vickers, Son, and Maxim, 553

Tamworth Colicry Company 1. Hall, 147 34

Pilgrim and others 1. Simmonds, 107 Jobson v. W. Cory and Sons Limited, 147 Pinkey 1. Cockrell, 218

Taylor Plinston Brothers and Co. Limited v. Johnston and others ?. O'Neill and others, 268 Plasycoed Collieries Company Limited

Plinston, 292, 578 Jones v. Burnell, 219

Partridge, Joncs, and Co. Limited, 10

Tewkesbury Gas Company Limited, Re; Tysou Kcates 1. Lewis Merthyr Consolidated Col. Pope's Contract, Re, 293

1. The Company, 194 lieries, 268

Pope's Electric Lamp Company Limitod, Appli- Thames and Mersey Marino Insurance Com. Kent v. Fittall, 291

cation of, 318

pany 1. Gunford Ship Company, 193 Kitchenham v. Owners of Steamship Johannes. Powell v. Dalo and Hood, 194

Thomas v. Marsh 269 burg, 125 Pryce, Re; Lawford v. Pryce, 104

Thomas and Co. v. Portsca Steamship Com-
Knight (M. B.), dec., Re; Wadey 1. Parrott, Ramoneur Company Limited 2. Brixley, 10
Ransom v. Platt, 8

Thomas Cooper, Re, 147
Knill 1. Dumergue, 9, 217
Raphael, Owners of Steamship v. Brandy, 125

Thomas De la Rue and Co. Limited and Knox v. Ind, Coope, and Co. Limited, 105 Rawlings v. Smith, 578

Reduced, Re, and Re Companies (Consoli. Koffyfontein Mines Limited ?. Moseley, 103 Rayner v. Mayor, &c., of the Borough of

dated) Act 1908, 318 Kynoch Limited 1. Rowlands, 148

Thomas Limited 2. Houghton, 319

Stepney, 218
Lacon's Settlement, Re; Lacon r. Lacon, 104 Rex i. Commissioner of Metropolitan Police;

Thomas Logan Limited v. Davis, 33. 243 Lanston Monotype Corporation Limited ti Er parte Holloway, 317

Toovey v. Public Trustee, 319
Anderson, 291
Rex v. Godstone Rural District Council, 11

Townshend, Marques of, Ne, 577
Lawford 1. Pryce, 104
Rex v. Hill, 579

Trade Marks Act 1905, Re; Application of
Leeds Corporation ?. Sugden, 317
Rex v. Martin and another; Ex partc Smythe,

Pope's Electric Lamp Company Limited, Leventhorpe r. Palmer, 244


318 Lodge's Patent, Re, 9 Rex v. Savidge, 579

Turner 1. Holder, 80 Logan (Thomas) Limited v. Daris, 33. 243

Rex r. Special Commissioners of Income Tax; Tysoo v. Tewkesbury Gas Company Limited, London County Council 1. Houndle, 107

Er parte Essex Hall, 79

194 london County Council r. Shoreditch Borough Rex v. Tynemouth Corporation; Er partc Wadey 1. Parrott, 578 Council, 12

Cowper, 58

Wallis and others v. Pratt and another, 32 London County Council 4. Turner, 320 Richard Surflcet's Estate, Re; Rawlings ?'.

Walmsley's Settlod Estates, Re, 106 Maass 19. Gas Light and Coke Company Smith, 578

Walters 2. Staveley Coal and Iron Company, Limited, 79 Ritson +. Dobson, 11

103 McCarthy v. Capital and Counties Bank, 268 Roberts 1. Fry, 218

Walters Non-inflammable Cellolite Limited . Macnamara, Re; Hewitt v. Jeans, 10 Robinson, RC; Clarkson v. Robinson (No. 2),

Wenge, 79 Malling v. Addison, 8


Walton-le-Dale Urban District Council Marquess of Townshend, Re, 577 Robinson Beaconsfield Urban District

Greenwood and another, 320 Maryon-Wilson's (Sir S. M.) Will, Re, and Council, 104

W. and G. Du Cros' Applications. In the Re Settled Land Acts 1882 to 1890, 9 Robson v. Paterson, 106

Matter of, and In the Matter of the Trade M. B. Knight (dec.), Re; Wadey r. Parrott, Rose v. Morrison and Mason Limited, 147

Marks Act 1905, 106 578

Royal Warrant.Holders Association 1. Edward West 1. Gwynne, 32
Merryfield, Ziegler, and Co. V. Liverpool Deane and Beal Limited, 553

Wilkes 1. Spooner and another, 32
Cotton Association Limited, 105
Ryan v. Bristow, 105

Williams v. Jones, 33
Montague v. Davies, Benachi, and Co., 10 Sales, Re; Sales v. Sales, 553

Willis, Re; Spencer 1. Willis, 149
Moran and another v. Jones, 10
Salt r. Tomlinson, 12

Willis 1. Rotherham Corporation, 58
Moss Steamship Company 1. Whinney, 193 Sheffield (Earl of), Re; Ryan 1. Bristow, 105 Willoughby (dec.), Re; Willoughby v. Decies,
Mowats Limited v. Hudson Brothers Limited, Sir Daniel Cooper, Bart., Re; Cooper v. 148
Cooper, 33

Wilson . Amalgamated Society of Engineers Murphy v. Attorney-General for Ireland, 56 Sir R. W. H. Palmer, Re; Leventhorpe v. and others, 9 Neath r. Boale, 293

Palmer, 244

Wilson 1. Church, 578 New Monckton Collieries Limited v. Keeling, Sir S. M. Maryon-Wilson's Will, Re, and Rc Wilson v. Nunburnholme, 579 267

Settled Land Acts 1882 to 1890, 9.



