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Bruce, ia ly Rachel, daughter of the late
earl Elgin to John Milnes, efq. xxi.
Brunswick, princess Elizabeth Christina
Ulrick-to his royal highnefs prince
Frederick William of Pruffia, viii.
Brunswick, princefs Augufta Carolina
Frederica Louifa, daughter of the
reigning duke-to prince Frederick
William Charles of Wirtemberg, xxiii.
Buckler, mifs Mary-to Francis Dug-
dale Alev, elq. xviii. [200]
Baller, mits Mary, niece to earl Bathurft-

to James Templer, jun. efq, xix. [212]
Burrell, mifs, daughter of Per Burell,
efq-to lord Algernon Percy, on of
the duke of Northumberland, xviii.

Burrell, mifs Elizabeth Ann, daughter of
the late Peter Burrell, elq.-to the Juke
of Hamilton and Brandon, xxi. [219]
Burrell, mifs Frances Julia, daughter of
the late Peter Burrell, eiq -to earl
Percy, fon of the duke of Northum-
berland, xxii. [241]

Burton, mifs-to lord vifc. Downe, vi.

Burton, mifs Harriot-to the hon. John
Trevor, fon of lord Trevor, xvi. [160,
Butler, lady Harriot, daughter of the
earl of Carrick-to the non. Edmund
Butler, fon of lord vifc. Mountgarret,
xi. [209]

Burn, mifs-to fir John Skynner, knt.
lord chief baron of the exchequer, xxi.

Butts, mifs Charlotte, daughter of the
late bp. of Ely-to Robert de Pelleve,
efq. of Normandy, xvii. [179]
Byrne, mifs-to the hon. Will. Huffey
brother to lord Beaulieu, xvii. [181]



CALDWALL, dowager lady-to Tho-
mas Moreland, efq. xvii. [181, 182]
Calvert, mrs.-to fir Yelverton Peyton,
bart. xvi. [159]

Calvert, hon. mifs, fifter to lord Balti

more-to Robert Eden, efq. viii. [163]
Calvert, mifs Frances-to the hon.
Charles Hamilton, xvii. [181]
Campbell, laly Margaret Hume, daugh-
ter of the earl of Marchmont-to col.
James Stuart, vi. [125]

Capel, Indy daughter of the earl of
Effex-to lord Monfon, xx. [221]
Carey, mifs, daughter of the hon. gen.
Carey, and fifter to lady Amberft-to
fir John Russel, bart. xvii. [182]
Carey, hon. mifs Charlotte, daughter
of lord vifc. Falkland-to Anthony
Chapman, efq. xxii. [242]
Cargill, mifs-to fir James Ibbetson,
bart. xi. [208]

Carnegie, lady Eliz. daughter to the earl
of Northefk- -to the hon. James Hope,
fon of the earl of Hopetown, x. [172]
Carolma Matilda, lifter to his Britannic
majesty to the king of Denmark, ix.
[135. 141. 148]
Carpenter, lady Caroline, daughter of
the late earl of Tyrconnel-to Uved
Price, eiq. xvii. [180]

Carr, mifs-to gen. Mackay, xiii. [181]
Carteret, lady Sophia, daughter of the
late earl Granville-to the earl of Shel-
burne, viii. [163]

Cary, mifs, dughter to gen. Cary-to
Sir Jeffrey Amherst, x. [171]
Cathcart, lady Jane-to the duke of

Athol, xvii. [183]

Cathcart, hon. mifs, daughter of lord
Cathcart-to Thomas Graham, efq.
xvii. [183]

Cathcart, mifs, daughter of lord Cath-

cart-to lord vifc. Stormont, xix. [209]
Cave, mifs, daughter of fir Thomas

Cave, bart.-to the earl of Harbo-
rough, xv. [157, 158]

Cave, mifs, daughter of fir Tho. Cave,
bart.-to Henry Ethrington, efq. xvi.

Cave, mifs Anne, daughter of fir Tho.
Cave, bart.-to the rev. dr. Marriott,
xx. [219]

Cave, mifs Margaret, daughter of fir
Tho. Cave, bart.-to John Mofes, efq.
xvi. [159]

Cavendish, lady Dorothy, filter to the
duke of Devonfhire-to the duke of
Portland, ix. [163]

Cayley, mifs, daughter of fir Geo. Cây-
ley, bart.-to the rev. John Cayley,
xviii. [196]

Chadwick, mifs-to the hon. Thomas
Willoughby, brother to lord Middleton,
xiii. [180]
[E] 4


Challiner, mifs-to the hon. mr. Wash-
ington, fon of lord Washington, xvii.

