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GALLSTOWN-houfe, on, xi. 245. Gandy, on the royal marriage his prefent majefty, iv. 229, 230. Garrick; verfes dropt in his temple of Shakespeare at Hampton, i. 431-His anfwer to a nobleman who afked him if he did not intend being in parliament, iv. 258-Extract from the Rofciad on, iv. 269-His prologue upon prologues, v. 211, 212-Addrefs to the Town, in the character of the Bufy Body, vi. 230-Lines addressed to mr. Derrick, upon recalling his orders against the ladies dancing minuets in facques, ix. 257-His ode, upon dedicating a building, and erecting a ftatue to Shakespeare at Stratford upon Avon, xii. 245. 252-Fable, entitled, The Petition of the Fools to Jupiter, with an answer to it by the earl of Chesterfield, xiii. 234. 236Epitaph on the rev. mr. Beighton, vicar of Egham, xv. 220, 221-Lines written upon the back of his picture, xvi. 248-Lines addreffed to him on the report of his quitting the stage, xviii. 213-His poem called Grace, 213, 214-His Occafional Prologue, fpoken the last time of his performing, in 1776, xix. 230, 231-Epitaph on Paul Whitehead, xx. 201-Jupiter and Mercury, a fable, 206-A Jeu d'Efprit on Goldsmith's characteriftical Cookery, 207-Extract from a monody on him, xxii. 176, 177— His prologues and epilogues. See Edgar and Emmeline-Florizel and Perdita-Elvira the Andria-Much Ado about Nothing-the Clandeftine Marriage the earl of Warwick-the TayJors-Almida-She Stoops to Conquer -the Inflexible Captive-the CholeFic Man Alfred-the Runaway—

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School for Scandal - Suicide - Bonduca-the Fathers.

Geakie, dr. to fir Godfrey Kneller, on his style of painting, x. 247. Generous Impoftor; prologue to the, xxiii. 204, 205.

Genius, Envy, and Time, a tale, v. 204.


Gentleman, a, to his lady, with the prefent of a knife; veries fent by, xx, 305, 206.

George III. or the Patriot King, iv. 218-On the royal nuptials, by Spence, iv. 225, 226-On the marriage of, iv. 229, 230-See Birth-day Odes. Gerrard, rev. John; his elegy, entitled Aminta, xiii. 205, 206-Epistle to a young lady, 207. 210.

Ghoft, by Churchill; extracts from, v.


Godiva, the ftory of, by Rd. Jago, x,


Goldfmith; his poem entitled Retaliation, xvii. 197. 200-Extract from a monody on his death, 201. 205-Epitaph on, by Woty, xvii. 230--A poetical epiftle to, or fupplement to his Retaliation, xxi. 206, 207. Good Humour, on; by lord Lyttelton, xvii. 229. Good-natured Man, the prologue to,

xi. 223.

Gout, on the, i. 440.

Grace; a poem, by mr. Garrick, xviii,


Grafton, duke of, chancellor of the univerfity of Cambridge; ode on the intallation of, xii. 235. 237. Grainger, rev. mr. author of the Biogra phical Dictionary; verfes to his memory, and on the occafion of his death, xix. 233. Granby, marquis of; epigram on his bald head, iii. 241-Ode to him on lofing his hat, and charging the French lines bare-headed, 241. 242-On his death, xiii. 241. Granville, John, earl of, portrait of, by the hon. Horace Walpole, v. 225. Granville, mr. character of, by dr. Young,

XX. 208.

Gray; his odes, entitled, the Fatal Sifters and the Defcent of Odin, from the Norfe tongue, xi. 211. 215-Ode to Adverlity, xviii. 199-On the Pleafure arifing from Viciffitude, 202. 204-Two Latin Odes to the Deity of the Grand Chartreufe, and to mr, Weft, with English translations, xix, 226.229.


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Health, ode to, ii. 457-Ode on, by Ariphron the Sicyonian, tranflated, xii.

Burnet, Rapin, Hume, and Lyttelton,



Henry I. of England; verfes on, written immediately after his death by an unknown author, iv. 238.

Henry, prince of Brunfwick; ode on his death, tranflated from the German, viii. 276, 277.

Henry and Sophy; a poem, xiii. 231,



Hermit, the; fuppofed to be written by
Goldfmith, ix. 240. 245.

Hermite, the ; his addreffe to youth, xi.

Highland Fragments, two, versified, iii.

227, 228.

Hikleberti epifcopi Anomanenfis, xii. cent. oratio poetica ad Dominum, viii. 295.