[blocks in formation]


Ademption-Specific logacy-Testator becoming Annuity--Sequestration-Indian Civil Service 17 Vict. c. 34), s. 40. (Re Thomas Cooper),

lunatic-Sale of legacy by the court-Testa- annuity -- Assignability — (Indian) Pensions 147 tor's partial recovery--Lunacy Act 1890 (53 Act (No. XXIIf. of) 1871, ss. 11, 12—East India Bankruptcy-Unregistered moneylender-Loan Vict. c. 5), s. 123. (Re Palmer; Thomas v. Annuity Funds Act 1874 (37 Vict. c. 12). ---Judgment for amount-Arrangement as to Marsh), 269 (Knill r. Dumergue), 9, 217

payment of judgment debt--Bankruptcy of Administration-Intestacy--Distribution of per- Bailment-Furniture deposited with warehouse

debtor-Proof based on arrangement-Jurissonal estate-Children of marriage - Children man-Claim to furniture by person other than

diction of court to go behind judgmentof deceased wife's sister-Deceased Wife's bailor--Magistrate's order for delivery up of Illegality-" Arrangement in respect of Sister's Marriage Act 1907 (7 Edw. 7, c. 47), goods to claimant-Liability of bailee to true advance and repayment of money”-Money. ss. 1, 2. (Re Green; Green v. Meinall), 105 owner-Metropolitan Police Act 1839 (2 & 3

lenders Act 1900 (63 & 64 Vict. c. 51), s. 2. Adulteration of food-Milk - Purchase of Vict. c. 71), s. 40. (Ransom v. Platt), 8

sub-s. 1 (c). (Re Campbell; Ex parte Seal), sample-Sample procured “in course of Bankruptcy -- Bankruptcy notice --- Validity -

317 delivery"--Offence-Sale of Food and Drugs

Notice directing payment of judgment debt Bread-Weights-Proper and sufficient--Brea:1 Act Amendment Act 1879 (42 & 43 Vict. either to the creditors or their solicitor

Act 1835 (6 & 7 Will. 4, c. 37), s. 7. (Turner, c. 30), s. 3. (Helliwell (app.) 1, Haskins Payment not required in accordance with

ann. 7. Holder, resp.), 80 (resp.), 60

terms of the judgment--- Bankruptcy Act 1883 Building society -- Borrowing - Carrying Milk-Warranty-Information for giving (46 & 47 Vict. c. 52), s. 4 (q). (Re A Debtor;

hanking business--Ultra rires--Winding upfalse warranty-Limited company--Liability Er parte The Debtor (No. 305 of 1911). 147

Priorities of outside creditors, shareholders.

(Re Birkbeck Permanent of company for offence-Sale of Food and

and depositors.

Executor--Retainer--Bankruptev Act. 1883 Drugs Act 1875, s. 25-Sale of Food and

Benefit Building Society), 269 (45 & 47 Vict. c. 52), s. 125. (Re Broad'; Ex.

Commission-Ilouse agent Commission note on Drugs Act 1899, s. 20 (6). (Chuter r. Freeth prie Official Receiver), 579 and Pocock Limited), 80

sale of licensed premises - Person prepared to

Petition -“Sufficient cause why receiving purchase found by agent - Sale by owner--Agreement in restraint of trade-Covenant not order should not be made-Knowledge by

Right of agent to commission. (Brinson r. to carry on or be concerned in carrying on a creditor that debtor in difficulties --Right of

Davies), 34 business-Acting servant-Question of creditor to commence action to recover debt-

Company-- Action by--Company unable to par liability. (Ramoneur Company Limited ?'. Claim which cannot be supported in law- costs of defendant if unsuccessful-Security for . Brixley), 10

Extortion-Bankruptcy Act 1883 (46 & 47 Vict. costs-Remission of case to Countr CourtAnnuity--Charge on easements and chattels--- c. 52), s. 7, sub-s. 3. (Re A Debtor), 36

Companies (Consolidation) Act 1908 (8 Edv. 7), Deed of grant-Construction-Whether real Receiving order-Bankruptcy notice- s. 278–County Courts Act 1888 (51 & 52 Vict. or personal estate-No rentcharge created- Validity-- Judgment debt-Income tax- De. c. 43), s. 66. (Plasycoed Collieries Company Special Act-Statutory undertaking.

duction-Income Tax Act 1842 (5 & 6 Vict, Limited Partridge, Jones, and Co. Baxter's Trusts; Malling r. Addison), 8

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c. 35), s. 102-Incomo Tax Act 1853 (16 & Limited), 10




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Company-Articles of association-- Directors- Education (elementary) -- Von-provided school right of removal of trade fixtures provided
Number to be not less than four-Three direc. - Cleaning of schools --Appointment of care. by him under the Covenant. (Mowats
tors only--Allotinent--Validity. (Ne Sly, taker--Right of managers to appoint-Edu- Limited r. Hudson Brothers Limited), 317
Spink, and Co. Limited), 194

cation Act 1902, 6. 7, sub-s. 1. (Gillow and Landlord and tenant-lease-Covenant not to
Articles of association-- Increase of capital others v. Durham County Council), 317

underlet without consent-Conditions of con.
--" Creation" and " issue" of shares. (Koffy. Employer and workman-Dispute-Claim by sent-“ Fine or sum of money in the nature
fontein Mines Limited r. Mosely), 103

employer for damages for breach of con- of a fine"-Void condition-Lease executed
Debenture--Covenant to repay

on and

tract--Wages due to work man at date of before commencement of statute--Retrospec.
after the lst Jan. 1898”-Liability to repay hearing-Proceedings in court of suminary tive enactment-Conveyancing and Law of
Claim to perpetual mortgage. (Rc Tewkes- jurisdiction -- " Subsisting claims Juris Property Act 1892 (55 & 56 Vict. c. 13), s. 3.
bury Gas Company Limited; Tysoet. The diction of court to adjust and set off- (West 1. Gwynne), 32
Company), 194

Employers and Workmen Act 1875 (38 & 39 | Licensing Compensation Business and
Debentures-Future calls- Charges on

Vict. c. 90), ss. 3, 4. (Kcates Lewis premises bequeathed to different persons,
"property' and assets Winding-up- Merthyr Consolidated Collieries), 268

Licensing Act 1904 (4 Edw. 7, c. 23), s. 2.

between respective debenture. Estoppel-Action on written agreement made (Rc Spurge: Calver 1. Collett), 9
holders. (Ne Andrew Handyside and Co.

without consideration-Admission of liability Compensation -Lord of major--Licensed
Limited), 125

by defondant-Judgment-Second action on premises part of manor-Copphold tenants -
Debentures and debenture stock-Assign- same agreement--Right of defendant to set Person interested' - Licensing Act 1904
ment of specific assets --Priorities. (Re Ind, up want of consideration. (Cooko r. Rick: (4 Edw. 7, c. 23), s. 2 (1). (Ecclesiastical
Coope, and Co. Limited ; Fisher v. The Con- man), 270

