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Tancred, fir Thomas, bart. of Brampton,
in Yorkshire-to mifs Penelope Afe-
ton Smith, xix. [211]
Tankerville, the earl of to mifs Eliza-
beth Colebrooke, youngest daughter
of the late fir James Colebrocke, bart.
xiv. [169]

Tarpley, Thomas Griffin, lady
Catherine Mackenzie, daughter of the
late earl of Seaforth, xvi. [159]
Tate, the rev. mits Moore,
daughter of fir John Moore, baronet,
xxiii. [244]

Tavistock, the marquis of, eldeft fon of
the duke of Bedford-to lady Eliza-
bet Keppel, daughter of the late earl
of Albeinarle, vii. [119]
Tayler, fir John, bart.-to mifs Eliza-
beth Goodin Haughton, xxi. [220]
Templer, colonel-to lady Sinclair, xii.

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lady Elizabeth Windfor, fifter to the
earl of Plymouth, xix. [208]
Townshend, James, efq.-to the hon.
mifs Hare, only daughter of lord Cole-
raine, vi. [125]

Townshend, the right hen. George lord
viscount to mif. Ann Montgomery,
of Ireland, xvi. [160]
Townshend, the right hon. Charles-
to mifs Annabella Powkett Smyth, xx. .

Templer, James, junior, efq.-to mifs
Mary Buller, niece to earl Bathurst,
xix. [212]
Teynham, lord to mrs. Davis, xv.

Thanet, the earl of-to mifs Mary Sack-
ville, daughter of lord John Sackville,
x. [172]
Thomas, fir John, of Alderfey, Cheshire, mifs Owen, of Penthurft,
vi. [125]

Thomas, dr. bishop of Rochester-to
lady Yates, relict of fir Jofeph Yates,
xviii. [195]
Thornhill, George, efq.-to mifs Haw-
kins, daughter of fir Cæfar Hawkins,
baronet, xxiii. [244]

Thornton, Thomas Lee, efq. of Brock-
hall, Northamptonshire to mifs
Reeve, daughter of William Reeve,
efq. and filter to the counters of Har-
borough, xvii. [180]
Throckmorton, fir Robert, baronet-to
mifs Heywood, vii. [119]
Tollemache, the hon. Wilbraham, next
brother to the earl of Dyfart-to mifs
Lewis, xvi. [159]
Tollemache, the hon. John, fecond bro-
ther to the earl of Dyfart—to lady
Bridget Lane, daughter of the earl of
Northington, and relict of the hon.
mr. Lane, xvi. [162]
Torrington, lord vifcount-to the right
hon. lady Lucy Boyle, fitter of the earl
of Orrery, viii. [163]
Tottenham, Nicholas Loftus, efq.—to
mifs May, daughter of fir James May,
baronet, xxi. [219]
Townfend, Gore. eiq.-to the right hon.

Tracy, the honourable Henry, brother
to lord Tracy to mils Weaver, x.

Travis, Robert, efq.-to mifs Gunning,
filter to the duchef's of Hamilton, xii.

Trecothick, alderman-to mifs Mere-
dith, fifter to fir William Meredith,
baronet, xiii. [180]
Trecothick, James, cfq.-to mifs Ed-
monitone, Ideft daughter of fir Ar-
chibald Edmonstone, bart. xx. [219]
Trelawney, the rev. fir Harry, baronet-
to mis Anne Brown, xxi. [219]
Trent, Maurice, efq. of Scotland-to
mifs Ann Colquhoun, daughter of fir
George Colquhoun, bart. xix. [211]
Trevor, the hon. John, fecond son of
lord Trevor-to mifs Harriot Burton,
daughter of dr. Burton, canon of
Christ Church, Oxford, xvi. [160,


Turville, Francis Fortescue,
mifs Barbara Talbot, niece to the earl
of Shrewsbury, xxiii. [243]
Twifleton, Thomas, lieutenant col.-to
mifs Turner, eldest daughter of the
late fir Edward Turner, baronet, xi.

