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taken place as a mere piece of fun. He de- which appears to be supported almost exclared that the marriage was real, and not a clusively by the oyster trade.

There is no fiction, and in proof thereof called the person place in the United States where oysters are who had performed the ceremony, who as- finer and more abundant. Some have beserted that he was a lawyer and was perfectly come wealthy men who have engaged in the competent to legalise such an event. The oyster trade, for they send off large quanyoung woman, finding that the case was tities to different parts of the country. They assuming a serious aspect, began to cry do not pack the bivalves in their shells as is bitterly, and implored that what had taken usual in Europe, but they are all opened, place should only be regarded as a jest. cleaned, placed in kegs, some water poured Her admirer, however, was in earnest, and upon them, and then sent off. It is said as there appeared to be no way of escape, that all the water is gone when the kegs she accompanied him home and became come to be opened. Perhaps the oysters his wife. Her parents turned their backs drink the water while yet alive, or it beupon her; the marriage was an unhappy comes absorbed in some other way. Oyster one, and after she had given birth to two chil- opening is quite a trade here, and is chiefly dren her husband deserted her. She endured performed by women. I entered ope estabmuch privation and suffering, but ultimately, lisbment, and found nearly a dozen women so on her parents learning the true state of the employed, and on making inquiries as to the case from the representations of a person amount of earnings, I was told that the who was present at the marriage, they re- wages varied, in consequence of working by lented and received her back to their home and the piece, but they could each earn from six affections. In America marriages may be shillings to eight shillings per day. It apsolemnised without reference to time or place, peared a very comfortless sort of business, and in some of the States, ministers of reli- but there are thousands of persons in Enggion, lawyers, magistrates, and other officials land who would be glad to have such a busican legally marry persons. Divorces are ness if they could be as well paid for their much more frequent here than in Eng- work. land, for a woman can easily obtain a divorce Sunday, Oct. 1.-Went to the Universalist if she can prove that her husband has been Church, and heard the Rev. Moses Ballow guilty of adultery, desertion, habitual drunken- preach, the text being 10th chapter of St. ness, cruelty, or has been confined in a State Matthew, v. xxxii., “Whosoever, therefore, prison. Subsequently, on my return to Eng- shall confess me before men, him will I conland, after having accomplished my “Ameri- fess also before my Father which is in heacan Tour," I found that the first tune which ven." The minister held that there were was sung at the “Surprise Party" had be- more real Christians out of the Church than come the most popular tune in England. in it, yet he nevertheless considered it the Persons were almost constantly whistling duty of religious people to become connecit in the streets, bands of music were playing ted with the church. He believed that there it on festive occasions, and wherever I went I

were many who embraced the religious views heard the same tune constantly reminding me held by the Universalists who had not the of the “ Surprise Party,” and bringing before moral courage to make a profession of their me pleasing reminiscences of friends and faith before the world. At the conclusion of scenes which excited the most pleasurable the service the sacrament of the Lord's supreflections.

per was administered, and an invitation was Sept. 29.—The weather is still very hot, given for all professing Christians present, and the high roads very dusty. On inquiry, by whatever name they might be distinguishI find that the roads here are never scraped, ed, to take part in the service. In the evenor are they ever repaired, except that occa- ning I attended service at a church where a sionally wben they become unlevel, an ox coloured person preached. His text was, 1 is attached to a kind of plough, which cuts Cor., chap. 1, v. xxvi., “For ye see your calldown the ridges, and fills up the hollows in ing, brethren, how that not many wise men the roads, which is a very inexpensive method after the flesh, not many mighty, not many of repair.

