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The death of Mr. Congreve. Cha-

racter of an indolent friend.

XXXVI. Dr. Swift to Lord Bolingbroke.

Exhortation to him to write history.

The Dean's temper, his prefent amufe-

ments, and difpofition.

XXXVII. From the fame, on the fame Jub-
jects, and concerning economy; bis
Sentiments on the times, and his
manner of life of the love of
fame and diftinctiou. His friend-
Ship for Mr. Pope.

XXXVIII. From the fame. His condition: The

State of Ireland: Character of Mrs.

Pope: Reflections on Mr. Pope's and

Mr. Gay's circumstances.

XXXIX. Mr. Pope's anfwer: His fituation
and contentment: An account of his
other friends.

XL. Lord Bolingbroke to Dr. Swift;

A review of his life, his thoughts

of economy, and concerning fame.

XLI. Dr. Swift's anfwer. The misfor-
tunes attending great talents: Con-
cerning fame, and the defire of it.
XLII. Dr. Swift to Mr. Pope. Concern-
ing the Dunciad, and of his fituation

of life.


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XLIX. Concerning the Duchefs of 2-y. Per-
fuafions to economy.

L. On the fame fubjects.

LI. A letter of raillery.

LII. In the fame ftyle, to Mr. Gay and the


LIII. A ftrange end of a law-fuit. His wa
of life, &c. Poffcript to the Duchefs.

LIV. Two new pieces of the Dean's: Answer

to his invitation into England. Advice

to write, &c.

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LV. More on the fame fubjects. A happy
union against corruption. Poftfcript to

the Duke of 2 and to the Duchefs.

LVI. Mr. Gay to Dr. Swift. His account of
himfelf: his last fables: His economy
-Poftfcript by Mr. Pope, of their com-
mon ailments, and economy; and against
party-pirit in writing.

LVII. From Dr. Swift to Mr. Gay. Congra-

tulation on Mr. Gay's leaving the Court;

Lord Cornbury's refusal of a penpon :

Character of Mr. Gay.

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LVIII. From the fame. Concerning the writ-
ing of fables: Advice about economy,
and provifion for old age; of inatten-
tion, &c. Poftfcript to the Duchefs.
LIX. From the fame to Mr. Gay, and a post-
Script to the Duchefs, on various fub-

LX. From the fame, concerning the opening
of letters at the post-office. The encou-
ragement given to bad writers. Reafons
for his not living in England. Poft-
Script to the Duchefs; her character;
raillery on the fubject of Mr. Gay him-

LXI. From Dr. Swift to Mr. Pope. An ac-

count of feveral little pieces or tracts

published as bis: which were, or were

not genuine.

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LXVI. From Dr. Swift. Of the paper called

The Life and character of Dr. Swift.

Of Mr. Gay, and the care of his pa-
pers. Of a libel against Mr. Pope.
Of the edition of the Dean's works
in Ireland, how printed.

LXVII. Of the Dean's verfes, called A libel
on Dr. D. the Spurious character of
him: Lord Bol's writings: The in-
dolence of great men in years.

LXVIII. From Dr. Swift. On Mrs. Pope's
death. Invitation to Dublin. His
own fituation there, and temper.

LXIX. Answer to the former. His temper of
mind fince his mother's death. The
union of fentiments in all bis acquain-


LXX. Concern for his abfence. Of a libel
against him. Reflections on the beha-
viour of a worthless man.

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