Twyfden, fir Roger, bart. of Bradburne,
in Kent-to mifs Wildafh, of Chat-
ham, xxii. [241]

Tyrconnel, the carl of-to lady Frances
Manners, only daughter of the late
marquis of Granby, xv. [158]
Tyrconnel, the earl of-to mils Huffey
Delaval, xxij. [243]

U. V.

VALETTE, monfieur de Prades de

lato mifs Harriot Edgecumbe, ·
daughter of lady Fenhoullet, and niece
of lord George, xiii.

Vandeput, fir George, baronet-to mifs
Philadelphia Grey, xv. [158]
Vane, the hon. Raby, brother to the earl

of Darlington-to mifs Eyres, daughter of the late bishop Evres, xi. [208] Vane, the hon. Charles, of Mount Ida, in Norfolk-to mifs Wood, xix. [208] Vanneck, fir Jofhua, baronet-to mils Thompfon, xx. [221] Vanfittart, Arthur, the hon. mifs Hanger, fitter to lord Coleraine, xvi. [161] Vaughan, the hon. Wilmot-to mifs Shafto, daughter to R. Shafto, efq. vi. [124, 125] Vernon, Hugh, efq. of Great Thurloe, in Suffolk. to mifs Jane Cullum, daughter of fir John Cullum, baronet, xvi. [162]

Vernon, the hon. Henry, fecond fon of lord Vernon-to mifs Sedley, xxii. [241]

Villiers, lord viscount-to lady Gertrude Conway, daughter of the carl of Hertford, xv. [157] Vincent, Richard, ef.-to lady More, relict of fir Henry More, late governor of New York, xiv. [169] Vine nt, fir Francis, baronet-to mifs Muilman, xxii. [242]

Ufher, fir Charles, baronet -to mifs Wyndham, ix. [163] Vyfe, major-to mifs Howard, daughter of fir George Howard, k. b. xxiii. [243]


WADMAN, Francis, efq. gentleman uther to her royal highnefs the princes Amelia-to mifs Comyns, of Northitect, in Kent, xviii. [195] Wallace, fir Thomas, of Craigee, baro

net to mifs Eglatina Maxwell, fiter to the duchefs of Gordon, xv. [12] Wallace, Colin, efq.-to miís Briggs, daughter of fir Jofeph Briggs, of Woburn, in Bedfordshire, xviii. [196] Walmoden, general-to mifs de Wan

genheim, daughter to the late lord high fteward of Hanover, ix, [162] Walpole, the hon. Robert, next brother to lord Walpole-to mifs Diana Grofett, daughter of Walter Grofett, efq. xxiii. [243]

Waltham, lord--to mifs Coe, x. [171] Ward, the hon. William, ion of lord vifcount Dudley and Ward-to mifs Bofville, xxiii. [244] Warkworth, lord, eldest son of the earl of Northumberland—to lady Ann Stuart,

daughter of the earl of Bute, vii. [119]

Warren, fir George, knight of the bath -to mifs Bishopp, daughter of fir Cecil Bishopp, baronet, vii. [119] Warien, fir John Boilie, baronet-to mifs Carolice Clavering, doughter of the late fir John Clavering, baronet, xxiii. [244]

Warwick, the earl of—to mifs Vernon, daughter of Richard Vernon, elq. of Hilton, Staffordshire, xix. [210] Washington, the hon. mr. only fon of lord Washington to mifs Challiner, of Leek, xvii. [179] Wedderburn, fir John, baronet-to the right honourable lady Margaret Ogilvie, xii. [170] Wedderburn, fir John, baronet-to mifs Dundals, xxiii. [244]

Weir, the hon. Charles Hope, brother of the earl of Hopetoun--to mils N. Dunbar, ix. [162]

Weir, John, eiq. of Dominica-to mifs
Elizabeth rowman, of Afhgrove, near
Ghigow, xix. [212]
Wenman, lord vicount

to the lady Eleanor Bertie, filter to the earl of Abingdon, ix. [163]

Weft, the hon. colonel, brother to the carl of Delaware-to lady Mary Grey, filter of the earl of Stamford, vii. [119] Wharton, Thomas, efq.—to lady Sophia Duffe, fifter to the earl of Fife, xvii. [181]


Whitbread, Samuel, efq.-to lady Mary Cornwallis, filter to the earl Cornwallis, xii. [170]