noble, are called.” I have often heard local Sept. 30.-Attended service at the Jewish preachers who have not delivered so good a synagogue. It appeared to be numerously

sermon as the negro who officiated. When and respectably attended, but as the service he had concluded his discourse another continues without a moment's intermission negro took his place, and with stentorian from morning till night, persons were con- lungs, he addressed the people with such stantly arriving and departing throughout uncommon energy that if he had not been the day.--Went into Fair Haven, a place | black in the face when he commenced his discourse he would have been black in the haviour the moment it was manifested. I

was more impressed with the singing than I condemned the prevailing opinion that the was with the preaching, for there was a pecublack race was not equal to the white, but it liarity about it which I had never observed was with him a matter of great indifference before. There was a trill at the end of each as to what opinion people might hold about word, and especially at the end of each line, the negroes, for

which was particularly musical, and there God's purposes will ripen fast,

was such a soothing softness mingling with it Unfolding every hour.

which rendered it truly delightful People If he had Christ in his possession the white may say what they will about nigger minpeople might have all the world besides ; strels, but it is evident to me that there but he would, nevertheless, caution the is naturally in the negro a fine development white people that they must mind how they of musical taste. The service was extended trod upon the black man, for God would by means of singing and exhortation for fight for him. Four years ago the great several hours, and continued to increase in battles commenced, because the white peo- animation until, at length, two young women ple would not give the black people their commenced dancing and jumping in such an liberty, and if they did not take care there extraordinary manner on that side of the galwould have to be another battle yet. Some lery to which I had previously repaired, that white people said that if the coloured people all eyes were directed towards them. Neverbehaved themselves something would be theless, the singing went on as before, and done for them, but he was of opinion that the the jumping was so mechanical that it harcoloured people had not half the devilment in monised with the tune, and, altogether, there them which the white people had. He con- followed a scene of excitement such as I sidered himself quite as good as anybody have seldom witnessed. There was nothing else, and quite equal to any of the royal in the service which appeared to me calcufamily. He contended that the blacks ought lated to awaken such passionate ardour, and to have the suffrage as well as the whites, and while I contemplated the scene I thought his remarks were received by the bulk of there might be something in the natural the audience with every mark of approbation. temperament of these children of the sun After he had almost exhausted himself by which would account for the strange manner the rapidity of his utterances, others took in which they conducted the worship of the part in the service, and they all joined in Almighty. There was no rousing and imsinging, with great earnestness of manner, passioned eloquence; no touching representDon't be lingering on the shore,

tations of the awful terrors of the day of But walk up straight to Heaven's door.

doom ; nothing, in fact, but the singing of The church was much crowded, so much the songs of the spiritual Canaan, yet these so that when I entered I thought I should not appeared to be sufficient to throw them into be able to find a seat in the body, and I the most violent gesticulations, while with therefore entered the gallery ; but no sooner rapturous exultation they called out, had I reached the top of the stairs than a big “Blessed Jesus, we will come to thee." negro, with a knob stick in his hand, in- The jumping continued until, apparently formed me that I could not be permitted to from sheer exhaustion, the women fell upon remain there, as the gallery was not intended the floor and remained for some time as if in for white people. I then pushed my way as a state of unconsciousness. The audience well as I could towards the centre of the paid no attention to what had happened, but body of the church, when another big negro went on singing, with great enthusiasm, (also armed with a knob stick) directed me We won't go back to Egypt,” while their across the aisle, and having instructed ano- countenances beamed with rapturous pleather negro (also armed with a knob stick) sure. I left the church with a deep impresto conduct me to a seat, I was at length com- sion that a higher religious culture would fortably fixed where I had a good opportuni- soften their heart-felt emotions, and lead to ty of hearing and seeing all that took place. & calmer and more reverential service of The sight of the knob sticks in a place of God. worship produced in my mind an unpleasant Oct. 2.-This was the day appointed for feeling, but it was explained to me that the the vote of the citizens of Connecticut to be white people had been accustomed to go taken, which would decide whether the State there for the purpose of laughing and making Constitutional Amendment should be passed, fun of the service, and this caused the ne- which would confer on negroes the right of groes to select a number of men to act suffrage. I conversed with a number of the as sentinels and put a stop to any rude be- voters, and found that the Democrats gener