Commissioners, apps. 7. Page and others,
pany; Knox r. Same; Arnold v. Same), 105
Execution-Sheriff's fees-Writ of fi. fa.-

resps.), 319
Memorandum of association-Reorganisa. Execution withdrawn pursuant to order of Limitation of action-Trespass-Discontinuance
tion of share capital--Companies (Consolida: court-Liability of execution creditors for and acquisition of possession-Acts of owner.
tion) Act 1908 (8 Edw. 7, c. 69). s. 45. (Re

sheriff's fees-Sheriffs Act 1887, S. 2, sub. ship-Injunction-Real Property Limitation
Ashanti Development Limited and Re ss. 2, 3--Order of judges made thereunder. Acts 1833 and 1874 (3 & 4 Will. 4. c. 27, s. 3:
Companies (Consolidation) Act 1908), 105 (Montague v. Davies, Benachi, and Co.), 10 37 & 38 Vict. c. 57, s. 1). (Kynoch Limited
- Powers of directors Control of company in

Extraordinary tithe rentcharge-Redemption t'. Rowlands), 148
general meeting-Articles of association-- --Money paid into court-Application to Local authority-Highway-Vacant land ad.
Appointment of managing director-Construc. invest-Costs-Tithe Act 1846 (9 & 10 Vict. joining-Inclosure--Publio right of way
tion. (Thomas Logan Limited r. Davis), 33, c. 73), S. 9-Tithe Act 1860 (23 & 24 Vict. User Common wasto land-Turnpike

c. 93), s. 39-Extraordinary Titho Rcdemp- Roads Act 1822 (3 Geo. 4. c. 126). (Copestako
- Private company-Payment of commission tion Act 1886 (49 & 50 Vict. c. 54), s. 5, r. West Sussex County Council), 194
upon amount of shares subscribed for --Failuro sub-se. 3 and 4. (Ex parte Extraordinary Local government-By-law-keeping carriage
to discloso in “ statement in the prescribed Tithe Redemption Act 1886; Rc Graham- " on the left or near side of the road."
form"-Illegal payment-Companies Consoli-
Wigan), 243

(Bolton, app. r. Everitt, resp.), 320
dation) Act 1908 (8 Edw. 7, c. 69), s. 99 Fishery – Navigablo non-tidal lake - Public Dwelling house unfit for human habita-
(Dominion of Canada General Trading and user-Prescription. (Johnston and others r. tion Closing order Form of notice-Owner's
Investment Syndicate Company r. Brigstocke),
O'Neill and others), 268

right of a peal Housing, Town Planning,

Non-tidal river--Profit i pronilre in alicno &c., Act 1909 (9 Edw. 7, c. 44), ss. 17, 41
Reduction of capital - Confirmation of

solo - Presumption of legal origin Right (Rayner r. Mayor, &c., of the Boroligh of
scheme--Companies (Consolidation) Act 1903
appurtenant. (Harris and others l'. Lord

Stepney), 218
(8 Edw. 7, c. 69), S. 46-Dissentient share.
Chesterfield and another), 268

Electric lighting-Statutory undertakers
holder-Jurisdiction-Discretion-Conditions Food and drugs-False warranty-Company- Erection of standard in or under streets
--Costs of dissentient shareholder.

Mens rea-Time of laying information Part of strert not become repairable by the
Thomas De La Rue and Co. Limited and

Salo of Food and Drugs Act 1899 (62 & 63 local authorits- Overhead main-- Trespass
Reduced and Rc Companies (Consolidation)

Vict. c. 51), s 20 (6). (Thomas Limited, Mandatory injunction--Lands Clauses Con.
Act 1903), 318
apps. r'. Houghton, resp.), 319

solidation Act 1845 (8 Vict. c. 18), s. 68-
Reduction of capital - Publication of Friendly society-Action in County Court to Electric Lighting Act 1882 (45 & 46 Vict.
reasons-Companies (Consolidation) Act 1908
recover benefit-Jurisdiction of County Court

c. 56), ss. 10, 13-Electric Lighting (Clauses)
(8 Edw. 7, c. 69), S. 55--Form of memo-

judge--Friendly Societies Act 1896 (59 & 60 Act 1899 (62 & 63 Vict. c. 19), s. 21. (Andrews
randum. (Re Barclay, Perkins, and Co.

Viet. c. 25), s. 68 (6). (Ritson 1'. Dobson), 11 V. Abertillery Urban District Council), 78
Limited and Reduced), 79
Gaming-Money paid "in respect of”

Private street expenses-Disused chapel --
Reduction of capital-Rights of minority gaming contract-Guarantee of overdraft at Exception from expenses, Private Street
- Bona fides-Companies (Consolidation) Act

bank Bankruptcy-Petition-Gaming Act Works Act 1892 (55 & 56 Vict. c. 57), s. 16.
1908 (8 Edw. 7, c. 69), ss. 46, 47, 50. (Rc 1892 (55 & 56 Vict. c. 9), s. 1. (Re O'Shea), (Walton-le. Dale Urban District Council o.
Bulawayo and General Exploration Company 268

Greenwood and another), 320
(1906) Limited and Reduced), 269

Highway Extraordinary traffic Excessive Public park-Conditional sale of land
Voluntary winding-up-Assets after dis- weighi-Extraordinary expenses of repair- Specified acreage to be used as park-Cut-
solution--Motion to revive company-Rights Average expenso of repairing highways “in ting down trees--Use of part of park for
of Crown-Bona Vacantia-Companies (Con. the neighbourhood”-Damages recoverable strect widening-Bradford Corporation Gas
solidation) Act 1908 (8 Edw. 7, c. 69), -Highways and Locomotives (Amendment) and Improvement Act 1871 (34 & 35 Vict.
85. 195 (4), 223. (Rc Henderson's Nigel Act 1878 (41 & 42 Vict. c. 77), s. 23---Loco- c. xciv.), s. 52–Street or park improvement-
Company Limited), 218

motives Act 1898 (61 & 62 Vict. c. 29), s. 12. Ultra vires-Injunction. (Attorney-General v.
Winding-up-Debenture-Floating charge (Billericay Rural District Council u. Guar: Bradford Corporation), 342
within three months of winding-up dians of the Poor of Poplar l'nion and Rates-Raising money by rate for Coro-
Solvency of company--Companies (Consolida- Keeling), 243

nation festivities--Previous sanction by Local
tion) Act 1903 (8 Edw. 7, c. 69), S. 212. Husband and wife - Divorce -- Variation of Government Board-50 & 51 Vict. c. 72, s. 3--

(Hodson v. Blanchards (London) Limited), 9 marriago settlements--Petition filed before Interim injunction. (Attorney-General
Contract--Agreement for service for two years decree absolute--Time for answering--Matri. East Barnet Valley Crban District Council,.