White, Charles, efq. of Lincoln-to mifs Bernard, eldest daughter of fir Francis Bernard, bart. xvii. [183] White, John, ef.-to mifs Mary Heathcote, fifter of fir Gilbert Heathcote, baronct, xviii. [200] Wiggon, Thomas, the hon. mifs Kinnaird, daughter of lord Kinnaird, xxii. [242] Wigton, the earl of to mifs Child, xii. [170] Wilhelmina Louifa, her moft ferenc high

nefs the pricels of Brandenburgh-to his moft ferene higunes the reigning prince of Anhalt Deffiu, x. [172] Williams, fir Booth, bart.-to mits Fon

nereau, vi. [125]

Williams, fir Edward, bart.-to mias

Rily, of St. James's Place, xx. [220] Williams, Join, efq. of Baghot-place, Surrey-to mifs Thomas, daughter of [E] 2


fir William Thomas, bart. of Yapton-
place, Suffex, xx. [220]
Willoughby, the hon. Thomas, brother
of lord Middleton-to mifs Chadwick,
xiii. [180]

Wilmot, John, efq. eldest fon of the right
honourable fir John Eardly Wilmot-
to mifs Sainthill, xix. [208]
Wilfon, fir Edward, bart.-to mifs Ara-

bella Wilkinson, xi. [207]
Wilfon, Richard, efq. of Aytone, in
Ireland --to the honourable mifs
Townfhend, daughter of lady Green-
wich, and half fifter to his grace the
duke of Buccleugh, xxii. [241]
Winn, the hon. mr. baron--to mifs
Winn, daughter of fir Rowland Winn,
baronet, viii. [163]
Winnington, Edward, efq. only fon of
fir Edward Winnington, baronet-to
mifs Ann Foley, of Stoke Edith in
Herefordshire, xix. [209]
Winftanley, Clement, mifs
Parkyns, daughter of fir Thomas
Parkyns, baronet, of Bunny, North-
amptonshire, xvii. [180]
Winterton, the earl of-to miss Eliza-
beth Armstrong, of Godalmin, Surry,
xxi. [218]
Wirtemberg, his ferene highness prince
Frederic William Charles of-to her
ferene highness the princess Augusta
Carolina Frederica Louifa, eldest
daughter of the reigning duke of
Brunswick, xxiii. [244]
Wodehouse, John, efq. eldeft fon of fir

Armine Wodehouse, baronet-to miss
Berkeley, of Bruton-Abbey, Somer-
fetfhire, niece to lord Berkeley, of
Stratton, xii. [169]
Wodehouse, the rev. mr. fon of fir Ar-
mine Wodehouse, baronet--to miss

Nourfe, of Wood-Eaton, Norfolk,
xviii. [193]

Woodford, lieutenant-colonel-to Sufan
countefs - dowager of Weftmoreland,
xxi. [220]

Wood, Thomas, junior, efq. of Little-
ton-to mifs Williams, daughter of
fir Edward Williams, bart. of Lan-
goid Castle, South Wales, xix. [209,

Wortley, fir Richard, baronet-to mifs
Seymour Fleming, daughter of the
late fir William Fleming, bart. xviii.

Wrottefley, fir John, bart.-to the hon.
mifs Frances Courtenay, one of the
maids of honour to her majefty, and
fifter to lord viscount Courtenay, xiii.

Wynne, Thomas, efq.-to lady Cathe-
rine Percival, eldest daughter of the
earl of Egmont, ix. [163]
Wynne, fir Watkin Williams, bart.-


ABDY, mifs, filter to fir Anthony
Abdy, bart.-to Charles Nelfon
Cole, efq. xiii. [181]
Achefon, hon. mifs, daughter of lord
Gosford to Thomas St. George, efq.
xjx. [210]

to lady Henrietta Somerfet, fifter to
the duke of Beaufort, xii. [169]
Wynne, fir Watkin Williams, bart.-to
mifs Grenville, niece to the hon. earl
Temple, xiv. [170]

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[Alphabetical, under the Names of the Ladies.]

Achefon, hon. mifs, daughter of lord
Gosford to Hugh Montgomery, efq.
xxi. [220]
Aguillar, mifs-to

Franco, efq. xv.