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ally voted no, and the Republicans ves, but acquiring property. When I attended the many of the latter declined voting at all. I negro church I only saw one person who was went to the poll-booth for the ward in which not well dressed, much better dressed than I lived, and everything was conducted in the the factory operatives of Lancashire. Some most orderly manner. On the voter coming of them had gold watches aud guards, and near to the polling-place, he would be certain gold rings on their fingers. The Irish poputo meet a person having voting papers, on lation is more opposed to the negro than any which was printed the word “ No," and other, and probably the reason is that negro there would be another person distributing labour more frequently comes in competition papers, on which were printed the word with their own, than is the case with the “Yes," and the voter usually took one of English. The vote in New Haven was careach. On entering the booth he gave his ried against giving the suffrage to men of name and address, and the officials having colour, there being a majority of 841 who certified that he was duly qualified to vote, voted "No," and in the entire State he presented his ticket to the person in at- of Connecticut there a majority tendance at the ballot box, whose duty it

of over

6,000. I don't think there was not to look whether the vote was yes or no, were any organised efforts in favour of but simply to satisfy himself by feeling at the suffrage in this state, for there were no it that there was only one ticket, and having public meetings, nor were there any posting done so, he then put it through an aperture bills issued. The Democrats had large bills in the lid of the box, and when the time ar- extensively posted, urging the people to vote rived for the voting to cease, the tickets were

" No." counted for each side, and a true declaration Oct. 3.–Visited the largest clock mapumade There was no excitement whatever, factory in the world. During the last year and not the least obstruction in the way of no fewer than 170,000 clocks were turned out voters, for every man could vote as he liked at this establishment. Everything is here without being questioned upon it. An done on the principle of division of labour, Irishman came near to the booth, and was each clock passing through many hands. presented with a ticket, but, as he was not Here every wheel and everything connected able to read, he went up to a negro who was with a clock is manufactured on the premises, standing near, and asked him to read it for with the exception of the verge. him, which he did. The ticket said “ No," Oct. 4.-Visited the largest carriage manand the black man advised him to take ufactory in the world. The activity and a ticket which said " Yes,” but whether genius of the American people are not more be did so or not I cannot say. I went to the developed in any branch of business than State House to see if the polling was being they are in the construction of carriages, and carried on in a more spirited manner there, it is said that from this one establishment but I found it as quiet as it was in the other 5,000 carriages are yearly sent off to distant district, for the voters kept coming to vote places. Machinery is adapted to almost and walking away in as orderly and quiet a every department of the work, and it is said way as possible. The vote by ballot is evi. to be accomplished with more exactness than dently very popular here, for I conversed could possibly be the case by hand labour. with persons belonging to different political The work is also so divided and subdivided parties, but they were all satisfied with the that each workman devotes his whole time operation of the ballot. I was very wishful and capacity to doing a single thing, so that that the majority of votes should be given on every man in his own particular branch the side of “ Yes,” for I have no doubt that attains the very highest degree of perfection. the coloured people will be invested with the The work proceeds constantly from hand right to vote ultimately, and to deprive them to hand, so that every hour of the day a of the right now will only lead to an agita- splendid carriage is turned out fit for a prince tion of a vexed question which never can be

to ride in. I was much interested in obseryset at rest until the right be conceded.

Al- ing the manner in which a carriage is packed though in this state there is no aristocracy of when it has to be sent abroad. The utmost birtb, nor of wealth, there is evidently an economy of space is combined with excellent aristocracy of colour, for many of the work- precautions to guard against dangerous coningmon in this locality are afraid of the ne- tingencies. These carriages are sent to all groes being placed on an equality with parts of the United States, to Mexico, the themselves. Yet it will be difficult to avoid West Indies, and to Central and South Anethis, for the negroes are making efforts to rica. The floor space occupied at this estaimprove their position by becoming edu- blishment alone is over 85,000 square feet, cated, and some of them have succeeded in the space having been increased more than

twenty-fold in the course of ten years. Not- went on in rotation, so that the attention of withstanding all the mechanical appliances the whole class was constantly fixed on the for the saving of time and labour, hundreds lesson. I went into room No. 2, and found of workmen are employed at this establish- that on one side of the wall was a slaty comment, for the demand for carriages in this position, similar to a black board, and on this country is very great; almost every person wall the children practised drawing houses, who has raised himself above the condition of steam-boats, &o. They were required to do working for his daily bread being accustomed an exercise in marching, and as each desk to run his own carriage.