Hogarth, his pictures of Lovat and
Wilkes; verses on feeing, vi. 236.
Hopkins, mifs; epilogue fpoken by, at
fix years old, viii. 286.
iv. ode 3. imitated in
Horace, book
English, v. 206. 208-book i. ode 25.
imitated, 224-Book ii. ode 16. imi-
tated, vi. 210, 211-Two additional
odes, (Latin) the 39th and 40th of
book i. faid to have been lately dif
covered in the Palatine Library, xx.
212, 213.

xi. 243. 245.

Hamlet; Voltaire's burlefque parody on the famous foliloquy of, x. 72. Hammond; his elegy to mifs Dashwood, xxii. 171, 172. Hammond, Thomas, parish clerk of Afhford Kent; epitaph on, xvi. 246, 247. Happiness; ode to, ii. 460-xvi. 236. Harington, John, (of xvith cent.) his

defcryption of Tyme, xxi. 211. 213 -Sonnet on Ifabella Markhame, 214. Harmony, hymn to, in the manner of

Swift, xii. 216, 217. Harpocrates; a familiar epiftle sent with a head of, in a ring, xi. 222. 228. Harrington, dr. (of Bath) on the picture of mr. Garrick placed by a buft of Shakespeare, x. 249-On seeing the figure of Death in a dream, xvi. 253. Harriton, William; character of, by dr. Young, xx. 209. Hartfon, Hall; extracts from his poem entitled Youth, xv. 192. 196. Harvest Home, or the Triumph of Ceres,

xvi. 252.

Haftings, the Battle of; prologue to, xxi. 196.

Havard, epilogue spoken by, on leaving
the ftage in 1769, xii. 229.
Hawthorn Bower, a fong, ix. 254.
Hayley, W.; extract from his Ode to
Jobn Howard, efq. author of the
State of English and Foreign Prifons,
xxiii. 206. 209-His Effay on Hif-
tory, extracts from-on the charac-
ters of Salluft and Livy, xxiii. 211—
on biography, and the character of
Plutarch, Froiffart, father Paul, Vol-
taire, Camden, Raleigh, Clarendon,

Horfe, an; epitaph upon, xiv. 237.
Horfe and the Olive, or War and Peace;
a tale, v. 183.
Howard, hon. Edw. verfes to, xxi.


Huet, (bishop of Avranche) his tour from Caen to Stockholm, translated, xiv. 221. 230. imitated from Humphry, Duke, ode to ; Horace, book i. ode 25. v. 224. Hufband, an, epitaph by, on a lady who died of a confumption at the Bristol Hot Wells, xx. 211, 212. Hutchinfon; verfes on feeing his Treatife on the Paffions, i. 421.

I. J.


EKYLI., mr.; his epilogue to the Miniature Picture, xxiii. 205, 206. Jeffop, rev. William ; his ode to a young gentleman, xvii. 214. Ignorance, on, x. 263, 264. Impromptu on a lady's death, xxii. 179. Inconftancy, ode to, v. 193, 194. Indian philofopher, the; a poem,


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Indifference, a prayer to, by Mrs. G-,

V. 202, 203.

Infant, an, whofe parents were fuppofed to be vagrants, epitaph on, vii. 294, 295-Sleeping in the arms of its mother, xiv. 242, 243.

Inflexible Captive, the, epilogue to, xviii.

207, 208.

Infcription in a tower at W-, in the county of Cambridge, xviii. 196. Invalid, an, anatomical epitaph on, by himself, xi. 224. Invitation, the ; a poem, ix. 268. Johnlon, dr. Samuel; his epitaph on Claudius Phillips, x. 252-the Winter's Walk, 265-Lines written at the request of a gentleman to whom a lady had given a fprig of myrtle, xi. 248. Jones, William, efq.; his tranflation of Solima, an Arabian eclogue, xv. 195, 197-A Perfian fong of Hafiz, 193, 199-A Turkifh ode of Mifihi,

200, 201.

Ironmonger, an, addrefs to, on his birthday, xiv. 235, 236..

Italians and Swits, the characters of, contrailed, vii. 230. 233. Jupiter and Mercury, a fable, xx. 206.

Kelly, mrs. and fan ly; prologue to the "Word to the Wife," performed for the benefit of, xx. 198, 199. King, mr. Charles; his receipt to make L'e u de Vie, ix. 263.

KD and Peafant contrafted, iv. 218. King, the Patriot, or George II., iv.

Lloyd, E.; his Powers of the Pen, ix.


266, 267-Ode at the opening of the new Exhibition Room of the Royal Incorporated Society of Artifts of Great Britain, xv. 206. 208.

216. 232.

KFATE; his epiftle entitled Ferrey, Loggin, mifs, to mr. S—, upon his defiring her to paint his character, wv. London, Farewel to; by A. Pope, xiv.



