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bath, iv. [115]

Waldegrave, rt. hon. lieutenant-general Warren, fir George-a knight of the
John earl-general, xv. [161]-col.
of the Coldftream regiment of foot
guards, xvi. [164]

Warren, rev. dr. John-arch leacon of
Worcester, xviii. [202]
Warren, John Borlace, cfq.-a baronet,
xviii. [203]

Warren, rev. dr. John, rector of Elm
in the Isle of Ely and Emneth in Nor-
folk-bishop of St. David's, xxii.

Watfon, Charles, efq.-a baronet of
Great Britain, iii. [86]

Wales, his royal highness George prince
of-knight of the garter, viii. [152]
Wall, Jofeph, efq.-fecretary and clerk
of the council in Senegambia, xvi.
Wallace, James, efq.-commiffioner of
the victualling-office, xv. [163]
Wallace, John, efq.-conful at Bergen,
xviii. [203]

Wallace, captain James-a knight, xix.

Wallace, James, efq.-his majefty's fo-
licitor-general, xxi. [223]-his ma-
jeity's attorney-general, xxiii. [246]
Waller, Robert, efq.-commiffioner of
excife in Ireland, xvi. [162]
Waller, rev. dr. James-archdeacon of
Effex, xvi. [163]

Waller, William, eiq.-commiffioner of
the itamp-office, xviii. [201]
Waller, Robert, of Newport, Tipperary,
efq-a baronet of the kingdom of
Ireland, xxiii. [245]
Wallis, Samuel, efq.-commiffioner of
the navy, xxiii. [249]
Wallop,-, efq.- - groom of the bed-
chamber, viii. [167]
Walpole, honourable Robert- -a clerk
of the privy council, vii. [120, 121]-
fecretary to the embassy to the court
of Spain, x. [172, 173]-envoy ex-
traordinary and plenipotentiary at the
court of Portugal, xiv. [172]
Walth, colonel Hunt-major-general,
xv. [161]

Walth, rev. Ralph, M. A.-dean of
Dromore, xv. [162]

Walfingham, honourable Robert Boyle
-colonel of the marines, xxii. [244]
Warburton, lieutenant-general Hugh-

general, xiii. [183]

Watson, rev. dr. Richard-prebendary
of Ely, xvii. [184]

Watfon, colonel Robert-lieutenant-go-
vernor of Portsmouth, xviii. [201]-
major-general, xxii. [243] — lieute-
nant-general, ib. [243]

Watfon, mr. Robert-principal of the
university of St. Andrew's, Scotland,
xx. [226]

Way, John, efq.-a chief clerk of the
court of king's bench, xxi. [224]
Webb, Daniel, major-general-lieute-
nant-general, viii. [164]-colonel of
the 14th regiment of dragoons, xv.

Ward, John, lord Ward of Birmingham
-a viscount of the kingdom of Great
Britain, by the title of viscount Dud-
ley and Ward, of Dudley in the county
of Worcester, vi. [128]
Ward, Bernard, efq.-baron Bangor, of
Castle Ward, Down, Ireland, xiii. [184]
Ward, Ralph, efq.-receiver-general of

the ftamps in Ireland, xvii. [184]
Ward, colonel George-colonel of the

14th regiment of dragoons, (in Ire-
land.) xvi. [166]-major-general and
ftaff-officer, xxi. [222]
Warkworth, lord-member for Weft-
minster, vi. [62]. See Percy, Hugh

Webb, adjutant James-deputy com
miffary of the muiters in North Ame-
rica, xviii. [203]
Webber, captain Charles-rear-adıniral
of the white, xxiii. [247]
Wedderburn, colonel-commander in
chief of the honourable East-India
company's forces at Bengal, xiii. [72,
Wedderburne, Alexander, efq.-folici-
tor-general to his majesty, xiv. [170]


- attorney-general to his majetty,
xxi. [223]-lord chief juftice of the
common pleas in England, and baron
Loughborough, xxiii. [245]
Wells, Richard, efq.-a deputy teller of
the exchequer, xvi. [163]
Wentworth, John, efq.-governor and
commander in chief of New Hamp-
fhire, in America, ix. [165]
Weft, John, efq.-a commiffioner of the
customs in Scotland, ix. [167]
Westcote, William Henry lord-a lord
of the treasury, xx. [224]
Weftfaling, Philip, efq.-one of the five
fearchers of the port of London, xxii.