Chalmers, m fs-to fir Hector Macken-
zie, bart, xxi. [220]
Chamberlayne, mifs, niece to the duke
of Chandois-to the hon. capt. Ha-
milton, vi. [125]
Chambers, mifs Cornelia, daughter of
fir William Chambers-to John Mil-
bank, efq. xviii. [200]
Charlotte Sophia, princefs of Mecklen-
burgh Strelitz-to king George III.
iv. [205. 215]

Charlotte, archduchefs-to the king of
the two Sicilies, xi. [208]
Cheatham, mifs Anna Maria--to the earl
of Exeter. xiii. [180]
Chetwynd, mifs, daughter of the hon.
mrs. Chetwynd-to John Parfon, efq.
xvii. [179]
Child, mifs-to the earl of Wilton, xii.

Child, mifs-to fir Charles Price, bart.
xiv. [169]
Cholmley, mifs-to William Strickland,
efq. fon of fir William Strickland,
bart. xxi. [219]
Chudleigh, hon. mifs-to the duke of
Kington, xii. [169]
Churchill, mifs-to lord Cadogan, xx.

Clarges, lady dowager-to fir Roger
Gilbert, ix. [163]
Clavering, mifs Caroline, daughter of
fir John Clavering, bart.-to fir John
Borlafe Warren, bart. xxiii. [244]
Clayton, mifs, daughter of fir Kenrick
Clayton, bart.-to fir John Gresham,
bart, viii. [163]
Clayton, mifs-to fir John Griffin Grif-
fin, k. b. viii. [163]
Cleave, mifs-to fir George Yonge,
bart. viii. [163]

Clements, mits, daughter of the right
hon. Nathaniel Clements-to the earl
of Rofs, xvi. [161]

Clifford, hon. mifs, fifter to lord Clifford
-to fir Edward Smith, ix. [162]
Clive, hon. mifs, filter to lord Clive-to
the hon. George Sempill, brother to
lord Sempii, vii. [119]
Clive, mifs Judith-to fir Edw. Clive,
knt. judge of the common pleas, vi.
Cobham, mifs-to the rev. mr. Dickson,
xiv. [110]
Cochran, lady Eliz. daughter of the earl
of Dundonald-to Patrick Heron, efq.
xvii. [200]
Cockburne, mifs, daughter of the late

Geo. Cockburne, efq. and lady For
refter to the rev. Charles Shuttle-
worth, xix. [211]

Coe, mifs-to lord Waltham, x. [171]
Coke, mifs-to fir Henry Hunlocke, bart.
xii. [170]

Colborne, mifs-to fir Matthew Ridley,
bart. xx. [221]

Colbourne, mifs-to John Hawkins, esq,
fon of fir Cæfar Hawkins, bart. xxii.

Colebrooke, mifs Elizabeth, daughter of
fir George Colebrooke, bart.-to the
earl of Tankerville, xiv. [169]
Colby, miss-to Hugh Owen, eiq. xviii.

Colquhoun, mifs-to fir Roderic Mac-
kenzie, vii. [119]
Colquhoun, mifs-to fir James Maxwell,
bart. vii. [119]
Colquhoun, mits Ann, daughter of fir
George Colquhoun, bart.-to Mau-
rice Trent, efq. xix. [211]
Colquhoun, mifs Helen, daughter of fir
James Colquhoun, bart,-to William
Colquhoun, efq. xvii. [178]
Coombes, mifs Either, niece to lady
Cornwallis-to George Roger, efq. of
the Eaft Indies, xviii. [198]
Compton, lady, relict of fir W. Abing
ton Compton, bart.-to the rev. mr.
Harding, xvii. [182]

Compton, mifs, daughter of fir William
Compton, John Berkeley,
efq. xvi. [161]

Comyns, mifs--to Francis Wadman, efq,
gentleman usher to the princefs Ame-
Ĭia, xvii. [195]

Conolly, mits, daughter of lady Anne
Conolly-to the hon. col. Howe, vili.