Kings, the Two; a fable, xiii. 218, 219. Kn.ller, fir Godfrey, to, on his ftyle of painting, X. 247.

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Latin verfes; tranflation of, from the Arabic, xviii. 224.

Laura, elegy upon, in imitation of Pe

tarch, xv. 201. 205.

Lawyer's Clerk, the Difcontented, iii.

verks by, on obferving fome white hors on her lover's head, axill, 200.


Lea, ir Henry; his verfes to queen Eli

zabeth, in his old age, xvi. 247. Leven Water, ode to, xiv. 239, 240. Libertine, the, repulfed, vi. 242. Liberty, la Liberta, from Metaftafio,

viii. 289. 291.

Life, With againit, from Profodippus, xv.

219. -->

Wish for, from Metrodcrus, xv.


Lincoln College in Oxford; ole on breaking a quart mug belonging to, xix. 225, 226. Lloyd, rev. Robert; an imitation from the Spectator, by, v. 198. 200— his tale entitled, Genius, Envy, and Time, 204. 206-A poem, add effed to mr. R. laid up with a fit of the gout, hy the author confined in the Fleet, vii. 239. 241-his fable called The Candle and the Snuffers, 248, 249-His character in the Fleet, by J. Carr, xvi. 246.


London ficpital; fon on the anniverfary meeting in 1776, by W. Whitehead. xix. 233 235

Love, Sympathetic, by Shak'peare, xri.

221, 222.

-> Maxims in, by lord Lyttelton,

xvii. 243.

Lover, the, cured; imitated from Metaftanio, i. 422.

——, the, and the Friend; from Bagatelles, x. 249, 250.

Lowndes, Wm. efq. (fecretary to the treafory in the reign of queen Anne) į a quibbling epitaph on, vii. 242. Lowth, dr. (now lord bishop of London); his Latin veries to a young la 'y curling her h, tranflated. xiv. 230 -Epitaphium in Filiam, xxi. 191. Lyttelton, lord; his emo en the countels of Eqremset, rdd ion to it by carl Hardwicke, and ve its cecaioned by this addition, iv. 240. 243—On reading

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the Ignorance of, vi. 236,237. Mapes, Walter de; a Latin ode by, xvii. 216-the fame attempted in English, 216, 217. Markhame, Ifabella; fonnet on, by John Harrington, in the xvith century, xxi. 214. Marriage; ode to a kinfman on his intended, i. 417.

an ode on; extract from, viii.

280. 282.

Mirth, in praife of, by Woty, viii. 283.-
Mifer; epigram on a dinner at the house
of a, xi. 246.

epitaph on a, xiv. 236.

and the Moufe; an epigram from
the Greek, xv. 220.
Mifery, Human Expostulation on, xxiį.

Mifiti, a Turkish ode of, tranflated, xv.

Mary, queen, new year's ode to, in 1562, by Alexander Scott, xx. 211. Mafquerade, a; defcription of, by a

Sailor, xi. 239. 241. Mafon, William; his elegy to the rev. mr. (now bishop) Hurd, ii. 450——— Elegy on the death of a Lady, v. 188. 190-Verfes to a young Nobleman on leaving the University, 191, 192Extract from the English Garden, xx.

200, 201.

Modern Comedies; epigram on our,
xiii. 219.

Marriages; epigram on, xvii.


High Life; amufement in, xviii,
196, 197.

mrs. Bowes in 1724, 1. 239.
Montague, lady Mary, on the death of
on her effay on the
Montague, mrs.
Genius and Writings of Shakespeare,
xiv. 237, 238.

More, mits, of Bristol; ode to Happi-
nefs, xvi. 236-to Solitude, 237-to
Simplicity, 237, 238-Legendary tale,
entide Si. Eldred of the Bower, xix,
206. 209.


Matrimony, Reflections of an old Bat-
chelor on, xviii. 215, 216.
Matthew, St.; part of ch. vi. translated,
i. 420.

May, on the month of; a poem, from
Buchanan, xii. 217. 220.
Medea and Jafon; extract from a tranf-
lation of the Loves of, xiv. 205. 209.
Melcombe, lord; verfes written by, un-

Morris, mils; occafional prologue and an eulogy on her first appearance in the character of Juliet, xi. 238, 239. Mofchus and Museus; extract from, iii. 238.

der the bufto of Comus, iv. 240. Melpomene; an ode, i. 387. 392. Menander, the Acceptable Sacrifice, tranflated from, vi. 212.

Merrick, rev. Janes; his poem, The
Ignorance of Man, vi. 236, 237.
Meyrick, mrs.; epitaph on, v. 226.
Mickle, mr.; his specimen of a tranfla-

tion of the Lufiad of Camoens, xiv.