Westmeath, Charles earl of a privy
counsellor of Ireland, xvii. [188]
Westport, John lord vifcount-earl of
Altamont, xiv. [174, 175]
Wetherell, rev. dr.-prebendary of Weft-
minster, xviii. [203]
Weymouth, lord viscount-lord lieute-

nant of Ireland, and privy counsellor,
viii. [165]-a principal fecretary of
ftate for the northern department, xi.
[209]-for the southern, ib. [212]-
groom of the ftole, xviii. [202]-a
principal fecretary of state, ib. [204]

knight of the garter, xxi. [222]
Whateley, Thomas, efq.-under fecreta-
ry of itate to lord Suffolk, xiv. [115]
-a lord of trade and plantations, xiv.
[171]-keeper of his majesty's private
roads, &c. ib. [173]
Wheeler, rev. dr. Benjamin-regius pro-
feffor of divinity, and canon of Chrift
Church, Oxford, xix. [218, 219]
Whish, Martin, efq.-a commifiioner of
the ftamp-office, xxi. [223]
Whitaker, mr. ferjeant—a Welch judge,
ix. [164]

Whitehouie, Edward, efq.-gentleman
ufher, and quarterly-waiter to his
majefty, xvii. [187]-clerk of the
robes and wardrobes of his majesty,
xix. [221]
Whitley, Henry, colonel-major-gene-
ral, visi. [165]—lieutenant-general,
xiii. [183]

Whitmore, George, efq.-a commiffion-
er of the ftamp-office, viii. [167]
Whitworth, Charles, ef.-a baronet,
xi. [212]

Wilkes, Ifrael, efq.-conful at Aleppo,
in Syria, xiii. [182]
Wilkes, John, eiq.-alderman for the
ward of Farringdon without, in the
city of London, xii. [65.70]-cham-
berlain of the city of London, xxii.
[234, 235]
Wilkie, Robert, efq.-his majesty's con-
ful at Alicant, xii. [171]
Willes, Edward, efq. folicitor-general—
a judge of the court of king's bench,
xi. [209]

Willes, Francis, efq.-
--one of the under
fecretarics of fate, xv. [162]
William Henry, his royal highness prince
-a knight of the garter, v. [86. 105]
-duke of Gloucester and Edinburgh
in Great Britain, and earl of Con-
naught in Ireland, vii. [121]. See
Gloucefter, duke of
William Henry, his royal highnefs prince
-knight of the thittle, xiii. [89]-port
captain in the navy, xxii. [245]
Williams, John, efq.-furveyor of the

navy, viii. [166]—a knight, xiv. [175]
-commiffioner of the navy, xvi. [165]

and xxiii. [249]
Williams, John, efq.-commiffioner of
the customs at Boiton in New Eng-
land, xv. [161]
Williams, James, cfq.-a receiver-gene-


[blocks in formation]

Wilfon, lieutenant-colonel fir Thomas
Spencer, baronet-aid-de-camp to his
majefty, xvi, [162]
Winchellea, right honourable Daniel
earl of prefident of the council, viii.

Winchelfea, right honourable George
earl of a lord of the bed-chamber,
xx. [225]-lord lieutenant of the coun-
ty of Rutland, xxii. [244]
Winne, George, of Little Warley, El-
fex, efq.—a baronet, xix. [218]
Winttone, Charles, efq-attorney-ge-
neral at Dominica, xxi. [223, 224]
Winterton, right honourable Edward
barona vifcount and earl of the
kingdom of Ireland, by the title of
earl Winterton, and viscount Tur-
nour, of Gort, in the county of Gal-
way, viii. [168, 169]
Wintringham, fir Clifton, knight-a ba-
ronet, xvii. [188]
Winyard, colonel William-major-ge-
neral, xxii. [243]

Wolf, Jacob, of Townhill, Hants, efq.
-a baronet of Great Britain, ix.