Conolly, mifs, daughter of lady Anne
Conolly to the earl of Buckingham-
fhire, xiii. [180]

Conolly, mifs, fifter to the hon. Thomas
Conolly to captain Fitzgerald, xiii.

Conqueft, mifs-to lord Arundel of
Wardour, vi. [125]
Conway, mifs, daughter of the right

hon. Henry Seymour Conway-to the
hon. Mr. Damer, fon of lord Milton,
X. [171, 172]
Conway, lady Ann, daughter of the earl
of Hertford-to the earl of Drogheda,
ix. [162]
Conway, lady Frances, daughter of the
earl of Hertford-to the earl of Lin-
coln, fon of the duke of Newcastle,
xviii. [197]
Conway, lady Gertrude, daughter of the

earl of Hertford to lord viscount Cox, mifs, to the hon. and rev. William
Villiers, xv. [157]
Digby, brother to Lord Digby, ix. [162]
Conway, lady Sarah, daughter of the earl Cox, mifs-to Sir Thomas Champey,
of Hertford to Robert Stewart, efq.
bart. xi. [208]
ix. [162]

Cooke, mils-to the rev. Dr. Samuel
Halifax, xviii. [199]
Conyers, mifs Sophia-to William Baker,
efq. xviii. [199]

Cope, mrs. relict of the rev. Anthony
Cope, dean of Armagh-to dr. Jack-
fon, hp. of Kildare, xx. [219]
Cope, mifs, filter to fir Charles Cope,

bart.-to Charles Pigot, efq.xviii. [198]
Cope, mifs, filter to fir Charles Cope,
bart.-to John Cowper, efq. xxiii.
Cope, mifs, daughter of the late lieut.-
general fir John Cope, k. b.-to
Alexander Leith, efq. xviii. [196]
Copley, mifs Catherine, daughter of fir
Jofeph Copley, John James
Hamilton, efq. nephew to the earl of
Abercorn, xxii. [242]
Coppinger, mifs-to Charles Howard,
efq. prefumptive heir to the duke of
Norfolk, x. [172]
Copplestone, mifs Sophia, daughter of
fir William Coppleftone-to Sampfon
Carter, efq. xviii. [196]
Cornwall, mifs-to fir George Amyand
(afterwards Cornwall) bart. xiv. [169]
Cornwallis, lady Mary, fifter to the earl
Cornwallis-to Samuel Whitbread, efq.
xii. [170]

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Cotes, mrs, to fir John Doily, bart. of
Calcutta, xxiii. [243]

Coventry, lady Ann Margaret, daughter
of the earl of Coventry-to the hon.
Edward Foley, xxi. [220]
Coventry, ladyMaria-to Andrew Bayn-
ton, efq xx. [220]
Courtenay, hon. mifs-to the earl of

Corke, vii. [119]
Courtenay, hon. mifs, daughter of the
late lord viscount Courtenay-to John
Cotes, efq. xx. [221]
Courtenay, hon. mifs, daughter of lord
viscount Courtenay-to John Honey-
wood, efq. xxii. [242]
Courtenay, mifs Frances, one of the
maids of honour to her majefty, and
filter to lord viscount Courtenay-to
fir John Wrottesley, bart. xiii. [180]
Courcy, de, hon. mifs, daughter of lord
Kinfale to Richard Mead, efq. xvii.
Coufsmaker, mrs.-to fir Thomas Pym
Hales, vii. [119]
Coutts, mifs-to John Stuart, efq. fon
of fir John Stuart, bart. xxi. [220]

Coxe, mifs-to the rev. fir Peter Rivers
Gay, bart. xi. [208]

Cracroft, mrs. widow of William Cra-
croft, efq.—to the earl of Castlehaven,
xix. [212]

Cragie, mifs Margaret Halkett-to lieu-
tenant-colonel John Lindefay, xix.