-- Power to terminate agreement by notice monial Causes Act 1859 (22 & 23 Vict. c. 61), 218
at any time-Verbal contract--" Agreement 6. 5. (Clarko r. Clarko and Lindsay), 78

Rural district council-Parochial elector
not to be performed within the year ??-- Petition by wife for judicial separation- Threat of litigation - Counsel's opinions
Statute of Frauds (29 Car. 2, c. 3), s. 4. Supplemental petition by wife for divorce- Right to inspect -- Local Government Act 1894
(Hanau v. Ehrlich), 243

Adultery and desertion-Statutory period of 56 & 57 Vict. c. 73), s. 58, sub-s. 5. (Rex i.
- Lease Option in writing-Alleged to be desertion not elapsed at date of petition- Godstone Rural District Council), 11
conditional, but condition not stated-With- Matrimonial Causes Act 1857 (20 & 21 Vict. Lunacy--Application for liberty to attend pro-
drawal before acceptance--Communcation of, c. 85), s. 27. (Stevenson 1. Stevenson), 268 ceedings--Right of next of kin to attend. The
by third parties-Specific performance or Income tax – Undertakings of corporation
damages. (Cartwright r. Hoogstoel), 578

Marquess of Townshend), 517
Charge thereon-Income tax on aggregate
Trade association-Trade union-Agree-

Market -- Statutory market-Market rights-

revenue -- Taxable income -- Statutory divi: Disturbance -- Rival market --Warehouse-
ment with foreign exchange-By-law--Mem- dends fund account-Transfer to, from under.
ber-"Dishonourable or disreputable con.

“ Shop

-Sale in own shop-28 Geo. 2. c. 123,
takings and rates-Loans charged on all
duct-Ultra vires--Non-fulfilment of con-

6. 4-30 Geo. 2, c. 31, s. 10. (Haynes r.
undertakings and revenues--Income brought Ford), 8
tract-Refusal to refer dispute to arbitration into charge – Leeds Corporation (General Marriage settlement-Construction--Covenant
--Award of foreign arbitrators-“ Erforce. Powers) Act 1901. (Leeds Corporation r.
ment order -Foreign judgment-Procedure

to pay 50,000/. to trustees-Annuity of vow!
Sugden), 317
-Enforceabilitv. (Merryfield, Ziegler, and Infant-Legacy-To be

to widow out of annual income-If income

paid on attaining
Co. r. Liverpool Cotton Association Limited),

not “clear annual sum of 20001.,” ovenant
eighteen-lo direction that infant's receipt

to make up deficit-Gross income less than

should be a sufficient discharge-Rate of
Capsright-Drawing--Artistic propertr--Com-

20001. -- Whether deficit payable after deduct
interest - Costs Testamentary cxpenses ing income tax
mercial use-Not registered under Patents,

(Re Sir Daniel (mper,
Order LXT., r. 14B. (Re Parton; Parton 1.
Designs, and Trade Marks Act 1883-Right

Bart ; Croper r. (coperl, 33
Parton), 105
to sue-Fine Arts Copyright Act 1862 (25 &

Metropolis--Cabs-- Licence to pls for hire -
Insurance Marine Inchmaree clause
20 Vict. c. 68), s. 1. (Smith Brothers (White.

Commissioner of Police--Discretion to grant
haven) Limited r. Redfearn), 318

Damage to hull through latent defect exist- licence- Metropolitan Public (arriage Ari

ins prior to the policy-Latent defect 1859 (32 & 33 Vict. c. 1151, 6s. 6. 11 Orders
Criminal law-Found on premises for unlawful becoming patent through wear and tear to Hackney and Stise Carriages of 1907. (Rox

purpose--5 Geo. 4, c. 83, s. 4. (Moran and during currency of policy. (Hutchins
another, apps. r. Jones, resp.), 10

v. Commissioner of Metropolitan Police; Er

Brothers v. Royal Exchange Assurance!, 101 parte Hollowav), 317
Declaratory judgment -- Action for, against Justices-Summary jurisdiction - Consecutive Visdirection-- Mistake of fact --Effect on jury

Attorney-General-Finance (1909-10) Act 1910
10 Edw. 7, c. 8), s. 31-Commissioners of

sentences of imprisonment--Jurisdiction of -- Onus on prosecution to show that jury 18
Inland Revenue — Form 8 - Order XXV.,

justices to impose -- Summary Jurisdiction unaffected thereby. Rex t'. Saridge), o 19
1. 5. (Burghes r, Amorney-General), 33

Act 1848 (11 & 12 Vict. o. 43). 6. 25. (Rex '. Omission to leare defence to the jurs-

Martin and another; Er porte Smithe). 81
Education, Provided school --Injury to child-Landlord and tenant-Fixtures-Trade fixtures Moneylender-Transaction purporting to be

Miscarriage of justice. (Rex r. Hill), 579
Alleged negligence of teacher-Liability of
elueation authority. (Smith v. Martin and

--Lease--shop-Covenant by tenant to con- out-and-out transfer of property—“ Advance

plete fittings - Covenant to
the Mayor, &c., of Kingston upon Hull), 78


and repayment of money" -"Security for
demised premises in good repair-Tenant's money”-Security taken otherwise thau v


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registere: 1 of moneylender-Mone: - report finding amount payable-Interest- powers orer B.'s line in connection with the lenders Act 1900 (63 & 64 Vict. c. 51), 6s. 2, Form No. 7u, appendix F Rules of C. line -Railways Clauses Act 1863 (26 & 27 sub-s. (c), 6. (Rc Robinson; Clarkson e. Supreme Court Judgments Act 1838 (1 & 2 Vict. c. 92), ss. 38, 39, 40, 41. (Great Central Piobinson No. 2), 32

Vict. c. 110), ss. 17, 18. (Ashover Fluor Railway Company r. Midland Railway ComMortgage--Sale-Admission by mortgagce of Spar Mines Limited v. Jackson), 244

pany), 57 balance in hand--Action by mortgagor claim. Practice-Administration action-Order with Rating - Metropolis Reduction in value of ing larger sum-Order under Order XV.. out reservation of costs-Further considera. premises --- Provisional valuation list - New r. 1, for an account-Certificate finding in. tion Liability of trustee for costs.

quinquennial valuation list--"List subse. creased sum due from mortgagee--Costs. (Rc Gardner; Roberts r. Fry), 218

quently made”--Valuation (Metropolis) Act (Williams 1. Jones), 33

Contempt of court-Motion to commit

1869 (32 & 33 Vict. c. 67), 8. 47, sub-s. 8. Mortgagor and mortgagee-Demand for par. Service of copies of affidavits-Order XLII.,