Wollafton, rev. dr. Francis-a preben-
dary of Peterborough, xvi. [166]
Wombwell, George, efq.-chairman of
the Eaft-India company, xx. [223]—
a baronet of Great Britain, xxi. [223]
Wonder, Thomas, efq.-collector of the

port of Cork in Ireland, xv. [162]
Wood, John, etq.-governor of the Inle
of Man, viii. [165]

Wood, Alexander, efq.-commissary-
general of ftores and provitions at
Grenada, xiv. [174]


Woodefon, Richard, B.C.L.-Vinerian
profeffor at Oxford, xx. [223]
Woodford, Ralph, efq.-refident at the
Hans Towns, vi. [127]-envoy extra-
ordinary at Copenhagen, xv. [162]
Woodley, William, elq.. governor of
the Leeward iflands, ix. [167]
Wooldridge, honourable Thomas, efq.-
provoft marshal-general of the quit
rents of St. Vincent, xiv. [171]
Worge, colonel Richard- -governor of
Senegal, viii. [167]-major-general,
xiii. [183]

Worley, fir Richard, baronet.


of the clerks comptrollers of the
board of green-cloth, xx. [226]-
comptroller of his majefty's houthold,
xxii. [245]-governor of the lile of
Wight, and a privy counsellor, xxii.
Wragg, William, esq.—justice of South
Carolina, xii. [171]
Wray, Daniel, efq.- -a trustee of the
British Mufeum, viii. [165]
Wren, major-general Jorden-lieut.


[ocr errors]

general, xxii. [243]
Wright, James, efq..

governor of
Georgia, iv. [99]-a baronet of Great
Britain, xv. [164]

Wright, fir James, knight, refident at
Venice-a baronet of Great Britain,
XV. [162]

Wrottelley, rev. fir. Richard——dean of
Worcester, viii. [165]
Wroughton, Thomas, efq.envoy at
Stockholm, xxi. [223] -a knight of
the bath, xxiii. [248]
Wyndham, Thomas, efq.-a commif-
fioner for taxes, vi. [126]
Wynn, fir Watkin Williams, baronet—
lieutenant and cuftos rotulorum of the
county of Merioneth, xviii. [203]
Wynn, fir Thomas, baronet-baron

Newborough, in Ireland, xix. [217]
Wynne, Robert, efq.-a commiffioner
for the fale of lands in Grenada, the
Grenadines, Dominica, St. Vincent's,
and Tobago, vii. [120]
Wynne, William, LL. D.-his majesty's
advocate-general and vicar-general of
the province of Canterbury, xxi. [224]
-chancellor of London, xxii. [245]


IMENES, the Baille de-grand maf-
ter of Malta, xvi. [163]


YATES, fir Jofeph, knight, one of the
judges of the king's bench-chancel-
lor of the chancery court of Durham,
viii. [165]-a judge of the common
pleas, xiii. [183]

Yeats, David, eiq-register of grants,
patents, and records of Eaft Florida,
xii. [171]

Yeo, Thomas, efq.-felicitor-general at
Dominica, xxi. [224]

Yonge, ir George-a lord of the admi-
ralty, ix. [166]

York, his royal highnefs the duke of
keeper of Windfor foreft and Green-
park, &c. and of Cranborn Chace,
&c. ix. [164]

Yorke, hon. John, efq.-a commissioner
for trade and plantations, iv. [88]-vi.
[127]-vii. [167]—a commiffioner of
the admiralty, ib. [168]
Yorke, honourable Charles-a patent of
precedence, vii. [121]-keeper of the
great feal-a privy councilor-lord
high chancellor of Britain-and
baron Morden, xiii. [181]
Yorke, fir Jofeph-a privy counsellor,
xi. [211]

Yorke, honourable and rev. dr. James
--bishop of St. David's, xvii. [186]-
bishop of Gloucester, xxii. [24]
Young, William, efq.—a commissioner
for the fale of lands, and receiver of
the money arising from the fale of
lands, in Grenada, the Grenadines,
Dominica, St. Vincent, and Tobago,
vii. [120]-lieutenant-governor of
Dominica, xi. [210]-
-a baronet of
Great Britain, xii. [171]-governor
of Domi c, xiii. [184]
Young, dr. Edward-bishop of Leighlin

and Fernes, viii. [164]

Young, William, efq.——lieutenant-go-
vernor of Tobago, xiii. [185]
Young, rev. dr. Thomas Patrick-a pre-
bendary of Weltminster, xiv. [172]
Young, James, efq.-vice-admiral of the
white, xiii. [184]--vice-admiral of the
red, xviii. [201]-admiral of the white,
xxi. [221]
Younge, Edward, efq.-a commissioner
for taxes, vi. [126]
Yvounet, John Paul, efq.-a commif,
fioner for appeals and regulating the
duties of excife, vi. [126]





ABDY, fir John, baronet, of Hanover-

ftreet-to Mifs Gordon, of Brewer-
street, xix. [207]
Abingdon, the earl of-to mifs Warren,
daughter of the late admiral fir Peter
Warren, xi. [208]