Midnight Magiftrate, the, xi. 245, 246.
Milton, a fragment of, from the Italian,

XV. 218.

Mind, Ode on the Pleafures of the, i,

Miniature Picture, the; prologue and
epilogue to, xxiii. 205. 209.
Minifter; poem addreffed to any, or

Much Ado about Nothing; famous occafional prologue to, written and fpoken by mr. Garrick before their majesties in 1765, viii. 286, 287. Mutability of Human Life; poem on the, xii. 233, 234,


NAMES of great renown, on the abufe
Nation, on the state of the, in 1759, ii.

of, xi. 226.


New Year's Ode for 1759, i. 395, 396—
for 1760, iii. 225, 227-for 1761, iv.
218,219-for 1762, v. 215-for 1763,
vi. 222 for 1765, viii. 271-for 1767,
x. 241, 242—for 1768, xi. 222, 223
-for 1770, xiii. 201-for 1771, xiv.
218-for 1772, xv. 205-for 1773,
xvi. 238-for 1774, xvii. 217, 218-
for 1776, xix. 202-for 1777, XX. 196
-for 1778, xxi. 192-for 1779, xxii.
169-for 1780, xxiii. 193, 194.
Norris, John, efq.; his poetic fable, en-
titled The Rainbow, iv. 256, 257.
North, the, a Wish to, by a lady, xiii.

great man, vill. 278.
Minitrel, the, or the Progrefs of Genius ;
extracts from, xiv. 210. 215.

236, 237.

Nun, the; an elegy, vii. 227. 230.


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Patriot King, the, or George the Third,

iv. 218.

Phoebe, verles on, xi. 232, 233. Phormio, the, (acted in Westminster college); epilogue to, in Latin and Englith, iii. 234.

Pitt, mr. to, on his refigning the feals,
Plato; a fonnet by, and preferved by

iv. 231.

Diogenes Laertius, tranflated, x. 252. Poet, the, and Straw; a fable, xiii. 217, 218.

Pine Tree; clegy to a, ix. 260.
Pitt, mr. fecretary; ode to, ii. 446.
——, on, by profeffor Warton,
iv. 215. 217.

Poet's Prayer, xvii. 223, 224. Pope; his epitie to lord Cobham, in Poetry, the Progress of, xv. 225. 230. imitation of Horace, xii. 237, 238a fong by, never before published, 244 -his Thoughts on Solitude, 244Farewel to London, never published in his works, xviii. 222, 223. Porter, Tankard of, ii. 458. Powell, mr.; occafional prologue to the Roman Father, performed for the benefit of the family of, xii. 239. ; epitaph on his monument at Bristol, xiv. 235. Powis,, efq.; verfes infcribed on a Imall cottage built by, in a grove by the river Severn, x. 253. Pratt, rev. mr. (of Peterborough); his elegiac poem called The Partridges, xiv. 241-to an Infant, fleeping in the arms of its Mother, 242, 243-Verfes fent to a Lady on her Birth-day, 244,


Pritchard, mrs. ; extracts from the Rofciad on, iv. 265. Her farewel epilogue in 1768, xi. 224-Epitaph upon,


Pavement; epigram on the new, vii. 248. Peace; ode to, i. 416-vi. 221, 222. Pearce, rev. dr. (late bishop of Rochefter) on his and his lady celebrating the 50th year of their union, as a year of jubilee, xix. 233. Peafant and King contrafted Churchill, vii. 235, 236. Peep behind the Curtain; prologue and epilogue to, x. 258, 259.

; from

Pelican, the, and Spider; a fable, xv.


Perhian Poetry; ode from, xvii. 227,


Petition, Humorous, in the manner of
Swift, i. 441.


Philafter; prologue to, vi, 231.
Phillip's Claudius; epitaph on, by doctor RAINBOW; fable of the, iv. 256,

Johnson, x. 252.


XV. 221, 222.

Prologues and epilogues to plays.-See
Dramatic Poetry.

Pruffia, king of, on the genius and man-
ners of European nations, addreffed
to mr. profeffor Gottiched; with the
anfwer of the profeffor, in French and
Englith, i. 403.405-his ode on Death,
tranflated, 409-epistle to Voltaire,
tranflated, 412.

; extracts from the Rosciad on,

266, 267-His Soliloquy on

feeing the picture of Duke Humphry at St. Alban's, viii. 284.

Rake, Dying, Soliloquy of, ii. 455. Raleigh, fir Walter, verfes by, and fuppoled to be written just before his death, v. 196. 198.

Rance, abbe de; an epiftle from, to a friend, written at the abbey of La Trappe, and paraphrafed in English, ix. 232. 240.


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