(Parrish 2. Hackney Borough Council), 245 inent off-Execution of reconveyance-Tender

Provisional Jist rr. 6. 7--Order LII., 1. A. (Tavlor Plinston

Appeal to quarter ---Additional interest in lieu of notice-Keep. Brothers and Co. Limited v. Plinston), 192,

sessions Jurisdiction. (London County ing money idle after tender(Edmondson 578

Council, apps. 1'. Shoreditch Borough Council, 1. Copland), 57

Costs-Debtor who has received notice resps.), 12 Motor-car - Excise duty payable thereon that his creditor has committed an available Real estate--Conversion---Order by court for Horse-power--Mode of calculating-Treasury act of bankruptcy--Refusal to pay debt

sale--Part of real estate unsold-Order operat. regulations--Horse-power as ascertained by Action by creditor-Payment of debt into

ing as absolute--Conversion of unsold real regulations Finance (1909.10) Act


court--Creditor's right to costs of action. ostate into personalty. (Fauntleroy r. Beebc), 110 Edw. 7, c. 8), s. 86, sub-s. 2. (London

8 (McCarthy i. Capital and Counties Bank), County Council, apps. 1. Turner, resp.). 320 268

Registration of voters Dwelling house Heavy motor-car and trailer-Combined Costs – Taxation - Non-contentious busi- Occupier rated in rate-book-Agreement by weight 9 tons-Registration as motor-car- ness-District Registrar of Manchester- landlord to pay rates---Rates paid by land. Reregistration-Validity of--Locomotives Act Jurisdiction-Solicitors Act 1843 (6 & 7 Vict. lord-Right of occupier to be on register of 1898 (61 & 62 Vict. c. 29), s. 9-Heavy Motor c. 73), s. 37. (Stead r. Smith), 147

voters-Representation of the People Act Car Order 1904, arts. 3, 4 (5). (Pilgrim and Discovery - Interrogatories - Action for

1867, s. 3, sub-ss. 3, 4. (Smith, app. v. Newothers, apps. r. Simmons, resp.), 107 malicious prosecution — Interrogatories by

man and others, resps.), 579 Municipal corporation--councillor--Disqualifi. plaintiff as to information, inquiries, and Restraint of trade --- Agreement --- Validity

cation - Contract with council — Councillor reasonable and probable cause - Order Reasonableness -- United Kingdom - Public having held office for more than twelve XXXI., rr. 1, 2. (Maass_r. Gas Light and policy -- Protection of covenantep Master months-No objection taken within that time Coko Company Limited), 79

and servant-Injunction. (Stuart and Simp“ Councillor or qualified to be a

Fund in court-Jurisdiction-Certificates son r. Halstead), 148 cillor”-Municipal Corporations Act 1882. in respect of foreign bonds-Inquiry as to Revenue--Income tax-Foreign citizen living

ss. 12, 14, 15, 73. (Forrester v. Norton), 270 bonds outstanding-Distribution-Exclusion on yacht anchored in British port---Person Negligence-Agent-Disposal by contractor of

of bondholders not coming in. (Wilson v " residing in the United Kingdom"--5 & 6 sewage removed under contract from cess- Church), 578

Vict. c. 35, S. 108-Income Tax Act 1853 pools—No provision as to disposal in con

Interpleader-Issue directed to be tried (16 & 17 Vict. c. 34), sched. D. (Brown . tract—"Casual or collateral negligence by master Findings of master - Right of Burt), 317 Respondcat superior. (Robinson v. Bcacons. appeal-Common Law Procedure Act 1860 Income tax--Lands vested in trustces for field Urban District Council), 104

(23 & 24 Vict, c. 126), s. 17-Order LVII., charitable purposes --Rents and profits from Cattle on highway-Open gate-No evir. 11. (Cox v. Bown), 107

- Occupation Allowances-Income Tax Act dence as to by whom opened--Primú facic

Judgment by consent-Undertaking by 1842 (5 & 6 Vict. c. 35), ss. 61 (No. VI.), 62. evidence of negligence · Burden of proof.

defendunt corporation-Wilful disobedience (Rex v. Special Commissioners of Income (Ellis v. Banyard), 11

-Writ of sequestration-Order XLII., r. 31. Tax; Ex partc Essex Hall), 79 Railway company--Level crossing--User

(Davis Rhayader Granite Quarries Income tax-Royalties for user of patent without interruption by railway companyLimited), 79

- Deduction --- Average of three years Duty on railway company to take precau.

Receiver - Jurisdiction - Action for ap. Royalties ceasing to be payable--Finance Act tions. (Jenner South-Eastern Railway pointment of — Application in Chancery 1907 (7 Edw. 7, c. 13), s. 25 (1). (Lanston Company), 34

Division-Application for letters of adminis. Monotype Corporation Limited v. AnderOld age pension-Decision of local pension tration pending in Probato Division-Dis. son), 291 committee Statutory conditions --- “ Final

cretion. "(Walters Non-Inflammable Cellolite Land tax-Railway tunnel-Liability to and conclusive"-Old Age Pensions Act Limited v. Wenge). 79

land tax-Redemption--Land Tax Act 1797 1908 (8 Edw. 7, c. 40), s. 7. sub-s. 2. (Murphy

Writ-Service--Indorsement of service-- (38 Geo. 3, c. 5), s. 4-Land Tax Redemption ?'. Attorney-General for Ireland), 56

Failure to indorse date of service within Act 1802 142 Geo. 3, c. 116), ss. 8, 38. Parliament-Registration of voters--Occupier

three days-Default of appearance-Irregu- (Central London Railway Company 1. Comor lodger - Landlord resident in house

larity which cannot be waived--Order IX., missioners for Land Tax for City of London), Rooms Ict to tenant-Objection-Prima fucic r. 15. (Hamp-Adams v. Hall), 268

292 proof-Landlord rated for whole house Presumption of death-Remarriage of pre- Licenco duty - Male servant -- Luncheon Value of house over £8 a year-Representa

sumptivo widow-Will of presumed second club-Exemption in favour of Crown servants tion of the People Act 1867 (30 & 31 Vict.

husband-Gifts to widow of testator during -Rovenue Act 1869 (32 & 33 Vict. c. 14), c. 102). ss. 3, 7-Poor Rate Assessment and

widowhood --Reappearance of first husband ss. 16, 19 (3). (London County Council r. Collection Act 1869 (32 & 33 Vict. c. 41).

