Les lois organiques des colonies: Colonies britanniques

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Page 388 - Incumbrances due or payable out of or charged on or affecting the same: * (4) His Real and Personal Property shall be together worth Four thousand Dollars over and above his Debts and Liabilities: (5) He shall be resident in the Province for which he is appointed: (6) In the case of Quebec he shall have his Real Property Qualification in the Electoral Division for which he is appointed, or shall be resident in that Division.
Page 430 - In each province the Legislature may make laws in relation to agriculture in the province and to immigration into the province and it is hereby declared that the Parliament of Canada may from time to time make laws in relation to agriculture in all or any of the provinces and to immigration into all or any of the provinces; and any law of the Legislature of a province relative to agriculture or to immigration shall have effect in and for the province as long and as far only as it is not repugnant...
Page 372 - Commonwealth, only onehalf the electors voting for and against the proposed law shall be counted in any State in which adult suffrage prevails. And if in a majority of the States a majority of the electors voting approve the proposed law, and if a majority of all the electors voting also approve the proposed law, it shall be presented to the GovernorGeneral for the Queen's assent. No alteration diminishing the...
Page 459 - I, AB, do swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Victoria, Her heirs and successors according to law. So help me God!
Page 354 - Nothing in this Constitution prohibits a State from granting any aid to or bounty on mining for gold, silver, or other metals, nor from granting, with the consent of both Houses of the Parliament of the Commonwealth expressed by resolution, any aid to or bounty on the production or export of goods.
Page 422 - Quarantine and the Establishment and Maintenance of Marine Hospitals. 12 Sea Coast and Inland Fisheries. 13 Ferries between a Province and any British or Foreign Country or between Two Provinces. 14 Currency and Coinage 15 Banking, Incorporation of Banks, and the Issue of Paper Money. 16 Savings Banks.
Page 429 - ... en Conseil, sur appel interjeté en vertu de cette section, ne serait pas mise à exécution par l'autorité provinciale compétente, alors et en tout...
Page 126 - I AB do sincerely promise and swear, That I will be faithful, and bear true allegiance, to their Majesties King William and Queen Mary: So help me God.
Page 446 - Dans les Chambres du parlement du Canada et les Chambres de la législature de Québec, l'usage de la langue française ou de la langue anglaise, dans les débats, sera facultatif; mais dans la rédaction des archives, procèsverbaux et journaux respectifs de ces Chambres, l'usage de ces deux langues sera obligatoire...
Page 424 - L'amendement de temps à autre, nonobstant toute disposition contraire énoncée dans le présent acte, de la constitution de la province, sauf les dispositions relatives à la charge de lieutenant-gouverneur ; 2. La taxation directe dans les limites de la province, dans le but de prélever un revenu pour des objets provinciaux ; 3.

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