Aboyne, the earl of-to lady Mary
Douglas, filter to the earl of Morton,
xvii [179]

Achefon, Arthur, efq. eldest fon of fir
Archibald Achefon, baronet, of Ire-
land, to mifs Pole, daughter of lieu-
tenant-general Pole, xvii. [179]
Acland, Thomas, efq.-to lady Henrietta
Strangeways, daughter to the earl of
1lchefter, xiii. [181]
Adam, William, efq. member of par-
liament for Gatton-to the hon. mifs
Eleonora Elphinstone, fecond daugh-
ter of lord Elphinstone, xx. [220]
Agnew, fir Stair, of Locknaw, bart.—
to mifs Peggy Nafmith, daughter to
Thomas Nalinith, of Drumblair, efq.
xviii. [196]
Aked, William, efq.-to mifs Fawcit,
daughter of col. Fawcit, of the guards,
xix. [210]
Albemarle, the earl of-to mifs Miller,
xiii. [180]

Albert, prince of Saxony-to the arch-
duchefs Maria Chriftina of Auftria,
ix. [162]

Amelia, the archduchefs of Auftria
to the infant duke of Parma, xii.

Amherst, fir Jefferyto mifs Cary,

daughter to general Cary, x. [171]
Amyand (afterwards Cornwall) fir Geo.

baronet to miss Cornwall, xiv. [169]
Anglefea, the earl of to the hon. mifs
Lyttelton, only daughter of lord
Lyttelton, x. [171]
Angus,—, efq.-to mifs Treadway,
niece to fir Andrew Lindfay, bart.-
xviii. [197]

Anhalt-Deffau, reigning prince of-to
princefs Louifa Henrietta Wilhelmina
of Brandenbourg, x. [113]
Annetley, hon. mr. eldeft fon of lord
Annelley to mifs Grove, ix. [162]}
Anftruther, lieutenant-general-to lady
Betty Ogilvie, fifter to the earl of
Lauderdale, viii. [163]

Anstruther, Philip, efq. eldest son of fir
John Anftruther, baronet,-to mifs
Paterfon, daughter of fir John Pater
fon, bart. xxi. [219]
Anftruther, the hon. lieut.-to mifs
Donaldfon, xxiii. [243]

Arabine, capt. William-to mifs Moly-
neux, daughter of the right hon. fr
Capel Molyneux, bart. xx. [219]
Arden, the rev. John-to mifs Hamar,
only child of the late admiral Hamar,
xviii. [197]

Aremberg d', the duke-to mademoiselle
de Lauragais, xvi. [159]
Arran, Arthur earl of to mifs Under-
wood, xxiii. [243]

Artois d', the count-to the princefs
Maria Therefa, of Savoy, second
daughter to the king of Sardinia, xvi,
[52. 86]

Arundel, lord, of Wardour-to mifs
Conqueft, of Great George-ftreet, vi,

Afhhurit, fir William, knt. one of the
juftices of his majesty's court of king's
bench-to mifs Whalley, of Oxford
xv. [157]

Aftley, Francis Dugdale, efq. of Wilt-
fhire-to mifs Mary Buckler, youngest
daughter of William Buckler, efq. of
Boreham, xviii. [200]
Afton, fir Willoughby, bart.-to lady
Jane Henley, fifter to the earl of Nor
thington, xv. [159]
Athol, the duke of-to lady Jane Cath
cart, xvii. [183]

Aubrey, Richard, efq. youngest fon of
fir Thomas Aubrey, bart.-to miss
Digby, daughter of the honourable
Wriothelly Digby, xxiii. [243]
Aylmer, lord-to mifs Whitworth, fe-
cond daughter of fir Charles Whit-
worth, xyii. [178]

[blocks in formation]

Penn, daughter of -Penn, efq. one of the proprietors of Penniylvania, xiv. [110] Baker, William, efq. of Bagfordbury, in Hertfordshire-to mifs Sophia Conyers, third daughter of John Conyers, efq. of Effex, xviii. [199] Balcarras, the earl of-to miis Dalrymple, xxiii. [243]

Baldwyn, Charles, efq. knight of the fhire for the county of Salop-to Mrs. Palmer, of Alton, Warwickshire, xviii. [196]