and chair is separated from the rest, a numOct. 5.-New Haven is said to be the most ber of aisles were formed, which enabled the beautiful city in America, and is as much scholars to thread their way in and out in distinguished for its literary institutions as various directions, and as all this was perfor its manufacturing enterprise. There are formed in a systematic manner, and with seminaries for young ladies, and classical remarkable precision of movement, it had a schools for boys, which have a high char- very pleasing effect. Every chair was numacter for discipline and efficiency, and con- bered, and what made it evident that this tain pupils from all the states in the Union, marching lesson was the result of study and tho Sandwich Islands, and other parts of the arrangement was the fact, that when the world. Yale College has been celebrated as marching terminated, each scholar was exa seat of learning for more than one hundred

actly opposite his own seat, so that the chilyears, and the fame of many scholars and dren took their seats without the slightest statesmen is associated for ever with its shady confusion. A lesson in vocal music was then walks and emerald domes. There are also given, and was admirably performed. In 13 public schools, where education is free No. 3 room a spelling lesson was going on, and thorough. One of these establishments each scholar taking a word in turn. In No. I visited this day, the Eton School, and was 4, the drawing exercises were more difficult. much indebted to the courtesy of the super- In No. 5, they were spelling from dictation. intendent for an opportunity of inspection In No. 6, the slates extended all round the while the various departments were in tull walls, and the scholars were instructed in operation. The building is lofty and spa- making maps. They were also instructed in cious, divided into teu rooms, each having a musical notation, and got through their “do clock, and almost every one had a piano, or ra me" most creditably. In Nos. 7, 8, 9, and a harmonium, or both. Each room is adap- 10, the lessons gradually become more diffited for 50 scholars, and on a small platform cult and more comprehensive. stands a young lady who gives instruction to In each room boys and girls are taught her pupils, she having previously received a together, and all the teachers are females special training for the work. On being ad- except the superintendent and the singing mitted to the entrance hall, I had to wait a

master. Every child has to learn singing few minutes for the superintendent, and from the noles, unless there be some natuduring this time instruction was going on ral disability, and when it is found that the in each of the ten rooms, yet not a voice was ear is so defective as to prevent progress, atheard, and everything was as still and quiet tendance at the singing lesson is dispensed as if it had been a gentleman's mansion. with. In the entire school there was only On being introduced into room No. 1, I one vacant seat, and this was in consequence found that each child had a chair and a desk

of no scholar in the other rooms being suffiseparate from all the rest. The greater por- ciently advanced in learning to fill the vation of the children had slates before them, cancy. There were seventy applications for and were engaged in an exercise endeavour. admission waiting their proper turn, but no ing to imitate the printing in a small book

scholar was promoted from one room to anlike a “ reading made easy." These were other until his educational attainments had all small children, and consequently not able fitted him for the change, and consequently to write, and it appeared that the printing in the higher departments there might be exercise was the first in which they engaged. vacancies even when the applications for ad. The reason why the school was kept so quiet mission to the school were numerous. All was that every scholar had constant employ- the children, without exception, were clearly ment, and the discipline was so strict that and neatly dressed, beautiful vases of flowers the lady preceptress had no difficulty in pre- adorned the teacher's desk, the room was serving order, although she only spoke in a perfectly clean and airy,and from the windows low tone of voice very much like a whisper. might be obtained views of the most lovely A class stood up to read, but one scholar had scenery. On ascending the tower the most only to read one word, and then the exercise beautiful landscape presented itself. Appa

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rently tbe whole city could be seen, and I their own—which they have a perfect right thought I never saw such a beautiful city be- to do, providing they do not require others fore. The ships in the harbour, the light- to assist in maintaining them.