Effect on gifts. (Rc Hammond, deocascd ; Houndle), 107 ss. 3, 4, 19-Parliamentary and Municipal Burniston v. White), 195

Stamp duty Dcbenture Marketable Registration Act 1878 (41 & 42 Vict. c. 26).

Public authority---Action against, in County security--Instrument for the disposition of S. 14-Representation of the People Act 1884

Court-Notice of special defence-Public interest in a ship-Stamp Act 1891 (54 & 55 (48 & 49 Vict. c. 3), s. 9. (Kent v. Fittall), 291

Authorities Protection Act 1893--Plca of Vict. c. 39). (Deudington Steamship_ComPartnership-Covenant-Charge on partner's

Statute of Limitation without specifying Act pany Limited l. Conumissioners ot' Inland share-“Gains and profits"---Construction,

- Sufficiency of plea--County Court Rules Revenue), 292 Dissolution by death-Principles on which

1903 and 1904, Order X., rr. 14, 18. (Gregory Staip vuty --- Increase of nominal share accounts ought to be taken-Practice of r. Corporation of Torquay), 81

capital-Stateme:t of amount of increase-Public health-Order to do certain work-partners-Partnership Act 1890 (53 & 54 Vict.

Statutory right to convert --Caledonian Rail. Non-compliance Work donc c. 39), ss. 31. 44. (Garwood 1. Garwood), 32

by local

way Conversion of Stock) Act 1890 (53 & 54 Joint and several liability of partners for

authority-Notice of demand--Authentica. Vict. c. cxxxv.), ss. 2, 3--Caledonian Railway

tion instalments of a debt-Payment of instal

notice- Sufficiency of notice--Public Act 1898 (61 & 62 Vict. c. clxxxviii.), s. 37ments out of partnership assets--Judgment

Health Act 1875, SS. 36, 266. (Willis 2. Caledonian Railway (General Powers) Act recovered for nonpayment of later instalRotherham Corporation), 57

1899 (62 & 63 Vict. c. ccxv.), s. 65---Stamp ments - Satisfaction of judgment by one

Plans--Approval-Land subject to restric- Act 1891 (54 & 55 Vict. C. 39), 113.

tive covenants-Plan showing proposed street partner alone-Right to contribution-Right

(Attorney-General v. Caledonian Railway to assignment of the judgment-Breach of

on land-Practicability of plan-Jurisdiction Company), 269 statutory obligation - Damages -- Equitable

to disapprove. (Rex 7. Tyneinouth Corpora- Stamp duty-Settlement-Resettlementrights between the joint debtors-Suretyship tion; Ex parte Cowper), 58

Provision for keeping up policies--Covenants -Right of surety to release--Mercantile Law

Unsound meat-Public Health Act 1875 (38 in settlement only--Stamp Act 1891 (54 & 55 Amendment Act 1856. (Dalo v. Powell;

& 39 Vict. c. 55), ss. 116, 117-Public Health Vict. c. 39), s. 104. (Duke of Northumbe!'. Powell v. Dale and Hood), 194

Acts Amendment Act 1890 (53 & 54 Vict. c. 59), land v. Commissioners of Inland Revenue), Patent-Expiration-Application to prolong

6. 28. (Salt. app. v. Tomlinson, resp.), 12 232 Jusufficient remuneration

Roval arms-Uso in connection with businessSeparate claims Railway --- Carriage of goods -- Rates - False for distinct inventions-Power of the court account of goods with intent to avoid paymeni

Use calculated to lead to belief of royal to prolong certain claims and reject others of tolls--Misdescription of goods in consign

warrant-Admissibility of evidence--Injunc. -Patents and Designs Act 1907, s. 18. (He ment note-OffenceRailways Clauses Cou

tion-Trade Marks Act 1905 (5 Edw. 7, c. 15). Lodge's Patent), 9 solidation Act 1845 (8 & 9 Vict. c. 20), s. 39.

S. 68. (Royal Warrant Holders Association Power of appointment-Exercise of, by will of

(General Electric Company Limited, apps. 2.

7. Edward Deane and Beal Limited), 553 domiciled Dutchwoman-Will made in Dutch

Evans, resp.), 12

Sale of goods-Sale by description-Delivery form-Attestation in manner required by

Mines and minerals-Fireclay-Railways of goods of a different kind-Claim by buyer English law-Grant of probate in England

Clauscs Consolidation (Scotland) Act 1845 for damages--Clause in contract excluding Construction of will Applicability of (8 & 9 Vict. c. 33), s. 70. (Caledonian Rail. warranty Liability of seller. (Wallis and English law--Wills Act 1837 (1 Vict. c. 26), way Company v. Glenboig Union Fireclay others v. Pratt and another), 32 s. 27. (Re Pryce; Lawford v. Prvce). 104

Company), 7

Settled land-Capital moneys - Improvement Special power-Appointment equally by Railway company Running powers

Golf course and clubhouse--" Open space will among all the objects-Subseguent ap

another's line - Company A., with general Development of cstate for building purposes pointments by dced to some of the objects- running powers

Company B.'s -Settled Land Act 1882 (45 & 46 Vict. c. 38), Adeniption-Rule against double portions

line, purchasing undertaking of Com. s. 25, sub-ss. 17, 18. (Re Earl De La Warr's “ Portion.” (Re Peel's Settlements; Bid. pany C., which has to and from

Settled Estates; Earl De La Warr 1. Buckley), dulph v. Peel), 148

junction connecting the B. and C. lines 244 Practice- Action--Consent judgment-Damages limited running powers over B.'s line

Mansion-house--Lease by tenant for lifeto be ascertained by special referee-Defen. Whether A., having entered B.'s line over Dilapidations-Payment by lessee of damages dants to pay damages found-Subsequent the junction, has general or limited running for breach of covenant to repair-Capital or







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income--Tenant for life-Settlement trustees | Will-Administration-Pawnbroker-Pledge of | Workmen's compensation Employer and
--Settled Land Act 1382 (45 & 46 Vict. o. 38) personalty by one of two executors and workman Accident Death Matter
ss. 6, 15, 45, 53-Settled Land Act 1890 (53 & trustees-Executor junctus officio. (Solomon referred to medical referee after death
54 Vict, c. 69), ss. 7, 10. (Re Lacon's Settle- v. George Attenborough and Son), 80