Ball, lieutenant, of the marines-to mifs
Ann Hamilton, niece to fir Hen. Ha-
milton, bart. xviii. [201]
Bampfylde, Charles Warwick, efq. eldeft
fon of fir Richard Bampfylde, bart.—
to mifs Moore, eldest daughter of fir
John Moore, bart.-xix. [208]
Barker, fir Robert, bart.- -to mifs Hollo-
way, xxii. [242]
Barlow, captain John, of the 10th regi-
ment of dragoons--to mifs Knott,
daughter of Fettiplace Knott, efq.
xviii. [198]

Baron, captain-to mifs Heron, only
daughter of fir Thomas Heron, Dur-
ham, xi. [zo8]

Barrington, dr. bishop of Landaff-to mifs Guife, niece to general Guife, xiii. [180]

Barrymore, the earl of-to lady Amelia
Stanhope, daughter of the earl of Har-
rington, x. [171]
Bateman, John, efq.—to the countess of
Rofs, xiii. [181]

Bathurst, captain, of the horfe- guards.
blue-to mifs Ashby, of Derby, xiii.
Bayntun, Andrew, efq.-to the right
hon. lady Maria Coventry, xx. [220]
Beauchamp, lord viscount-to the ho-

nourable mifs Elizabeth Windfor, fe-
cond daughter and co-heiress to the
late lord Windfor, xi. [207]
Beauchamp, lord vifcount-to lady Ifa-
bella Ann Ingram Shepheard, daugh-
ter of lord Irwin, xix. [209]
Beauclerk, the hon. Aubrey, fon to lord
Vere to lady Catharine Ponfonby,
daughter to the earl of Besborough, vi.
Beauclerk, the hon. Topham-to lady
Diana Spencer, xi. [208]
Beauclerk, the hon. and rev. Henry-to
mifs Drummond, xiii. [179]
Beaufort, the duke of to mifs Bof-
cawen, daughter of admiral Bofcawen,
ix. [162]

[ocr errors]

Beira, prince of-to the Infanta Maria Benedicta of Portugal, xx. [178*] Bellamont, the earl of, K. B. to lady Emily Fitzgerald, fifter to his grace the duke of Leinster, xvii. [181] Bellafyfe, lord, eldeft fon to the earl of Fauconbridge-to mifs Lamb, daughter of fir Matthew Lamb, baronet, ix. [162]

Beliches, John, efq. of Fifeshire-to lady Jane Leflie, eldest daughter to the earl of Leven and Melvil, xviii. [200]

Belvedere, the earl of-to mifs Bloomfield, fecond daughter of John Bloomfield, efq. of Redwood, xviii. [198] Bentheim Steinfurt, count Charles ofto the youngest fifter of the reigning duke of Holftein Glucksbourg, xix. [210]

Beresford, the hon. John-to mifs Montgomery, filter to the vifcountefs Townfhend, xvii. [180]

Berkely, John, efq.-to mifs Compton, daughter of fir William Compton, bart. xvi. [161]

Bernes, Jofeph, efq.-to mifs Hulfe, fecond daughter of fir Edward Hulfe, XY. [158]

Berney, fir John, bart.—to the hon. mifs Neville, only daughter of lord Abergavenny, xxii. [242]

Bertie, lord Brownlow-to mifs Layard,
xii. [168]

Bertram, William, efq.-to mifs Jean
Lockhart, eldest daughter of fir Wil-
liam Lockhart, baronet, of Cartares,
Scotland, xx. [221]

Beft, fir William, bart.-to mifs Jack-
fon, xi. [208]

Bethel, Christopher, efq.-to the hon.
mifs Sandys, youngest daughter to
lord Sandy's, xi. [208]
Bettefworth, John, efq. of Eaft Hade, in

Bedfordshire-to the hon. mifs Reynolds, filter to lord Ducie, xviii. [200] Binning, lord-to lady Sophia Hope,

xxii. [241]

Blackett, governor, of Plymouth-to mifs
Brownjohn, xix. [208]
Blackford, Robert Pope, efq. of the Ifle
of Wight, to mifs Barrington, daugh-
ter of fir Fitzwilliamas Barrington, bart.
of the fame ifland, xxi. [219]
Blaney, lord-to mifs Tipping, xi. [207]
Blaquiere, right. hon. fir John, knight

of the bath-to mifs Eleanor Dobson, heiress of Robert Dobfon, efq. of AnnGrove, Yorkshire, xviii. [200, 201] Blois, fir John, Laronet, of Cockfield Hall,

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