Aldercron, mifs, daughter of the late
lieut. gen. Aldercron-to fir Capel
Molyneux, bart. xi. [209]
Allgood, mifs Bell, daughter of fir Lan-


celot Allgood-to Lambton Lorraine, efq. brother to fir William Lorraine, bart, xix. [212]

Allgood, mifs Hannah, daughter of fir
Lancelot Allgood-to fir William
Lorraine, bart. xix. [212]
Amyand, mifs, fifter to fir Geo. Corn-
wall, bart.-to fir Gilbert Elliot, bart.
XX. [218, 219]

Amyand, mifs, fifter to fir Geo. Corn-
wall, bart.-to James Harris, efq. am-
baffador to Ruffia, xx. [221]
Anderson, lady, relict of fir Stephen An-
derfon, bart.-to the hon. Tho. Shirley,
brother to earl Ferrers, xvi. [160]
Anderfon, mifs, daughter of the late fir
Edmund Anderfon, bart.-to Nicholas
Smith, jun. efq. xix. [209]
Annelley, lady Juliana, filter to the earl
of Anglefea to Frederick Flood, eq.
viii. [163]

Armstrong, mifs Eliz.-to the earl of
Winterton, xxi. [218]
Arundell, mifs-to the hon. Bartholo-
mew Bouverie, brother to the earl of
Radnor, xxii. [241]

Afhby, mifs-to capt. Bathurst, xiii. [181]

Afherton, mifs, daughter of fir Philip Afherton, bart.-to fir Tho. Egerton, bart. xii. [170]

Afton, mifs, daughter of the late Jord Afton-to fir Walter Blunt, bart. ix. [163]

[blocks in formation]

Ballmer, mifs-to lord Charles Montague, viii. [164]

Bamfylde, mifs, fifter to fir Charles Bamfylde, bart.-to colonel Gordon, xxiii. [242]

Bamfylde, mifs Charlotte, daughter of
fir Richard Warwyck Bamfylde-to
Abel Moyfey, efq. xvii. [183]
Banks, mifs, daughter of the late fir
Henry Banks, bart.-to fir Brownlow
Cuft, bart. xviii. [198]
Bannister, mifs-to fir George Ofborne,
bart. xiv. [168]

Bannister, mifs-to the hon. and rev. dr.
North, dean of Canterbury, fon of the
earl of Guildford, xiv. [168]
Barrington, mifs, daughter of fir Fitzwil-
liams Barrington-to Robert Pope
Blackford, efq. xxi. [219]
Baffet, mifs-to John Rogers, efq. xix.

Bation, mifs-to the hon. mr. Fane, xxi. [218]

Bavaria, princefs Jofepha of-to Jofeph Benedict Auguftus, king of the Romans, viii. [57, 58] Baynton, mifs, daughter of fir Edward Baynton, bart.-to Richard Forster, efq. xvi. [159]

Baynton, mifs, daughter of fir Edward Baynton, bart.-to Andrew Stone, efq. xxii. [241]

Bazley, mifs Nancy-to baron de Hobe Mecklenberg, xi. [208]

Beauchamp, mifs, daughter of fir W. Beauchamp Proctor, bart.-to fir Edmund Bacon, bart. xxi. [218] Beauchamp, mifs Frances, daughter of the late fir Will. Beauchamp Proctor, bart.-to John Cuftance, efq. xxi. [218]

Beaumont, lady, relict of fir George Beaumont, bart.-to John Gates, efq. xi. [208]

Beck, mrs.-to Jofeph Dimfdale, M. D. fon of baron Dimfdale, xix. [208, 209] Beckford, mifs, daughter of the late al

derman Beckford-to the hon. colonel Harvey, xvii. [180] Bell, mifs-to fir Tho. Kent, knt. xvii.