Jurisdiction Power subject to regula
inent; Lacon r. Lacon), 104

Bequest to chapel building fund-Execu. tions No regulations made Work
Settlement-Shares-Bonus dividend --Capital tory bequest to same-Immediate bequest men's Compensution Act 1906 (6 Edw. 7,
or income. (Ne Nisbet's Settlement; Nisbet

held invalid in 1876 under statutes of mort- c. 58), sched. 1, par. 15; sched. 2, purs. 5, 12,
1. Nisbet), 57

main-Claim to executory bequest- Plea of 15-Workmen's Compensation Rules, rr. 53,
Trust for class on attaining twenty-one-- Res judicata-Mortmain and Charitable Uses

54-Form 48. (Carrolan v. Harrington), 104
Some members of class under age-Will- Act 1888 (51 & 52 Vict. c. 42)-- Application of Employer and workman Accident
Construction-Right to income-Divesting- Act to building fund. (Re Richard Surfleet',

course of employment Compensation
Trustees for purposes of the Settled Land Estate; Rawlings r. Smith), 578

Workmen's Compensation Act 1906. (Walters
Acts-Executory disposition over-Possession Construction-Bequest of “the amount of v. Staveley Coal and Iron Company), 103
of title deeds Settled Land Act 1882 (45 &
one year's wages Servants (indoor and

Employer and workman--Compensation
46 Vict. c. 38), s. 58, sub-s. 2. (Re Walmsley's outdoor) Weekly wages. (Re Earl of

-Accident arising out of employment-Seu.
Settled Estates), 106
Sheffield ; Ryan 1. Bristow), 105

drowned while returning to ship
Construction--Charity-Bequest for bene-
Ship-Bill of lading-Lien for unpaid freight

(Kitchenham 1. Owners of the Steamship
due from limited company Shipment by
fice -- Augmentation fund - Condition - Not

Johannesburg), 125
receiver - Right to

lien against
* held in plurality"--Benefice united with

Employer and workman-Compensation
two others-d'ondition not operative. (He Amount - ('oncurrent contracts of service-
receiver. (Moss Steamship Company
Macnamara ; Hewitt r. Jeans), 10

Member of Royal Naval Reserve-Annual
Whinney), 193

Construction-Devise of freehold house

retainer-Workmen's ('ompensation Act 1906
Charter party-Bill of lading-Arbitra.
tion clause--Incorporation. (Thomas and Co.
and premises ---Specitic description --Subse.

(6 Edw. 7, c. 58), s. 9; sched. 1, par. 2 (6).
quent purchase of plots of land-- Trustees'

(Owners of Steamship Rapharl 1. Brandy),
t. Portsea Steamship Company), 173
powers of investment --- - Preference stock

Marine insurance--Competency of master

Contrary intention within meaning of Wills
--Warrant of seaworthiness - Non-disclosure

Employer and workman--Compensation-
Act 1837, s. 24. (Re Willis; Spencer .
of material facts Valued policy Over-

Dependant - Partial dependency - Principle
Willis), 149
(Thames and Mersey Marine

on which compensation assessed-Workmen's

Construction--Gift of residue-Intention
Insurance Company t. Gunford Ship Com-

Compensation Act 1906 (6 Edw. 7, c. 58).
--Equality of portion - Interest -- Advanced

(Tamworth Colliery Company v. Hall), 147
pany), 193

children - Period of distribution.

(Re Wil.
Solicitor ---Lien - Property recovered or pre-

Employer and workman-Death by acci.
loughby (deceased); Willoughby r'. Decies),
served-Costs---Discretion of court-Solicitors

dent-compensation-Accident arising out of
Act 1860 (23 & 24 Vict. c. 127), s. 28. (Re

and in the course of employment--Work.

Construction-Gift to issue--" Per stirpes
Cockrell; Pinkey v. Cockrell), 218

men's Compensation Act 1906 (6 Edw. 7,
Determination of stirpes. (Re Dering ;

c. 58). (Evans and Co. 1. Astley), 291
Trade-Rival traders-Imitation of get-up of Neath r. Beale), 293

Employer and workman-Death by acci.
rival's goods-Passing off. (Edge and Sons

Construction --- Settlement estate duty

v. Niccolls and Sons), 291

Compensution -- Claim by widow
Legacies and annuities Free from legacy

Dependant - Question of fact
Trade mark Registration Surname

duty respecuvely”. Residuary converted

Compensation Act 1906 (6 Edw. 7, c. 58).

Adapted to distinguish "__" Distinction”

realty and personalty * Testamentary ex- (New Monckton Collieries Limited i. Keel.
Trade Marks Act 1905 (5 Edw. 7, c. 15), s. 9,
penes, debts, and legacies, and the annuities

ing), 267
sub-s. 5. (Re Trade Marks Act 1905 ; Applica- hereinbefore directed to be paid ".--As well

Employer und workman-Death by acci-
tion of Pope's Electric Lamp Company
as all settlement estate duty Substitutional

legacies by codicil - Finance Act 1896 (59 á

* arising out
Limited), 318

appearance of suilor from ship at

Registration -Two letters with "&"-
60 Vict. c. 28), S. 19, sub-s. 1). (Re Sir

Workmen's Compensation Act 1906 (6 Edw. 7,
Distinctive mark-" Adapted to distinguish
R. W. H. Palmer; Leventlwrpe r. Palmer),

c. 58). (Owners of The Suunsra lule w.
-Trade Marks Act 1905 (5 Edw. 7, c. 15), 244

Price). 31
8. 3, 9, (5). (In the Matter of W. and G.

Executory bequest to members of a class
du (ros' Applications and in the Matter of
and their “issue "- Issue to take the parent's

Emplover and workman-Death by acci-
the Trade Marks Act 1905), 106

dent arising out of employment--Liability to

share Meaning of “ issue.” (Re M. B.
Trade union tund--Levy for political purposes Knight (deceased); Wadey r. Parrott), 578

pay compensation. (Hewitt 1. Owners of

Ship Duchess), 173
-- Meaning of " voluntary levy"--Levy for

Gift to trustees to apply income to par.