Cranston, lady, relict of lord Cranston
-to Michael Lade, efq. xvi. [161]
Cranegy, mifs Barbara-to fir Alexander

Douglas, bart. xviii. [199]
Craven, mifs, daughter of the late lord
Craven to John Shuckburgh, efq.
xii. [170]

Crawford, mifs-to the earl of Dumfries,
xiv. [169]

Crawfurd, mifs, daughter of fir John
Crawfurd, bart. to major-general
Henry Campbell, xviii. 197.
Crofbie, mifs, daughter of fir Paul Crof
bie, captain Archibald
Douglas, xvii. [179]
Crosbie, mifs Major-to the hon. Clot-
worthy Rowley, xviii. [195]
Crowther, mifs-to fir James Lake, bart.
vii. [119]

Cullum, mifs, fifter to fir John Cullum,
bart.-to Aftley Palmer, efq. xviii,

Cullum, mifs Jane, daughter of fir John.
Cullum, bart.-to Hugh Vernon, elq.
xvi. [162]

Cunliffe, mifs Mary, daughter of fir
Robert Cunliffe, bart.- -to Richard
Brooke, efq. xxiii. [243]
Cunningham, lady, daughter to the earl
of Glencairn-to the earl of Eglinton,
xiii. [181]

Curzon, mits, niece to lord Scarfdale-to
fir George Smith, bart. xxi. [218]
Curzon, mifs Mary-to the hon. Henry

Stawell Bilfon Legge, fon of Mary ba-
ronefs Stawell, xxii. [242]
Cuft, mifs, daughter of the late speaker
of the houfe of commons-to Jacob
Reynardfon, efq. xx. [221]

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ALRYMPLE, mifs-to the earl of Bal-
carras, xxiii. [243]
Daly, mrs.-to the earl of Kerry, xi.

D'Arcy, lady Amelia Conyers, daughter
of the earl of Holderness-to the

marquis of Carmarthen, fon of the duke of Leeds, xvi. [160] D'Arcy, lady Amela Conyers-io captain Byron, xxi. [242] Darker, mits-to Nath, efq. xviii.


Dathwood, mifs-to lord Garlies, fon of the earl of Galloway, vii. [119] Davis, mrs.-to load Teynham, xv.[159] Deane, mifs Elizabeth Salisbury, fifter to fir Robert Deane-to the rev. Mr. Pitman, xv. [159] Deane, mifs Fanny, daughter of the right hon. fir Robert Deane, bart.-to capt. John Hodges, fon of fir James Hodges, xiv. [169, 170]

De Lancey, miis Sufannah, daughter of the right hon. Oiver de Lancey-to fir W. Draper, k. b. xiii. [181] Delaval, mifs Huffey-to the earl of Tyr

connel, xxiii. [243] Delme, mifs, niece to lord Ravenfworth -to the hon. captain Conway, fon of the earl of Hertford, xvi. [160] Denmark, princefs Louifa of--to prince

Charles of Huffe Caffel, ix. [120] Denmark, princefs Sophia Magdalena of -to the prince royal of Sweden, ix. [81, 82. 146. 148]-x. [53] Dent, the widow of commodore Dentto admiral fir Gorge Pocock, vi. [125]

Deiing, mifs, filter to fir Edward Dering, Robert Darcy Hildyard, fon of fir Robert Hildyard, bart. xii. [170] Delaguliers, mifs Ann, daughter of general Defaguliers-to Robert Shuttleworth, efq. xix. [209] Devine, mifs-to baron de Bondelle, viii. [163]

Deux Ponts, princefs of-to Clement, electoral prince of Saxony, xi. [36] Deux Ponts, princefs of-to the elector

of Saxony, xii. [168] Digby, mifs, daughter of the honourable Wriothley Digby-to Richard Aubrey, efq. fon of fir T. Aubrey, bart. xxiii. [243]

Digby, mifs Mary-to the hon. Hugh Somerville, xxi. [219]

Dillon, mifs, daughter of lord Dillonto the hon. Mr. Browne, fon of lord Kenmare, xx. [220, 221] Dixie, mifs, daughter of the late fir Woltan Dixie, bart, -to George Pochin, efq. xix. [211] Dobfon, mifs Eleanor-to the right hon. fir John Blaquire, k. b. xviii. [200, 2013

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Drury, mifs-to fir Brownlow Cult, bait. xiii. [181]

Duff, mifs, a near relation of lord Fife -to Henry Lafcelles Ord, efq. xviii. [196]

Dufte, lady Sophia, fifter to the earl of Fife to Thomas Wharton, efq. xvii. [181]