Bellafyfe, lady Mary, daughter of the late earl Fauconberg-to Thomas Eyres, efq. xix. [210]

Bellew, hon. mifs, daughter of lord Bellew-to the hon. Francis count Taafe, fon of lord viscount Taafe, xv. [157] Bennet, mifs-to the rev. fir Stephen Glynne, bart. xxii. [242] Benfon, mifs-to the bishop of Cloyne, xix. [212]

Bentinck, lady Harriot, fifter to the [E] 3



duke of Portland-to lord Grey, fon
of the earl of Stamford, vi. [125]
Berkley, lady Betty, fifter to the earl of
Berkley the hon. William Craven,
nephew to lord Craven, x. [171]
Berkley, mifs, niece of lord Berkley-to
John Woodhoufe, efq. fon of fir Ar-
mine Woodhouse, bart. xii. [169]
Berkley, lady Georgina, fitter to earl

Berkley-to lord Forbes, ix. [162]
Bernard, mifs, daughter of fir Francis
Bernard, bort.-to Charles White,
efq. xvii. [183]


Bernard, miis Julia, daughter of the late
fir Francis Bernard, bart.-to the rev.
Jofeph Smith, xxii. [242]
Bertie, hon. mifs-to the hon.
Stuart, fon of the earl of Bute, xxi.
Bertie, lady Eleanor, fifter to the earl of
Abingdon to lord vifc. Wenman, ix.
Bertis, lady Prifcilla Bbara Elizabeth,
daughter of the late duke of Ancaster
-to Peter Burrell, e.q. xxii. [241]
Birmingham, lady. -- aughter of the
earl of Louth-e loid St. Lau.ence,
fon of the earl 1 houh, xx. [220]
Birmingham, lady Eliz. daughter of the
ear! of Lowth-to cap, Duffield, xxii.


Birtles, mis-to fir Thomas Gooch,
bart. xiv. [170]

Bifshopp, mais, daughter of &r Cl Bif-
fhe PP, ban-to fir George Warren,
k. b. vii. [119]
Bifshopp, nits, daughter of ur Cecil Bif-
fhopp, hart.-to fir Charies Cope, bart.
x. [171]

Bifshepp, mifs Harriott, daughter of fir
Cecil Bushopp, bart. Thomas
Dumunu, eiq. ix. [162]
Bl. ckett, mifs Jane-to licut. Caldwell,
fon of fir James Caldwell, xv.
Blackon, lady, relict of fir Matthew
Blacklion-to lieut. col. Hugh Cane,
xix. [210]

Blad, mifs Harriot, filter to the coun-
tels of Eflex-to the hon. col. St. John,
xiv. [169]

Bladen, mifs Katherine-to the earl of
Elles, x. [171]
Blake, mis-to lord Montford, xv.

Blake, mifs-to fir Robert Smyth, bart.
xis. [11]

Blois, Fdy-to Ofborne Fuller, efq. viii.
Bloomfield, mifs-to the earl of Belve-
dere, xviii. [198]

[blocks in formation]

Bofcaven, mifs, daughter of the late
admiral Bofcawer-to the hon. Levefon
Gamer, xvi. [150]

Bosville, mife—to fir Alexander Macdo-
nald, bart. xi. [208]

Bofville, mifs-to the hon. William
Ward, fon of lord Dudley and Ward,
xxiii. [244]

Bouverie, hon. mifs Harriot, daughter of
the late lord vifc. Folkettone, and fifter
to the earl of Radner-to fie James
Tilney Long, bart. xviii. [198]
Bowes, mifs-to the earl of Strathmore,
x. [171]

Boyd, mifs-to the hon. lieut. col. Henry
Lawes Luttrel, x.x. [210]
Boyle, hon. mifs, daughter of the late
lord vife. Dungarvan, and niece to the
earl of Corke--to Jcha O'Neil, efq.
XX. [221, 222]

Boyle, lady Lucy, filer to the earl of
Onery-to lord vile. Torrington, vii.

Brandenburg, princefs Leuifa Henrietta
Wilhelmina to the reigning prince of
Anhalt Deffau, x. [113]

Bridges, lady Augufta, daughter of the
late duke of Chardois-to Henry John
Kearney, efq. xxi. [218]
Brandenburgh, Wilhelmina Louifa
princefs of to the reigning prince of
Anhault Deau, x. [172]

Brazil, princefs of, and prefumptive
heirefs to that crowr-to Don Pedro,
brother to the king of Portugal, iii.

[blocks in formation]
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