They have house, a distant sea view, and other objects, expressed a willingness to give up their schools could all be seen with the naked eye. When ard send their children to the public schools, the children were disinissed, they retired in providing other books might be introduced the most orderly manner, without manifest- This priposal does not meet with public aping either boisterous mirth or rude behaviour. probation, and it has originaterl quite a Such perfe :tion of school training I had struggle amongst the people ; for the Catholics never witnessed before, and nothing which

have been wishtul to elect persons on the had seen in America bad interested me so educational board who are favorable to the much. There hav, doubtless, been very

change proposed. This week the election strict discipline exercised to bring the scho- has taken place, and there was quite a party lars under such easy command, but when movement, the Catholics being defeated. once effected, discipline could easily be main. It is a great pity that religious dissention tained. In one of the schools of the city

should bis permitied to interfere with an insince I came here a case has occurred most

stitution designed for the public good, and painful to one of the teachers. A youth be- it is to be regretted that the Catholics as a came very ungovernable, and refused to body are by such a contest excluded from submit to the discipline of the school. The taking part in the management of the schools, teacher acted in a very decided manner, and

yet it would be a far greater evil to permit was determined to compel obedience. The

them to introduce changes in the schools such chastisement inflicted was probably severe,

as others would conscientiously object to. the youth having bled profusely, but the

As the present plan is based upon the prin• teacher succeeded in the accomplishment of

ciple of treating all denominations alike, it has bis object, his stubborn pupil having yielded

my warmest sympathy, and I hope the people obedience to his command. The pareuts of

will jealous!y guard against any innovation the youth believing that the punishment in

wbich would be calculated to impair what flicted was greater than the circumstances of

appears to be a very efficient system of inthe case required, entered an action against

struction. the teacher, but after a full investigation, the

Oct. 6.-Had a pleasant country walk. It magistracy dismissed the case, and I was

is somewhat strange to see the carts drawn told that every case which had previously

by uxen, the drivers seated in the front porbeen brought before the justices of a similar

tion of the vehicles guiding the aminals by character, had been disposed of in a similar

means of long whips. On one occasion manner. If the teacher had been guilty of

I saw iwo oxen in the shafts, and there was wiltul cruelty, he would have deserved severe

also a horse yoked as a leader of the team. I punishment, but wben the chastisement was

did not like the appearance, for it seemed only just sufficient to secure obedience, the

as if the horse wished to walk faster than magistrates acted wisely in maintaining the

the oxen. dignity of the teacher's position ; for had Oct 7.-During a country walk was much, they acted otberwise the teacher's prospects

amused to witness the playfulness of squirrels, of future usefulness would have been des- which are here very numerous. On the col. troyed, and the discipline of the school en

lege green there are many large squirrels feebled

which have taken up their permanent abode The system of public instruction in the

in the large beautiful elms, and they are so United States is a great national blessing, tame that when a person goes under the and will prove one of the grandest levers in shade of a tree holding out nuts they will the elevation of the people, morally and in- jump down upon his shoulders and eat the tellectually, which has ever been brought into nuts from his hand. These tame squirrel action. 'I here is no sectarian teaching of are highly respected bythe citizens, and there religion, nor is there anything of a sectarian are boxes placed in the trees containing corn character in the books of instruction, and and nuts from which they feed themselves. this is a very valuable feature; for when all Troughs are als2 placi d at the foot of the the people have to con'ribute to the support trees containing water for their use. The of ihe schools, nothing should be taught to expense of provisioning the squirrels is borne which any persons can entertain a conscien- by the citizens at large, who are so pleased tious objection. It is true there are persons

with their antics that they do not grumble who do raise objections, notwithstanding the

about the cost. correctness of the principle acted upon. The Oct. 8, Sunday. - Went to Wooster Place Catholics in this city have erected schools of Baptist Church, and heard Dr. Judd deliver

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