Employer and workman-Death caused by
election of labour members on local public
ticular charitable purposes Charity

bodies Boards of guardiane. (Wilson
existence at testator's death - Subsequent

Compensation --- Claim by depen.

dant--" Accident arising out of and in the
Amalgamated Society of Engineers and
amalgamation with another charity-ly-pris.

course of the employment "_" Serious and
others), 9

(Re Goikie; Robson r. Paterson), 106

wilful misconduct"-Workmen's Compensa
Administration --
Breach of trikt
Legacy of specifio shares “on attaining

tion Act 1906 (6 Edw. 7. c. 58).
Allowing time for payment--Loss to estate
twenty six years."'- Severed gift-Whole or

sub-s. 2 (c). (Harding 1. Brynddu Colliery
- Trustee Act 1893 (56 & 57 Vict. c. 53), s. 21,

s. 1.
part of incoine given to legatee meanwhile--

Company Limited), 147
sub-s. 2. (Greenwood r. Firth), 292
Gilt of accumulations to legatee at twenty-six

Employer and workman-Death caused by
Investment - Moneys arising under Settled

-Whether legacy vested or contingent. (Re
Land Acts—“Stocks or securities of any

accident-Compensation--Claim by depen-
Baron Nunburnliolme; Wilson r. Vunburn-

clunts—" Accident arising out of and in the
British colony or dependency"--Power to
holnie). 579

course of the employment "--Risk not neces.
invest in stocks of provinces of Canada. (Re

Settled land – Licensed premises Non
Sir S. M. Maryon-Wilson's Will and Re

sary or reasonably incident to the emplov-
renewal of licence-Compensation-l'apital or
Settled Land Acts 1882 to 1890), 9

ment-Workmen's Compensation Act 1906
income-Licensing Act 1904 (4 Edw. 7, c. 23),
Power to continuing trustees to appoint

(6 Edw. 7, c. 58), s. 1. (Rose v. Morrison
s. 2. (Re Bladon; Dando r. Porter), 245

and Mason Limited), 147
new trustees - Action for breaches of trust
Judgment by consent-Inquiries directed- Workmen's compensation -Employer and work

Employer and workman-Death of work.
Defendant trustees to pay costs- Trustees to

Accident Compensation Agree.

man alleged to be caused by wasp's sting--
retire- Reference to chambers to appoint new nient Award Review Termination

Accident arising out of and in the course
trustees' right to Burden of prcos --Light work at old rates of

of the employment "--Compensation-Claim
nominate. (Re Sales ; Sales r. Sales), 553 wages--Workmen's Compensation Act 1906

by dependants-Admissibility of evidence of
Public Trustee -- Administration of small (6 Edw. 7, c. 58), sched. 1, par. 1 (6); sched. 2,

to statement made to him by
estate Gross capital value” less than
par. 9 (6). (Cory Brothers and Co. Limited

deceased workman-Workmen's Compensa.
£1000-Estate or trust-Time at which value 1. Hughes), 194

tion Act 1906 (6 Edw. 7, c. 58), s. 1. (Amvs
ascertained Public Trustee Ac: 1906

Employer and workman-Accident-Com-

t'. Barton), 577
16 Edw. 7, c. 55), s. 3, sub-ss. 1, 2. (Re
pensation - Award by committee – Applica-

Employer and workman-Injury by acci.
Devereux; Re Public Trustee Act 1906; tion to County Court to review---Jurisdiction

dent-Compensation-" Accident arising out
Toovey 7. Public Trustee), 319

Rotital to hear application --- Appeal

of and in the course of the employment"--
Vendor and purchaser-Agreement for sale of ('ourt of Appeal --- Divisional Court Work-

Workmen's Compensation Act 1906 (6 Edw. 7.
leas - Stipulation for formal contract meu's ('ompensation Act 1906 (6 Edw. 7,

C. 58), s. 1. (Gilmour r. Dorman, Long, and
Specific performance. (Ilatzfeldt t. Alex. c. 58), sched. 2, pars. 1 and 4. (Howarth ?.

Co. Limited), 148
ander), 293
Sir B. Samudson and Co. Limited), 194

Employer and workman-Injury by acci.
Restrictive covenant by vendor- Equitable Employer and workman-Accident-Com-

dent--Compensation-" Accident arising out
negative casement --- Surrender of lease bv pensation-Partial recovery-l'apacity to do

of and in the course of the employment"
vendor-Grant of new lease--Liability of light work-Injury by use of machine-For-
le-see on covenant. (Wilkes v. Spooner and

accident contributing to present in-

Workmen's Compensation Act 1906 (6 Edw. 7,
another). 32
capacity (laim in respect of earlier accident

C. 58), s. 1. (Curtis 1'. Talbot). 552
Spacitic performance--
--('ontract - Deposit Right to consider ellect on later occasion

Employer and workman-Injury by acci.

dent-Compensation-" Accident arising out
Rescission Forfeiture of Liability of employer - Workmen's ('om-
deposit. (Hall *. Burnell), 319
pensation Act 1906 (6 Edw. 7, c. 58), s. 1.

of and in the course of the employment
Specific performance
Default by pur: (Voden v. Galloways Limited), 553

Workmen's Compensation Act 1906 (6 Edw. 7,
chaser-Forfeiture of deposit-Rescission of Emplover and workinan - Accident (Com

C. 58), s. 1. (Parker r. Pout), 552
contract--Form of order. - Practice. (Jones pensation-Payment on production of certiti- Employer and workman-Injury by acci.
Burnell). 219

cute from medical man--Implied agreement dent-Compensation-Proceedings not
Title--Sale by trustees ('onsent of tenant Registration Workinen's Compensation

menced within six months of the time of the
fur life-Implied power to vary investments Act 1906 (6 Edw. 7, c. 58). (Phillips 2.

accident- Public Authorities Protection Act
Settled Land Act 1882 (45 & 46 Vict. c. 38), Vickers, Son, and Maxim), 553

1893 (56 & 57 Vict. c. 61), s. 1-Workmen's
56. (Re Pope's Contract), 293

Employer and workman--Accident- ('om-

( ompensation Act 1906 (6 Edw. 7, c. 58). s. 1.
Waterworks--Stopcock box attached to com.

pensution-Recovery-Termination of agree (Fry r. Muyor, &c., of Cheltenham), 577
pipe - Liability of

ment-Subsequent death of workman-Right Employer and workman-Injury by acci.
occupier of premises to repair - Metropolitan of dependunts to claim compensation-Work. dent-Compensation-Sunstroký -- Abnormal
Water Board (Charges) Act 1907 (7 Edw. 7, men's Compensation Act 1906 (6 Edw. 7, risk by reason of nature of occupation-

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Water Board), 313
(Batt r. Metropolitan c. 58), s. 1. sub-s. 2 (b). (Jobson . W. Cory Workmen's Compensation Act 1906 (6 Edu. 7,
and Sons Limited), 147

c. 58), s. 1. (Davies t. Gillespie), 553


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