Dumfries, countess dowager of-to the
hon. Alexander Gordon, xii. [170]
Dunbar, mifs N.--to the hon. Charles
Hope Weir, brother to the earl of
Hopetown, ix. [162]
Duncombe, hon. mifs Ann, daughter of
the late lord Feversham-to the earl of
Radnor, xx. [219]

Dundais, mifs Mary-to James Bruce,
efq. xix. [209]
Dundafs, mifs-to fir John Wedderburn,
bart. xxiii. [244]

Dunke, mifs, daughter of fir G. Dunke, bart.-to John Burridge Cholwich, efq. xx. [219]

Durbin, mifs-to Abr. Elton, efq. fon of fir Abraham Ifaac Elton, bara xix. [212]

Dyfert, the daughter of lady to mr. Cooke, xv. 158.


EDGECUMBE, mifs Harriott, daughter of lady Fenhoullet, and niece of lord George Edgecumbe to monf. de Prades de Vallette, xiii. [180]


Edgecumbe, mifs Nancy-to monf. de Fie, xviii. [197]

to fir

Edin ultone, mils, daughter of fir Archibald Edmontone, bart.-to James Trecathick, efq. xx. [219] Effingham, counters dowager George Howard, k. b. xix. [209] Egerton, mils, daughter of the bishop of Lichfield and Coventry-to Abraham Hume, efq. fon of fir Abr ham Hume, bart. xiv. [169] Egremont, counters Dowager-to the compte de Bruhl, x. [172] Elleker, mifs—to the hon. Thoms Of low, fon of lord Onflow, xix. [212] Elletfon, mrs. relict of governor Elietfon-to the duke of Chandois, xx. [220]

Ellicot, mifs-to George lord de Feriars, XX. [222]

Elliot, mito fir John Bridger, viii. [163]

Elliot, mifs, daughter of lieutenant-general El iot-to John Tryton Fuller, cfq. xix. [209],

Elliot, mifs, dau hter of fir Gilbert Elliot, bort.-to Wiliam Eden, efq. xix. [211]

Elphinstore, hon. mifs Eleonora, daughter of lordElphin tone-toWilliam Adam, efq. xx [220]

Elville, mus, daughter of fir John Elville, bart.-to the hon. Felton Hervey, xxii. [241]

Erfkine, lady Ifabella, fifter to the earl of Buchan-to William Leflie Hamilton, elq. xiii. [179] Efdaile, mifs, daughter of fir James Efdaile, bart.-to George Stubbs, efq. xx. [221]

Evelyn, lady Jane, fifter to the earl of

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Finch, lady Charlotte, daughter of the ead of Aylesford--to the earl of Suffolk, xx. [221]

Finch, lady Heneage, daughter of the late earl of Winchelfea-to fir George Ofborne, bart. xxi. [220] Fich, mifs Sophi, daughter of lady Charlotte Finch to captain Charles Fielding, xv. [157] Fielding, mifs, niece to the earl of Denbigh-to lord Digby, vi. [125] Fifher, Charles Hotchkin, esq. xvii. [198]

Fither, mifs-to fir Henry Goring, bart. XX. [222]

Fitzgerald, mifs, daughter of colonel Fitzgerald to jord Kingborough, fon of the earl of Kingston, xii. [170] Fitzgerald, lady Emily, Giter to the duke of Leinfter-to the earl of Bellamont, xvii. [181]

Fitzherbert, mifs Charlotte-to Thomas Gage, efq. xxii. [242] Fitzmaurice, mifs-to fir Robert Tilfon Deane, bart. xviii. [197] Fitzmaurice, lady Anne, daughter of the late en of Kerry-to Maurice Fitzgerald, etq. vii. [119] Fitzpatrick, lady Louifa, fifter to the earl of Upper Offory-to the earl of Shelburne, xxii. [242] Fitzpatrick, lady Mary, daughter of the

late earl of Offory, and niece to the duchefs of Bedford-to the hon. Stephen Fox, fon of lord Holland, ix. [162]

Fitzroy, lady Georgina, daughter of the duke of Grafton-to Smith, efq. xxi. [219] Fleming, mifs, daughter of lady Fleming to the earl of Harrington, xxii. [242]

Fleming, mifs Camilla, daughter of governor Fleming -to Edward Cary, efq. xix. [207] Fleming, mifs Dorothy, fifter to fir Michael le Fleming, bart.-to George Edward Stanley, efq. xvii. [181]


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