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Contents of the Ninth Volume.

II. From Dr. Swift, at Dublin. How little

he cares to think of England: Concern at

the violence of party. Of the first volume

of Mr. Pope's tranflation of Homer. His

circumftances in Ireland.

III. Mr. Pope's love and memory of Dr. Swift.
The Calumnies and Slanders upon him on
account of Religion, turned into raillery.
IV. Dr. Swift's anfwer. His enquiry concern-
ing Mr. P.'s principles. Poets generally
follow the Court. Raillery on the subject
of his enemies, and his Religion, A Qua-
ker-paftoral, and a Newgate-paftoral,
propofed as fubjects for Mr. Gay.

V. Dr. Swift to Mr. Pope: An apology for

his conduct and writings after the Queen's

death: With an account of his principles

in politics.

VI. Dr. Swift to Mr. Gay.



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XVI. Anfwer from Mr. Pope. The regret of

his departure, remembrance of the Ja-

tisfaction paft, wishes for his welfare.—

XVII. Defires for his return, and fettlement in
England: The various fchemes of his
other friends, and his own.

XIX. On the fame fubject from Mr. Pope.
Advice against party-writing.

XX. From Dr. Swift. About Gulliver, and
of a fecond journey to England.
XXI. From the fame. Concerning party, and
dependency: And of the project of a
joint volume of Mifcellanies.

XXII. The answer. On the fame fubjects.

XXIII. On Dr. Swift's fecond departure for Ire-


XXIV. From Dr. Swift: His reafons for de-

| XXV. From Dr. Swift. His remembrance of
Mr. P.'s friend/hip; with fome confi-
deration of his circumftances.

XXVI. From Mr. Gay. Raillery: What em-

ployment was offered him at court, and

why he refufed it.

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