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HD 9851 NS Az 1878

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To the Senate and General Assembly of the State of New Jersey:

GENTLEMEN :-The undersigned, Commissioners appointed by the Governor in accordance with the terms of an act approved March 9th, 1877, and entitled “An Act to authorize the appointment of Commissioners on Textile Fabrics," and by the terms of said act directed “to devise a plan for the encouragement of manufactures of ornamental and textile fabrics,” beg leave herewith to present their report.

Your Commissioners would state that, so far as they are informed, the law under which this Commission was created was passed in compliance with a memorial presented by a Committee of the Centennial Commission of the State of New Jersey, February 22d, 1877, and reading as follows:


To the Senate and General Assembly :

GENTLEMEN :—The Centennial Commission of New Jersey present the following memorial, asking the appointment of a Commission to examine and report upon a plan to utilize and promote the manufacture of ornamental and textile fabrics in this State.

In the course of studies extending over a period of two years devoted to the investigation of our industries and manufactures, we have reached the conclusion that unskilled labor in New Jersey will never be the subject of any special change. Our value as a State depends upon the development of skilled labor.

It must be conceded that the agricultural resources of our State have not yet, by any means, reached the stage of their fullest development. The ħighest results in skilled labor in every

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