The Mechanics' Magazine and Journal of Engineering, Agricultural Machinery, Manufactures and Shipbuilding, 70. köide

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Robertson, Brooman, & Company, 1859

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Page 168 - ... vary in its absolute amount ; each must be definite at all times, whether for a particle, or for all the particles in the universe ; and the sum also of the three forces must be equally unchangeable. Or, there may be but one cause for these three sets of actions, and in place of three forces we may really have but one, convertible in its manifestations ; then the proportions between one set of actions and another, as the chemical and the electrical, may become very variable, so as to be utterly...
Page 17 - ... the others : thus heat may mediately or immediately produce electricity, electricity may produce heat; and so of the rest, each merging itself as the force it produces becomes developed : and that the same must hold good of other forces, it being an irresistible inference that a force cannot originate otherwise than by generation from some antecedent force or forces.
Page 201 - Admiralty to investigate the same or the merits thereof, shall not, nor shall anything done for the purposes of the investigation, be deemed use or publication of such invention so as to prejudice the grant or validity of any patent for the same.
Page 103 - Judges have heretofore allowed of monopoly patents; which is, that where any 111:111, by his own charge and industry, or by his own wit or invention, doth bring any new trade into the realm, or any engine tending to the furtherance of a trade that never was used before, and that for the good of the realm...
Page 138 - ... example — to compute the theoretical limit of the strength and stability of a structure, or the efficiency of a machine of a particular kind — to ascertain how far an actual structure or machine fails to attain that limit...
Page 204 - Although this theory has been considered defective by a philosopher of high repute, I cannot see the force of the arguments by which it has been assailed ; and therefore, for the present, though with diffidence, I still adhere to it. The fact itself of the correlation of the different modes of force is to my mind a very cogent argument in favour of their being affections of the same matter ; and though electricity, magnetism, and heat might be viewed as produced by undulations of the same ether as...
Page 168 - 'twere to consider too curiously to consider so," then I must dissent. To refrain to consider, would be to ignore the principle of the conservation of force, and to stop the inquiry which it suggests : — whereas to admit the proper logical force of the principle in our hypotheses and considerations, and to permit its guidance in a cautious yet courageous course of investigation, may give us power to enlarge the generalities we already possess in respect of heat, motion, electricity, magnetism,...
Page 200 - Majesty, and all covenants and agreements therein contained for keeping the invention secret and otherwise shall be valid and effectual (notwithstanding any want of valuable consideration), and may be enforced accordingly by the Secretary of State for the time being.
Page 135 - Authour went on with his invention cheerfully, and made annually great store of Iron, good and merchantable, and sold it unto diverse men yet living at Twelve pounds per Tun...
Page 155 - The most delicate white cambric handkerchief, or fleecy gauze, or the finest lace, may, by simple soaking in a weak solution of chloride of zinc, be so protected from blaze, that if held in the flame of a candle, they may be reduced to tinder without blazing.

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